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Spank Me!

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Ever since I was a boy I had always taken my mother a cup of tea in bed on Sunday mornings. Then I’d sit on the edge of her bed and chat to her while she drank it, and afterwards I’d take the empty cup and saucer away and she’d go back to sleep.

I must admit that, apart from being a dutiful son, I enjoyed looking at her half-revealed body as she sat up drinking her tea – her nightdresses left very little to the imagination, and I was often treated to a glimpse of a naked breast, as well as feasting my eyes on her bare arms and shoulders.

And so it was one Sunday morning in my late teens: my mother was sitting up as usual, the bedclothes pushed down below her waist, and I could see her nipples poking against the thin cotton material of her nightdress. It was very low-cut, and one strap persisted in slipping off her shoulder to briefly expose even more of her breast before she hoisted it back up into position.

I don’t remember what we talked about – most of my attention was focussed on her body, but then after she handed the cup and saucer back to me her pillow slipped off the opposite side of the bed. She squirmed over to retrieve it: the bedclothes slid down even further, and I saw that her nightdress was rucked up, completely exposing her bare bottom.

Almost without thinking, I gave it a playful slap, but perhaps harder than I intended. My mother’s body went rigid: I saw her fingers clutch the sheet, gripping it until her knuckles whitened, and then she turned back towards me, a strange unseeing expression on her face.

‘Mum – I’m sorry – I didn’t mean …’ I began, afraid that I’d hurt her, but she interrupted me, almost as if she hadn’t heard me.

‘Spank me! Spank me properly!’ she whispered, and before I could answer she threw back the bedclothes completely and crawled across my lap, dragging her nightdress up around her waist.

I rested one hand on her bare back, staring at her naked backside with my other hand on the backs of her thighs, and then I brought it down sharply on her bottom. Mum gave a little cry, and I felt her body shiver, and then I spanked her again. I don’t know how many times I smacked her quivering buttocks, but soon they were glowing red, and my mother started to moan uncontrollably.

Suddenly her body began to jerk, and I stopped spanking her, instead letting my hand caress her bottom. Mum was gasping, and she struggled up beside me.

‘Hold me, darling!’ she cried, and I took her shuddering body in my arms while she clung to me as her orgasm flooded through her. The strap of her nightdress had slipped down again unheeded, and I was unable to resist cupping her naked breast in my hand, fondling it as she turned and buried her face in my shoulder.

At last my mother stopped shuddering, and her breathing gradually slowed to normal. She smiled at me uncertainly, and stroked my face, and then her hand dropped to my groin. I was wearing just the trousers of my pyjamas, and Mum slipped her hand inside to grip my throbbing penis.

‘My poor darling,’ she whispered. ‘Doing that to me made you excited, didn’t it? I’ll take care of you, dearest,’ and with that she started to rub me slowly. My right arm was still around her, while I continued to fondle her bare breast with my other hand as I looked down to watch my mother’s hand sliding up and down my rigid cock. I held back as long as I could, but soon I felt myself losing control.

‘Mum – stop it! I – I’m going to come!’

‘It’s all right, darling,’ she whispered, and then a great jet of my semen shot up and landed on her throat. She gasped as my semen continued to spurt over her body, and then she turned her head to kiss me passionately on the mouth as I gripped her naked breast, sinking my fingers into her soft flesh.

My mother kept rubbing me, her mouth working on mine, until my cock gradually started to soften. She still fondled me for a few minutes, then gently drew back.

‘I think you’d better go now, dearest,’ she said, and removed my hand from her breast. She carried it to her lips and kissed it, then smiled at me.

‘Please go, darling, before …’ she didn’t finish the sentence, but she released my hand and moved away from me. I didn’t know what to say, but I got to my feet and went to the door. I looked back at her briefly, just in time to see her pulling her nightdress, soaked with my semen, over her head, and I was able to see my mother’s completely naked body.

I showered and shaved, made myself some breakfast, and then went for a long walk, re-living every moment of what had happened. My mother was still in bed when I got back: her door was locked when I tried it, and when I called out asking her if she wanted anything she just said she wanted to sleep.

It wasn’t until the evening that I saw her. She moved stiffly as she prepared dinner, and when we sat down together I heard her catch her breath, then wriggle uncomfortably on her chair.

‘Mum – I’m sorry if I hurt you,’ I said, and she smiled.

‘It izmir escort bayan stings a bit, and I’ll be sore for a few days, darling – but it’s lovely!’

She squeezed my hand across the table. ‘Now you’ve discovered one of my vices – but we mustn’t make a habit of it – although perhaps now and then …’ Her voice trailed away, and she squeezed my hand again.

‘Did you like doing it to me, darling?’

I hesitated. ‘At first I was a bit afraid of hurting you, but then looking at your bare bottom, and feeling it ..’ It was my turn not to finish a sentence, and Mum caressed my fingers.

‘It can become addictive – I should know, I’ve loved it ever since …’

‘Ever since what, Mum?’ I asked.

‘Oh – when I was a girl … Dad was working in America, and Mum went out to spend a few months with him, and I went to stay with Uncle Jon and Auntie Sue. I was growing up, and I often caught Uncle Jon looking at my legs and my body – I didn’t mind, I liked him looking at me.

‘One evening after dinner we were all washing the dishes together, and I dropped a plate. It smashed on the floor, and Auntie sighed in exasperation. “That was one of my best plates,” she said. “If you weren’t a big girl I’d get your Uncle to spank you!” “I don’t mind being spanked,” I said, “I deserve it!” I was really just thinking about him looking at my bottom, and feeling his hand on it, not about being spanked.

‘I saw Uncle and Auntie looking at each other, and then Uncle said “Come on, then,” and we all went into the living room. Uncle sat on the sofa, and I lay across his lap, and I felt him pull my skirt up. “Take her knickers down, and do it properly, Jon!” Auntie said, and I noticed that her voice sounded funny, somehow. I wriggled to help Uncle to get my knickers down, and I discovered that his dick was hard when I accidentally rubbed against it, and I started to get excited.

‘Then he started to spank me – it stung at first, and then it felt wonderful. He spanked me for a few minutes, and then he let me up. I was disappointed – I wanted him to keep spanking me, but then Auntie told me to go and rub some cream on my bottom to stop it stinging. She winked at me and told me that he spanked her too, sometimes, and she knew what it felt like.

‘I went upstairs and did as she suggested, and when I came down again I saw them both sitting on the sofa, and Auntie had got Uncle’s dick out and was rubbing it. They didn’t see me, and I crept away. Then a couple of nights later I heard smacking noises coming from their bedroom, and I could guess what was going on.

‘Every Thursday evening Auntie went out to play bridge at a club she belonged to, and the following Thursday I took my knickers off and then went to my Uncle and asked him to spank me. This time it went on a lot longer, and it was lovely, and then I told him I’d seen what Auntie did to him, and I asked him if I could rub his dick too. He let me, stroking my sore bottom as I rubbed him. He told me to get a cloth from the kitchen, and it was wonderful, making him come like that.

‘Afterwards, he spanked me often, sometimes when Auntie was there, and sometimes when we were alone, and when we did it on our own together I rubbed him afterwards and made him come I loved that!

‘And then late one night Auntie came into my bedroom, wearing just her nightie, and she asked me if she could spank me. I thought for a moment and then said yes, and then she took her nightie off and asked me to do the same, saying she wanted to feel our bodies together with nothing on. I let her feel me all over, and I felt her too, and it felt nice, and then she started to spank me. It was different from when Uncle spanked me, feeling us both naked like that, and then she kissed my breasts, and I kissed hers, and then she spanked me again, and put her hand between my legs.

‘Suddenly I saw Uncle standing in the doorway in his pyjamas, watching us. Auntie saw him too, and she carried on spanking me for a bit, and then she went to him and put her arms round his neck and rubbed her body against him, and whispered something in his ear. She was still naked, and she didn’t bother to pick up her nightie when they went back to their bedroom, and I heard her moaning and crying while Uncle – did things to her …’

I swallowed, thinking of my mother’s naked body and her soft bottom, and wondering how many men – and perhaps women too, had spanked it, but then she took her hand away and changed the subject, looking embarrassed and saying that we mustn’t talk about it any more.

Over the next few days I tried to touch her and kiss her a few times, but she wouldn’t let me. Then one evening we were in the kitchen together – she’d just had a bath, and had on a housecoat she often wore. I was pretty sure she was naked under it, and on impulse I pulled the hem up before she could stop me. Sure enough, she wasn’t wearing any knickers, and I slapped her bare bottom, hard.

It was obviously the way to break down her resistance, escort izmir rather than just trying to kiss her or something – she just looked at me, her breasts heaving, and I pushed her face down onto the kitchen table and pulled her housecoat right up. I savoured the sight of her nakedness for a moment, and then I started to spank her in earnest.

She cried out, and I could see her grinding her body against the table top as I slapped her quivering buttocks. I paused, stroking her bottom for a moment, but she looked at me over her shoulder pleadingly. ‘Don’t stop, my darling – smack me harder!’

I spanked her until her body started to jerk, and then I pushed her legs apart and cupped her sex with my hand, feeling her wetness. She cried out, and levered herself up, wincing as she rested her bottom on the table, then frantically fumbled with my jeans to produce my rigid cock. She kissed me fiercely and started to rub me as I stood there, my legs trembling, and then she broke away to tear her housecoat open, heedless of the buttons being ripped off, and I reached for her exposed body.

Then she was kissing me again, and I could feel her shuddering as I fondled her, and then suddenly I started to come. Immediately my mother moved back a little to let my semen spurt over her body, and as my loins emptied she dropped to her knees to kiss my softening cock.

After a moment she shakily got to her feet and looked down at her body. My semen was splattered all over her, and she smeared it over her breasts with her hand and suddenly smiled at me.

‘Now I’ll have to have another bath, darling!’

The following Sunday I took her tea in bed as usual, wondering whether she’d want me to spank her. She’d been out late the night before – probably with a man, I thought bitterly, and I couldn’t help wondering if he’d made love to her. If so, she might be too tired, as well as sexually satisfied, and just want to sleep late.

But she sat up as usual and smiled at me as she drank her tea. But as she handed the cup and saucer back to me I saw a mark on her left breast, and for the first time noticed bruises on her shoulders. I banged the cup and saucer on the bedside table, then I dragged her nightdress down, leaving her naked to the waist. I caught my breath when I saw the bruises and bite marks on her breasts, and as I pushed her nightdress down even further I saw more of them on her belly.

My mother followed my gaze, and smiled.

‘It was lovely, darling,’ she said. ‘I was with a woman and her brother. They were both in their sixties, at least, with wrinkles and grey hair. Her tits were sagging, but they felt nice when I sucked them, and his dick was enormous! It was wonderful when she told me to rub it against my face and my tits, and then they – they did all sorts of things to me, and made me do things to them. And then they tied me up, and made me watch while he – he fucked his sister – they said they loved to have someone watching while he fucked her!’

I couldn’t help it – I just lashed out and slapped my mother’s face, and then I pulled her out of the bed and across my lap. As I hauled her nightdress up I saw more marks and bruises on her bottom and the backs of her thighs.

‘Oh, yes, darling,’ Mum whispered, and I began spanking her. I didn’t stop until she was bucking madly in the throes of an orgasm, and then I let my hands wander over her body. Her nightdress was just a rag round her waist, and I fondled her bare breasts and once again put my hand between her legs.

Then she crawled back on the bed and fumbled for my cock. I thought she was going to start rubbing me, but instead she lowered her head and started to kiss and lick my cock, running her tongue round its head and fondling my testicles.

‘They made me do this to him last night,’ she said, looking up at me. ‘Do you like it, darling?’

‘Oh, God, Mum, it’s wonderful!’ I groaned, and then she started rubbing me and taking the head of my cock in her mouth to suck me at the same time.

I never wanted it to end, but when I finally erupted my mother pulled her head back to let my semen spurt over her face, as I gripped her naked breasts.

It was a few days later that my mother persuaded me to help her in the garden. It was a very hot July afternoon, and she was wearing a short denim skirt and a sleeveless blouse knotted below her breasts. The blouse was mostly unbuttoned, and it was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra, even without seeing the way her breasts moved freely. We worked for over an hour, and I could see the sheen of perspiration on Mum’s arms, legs and throat, and I watched beads of sweat trickle down between her breasts.

She must have noticed me looking at her, because she went into the shed at the bottom of the garden and busied herself doing something or other. I finished the weeding I was doing, and decided to prune the shrubs to take my mind off my mother’s body. But to do it I needed the shears, and they were stored in the shed where izmir escort Mum was working.

It was another excuse to look at her: the shed door was open, and she was standing with her back towards me, obviously unaware that I was there. Then I saw that she had a short bamboo cane in her hand – it had been used to tie up something, and the lower part was covered with dried mud. As I watched, my mother stroked her leg with the cane, leaving a smear of earth on her glistening skin, and then she transferred the action to the inside of her leg, dreamily stroking her thigh before sliding the cane up under her skirt.

I stepped into the shed and my mother turned when she heard me – I just looked at her for a moment and then snatched the cane from her hand. She just stared at me for a moment, then turned round and lifted her skirt. Without either of us saying a word, I pushed her knickers down over her hips until they dropped to the ground. Mum stepped out of them, then spread her feet slightly then bent over and gripped her ankles, her bare bottom raised invitingly towards me.

I moved to stand beside her, and then I brought the cane down sharply. Mum cried out, and I saw her head jerk, but then she settled herself more firmly and I started to beat her. The cane left smears of earth on her bare skin, and with my free hand I reached beneath her body and found her breast. I slipped my hand inside her blouse, feeling her naked flesh wet with perspiration, and I fondled her with one hand while I caned her with the other.

Eventually she dropped to her knees and wrapped her arms round my thighs, shuddering uncontrollably. It seemed like a long time before she smiled up at me and started to fumble for my penis. She finally managed to free it from my jeans, and still on her knees she kissed it and looked up at me again.

‘Have you ever done it with your dick down a woman’s throat, darling?’ she asked.

I gulped. ‘No, Mum. Have – have you had a man’s cock down your throat?’

She smiled. ‘Lots of times. I had my tonsils out when I was a girl, and that helps!’

Then I watched breathlessly as she eased my cock further and further into her throat until her lips touched its base, and then she started fucking me like that. I gripped her shoulders as she knelt before me, leaning back against the bench to steady myself as I watched her head moving up and down.

When I finally came she choked and let my cock slip out of her throat so that she could suck me and swallow my semen, her blouse open as she rubbed her bare breasts from side to side against my trembling legs.

A few weeks later it was my nineteenth birthday, and it was my mother’s turn to bring me tea in bed, carrying a card and a narrow parcel about two feet long. She sat on the edge of my bed watching me as I drank my tea. She was wearing her favourite housecoat again – she’d sewn the buttons back on again after they’d been torn off when I’d spanked her in the kitchen, but she’d left quite a few undone top and bottom. I could see a generous amount of cleavage, and when she crossed her legs the housecoat fell away from her thighs, and she smiled when I put my hand on her bare leg.

‘Open your card and your present, darling,’ she said.

The card turned out to be a picture of a naked woman seen from behind: I opened it, and as well as the usual birthday greetings my mother had written ‘I hope this reminds you of me, darling! Happy Birthday!’

I grinned and leaned forward to kiss her. ‘It’s lovely, Mum – nearly as good as the real thing!’

Next came the present: when I finally got the wrapping paper off, I discovered a short whip.

‘I got it in a sex shop darling – you can use it on me whenever you like!’ my mother whispered, and then she unbuttoned her housecoat completely, to reveal that, as I’d suspected, she was naked beneath it.

She shrugged the housecoat off her shoulders. ‘Why not start now?’

The weeks passed: I regularly gave my mother a gentle – and sometimes not so gentle – whipping. I used it on her bottom, of course, but also on her breasts and shoulders, and sometimes even between her legs when she parted them invitingly.

Then, I awoke one night to find Mum standing beside my bed. She’d been out that evening, but I hadn’t heard her come in, and I guessed it was late. I switched on the bedside lamp and saw that she was naked, and that her hair was tousled, her mascara had run, and her lipstick was smeared around her mouth.

‘What is it, Mum?’ I asked, and she sank down to sit on the bed beside me. I saw her wince, and at once I knew that she’d had a spanking, and then I saw the bruises on her legs, arms and body. ‘Mum – are you all right?’ I asked anxiously, and she managed a weak smile and took my hand.

‘Yes, darling – I’m OK really. I met a woman tonight – I answered an ad in the paper, and we talked on the phone, and I told her the things I liked having done to me. We arranged to meet tonight, and I went to her flat. She was gorgeous, with a marvellous figure and long flowing hair. She’d prepared a meal with a bottle of wine, and we ate sitting side by side, kissing each other, and she put her hand up my leg under my skirt and told me to feel her breasts.

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