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Stepfather Surprise

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As best as she could remember, Olivia was finished all her chores for the evening. After a dinner of supermarket sushi, while watching Sex and the City On Demand, she ran a load of laundry, walked the dog and ran the dishwasher. It was after nine, the house was quiet and she was happy to have some time to just chill out. With her computer on her lap, Olivia checked her email, read the blogs she followed, and then took a long, hot shower.

Olivia did not always like being alone, but after breaking up with a boyfriend who needed to be with her seemingly every waking moment, she was more than happy to have some time to herself. They didn’t live together, but Greg used to be at her house so often they might as well have. It was nice to have a guy around, especially since she was new to homeownership and didn’t know how to fix things herself, but the convenience did not out weigh the annoyance.

She hoped to find another man, just one who was less smothering. Another issue with being alone was security. Olivia went around and double checked all the doors and windows to make sure they were locked before turning in for the night. The first couple nights she was alone in the house she slept poorly, jumping at every sound the old house made. Olivia chided herself for her fear. This was the house she grew up in and she should be familiar with its every creak and groan, but she had not lived there for several years before moving back in when her parents moved to the South. She had a very good rent to own arrangement with her parents, which allowed her a much nicer house than she would have been able to afford on her own. All she had to do was let her parents stay with her when they were in town visiting and host her stepfather once a month when he had to come back for business, which she would have happily done anyway.

A handyman was not the only thing she needed a man around for, Olivia thought as she returned to her bedroom and turned the sheets down. She and Greg were very compatible in the bedroom and she missed the sex. A lot. Olivia had always been aware of her urges, but since she’d gotten into her early thirties it seemed like a switch had been flipped. Maybe it was because she was more confident now and comfortable with her body, or perhaps she missed it because she was used to getting it on a regular basis, but whatever the case Olivia found that since he’d broken things off with Greg she was almost constantly horny. It was so bad that at one point, a couple weeks after she’d broken things off, she called Greg and invited him over. They had good sex, Greg was good, but not spectacular in bed, but then he wanted to stay the night and seemed to think it meant they were back together again. Olivia was not going to make that mistake again, so until she could find a new guy it was down to her favorite little toy to keep things fun. Olivia figured she’d masturbated more in the past month and a half than she had in the two years she’d been single after college. Back then she indulged maybe a couple times a week if she was really horny that week. Now it was almost everyday and a couple times she even did it a couple times in one day, once when she woke up, after a particularly sexy dream, and then again before bed.

Olivia slipped her iPod buds into her ears and pressed PLAY and Shakira filled her ears. From the nightstand drawer, she took a two piece sex toy, her current favorite. It was called the Nubby Bullet and consisted of a power pack with three power settings and a small, purple gel ovoid with little nubs all over it, like a baby puffer fish. She bought it after her best friend told her it was the most amazing vibrator on the planet. When she first saw her friends Olivia thought it looked odd, but she had to admit her friend was right, when those little nubbies tickled her clit it was fantastic. Olivia slipped her panties down and added a droplet of Astroglide to the bullet.

With her eyes closed, Olivia lightly passed the bullet over her lips letting it tickle her while the tension drained from her body. The toy was on it’s lowest setting and having it tease her mound was more about relaxing than getting off, although it did make the tingling in her pussy grow. Olivia kept her hair closely cropped and shaped down there, so there was just a downy shadow over her mound. She peeled her lips apart and gasped when the toy touched her inner pink. She breathed slowly and shallowly and felt those first veins of pleasure crackling out from her pussy. Sometimes Olivia got herself off quickly, but she really enjoyed taking her time and teasing, really enjoying the sensations before finally reaching climax. She didn’t think about a guy or any fantasies, she just kept her mind blank and enjoyed the sensations. Olivia swept the toy just past her lips, but it wasn’t for insertion. She traced the line of her parted lips up and down, gradually coming closer to her clit each time. It buzzed the hood hiding her clit and Olivia quietly moaned as the muffled vibes filtered down to her clit.

The teasing canlı bahis was not enough and Olivia exposed her clit to the toy, while turning it up to the middle setting. She touched it to her clit and her hips jerked and she uttered a low cry. Olivia buzzed the toy all around her clit and she breathed in ragged gasps. She was so close to climax, but then it was too much and she backed the bullet off, teasing her lips again while the almost painful throbbing in her clit subsided. Sometimes the toy was almost too much for her to take, which was why it was a poor substitute for the real thing. With a man, Olivia just built and built and exploded and it was so fluid, so natural. That did not mean she didn’t enjoy the intense, body-rocking orgasms the bullet gave her though, and she returned the toy to her clit. This time her body ramped up so quickly it took her by surprise and Olivia was just about to tip over the edge when she felt the bed shift and a hand cover hers. Olivia’s eyes flew open and she saw her stepfather sitting on the bed beside her and now guiding the buzzing toy on her pussy.


Simon’s plane landed late and by the time he’d picked up his rental car and driven home it was after nine and all the lights were out except for the one at the end of the house, the master bedroom. He chided himself, remembering that this was no longer home, it was now his daughter Olivia’s house. His home was in Chapel Hill. Olivia was not his daughter either, not biologically, but since he’d been with her mother since she was a young girl he always thought of Olivia as his own. It didn’t help that her low life father was rarely around and couldn’t be bothered to concern himself with her upbringing. Simon knew that Olivia felt the same way about him and Simon was happy that they could help her stop renting after so many years.

Usually Olivia at least left the lights on when she knew he was coming up, so he could only guess she must have forgotten he was coming. He still had a key, so he let himself in and nearly tripped over the dog lying just inside the door. He looked up, annoyed, but did not otherwise react. Some guard dog you are, Simon thought. Putting his bags down, he rubbed the dog behind the ears and turned on a light to make sure there was nothing else to trip over.

He thought Olivia would have come down the hallway when she heard him come in and was concerned, before he told himself he was just being paranoid. She probably just fell asleep reading with the lights on. He took a cold beer from the fridge and sipped it while reading over the mail that had not been forwarded to the new address. He also called his wife to let her know he’d arrived safely. “Love you, babe,” he said, snapping the phone shut.

Simon was about to take his bags upstairs when he decided to go down and shut out the lights for Olivia. He inched down the hall quietly, not wanting to wake her if she was asleep. He did not hear a television going, or the radio, but there were strange sounds coming from the bedroom. It sounded like she might be shaving her legs with an electric razor. Figuring she was awake, Simon was about to knock when he took a glimpse through the open door and stopped dead, stunned by what he saw.

Olivia, his sweet, shy stepdaughter was lying on the bed in just a t-shirt, with her panties down past her knees and legs spread. The sound Simon heard from the hallway was the sex toy she was busy with between her legs. He stared, mouth agape, unable to speak or withdraw from the doorway. If Olivia looked up then he didn’t know what he would say, but then he noticed her eyes were closed and she had headphones on, which would explain why she hadn’t heard him come into the house and stopped then. She was moaning so quietly he barely heard it above the buzzing of the toy. Slowly, his sense returned to him and Simon knew he should back out of the room, but at the same time his cock was growing in his pants and the battle between what he should do and what he actually did ended the way it usually does for a man. Simon remained in the doorway watching Olivia play with herself.

The situation was so much more erotic for Simon because Olivia did not know he was there and he was watching her honest reaction to the sensations the toy gave her. She looked so much like her mother in some ways, a slender, petite body, the same eyes, but in other ways she was so different. Olivia looked more like her father in the face and had his dark hair. Olivia was different down below as well, keeping a sparse, closely-trimmed pelt, where her mother was clean shaven. But it was not the mother Simon really thought about while he stood in the doorway watching his stepdaughter masturbate. She was concentrating the toy on her clit and from the little noises she made it was clearly doing the trick for her. Her chest rose and fell as she breathed deeply and he wished her t-shirt was out of the way so he could see all of her. Just when Simon thought Olivia was going to make herself cum, she moved the toy away from bahis siteleri her clit.

Of course Simon noticed what a beautiful woman Olivia became was she moved into adolescence and then began a young woman. She was so pretty and had sexy young body that he felt guilty for noticing, but then he reasoned there was nothing wrong with noticing. She was not his daughter by blood, so it was only natural to notice her beauty and besides, it was not like he would ever do anything inappropriate. Olivia really was like a daughter to him, in all the ways that matter, and he loved her mother very much. Not even when they went to the beach and Olivia ran around in a bikini, showing off that fine young body, was he really tempted to do anything wrong. No, it was not until this very moment that Simon ever found himself really tested and unfortunately he found himself wanting.

Simon rubbed himself through his pants and his pulse raced when Olivia returned the toy to her clit and her hips jerked. He was sure he was going to see her get off this time. If she never opened her eyes he could have watched her get off, probably get him off, and leave the room without her ever knowing, but Simon found he could not just watch. He couldn’t say what compelled him into the bedroom, closer and closer to Olivia, or why he reached out for her. Simon had never been passive in the bedroom, which her mother greatly appreciated, and maybe it was just that. Or maybe there had always been some deep desire to touch Olivia, to feel her smooth, taut flesh, to make her feel good, that he’d always denied. Whatever it was, Simon moved in on Olivia determined to touch her. He sat on the bed beside her and covered her hand with his, taking over the control of her sex toy.

Olivia’s eyes snapped open and she stared at him with shock and panic and then embarrassment. It seemed that in the shame of being caught masturbating by her stepfather she had forgotten that he was touching her, but she did not forget for long. Simon removed her hand completely and guided the sex toy himself. Amazingly, Olivia did not push him away or say a word of protest, but she just stared up at him while he used her toy on her. He pressed it into her clit, grinding, and Olivia gasped and pumped her hips, but then he moved it away, sliding down her pussy and pushing it between her lips. The toy was a small, latex egg with barbs all over it and clearly meant more for stimulation than insertion, but Simon slipped it inside her as far as it would go and her eyes widened while she growled from low in her throat. She also was no loner staring up at him, but rather down at her own cunt where he touched her. Simon kept the toy pinned inside her and rubbed her swollen little clit with his thumb. Olivia spread her legs wider and grabbed fistfuls of sheet while she arched her back and softly cried, “Oh!” Her body spasmed, tightening and then releasing over and over again and Simon was sure his stepdaughter was in the throws of an orgasm.

Simon laid the toy aside and slid onto the bed between her legs. He had no idea how to turn it off and the damned thing still buzzed and danced on the bed beside them. When he placed his palms flat on her thighs and forced them wide apart she complied. Her mound swelled before him and her glistening pink lips opened like an invitation to enter. Her clit swelled and peeked out from its hood, offering the perfect target, but Simon did not go there first. Instead, he poked his tongue deep inside her. Olivia gasped and tried to close her thighs around his head, but Simon kept them apart. His tongue dug deep inside her, slashing and tickling, touching her everywhere and it was driving Olivia wild, as evidenced by her thrashing around on the bed. She tasted just as sweet as he imagined and Simon could not get enough of her. Her nectar flowed and he lapped it up like the waters of life. He noisily slurped at her pussy, working his way up to her clit, which he lightly kissed and licked before sucking it between his lips, drawing on it while his tongue attacked. Simultaneously, he pushed two fingers inside her.

“Ohhh…ahhh…” Olivia cried, lolling her head back on the pillows.

Simon reached for her chest with his free hand. He wanted to touch her, feel her everywhere. When he had trouble pushing under her t-shirt, Olivia pulled it up and he covered her small breast with his hand. The firm flesh was almost hot to the touch and her puffy, pale nipple fully engorged. He pinched it lightly and Olivia moaned, “Ohhh, Pop!” She was still so quiet, not a yeller like her mother. He pinched and rolled her nipple while continuing his assault on her cunt and Olivia was cumming again in short order. She cried more loudly this time, twisting her body all around and it was all he could do to keep his mouth on her.

Even as she calmed down, Simon kept softly kissing Olivia’s pussy and she stared down at him with love and complete satisfaction. He was dying to know what she was thinking, why she hadn’t screamed or thrown him out of the room bahis şirketleri when he touched her. He also wondered what she would do if he tried to fuck her. His cock was throbbing in his pants and he definitely needed relief. He had no idea how Olivia felt about going down on him, if that was the sort of thing she enjoyed, so he went right to fucking. Her mother loved both, but was always up for a good, hard fucking. Even after over twenty years of marriage they still did it close to every day when he wasn’t travelling and when Simon wasn’t home he sorely missed it. As it was he had not seen his wife for over a week and he needed it badly. Simon gave her pussy a last kiss and moved up on top of Olivia.


Olivia’s mind was blown. What the hell was going on? This had to be some kind of dream, or nightmare, because it simply could not be that she’d just let her stepfather go down on her. It couldn’t be a nightmare because nightmares did not feel so wonderful. He knew how to do things with his tongue Olivia didn’t even know were possible. Certainly none of the guys she’d been with knew about them. Maybe it was a Sixties, free love hippie thing. Whatever it was, Olivia had never cum like that or felt this way before and she had her Pop to thank for it, if that was appropriate. But shouldn’t she be upset?

Pop moved on top of her, kissing his way up her body as he came, and Olivia finally pulled the ear buds off. She heard her toy was still buzzing away and turned it off while enjoying his lips caressing her breasts. He sucked a nipple between his lips and her entire body tensed up again. She was so unbelievably sensitive there, the line between pleasure and pain was a fine one, but Pop seemed to know just how to kiss her there. She sighed and held his head, stroking his thinning, gray hair. New sensations of pleasure coursed through her sated body and Olivia thought it he kept this up she was going to need to cum again. This was what she missed and why her toy would never be a substitute for a man. At that moment it did not matter that he was her stepfather, it only matter that he gave her what she was missing for so long.

“Pop,” she murmured, looking up into his loving brown eyes, and he kissed her. She tasted herself on his lips, something she really liked, and opened her mouth to his talented tongue. He was just as good at kissing her mouth as he had been down below and she thought about all those innocent kisses they’d shared over the years. As they kissed he pushed into her and Olivia felt his rod straining through his pants and pressing into her. It suddenly occurred to her that he must be incredibly hard after going down on her and she wondered if she should do something about that. Normally she loved going down, but she didn’t know if she could do that to her Pop. Lying there passively while he made her climax was one thing, but actively doing something to him was very different. Olivia didn’t know if she could do it.

“Babe,” he said, stroking back her hair from her face. The way he looked at her she could tell he loved her so much and Olivia knew she could deny him nothing. Maybe what they’d just done was wrong, but she knew he did it to her out of love. “I want to love you.” It was an odd way of putting it, but she knew what he meant and nodded, afraid that if she spoke the spell would be broken.

Olivia pulled her t-shirt over her head and helped her Pop shed his clothes. She wanted them off quickly so there wasn’t time to think. She closed her eyes and spread her legs, bracing herself like she was about to lose her virginity all over again. Hopefully this would not be as painful. Really, she had no idea what to expect, but from the way she would hear her mother screaming and moaning at night it seemed Pop knew what he was doing. Her mom was always a little perkier in the morning when Olivia heard those sounds the night before.

Pop pushed inside her and Olivia gasped. She couldn’t help her reaction. He was so big. She felt her cunt stretched so wide that it would have hurt if she had not cum twice already. He pushed deeper and the breath exploded out of her lungs and she wrapped her arms around him. He was so incredible. Being so filled so indescribable. It felt like he was climbing inside her. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him and felt his balls lay inside her thighs. They were as big as his cock, but Olivia found Pop’s cock was not porn star big. Yes, it was amazingly thick, but he wasn’t like eight inches long or anything. In fact, it seemed kind of short. His prick was like his body. Pop was barely taller than she was, but he was a burly man and his cock was the same way, wide, but not tall. Olivia decided she would take a thick cock over a long one any day. There was one lover who she thought was so big because he poked so deep inside her, but he did not stretch her like this. Her cunt clung to him and that meant every nerve inside her was stroked whenever Pop moved his cock. He started to pull out and Olivia moaned the whole time until she felt just the wide tip inside her. He plunged back inside and Olivia nearly screamed. It was not in her nature to be loud during sex, but she couldn’t help it. Pop felt so fantastic. Now she understood all her mother’s screaming.

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