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Squirt and Her Cousins Ch. 02-03

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Chapter 2

Christmas Preparations

After a late meal Zoe and Sam left to go shopping promising to be back by three. I gave them a key so they could let themselves in; telling them that we will either be at the pool or in bed. As soon as the front door was closed Squirt and I kissed returning to our room. Getting into bed we cuddled up starting to discuss the previous evening.

I recounted my session with Sam saying that she was really into painful violent sex whilst her sister wanted to make deep passionate love. She wanted the love to be meaningful. I also recounted the conversation I had had with Sam and how she said that Zoe intended to seduce Angie into our whipping and fucking club. We both laughed and Squirt said that she was looking forward to fucking Angie because it would be a real conquest. She then said that she didn’t think Sam enjoyed sex with her as much as Zoe did. Sam just didn’t get into it as much. She said that Zoe performed much as she did with me; deep meaningful sex.

We just lay there reveling in each others presence. “Hay Squirt, you know that I love you and that we will always be together and I want us to get married one day.”

Squirt looked at me with her big blue eyes saying “I want to have four children and Zoe and Sam as bridesmaids.”

“Squirt I don’t know what I would do without you because I have no greater love than the love I have for you.” We kissed for a while and then went to sleep. It was about three when we were woken by Zoe and Sam.”

“Come on love birds let’s take a quick swim and then we want to fuck before your folks get home.”

When Squirt and I arrived at the pool Zoe and Sam were dressed in brief one piece costumes with plunging open backs. The front was also open from the breast down to just below the navel. Sam was in a blue costume whilst Zoe was in a white one, meaning that they were colour coordinated with Squirt’s red one. They looked gorgeous and we all relaxed in the pool, Squirt and I skinny dipping. Climbing out, we dried and returned to the scene of last night’s lust. Squirt told Zoe that she was doing it with me so she and Sam would be fucking together.

Sam and I watched the others as they kissed and started to fondle each other. It wasn’t long before Zoe was beginning to moan as Sam went down to her breasts.

At this point Squirt pulled me down telling me that it was her turn to have her virgin ass fucked. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, as I smothered her mouth forcing my tongue inside. We thrashed like this for a while until I worked a finger into her pussy getting it good and wet. My mouth was sucking one of her breasts massaging a nipple whilst my other hand had worked a finger between her lips into her mouth causing her to suck it. She was moaning as I continued to play with her breasts and finger her cunt.

She was beginning to move on the bed pushing her hips up towards my invading digit. I went down licking up her labia clasping her clit making her more desperate for her orgasm. Removing my mouth I repeated what I had done to Sam that morning and pushed my hand up inside, stimulating the walls of her tunnel of love. This drove her wild and she came immediately thrashing on the bed almost throwing her off as the climax vibrated through her.

I replaced my hand with two fingers gathering as much moisture as I could, then flipping her into the doggy position I slipped a finger around the puckered sphincter of her freckle. I pushed a finger, in causing her to gasp, placing moisture inside. Squirt was screaming, telling me to fuck her ass so I got up and went to my bedside cabinet retrieving a tube of KY. Looking over at the others I saw them watching us.

Rubbing KY onto my erection and some more around her anus I asked her if she was ready. I told her that it would hurt because it was not as moist down there but that I would take my time. Pressing forward I placed my phallus next to her sphincter and then pushing forward I started to work in. Squirt screamed in pain and I told her to try and relax as she pushed back. She found this easier and slowly I entered her forbidden channel.

When I had my ten inches inside her ass I paused before moving withdrawing to the head and then plunging back in. After the third stroke Squirt began to move with me.

It was so tight; I thought my cock was going to be cut off. I continued to ride her until she announced her second orgasm. As she was shuddering through the shock waves of the tsunami that was sweeping over her I came deep inside her. When I pulled out, my cock made a plopping sound as it re-entered daylight. As we recovered Zoe and Sam were thrashing towards their own orgasm.

It was five thirty when Zoe and Sam left, kissing them I promised to give them both a sound whipping and fucking on canlı bahis their first evening at Shelley. Shortly after their departure the folks arrived home. We had an early dinner and they announced that they were tired and went to bed early.

Returning to our room Squirt took my semi hard cock in her hands and started to slide up and down. Her hands were incredibly soft and they seemed to glide over my phallus. She bent down and licked the underside making me moan. My erection was so hard the veins were standing out and it actually hurt.

Taking me in her mouth she licked the head whilst sucking it back down her throat. She gagged so removed it, recovering she went down again taking more in, gagging again she repeated the action until she had my full ten inches down her throat. Taking me in her hands again she spread some precum over the helmet.

She worked her smooth fingers squeezing and pumping until I cried that my orgasm was coming. I felt it boil up before it poured out between her hands. I looked her lovingly in the eyes and kissed her telling her that she was remarkable. Squirt looked at me saying that she was really tired suggesting we go to sleep.

The rest of the week before Christmas was the same except on Wednesday when I took Squirt to the pictures where we saw an excellent movie. After the film we dropped in at Japanese Sushi Restaurant and had a meal of sushi.

On the way home Squirt asked me to take her out to the lake. Pulling in at the car park we got out and started walking around the path. On a small rise there was a Bar-B-Q site and Squirt pulled me into the shelter shed which had a large table. She lay back on the table telling me to fuck her.

I pushed her skirt up her thighs and removed her panties. Going down I took her sex in my mouth working my tongue inside her. Pulling her clitoris making her moan I continued to tease her. It was incredibly erotic fucking my sister in the open along a public track in the holiday season. This thought just added to our lust and it wasn’t long before she screamed at the top of her voice that she was coming. Her orgasm was incredibly violent and lasted for so long that I thought it was never going to end. When she had recovered we walked back onto the track bumping into some people walking their dog just down from the picnic site.

We looked at each other and laughed. Arriving home we went to bed dreaming of Shelley. The rest of the week was quiet with Squirt coming to our room after the folks had looked in on her. Christmas morning finally arrived and at five thirty our alarm went off.

Getting up Squirt kissed me wishing me a Merry Christmas and then announced that she had been really bad and deserved to be whipped. Giving me our riding crop she bent over the bed. I laid into her soft, firm buttocks with the whip. I through my weight behind each stroke causing her to scream only after the third stroke. The welts were vivid standing out from the skin. They looked ugly and very painful and yet by the fifteenth stroke she became quiet and on the twentieth she had an amazing orgasm. Getting up with tears running down her face she kissed.

“Big brother that was the best whipping yet, I almost forgot to orgasm. A hot butt is the perfect way to start Christmas Day.” We then put our cozies on and went up to the swimming pool. Squirt was in too much pain to swim so she just stood waist deep allowing the cool water to douse the fire burning on her bottom. At seven thirty the folks arrived to join us. Mum couldn’t understand why Squirt only stood in the water as she swam some laps. Squirt caught my eye throwing me a kiss.

Christmas is always chaotic in our house. We are preparing for our holiday at Shelley and friends are always dropping in to wish us all the best for the season. Squirt and I did not get a chance to be together; there were two nights when she couldn’t even get down to sleep with me. It was all very frustrating.

Then two days before New Year’s, Squirt and I were able to get an early night together, not that we did anything other than to cuddle and kiss. We were able to discuss what we would be doing at Shelley. I had received an email from Sam reminding me that I was going to whip and fuck them on their first night. She went on to say how wicked they had been even as far as their mother grounding them; so she said that they deserved to be flogged and they couldn’t wait for it because it had been most frustrating without being able to fuck with me. Showing this to Squirt I said that apparently they had been having some good sex between themselves which was good news.

“Where shall we whip them on the first evening?”

“In the old garage, no one goes there. Anyway they will all be too busy drinking, talking and acting like adults. When we arrive we will bahis siteleri take two double air mattresses over so that we have a comfortable place to fuck.”

Chapter 3

Shelley Beach

So it was organised. We left on the first of January arriving at seven that night. We all had an early night’s sleep with Squirt and I sharing different ends of the verandah. Once they were all in bed she came up and hopped into bed with me, giving me a big hug and kiss. We couldn’t wait to set everything up for our horny cousins; they would be arriving on the evening of the third; they would be sleeping at the other end of the verandah meaning that there would be no trouble sneaking off to the garage.

Shelley Beach is a small secluded beach forming a crescent inside an inlet. The beach has two headlands; the high headland has an old Queenslander. This is a huge house that has been sub divided so that two families can live comfortably. The big wide verandah affords accommodation for all the teenagers allowing them privacy whilst on holiday.

In the centre of the beach, on lower ground a modern house has been built, this houses the rest of the extended family. A large green lawn runs down to a low sandy bank onto the beach. Behind this house, an old garage stands which was the accommodation whilst the house was being built. Today it is empty, other than an old kerosene fridge with a table and running water. This is where Squirt and George are going to bring their cousins.

At the far end of the inlet a boathouse stands. It houses a large wooden dory with a fifty horsepower motor. Out in the bay a cabin cruiser is moored. This is where they hope to go during the day in order to fuck in private.

When Squirt and George got up they hurried down to the beach for a swim. The water was beautifully clear. The coral reef was only five hundred meters out. After the swim and a quick cuddle under the headland they returned to the house and sat down with their parents for breakfast, their mother was interested in what their plans were for the day. They told her that they were tired so they would probably lie on the beach, and then get an early night because the cousins were arriving tomorrow.

Their mother told them that they were going into town and would be taking lunch at the golf club. This suited Squirt and George so they waited for them to leave before going down to the garage and setting up the mattresses. Squirt wanted to sweep it out and clean down the surfaces. George returned to the house to collect some nylon rope. He fixed this to the kitchen sideboard placing the other ends on the table. Squirt was intrigued, wanting to know the purpose.

Her brother asked her to bend over the

table; he then tied her wrists to the ropes rendering her immobile. Squirt loved it suggesting that the ankles should be bound as well. With extra rope they set up the ankle ropes doing a dummy run on Squirt.

“What gave you this devious idea?”

“Sam really, when you and Zoe were making out in the bedroom Sam and I had a long discussion by the pool. She told me how she would love to be restrained before being whipped.”

“She goes first then. I can’t wait to watch, it’s going to be so horny.” Laughing we left arm in arm, walking down to the beach and stripping out of our costumes we went swimming. Leaving the water we lay on our towels in the sun.

“Brother my love, would you take me out to the boat and worship my body. As you know I thrive on sex, I must have it. It’s the only thing that satisfies me. If you fuck me today you will be able to fuck Zoe and Sam tomorrow whilst I will have them as well. I am not asking for a whipping although I am overdue. I wish to be whipped in front of witnesses it will make me even hornier.”

“Let’s go, we have plenty of time before they get home.” So we went down to the boathouse and took the small dingy out to the cruiser. It had three cabins and we went to the master cabin which was furnished with a queen bed. Squirt lay down inviting me to move between her legs. Placing my tongue into her I started to lick. She was already quite wet and I could taste her heavenly scent.

Squirt moaned as I payed attention to her sex pushing up to me and begging me to tease her clit. Pulling on her clit she began to scream knowing that no one would ever hear her. I moved back from her cunt massaging the soft flesh of her upper thighs. Taking her bee stings in my hands telling her how much I loved her small breasts, how erotic they were.

She was moaning freely now as I returned to her flooding cunt. Her juices were flowing freely, running down her thighs to the crack of her arse. Pushing three fingers into her, Squirt tensed up moaning and begging me to give her what she so desperately needed. Pushing my hand in she arched bahis şirketleri her back forcing her hips up in order to get maximum penetration. Taking her clit in my teeth saw her start to build up to her final climax.

She through her head to the side, “I am going to cum you bastard, lick me, fuck me with your hands, Ohhh God, how wet I am here it is oh fuck.” Her face screwed up as the ferocity of her first orgasm in a week overcame her. Before she could recover I mounted her driving my diamond cutter into her, taking her fully. Pumping in and out, slowly at first but picking up speed, driving into her unmercifully had Squirt screaming her lust and before long she was having her second orgasm.

I continued to pummel her pussy driving into her like a drill searching for water. Pulling on her clit pulling it well out caused her to scream in agony and ecstasy. I was getting close so I slowed down so that my lover could have a third climax. She came with amazing force. I had never seen her climax like this. The perspiration was pouring out of her as she thrashed beneath me. When she was coming down from her last shuddering shock wave I released my orgasm deep inside her.

We lay back looking at each other, as I looked longingly into Squirt’s beautiful blue eyes I noticed a tear trickling from her left eye, down her cheek to her chin. Before I could comment she had sat up, throwing herself into my arms sobbing; her shoulders were heaving as she released her distress. Fifteen minutes later she calmed down, sniveling, she kissed me passionately.

“Hay Squirt darling what brought that on?”

She gave me a weak smile before saying, “Sorry to worry you but I just became very emotional. I realised just how much I loved you, how much you mean to me and started to cry. I couldn’t stop. Oh I am sorry but I am going to start again.”

Before I could pull her onto my shoulder she was sobbing again, trying to speak between sobs stuttering how much she loves me and how she wants’ to marry me and have my children. I eased her back using the sheet to wipe her eyes and clean her nose. I looked at her deeply, lovingly and longingly before telling her that all she had just said I feel as well. I told her that I couldn’t wait for us to have children.

“How many children do you want to have?”

“I want four children two boys and two girls. The boys will look like you and the girls like me.” Looking at my watch I said that it was time to go ashore because the folks would be getting home. That night we went to sleep early, both of us exhausted from our exercise through the day.

Zoe and Sam were arriving tomorrow and we would be up very late. Squirt had never fully recovered from her emotions and Mum asked her why she had been crying. Squirt just said that she was very happy being here. During the night she woke me up crying into the pillow. I couldn’t believe that she could be so emotional. I was humbled that she could have such deep love for me and wondered how it would affect our relationship with Sam and Zoe. Secretly I was looking forward to another violent session in bed with Sam. I knew that Squirt was aware of this and I hoped that this wasn’t the reason for her being so upset.

Giving her a hug I asked her, “Hey darling how do you feel about Sam and I becoming involved in violent sex?” I kissed her. “I need to know before Sam and Zoe arrive because I don’t want to hurt you; you mean too much too much to me. You see I think that the reason for your emotion is because of Sam and me. I will be honest that next to you I worship Sam but she can never come between us.”

“Oh fuck I love you, my love is so great I can only express it when we are screwing; you mean more to me than anyone else in the world. Thank you for speaking with me, I recognise the feelings you have for Sam and I also understand that if anything happened to me you and Sam would become an item very quickly. There is a great film in town and later this week when they all go into the club for the day Zoe and I will go to the pictures giving you and Sam a day together.”

“That would be fantastic, how about today week because I can then flog her. I will go into town the day before and buy some toys and you need not worry because you will get to experience them later.”

Squirt returned to her room at first light and we both slept in. Getting up at midday we went for a swim and had a cuddle under the cliff face. We walked around to a small cutting in the cliff face which we call the grotto. I went down on her, giving her a quick orgasm so that she would not get to impatient waiting for the others.

We discussed our plans for this evening; deciding to wait until all lights is out. We agreed that Squirt would fetch them back to my room where I will blind fold them. Squirt was to be included so that everything looks the same. I did not tell her that I was then going to tie their hands together before leading them down the path to the garage. We were both excited about our cousins arrival.

To Be Continued

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