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StepMom Gets Cum

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After twenty-two years of marriage, my husband and I divorced. We both got tired of each other and there was no need to keep pretending. I was out with friends shortly after. A man about my age approached me. We began to talk and then he asked me out. I wouldn’t normally allow myself to be picked up like that. The problem was, I was lonely.

His name was Bill and it didn’t take long before he was proposing marriage. I don’t know what came over me but I took him up on his offer. Bill had money and I really wanted a man in my life. It ended up being a big mistake. Bill was a businessman who was always on the road. I ended up being at home all by myself. I didn’t know what to do.

Luckily Bill’s son, Rob stopped by from time to time. Rob was twenty-four and I shouldn’t admit it, very handsome. I often wondered why Rob didn’t have any women in his life. I guess I was just happy for the company. It was one weekend where Bill was on one of his endless trips. I was still in my bathrobe when Rob showed up at the door. He said he was in the area and he thought he would check up on me.

Rob was tall and it looked like he worked out. I know I shouldn’t be thinking like this but I wondered what his cock looked like. I sure wasn’t getting much sex from my traveling husband. I ushered Rob into the house. I offered him some coffee but he said no. I could tell he was looking me over. I felt a chill over my body just thinking that a younger man might be attracted to me.

I walked over to the coffee pot to pour myself a cup. Rob followed me canlı bahis over and stood right next to me.

“You know Lois, you are a very beautiful woman.”

I think my face got flushed. Was Rob trying to hit on me? I thanked him for the comment. I told him I was sure many woman thought he was handsome. He said he wasn’t interested in other women. I think my face went red. Rob was now standing right in front of me. He reached down and found the belt to my robe and he untied it. Rob then pulled my robe away from my body.

I wasn’t expecting this. All I had on was my panties. My breasts were exposed to my stepson. Rob didn’t wait another second. He lowered his face and he took a nipple into his mouth. I think I just melted right there. I let Rob suck on my tits. He moved from one nipple to the other. He surrounded each one and then he chewed on them. I felt my pussy getting wet there in the kitchen. Rob took hold of my panties and he slid them down my hips.

It all went crazy from there. Rob undressed before me. God, he had a fantastic body. The best of all was when I saw his cock. His long member was dangling there between his legs. He was thick as my wrist. Rob knew what he wanted. He put his hands on my shoulders and he forced me to kneel. I was now looking straight at his fat prick.

“Open for me Lois,” he said.

I did as he asked and Rob stuffed his prick down my throat. I could barely get it all into my mouth. Rob put a hand on the back of my head and he urged me to take his rod. I was gagging trying to get his bahis siteleri cock into the back of my throat. Rob had his head thrown back as he was face fucking me. He was like some animal in heat. His big cock was growing in my mouth.

Rob got hard quickly. He then lifted me back up to my feet. He backed me up to the counter and then lifted me up onto the edge. Rob spread my legs apart and then he took hold of his monster hog and brought it to my gash. I was breathing hard as Rob pushed into my pussy. I was so damn tight. It felt like he was splitting me apart. I gripped the edge of the counter as Rob rammed me hard with that fat dong. I think I was even screaming at one point.

Rob told me to put my arms around his neck. I did as he asked and Rob lifted me up from the counter. He took hold of my legs and then shoved his manhood into my belly as we stood there in the kitchen. Rob used me that morning. I no longer cared that I was married to his father. I only wanted to be fucked by the son. My muscles were gripping Rob’s pecker as he drove deep into my belly.

I’m not sure how long we carried on like that. I do know that I could feel Rob pulsating inside my tunnel. I knew it couldn’t be long now. Rob pumped up into me and in a few minutes I felt him blast me with a warm load of cum. My body tensed up as Rob flooded me with his manseed. All I knew was that I needed every drop inside me. I milked my lover dry that morning.

Rob must have shot seven or eight steamy ropes of cum into my body. I couldn’t remember a man who did bahis şirketleri that to me. Eventually, Rob walked me back to the counter. I sat back as Rob pulled free from my pussy. When he did, his sticky seed came pouring out. Rob watched as his cum dripped down onto the kitchen floor. I slowly got to my feet and took some paper towels and cleaned the floor and myself up.

Rob and I kissed and he told me he had wanted to do that for some months. He knew his father would be away and so he decided to act. Rob stayed with me that weekend. We finally made it to bed and Rob made love to me there. I was made to get on my belly. Rob lifted my ass up and he entered me from behind. Rob knew one speed, fast. He drove that fat shaft into my body until he made me scream. I only hoped none of the neighbors heard what was going on.

I couldn’t believe how much cum Rob had in him. He gave me load after load and I have to say, I wanted all of it. Sunday afternoon came and we fucked one last time. Rob finally pushed his cock into my ass. If I was loud before, I was now shouting at the top of my lungs. I was stretched to the max by Rob that afternoon. I couldn’t remember the last time I had anal. Rob made up for it that day. Thankfully he went slow. I must have gripped him like a vise. Rob ended up blowing the biggest load that he gave me.

I was almost thankfully that Rob left. My holes felt raw and my jaw ached. Rob and I made plans that whenever my husband was away on business, Rob would be in my bed. That is how it has worked out so far. I do wonder if Rob will get tired of me after he has his fill. I am twice his age and I am not going to kid myself that he would want me for good.

I guess until that day cums I will keep taking my stepson lover and letting him fuck me.

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