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Success, Finally

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Success, Finally


Ah! The last couple of years of high school, hormones raging, cock sizes getting bigger and thicker day by day and the ample availability of the horny babes wanting to get fucked or put in soft words, young growing girls wanting their boyfriends and the other pleasure seekers/ providers gave John enough or maybe more than enough of his share of pussy and the boys with the ass pussy. Lucky or unlucky on a side, even after enjoying many a tighter ass than the pussy, many times over, John still could not come out of the pussy magic and it was only the beginning of his freshman year of being Baccalaureate student in college, when he had himself a girl on almost permanent basis. Being healthy and young, they both had huge surge of hormones, resulting in an almost excessive sexing, some days even more than 2 or 3 times a day.

Cagney was cute, very sweet looking blond with hazel eyes and a face that could do any trick on a sexy, horny man. She had a body of very medium frame of almost 135 pounds but had at least 34 C cup breast for John to hold and enjoy like the blob of a silly putty. Talking of her bright red areola and the pinkish swollen nipples on the breasts could be a full chapter by itself. If everything else was aside, only her longest legs was a miracle of nature. With those she only needed the seductive smile to melt John and raise his cock, ready for sex. Of course the age of 18 years and the desire, willingness to satisfy each other sexually was an added plus on both sides. They were having a not only very active but satisfactory and delightful sex life. Like most satisfied couples, they also had things, they would joke about or tease the other with. The most common thing was to add anal sex in their routine. They had never tried it and John had also not used any boy for the last about a year, so it was mostly a joke and none of them seemed to be really interested pendik escort in it. For some crazy reason, in spite of having an experience of ass fucking, John also could not see the fun and joy of fucking a female ass and both thought, it was little too much work with not as much gain, until they were proven wrong and boy O’ boy were they wrong!!

Sometimes, when they were fooling around, John would gently push his cock tip on her ass and make some sharp remark of fucking her ass or she would mock John and plead him to fuck her in the ass but they both knew it were a joke and did not want anything to happen actually. The time passed and somehow, the desire started to build and John realized that all of this teasing had actually begun to provoke his interest of fucking her in the ass. Soon he was the man driven by the desire of his cock, when he bought some special lube tubes for the anal fucking. He really wanted to act on the craving of fucking her ass. It was a very regular night and she was lying naked on her back, playing with her boobs and also had a hard grip on his hair as he slurped on her big clitoris and pink pussy flaps. She reached her climax and screamed loud, “Yeses, yes, oh God”! After her convulsing faded, John removed his damp face and she rolled over readily on her stomach. John pulled her legs up and looked over her shoulder, not sure, what he wanted to do?

John licked from her swollen clitoris, over her engorged pussy folds and beautiful taint, finally reaching the tight asshole. He began flipping his tongue at the edges of the orifice but staying away from the hole. She giggled as if she actually waited for the bottom line. The giggling sound was telling that she felt it good and enjoyed it. John decided to expand the use of his tongue at the hole. She almost jumped and gasped as his tongue pushed in her ass. Her body twitched with pleasure but he kept on until she maltepe escort was feeling relaxed. Now, he reached her asshole with his lubricated thumb and inserted it in her ass all at once. Cagney produced an almost un-approving groan but John was fast in his attempt to assure her that everything was fine and asked her to relax. Cagney was very skeptical but she stayed quiet and kept her position.

John took his thumb out and started to push his middle finger in and out of her. The tone of her sounds was a clear sign that she was loving it. John took out the finger but without delay shoved two of his fingers back inside her cunt and two fingers of the other hand in her asshole. The fingers in her cunt slid in much easier but not in her ass. John knew, it were the juices of her pussy, helping his fingers go deeper in her ass. He removed the sopping fingers from her pussy and only played with her ass which was creased tighter than a balloon knot. Now her groans were a bit louder and her hips were also moving in rhythm with John’s thrusts.

With his free hand, he opened the lube tube and poured some on his cock and a generous amount on her asshole. He could clearly feel her ass lips getting loose. Replacing his dick for two fingers was difficult because his dick was far thicker than two fingers and by now, both were getting anxious. He wanted to take her ass almost as much as she wanted to give it to him. John pushed his cock tip in her asshole very slowly and gently. As her anus expanded and closed around his cock helmet, she looked back over her shoulder to make sure, it was what she thought had happened. John was looking back at her with a huge smile and continued to push his cock deeper in her tight asshole. He really had to push it in and out of her to get about 4 inches in her rectum and decided to let her ass get used to at least half of his length. As he rested a while, he poured kartal escort more of the lube in her pinkish hole and raising himself for a better position of riding her ass, he pushed forward realizing that her ass was no more disobedient and took him all the way until his balls rubbed on her pussy and shaft got buried in her ass.

Now, gripping her hips, he began drilling into her using his full length and making her produce the muffled moans. His plowing continued slow and easy for her comfort until her sphincter got adjusted to take his length as well as the thickness. This was an invitation for him to start banging in and out of her ass with a momentous rhythm. Holding the bedpost, she was growling much louder but with joy of course and it intensified into pure screams of lust. Her milky white face was flushed red as the beets, when John felt his balls getting glazed with the juice from her cunt, dripping endless. The flexing and relaxing of her ass with each spasm in her pussy produced more pleasure and pressure in his balls than they could hold and John also began unloading his sperm in her ass. Knowing it as a useless effort to successfully breed her through the ass, John quickly pulled out and squirted shot over shots on her body, even hitting the back of her neck and the hair.

Couple of minutes later, when they were still breathing heavy, laying side by side; Cagney pulled his face up and started kissing him with an utter feeling of thankfulness. She even confessed that anal sex could be this amazing. “I never thought to feel it so pleasing” was her best remark. “I had never had so many orgasms, one after the other in my life”, she boldly accepted. John thanked her for so hearty co-operation for the new endeavor and promised her to make it a staple of their fucking nights and even improve on the amount of it.

“You, the naughty boy, I know you want to make up for all the lost time”. Laughed Cagney as she turned over, presenting her ass to him, in case he needed to take it once again during the night.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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