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Sophie’s Secrets Pt. 06

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7. Consummation


“Sophie, you come out right now or I’ll break the damn door down.”

I was standing in the bathroom looking at myself in the mirror. The pretty white negligee that Alex had helped me pick out hung delicately on my figure, showing off my breasts and framing them with lace. The piece was short, and I wore a lace panty under it that rode too high on my cheeks.

That was on purpose, though, because I knew what he liked, and had bought a size smaller than I needed.

My hair was down, and had grown out a little and was almost to my shoulders. I debated putting it in a ponytail, but I’d just finished smoothing it down…

“Sophie, baby, come on, you’re killing me.”

“I’m almost ready,” I murmured. Why was it so hard to walk out of the bathroom tonight? My swimsuit was more revealing than this.

“You’re perfect, baby.”

Mark had taken the chastity belt off and sent me to the bathroom to shower, knowing I wouldn’t touch myself right before we had sex. I had shaved and put lotion on my skin, and put on this stupid lingerie, and now I felt like I couldn’t leave the room.

Why? I’d been all over him for the past few days. I literally begged him to fuck me. Why was I feeling so… what was I feeling, anyway? I couldn’t even describe it.

The bathroom door clicked and it opened, and I whirled around. “Mark,” I mumbled. He held a bobby pin in his hand.

How did he even know how to open a door with a bobby pin?

His gaze swept over me, and his eyes darkened. “Why are you in here hiding from me, baby? Look how pretty you are? Fuck…” He set the bobby pin on the counter and reached out for my hand, and pulled me out of the bathroom.

Seeing his reaction helped me relax a little bit. I bit my lip and looked down. It was a really pretty piece. Classy and not too slutty.

“Sophie Baker…” Mark said softly. I looked up at him and grinned. “That’s got a hell of a nice ring to it, doesn’t it sweetheart?”

I nodded. “I like it. I’m…” I choked, feeling my eyes well up. “I’m so happy.”

“Oh yeah?” He held my cheeks in his hands.

“I’m happy I’m yours.”

He pursed his lips for a moment, and then his tongue slid out as he wet them. “Yeah… you are, aren’t you?” His eyes dropped to my chest, then lower, and he studied me. “My pretty wife.” He stepped closer to me and kissed my cheeks, and my forehead, and my nose, and then my lips, very softly.

I could feel tension radiating off him. He was like a tightly-coiled spring, barely holding back.

“Baby…” he whispered against my lips. “You okay?”

I nodded.

“You change your mind? About what you want? It’s okay if you have, sweet girl, I’ll take care of you.”

“No,” I whispered. I opened my mouth, forcing myself to speak as best I could, stammering like a fool. “I want– I want you… to… I want to–belong to you,” I choked out. My tongue felt like a foreign object in my mouth, like I couldn’t control it.

“You do belong to me, baby girl,” Mark said softly, stroking my cheek.

“I want to… feel that.”

There was a difference between knowing something, and feeling something. I knew in my head he loved me. I knew in my heart he wanted me.

I wanted to feel it.

“I’m going to prove it to you, okay, Soph? I’m going to make sure you know who you belong to. I’m going to make you feel it, make you believe it.”

I felt myself smile, and the pressure in my chest and shoulders fell off of me. He looked at me with assurance, and I felt calm.

“This is really pretty,” he whispered gently, letting one finger trail down the strap of my outfit. His fingers brushed gently over my skin, leaving a trail of goosebumps behind.

“You like it?”

“Yeah…” his voice turned serious and his gaze hardened. “Take it off.”

Take it off. A simple order, but I hesitated. Mark had seen me in my swimsuit, but never completely naked. And I knew he thought I was pretty, but I wasn’t exactly a model. I was a little fat, and self-conscious about it.

I reached my hand up to the strap of the nightgown, tugging on it, but hesitating to take it off. I’d imagined him going animal on me and just shoving me onto the bed, not bothering with the nightgown. Or him taking it off of me. But I’d never imagined him making me take it off myself. It was incredibly difficult.

“Baby,” his tone was serious but had a hint of playfulness to it. “If I take it off, you’ll never be able to wear it again. And I really like it… so take off. Right now. Come on, I want to see you. I want to see what’s mine… there you go… good girl.”

I edged the straps down my shoulders at his words, and let it drop, crossing my wrists in front of my stomach and trying to hide myself with my arms.

“Are you hiding from me?”

I shook my head, feeling my face and neck start to heat up. Mark was staring at me, and I was naked. Oh my god.

My eyes dropped to his hips. His hands were hanging ankara eryaman escort by his side, and his fingers twitched. I eyed the bulge in his pants. It looked… more intimidating than normal.

“Take the rest off, Sophie.”

My thumbs slid under the panty and I wiggled them down, and stepped out of them. Somehow, that was easier, because he’d already seen me there… but then, standing in front of him completely naked made me feel lightheaded, and I could feel every inch of my exposed body.

Mark sighed, and his eyes trailed over me, slowly looking me up and down, up and down. I started to shrink under his gaze, intimidated. He wasn’t doing anything, just staring at me, looking at my body. His gaze was intense but his expression was mostly blank. I found myself deflating, and suddenly worried that I wasn’t what he’d hoped for, or what he expected. That was supid, right? He loved me and I knew he wanted me. So why wasn’t he doing anything?

He swallowed hard and let out a shuddering breath, then took a step closer to me. He put a single finger under my chin and forced me to look him in the eyes.

My eyes stung. I was pretty sure I was going to cry tonight, if only from relief, but I didn’t think it would be so soon.

“So pretty,” he whispered. He dipped in and I angled my head to kiss him, but he held his mouth just far enough away from my lips that I couldn’t reach. I let out a pitiful sound and he smirked. Then he moved his lips to my ear.

His voice was tender, almost affectionate. “Get on your knees.”

I melted under his words. I’d dreamed of him telling me to do this, making me do this. My knees bent and I found myself on the ground on a pillow Mark had placed on the ground.

He’d grabbed me a pillow. He’d taken a pillow from the bed and set it on the ground for me, so I wouldn’t hurt.

That was what made me cry. I felt myself slipping into that quiet, fuzzy place in my head where I was little, and taken care of, and protected, and loved. Because today, right now, the man I loved more than anyone in the whole world needed me to serve him, but he had gone out of his way to take care of me while I did it.

Rodney never gave me a pillow. Rodney never held my hand and helped guide me to the ground so I wouldn’t hurt myself. Rodney never brushed my hair delicately off my face and traced my lips with his thumb, brushing away my tears.

But Mark did. Mark was a man I would willingly go to my knees for.

Mark’s hands shook as he unbuttoned his dress pants, and he sighed in relief as he reached into his boxers and pulled out his dick.

“Baby girl,” he said, and his voice had a twinge of the desperation I’d felt all week long, locked up for him. I knew the look in his eyes; the ache and the need to be touched, the need for relief.

He had a beautiful cock; not too long, but with a thick vein going down the bottom. But he was thick. He was perfect. I felt my mouth water at the sight in front of me. My handsome man was holding his cock in his hand, needing my mouth.

Mark groaned and came closer to me, his erection bobbing in my face. “Sophie, baby, I can’t… please, open up for me…”

“Oh,” I whispered. I hadn’t realized he was waiting for me. My mouth opened and I leaned forward just enough to catch the head between my lips.

Mark swore. I sighed, and my eyes fluttered at the feeling of him, fighting to open my mouth wider to take more of him in. He was hot, and I tasted the sweet savory drop of precum that leaked onto my tongue.

He was thicker than I’d realized. That’s going to feel really good, I thought. In the back of my mind somewhere, I acknowledged the fact that it would also probably really hurt. He was bigger than my toy that I’d always used. But I lost track of my own thoughts when I looked up at his face and watched his expression melt into ecstasy.

Watching him was enchanting. I sucked harder, feeling him pulse against my lips and tongue. His eyes widened and he moaned. Oh, I would do almost anything to hear him make that sound again. My tongue swirled around him, flicking the crown and massaging under the head.

“Baby, Sophie,” he murmured, and he reached for me. I felt his fingers clench in my hair so little prickles of pain burned my scalp. I met his eyes as he pulled my face into his crotch, and his dick hit the back of my throat, making me choke and gag. My eyes watered but I kept my eyes on his expression, and watched him fall apart above me.

“Shit!” he jerked away, wrenching himself out of my mouth. A long trail of spit connected us, and eventually broke, slapping against my chest. I caught my breath.

“Get up,” he growled, his voice strained. He caught me under my arms and helped me to my feet. “Come here, get up. Turn around.” Mark shoved me against the bed, and I shivered as I felt his hands squeezing at my ass and hips. He stood directly behind me, and I could feel the hair on his legs tickling the backs of my thighs.

“You almost made me lose escort elvankent it, baby. We’re not doing that. Not until I get the chance to fuck you.”

He moved one of my legs with his hands, bending my knees one at a time so I was crouched on the bed. He paused behind me, and I closed my eyes, listening to his ragged breathing, trying to stay calm. The back of my neck felt hot.

Mark’s finger traced my slit gently, and I gasped and let out a shaky moan as he dipped into my wetness.

“You okay, baby?” his voice was strained.

I nodded. I couldn’t talk. I could barely breathe. Please, I kept thinking to myself. It was the only word running through my head. Please, please, please.

I felt the head of his dick press against me, and then he grabbed my hips, and shoved inside.

I cried out, feeling the burn and the piercing pain of something far bigger than I’d ever used before invading my body. A hot flash of something went through me, and my arms buckled under me as I fell face first into the mattress.

I could hear Mark behind me, grunting and swearing, holding my hips too tightly, his nails biting into my skin. He pulled me back against him roughly, and another hot flash of pleasure shot through my body. I felt like I was going to explode any minute.

“Sophie,” he growled, and shifted behind me, and then I felt his arm snake around my waist and up to my face. He pulled me up and held my chin firmly with his hand. I could feel his chest pressed against my back, like he was holding me tight against him in a hug…

Only he was inside me.

I clenched around him.

He swore again, dropping his head and catching my neck with his teeth. He bit me, and sucked hard at the bite, thrusting deeper and deeper into me in a way that I still couldn’t understand.

“Open your eyes, baby,” he growled into my ear. “Open!” he shouted.

My eyes flew open. Across from us was the mirror of my nightstand. My eyes widened and I gasped as I took in the sight of Mark buried inside my body, holding me close.

“You remember this,” he whispered, his voice hoarse. “You remember this, and you remember every day, for the rest of your life… you. Belong. To me,” he growled out, enunciating his words with a few final, rough thrusts. “You. Are. Mine.”

At his words, my whole body caught fire, and burned, and burned. I saw fireworks behind my eyes, and my brain went all staticy, and then I felt like I was sinking down into the deepest parts of the ocean, and nothing mattered but basking in the pleasure of Mark’s sweat and skin.

It could have lasted an hour, or been just a moment in time, but the next thing I knew, Mark shouted, pulled out of me, roughly flipped me on my back, and fisted his cock as he jerked off onto my body. I laid back and watched the ropes of hot cum explode from him, hitting my body and spilling onto my skin.

I couldn’t move. I could barely breathe. I just laid there and watched him, watched his face, watched the relief in his expression as his eyes flared when he finished.

He dropped his head, breathing hard. He let go of his cock.

“Sophie,” he whispered.

I didn’t answer. I couldn’t. I closed my eyes and floated.

“Baby. Sweetheart.” He climbed onto the bed beside me and brushed my hair out of my face. “You okay baby girl?”

“Aah,” I sighed, unable to move. I felt a smile on my lips. I giggled. I opened my eyes.

Mark was laying on his side tucked up against me, letting his fingers run across my face. They were damp. Was I crying? Probably.

I love you, I tried to say, but I think I just moaned.

“Fuck are you gorgeous covered in my cum,” he whispered.

We laid there for a few minutes, trying to figure out what dimension we just emerged from. Finally I lifted a hand and touched his cheek. He was propped up on his elbow, his eyes darting up and down my body.

He smiled his sweet, sexy smile that I loved so much, and turned his face and kissed my hand, catching my finger between his teeth and then kissing them lightly. He let his arm down and settled beside me, and caught a piece of hair that had fallen across my face and moved it out of the way.

“Talk to me, baby. You okay?”

I nodded. I couldn’t talk yet. I was still floating. I felt like I wasn’t even inside my body, like my body didn’t even exist anymore. I looked down and saw the white slightly translucent mess covering my breasts and tummy.

Well. That was the dirtiest thing I’d ever seen in my life.

I reached down to catch some that was dripping down the side of my tummy towards the sheets, scooping up a little blob on my finger.

“Hold on, let me get a washcloth,” he said, and stood up, walking briskly towards the linen closet.

I watched him go. He wasn’t looking so… I popped my finger into my mouth.

I let out another one of those stupid, embarrassing moans as the taste hit my tongue. It was a weird texture, but slightly sweet, a little salty, and all Mark… etimesgut escort bayan and I wanted more. Without thinking, I dropped my hand back down to where most of it sat on my tummy, scooping up another big finger-full, and brought it to my lips.

I heard a hiss of his breath, and my eyes flew up to Mark’s face. He was holding a washcloth, but was staring at me. A few drops of water escaped from the cloth, splashing on the floor. He didn’t notice. He tossed the washcloth onto the counter beside him, and walked slowly towards me.

“Sophie, baby… you like that?”

I felt my face heat up and I pulled my finger out of my mouth.

“You like the taste of my cum, baby?”

I was caught red-handed, so I just nodded.

He smirked. I loved, and hated, when he did that. Because over the past week it meant he was going to torture me. But I loved his sin.

I tried to watch him as he came around the side of the bed behind me, but I couldn’t see him as he got behind me. I tried to sit up but he put a hand on my shoulder and pushed me back down. “Stay,” he said, then he knelt down and whispered against my ear, “We are nowhere near done.”

Sweet Jesus. Could I take any more?

With the cold slice of handcuffs around my wrists, I realized I didn’t have a choice. I squirmed on the bed, curious what he would do.

Hands cuffed around the bed frame, I watched as Mark walked back in my line of sight and took off the clothes he hadn’t gotten to. He’d pulled his dick out so I could suck it and so he could fuck me, and he’d managed to unbotton his shirt, but that was it. I watched as he stripped down to nothing, my brain trying to catch every detail of his body as he removed his tie, then his shirt, and then his pants, showing off toned muscles covered in his beautiful tattoos, and his muscular legs.

He climbed onto the bed and straddled me, letting his dick sit on top of my hips. I couldn’t take my eyes off it, or him.

I had a sudden burst of shock come out of nowhere.

Mark Baker was my husband. He married me. The man I’d yearned over and adored for over three years had married me, fucked me, and now he was sitting on my hips, my body covered in his cum.

I sighed and let my eyes flutter closed at the enormity of the situation.

My whole life, for as long as I could remember, I’d struggled to enjoy the good parts. Because every time a good part came up, a bad part would follow. I’d always told my friends that my life felt like a rollercoaster, and I could never enjoy the flat parts, because I was always anxious about the ups and downs that were on their way.

But tonight, laying here with the man I loved more than anything, I felt like I was finally done with the ride, and I was just coasting.

I felt his finger drag down my body and scoop up some of his cum. “Sophie,” he whispered in a sing-song voice. “Open up, baby girl. You going to help me clean up this mess?”

I opened my eyes and my mouth and took his finger in my mouth eagerly, relishing the taste as I licked and sucked until it was clean. I watched his eyes glow fiercely as I did so, and a little at a time, his cock began to harden again.

“You like watching me get hard for you, baby?”

I nodded. I could feel my body start to heat up again, which was amazing considering how hard I’d just come earlier.

“You think I should do something about it?”

I nodded again.

“I don’t know, baby…” he shrugged. “It’s been a long day. Maybe it’s time to go to bed.”

I tried to fight the tears that welled up in my eyes at the thought. Maybe he was right; it had been a long day, and I was super emotional. I knew he was messing with me, but fuck if I didn’t want him inside me again.

“Oh baby…” he leaned forward and kissed my face, whisking my tears away. “You know I’m kidding, right? I’m going to fuck you tonight until you beg me to stop.”

I could hear the smile in his voice. My eyes opened as Mark kissed his way down my neck and started sucking at biting my nipples. He squeezed and pulled and kissed, and then held them both firm as he bit them, leaving little bite marks on each of my breasts. The cuffs around my wrists forced my hands to stay above my head, and I tugged at the restraints as he bit me again.

“Is this what you thought it would be,” he murmured against my skin.

“No,” I whispered.


“No. it’s way better.”

He smiled, kissed the spot between my breasts, and then right under my belly button, and then right at the edge of my hips, and the tip of my pubic bone… oh hell, he was going to…

Now that was something nobody had ever done before. I flushed at the idea of his tongue in such a secret place. I’d craved it since I knew it was even a thing, but the closest we’d ever gotten was when he had kissed my legs while I’d worn those sinfully short jean shorts that day before our wedding. Now, Mark was nibbling and kissing his way down my legs, gently spreading them wide so he could get to me.

He peered up at me, crouched between my legs. “Baby?”

“Yeah,” I whispered.

“I love you.”

I felt my stomach flip at the words. How could I still have such a strong reaction to him telling me that? Maybe it helped that he was about to lick my pussy.

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