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Stepbrother Surprise Pt. 01

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**All persons in this story are above the age of 21 and is based purely in fantasy. Story contains gay male sex.**


I had a few shots before I left for the bar. I wanted to be ready for anything the night brought me.

I reached my hand down to my balls, shifting them to a more comfortable position without much of a thought as I stood at the bar, waiting for my second drink. There we’re a ton of hot guys gyrating their sweaty bodies to the thumping of the speakers out on the dance floor.

Grabbing my drink, I worked my way to the floor. Bodies pressed against bodies. I felt a bulge rubbing against my ass while I danced. I didn’t bother looking back. I was feeling good from the alcohol and a hard cock rubbing against me was a nice bonus.

Raising my hands in the air, I danced against him. Rubbing my ass along his jean covered erection. His lips finding my neck, running his teeth along my skin and kissing my neck.

He wrapped his arms around me, sliding his hands under my shirt and finding my already erect nipples and played with them while he continued to rub his dick against me out on the dance floor.

The throbbing in my pants was starting to be unbearable. I still didn’t know what this mystery man looked like. That was all part of the excitement. He smelled unbelievably good though.

I reached up and grabbed one of his hands, pushing it down my canlı bahis body to my cock. He immediately obeyed and started rubbing my hard dick through my jeans.

There were so many people around us, no one could see what we were doing. The floor was so packed, anybody could be doing anything without much notice.

I slowed my movements despite the speed of the music, when I felt the sensation of him tugging the zipper of my jeans down. I needed to see this mystery man that has my cock dripping precum but before I could turn around he pushed his hand into my jeans and curled his fingers around my cock and started stroking me, pulling my cock out of my jeans. I was so fucking horny I didn’t care if anyone could see him jerking me off out on the dance floor. His hand felt so damn good on my cock but I wanted to taste his lips.

Turning around, I let out a gasp as I realized it was my stepbrother! I went to push him away but he dropped to his knees, grabbed my hips and slid his lips around my throbbing cock. Letting out a grown my eyes rolled up, “he’s my stepbrother but it feels so fucking good. Fuck it.”, I thought. He worked his mouth on my stiff pole, licking just under the head of my dick. “Suck that cock.” I growled out but the music drowned out the sound of my voice.

I reached my hand around the back of his head, forcing my cock in deeper. The vibrations of him gaging on my cock driving bahis siteleri me crazy. Looking down, I watch him trying to devour my big dick. “Well if he wants this cock, he better take every fucking inch.” I thought.

I look around, noticing a couple guys were standing by us watching with both of their cock out, stroking each other. I caught the eyes of the dark haired guy with a beard. Woof. He had an average sized dick that was really thick. While looking into his eyes, I started to face fuck my stepbrother. I watched the sexy bear beat off the guy next to him until he shot his load on the dance floor before I turned back to watch my stepbrother suck my cock.

I felt my balls start to tighten. “Swallow my load boy, I’m gonna nut in your mouth.” I moaned out as stream after stream of semen shot out of my dick into his hungry mouth. He sucked me until my cock softened in his mouth.

I should have felt guilty for letting my stepbrother suck my cock but I didn’t. I had no idea he was even gay. Then again, I had never told my family either. Had I realized he was into guys, I would have tried to get in his pants a long time ago. He was good looking with a nice tight muscular body. I’m a little more on the wolfish side, just an average jock really.

I pushed my dick back into my jeans, zipped up then grabbed his hand and lead him out of the club and to my car without a word. I pushed bahis şirketleri him against the car and kissed him deeply. His mouth was still salty from taking my load in his mouth. The taste of cum on his lips was intoxicating. I reached down to the bulge in his pants, tugging his button free and pulling his zipper down, freeing his hard cock to the night air. Pulling back, I looked into his eyes. “I loved fucking your mouth, but now I want to swallow your cum.” I sank to my knees and ran my tongue over the head of his cock, tasting the precum that had dripped down the underside of his cock.

He involuntarily started thrusting his hips, fucking his pole into my warm wet mouth as I made sucking popping noises as he bucked his hips. I needed his cum, I wanted to feel him shooting every spurt of hot semen into my mouth. I wanted to know what his cum tasted like. I just wanted him.

I wrapped my fingers around his cock, pumping his dick while I sucked on his balls. Urging him to empty his load. “I’m gonna shoot.” He moaned out. I quickly wrapped my lips around the head of his dick, sucking and rubbing my tongue along the underside of the head of his dick as I jerked him off into my mouth.

I popped my lips off long enough to command. “Shoot your load in my mouth, make me swallow your cum.” He shoved his dick back in my mouth, as I jerked him off in my mouth, milking the cum from his dick. I sucked every drop of cum from his dick that his balls would give me.

“Fuck that was amazing.” He breathlessly said.

Rubbing my dick through my jeans. “I still want to fuck you. Wanna come back to my place?”

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