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Summer at Grandma’s Ch. 02

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Grandma-no, I mean Francis, was a wonderful lover. She was horny almost every day. She had a very playful attitude-she wasn’t too serious about anything. Now I’d always heard that older women were more “experienced” and could teach you all kinds of things. Well Francis wasn’t very experienced. Apparently, from the few comments she made, sex was not a big deal between her and my grandpa, and what there was of it was a quick sort of “let’s get this over with” in the missionary position. Now she was discovering a lot of the things that she had missed with her husband. And I was discovering along with her.

She was willing to try almost anything. If she liked it, she said so. If not, she said so too. The same was true for me-it was easy to tell her what turned me on-or what didn’t. She knew I liked her in stockings and she suggested that I bring myself off by rubbing my cock against her nyloned legs.

She would lie on her back on the dining room table and I would put my cock between her legs which she would keep close together. I would pump in and out between her thighs while kissing her feet. I stroked her silky thighs while nibbling her toes, which made her wet. She enjoyed seeing me come all over her belly and she enjoyed having me kiss and lick her dainty feet until she was almost ready to come. Afterwards I would eat her or finger fuck her to a quick but intense orgasm so we were both satisfied.

Let me just say that Francis was very careful when we were in public. We didn’t hold hands or give any other public displays of affection. I acted like a dutiful grandson and she acted like my grandmother at all times. No one had any idea what went on behind closed doors

On about the third Saturday after we became lovers we went into Dubuque as usual. We had lunch at a restaurant, and did a bit of shopping as usual. When we got back in the car to drive back the little town where she lived, she asked, “Could we go to an adult book store?”

“I was surprised, but I said, “Sure, what do you want to get?” This was back in the days before VHS and all pornography was either on paper or on 16mm film.

“I don’t want anything in particular, I want you to pick out a couple of things. Just get two or three things that you like and we’ll look at them together.”

How many guys have their grandmothers give them money and ask them to buy some porn to look at together. I felt lucky-though frankly I didn’t need any porn. I had a warm woman beside me who wanted to fuck when we got home.


When I went in to the adult book store I found it well organized, well lighted, and staffed by two women in bikinis. A nice idea. There was also a big guy in black leather who was clearly there for security reasons. I picked out three magazines that reflected my tastes in porn. One was devoted to legs in stockings and pantyhose. Another was a story told with photos of a lesbian housewife and her adventures in the grocery store, at the hairdresser, with the babysitter, etc. And the third one was a magazine about women over 60. Great stuff.

Francis didn’t look at the magazines until we gopt home, saying she wanted to look at them with me. We entered the house and we both immediately stripped, then sat down on the couch side by side and started to look at the pictures. Our favourite was the one with older women-and our favourite pictorial was of two older gray-haired women in stockings, being pleasured by a younger man. . We forced ourselves to hold back our desire until we had looked through he magazines, but we never got all the way through the stockings mag. I had the real thing, and I knelt down on the floor, and pulled Francis’ ass forward to the edge of the couch before starting to kiss her hairy mound and to tongue her clit, all the while stroking her stockinged legs. She came against my face, smearing her cunt juice all over my cheeks and chin.

Three days later, I was ready for her to come canlı bahis home from work. We might not make love until later in the afternoon or evening, but we would fool around and get each other hot in extended foreplay for a couple of hours. I was wearing a pair of loose jogging shorts and nothing more when I heard the door open and I heard her call “Ray?”

“In here,” I called form the living room.

I’ve got somebody with me. It’s Rose, my friend from work.”

Francis walked in, followed by Rose-a woman who I later learned was 55 years old. She walked in and said “hi”, but as she did so I noticed that she gave me the once over, letting her eyes rest a little longer than was polite on my shorts. I had looked at plenty of women the same way, but it felt weird to have a woman do that to me. But, I decided I liked it.

Both women were dressed in their hospital uniforms, light yellow house dresses that buttoned up the front. They both sat down on the couch and Francis asked me if I could pour everyone a glass of iced tea from the pitcher in the fridge. As I went I into the kitchen I heard Rose say, Are you sure this is OK?”

“I’m sure,” said Francis. “Are you?”

“I’m surprised but ready – yes, I’m sure.”

I came back with the tea and handed a glass to both of the ladies. Francis said, “Sit down, Ray, there’s something I want to ask you.”

I obediently sat on the armchair and waited. ” I’ve told Rose what we do here-how you make love to me and we satisfy each other sexually.”

I was surprised that she had said anything to anyone, but I nodded.

“Remember that magazine that we looked at on Saturday-the one with the older women in it?”

Again I nodded.

“Well, I want to give you as much pleasure as I can and I remembered how much you enjoyed those pictures of the two women with the younger guy. I asked Rose if she would come along this afternoon and join us.”

Talk about surprised! I’m sure my mouth dropped open. I looked at Rose, who was smiling shyly, and she nodded. I couldn’t believe it-here was my 60 year old lover proposing a threesome with another mature woman.

Francis started unbuttoning her uniform, showing me that exciting view of her petite tits and stockinged legs. “Do you think you can accommodate both of us?” she asked in a teasing voice. “Come show Rose what you do to me. She slid forward a little, and pulled her panties to one side, exposing her pussy lips.

I didn’t really need any more encouragement. I knelt between her legs and started teasing her cunt with my tongue.

“Francis sighed and slid forward a little more, saying “See, Rose, he’s an expert at licking pussies.”

I didn’t know whether I was an expert or not, but I knew how to get Francis hot and ready to come.

“Show Rose what you can do to her,” Francis said. “Start slow and build her up until she comes.”

I stopped licking Francis and turned my attention to Rose who was still sitting on the couch next to Francis, looking closely at her pussy and then at my face which already had some juice on it. She seemed a bit stunned so I decided to take the lead.

I stood up, and my boner was apparent under my sorts. I took Rose’s hand and pulled her to her feet. I led her to the center of the room and walked behind her. I put my arms around her and cupped her breasts. I pressed my cock against her ass so she could feel how hard it was. And I kissed the back of her neck with moist soft lips. She shivered and her legs buckled a bit before she caught herself.

“Do you like that, Rose,” I asked.

She nodded and whispered “yes” in reply. I glanced at Francis who was caressing her tits through her bra. She nodded at me, smiling.

I began to unbutton Rose’s housedress while continuing to kiss and lick her neck and ears. She was starting to blush and breathe a little quicker and louder. I got her unbuttoned and slipped the housedress off bahis siteleri her by pulling it back off her shoulders. I dropped it to the floor and immediately began kissing her shoulders while my hands went back to her tits.

Just a word here about Rose’s body. As I said, I found out later that Rose was 55, but she had a body that could have been 10 years younger. The only thing that gave her away were the wrinkles around her neck and her hands. Plastic surgery can cover a lot, but these are two things it can’t hide. The rest of her wasn’t wrinkly or too saggy-like I said, she could heave been 45. She was a little taller than Francis and flabby, but, not unpleasantly so. A mom’s body. (Turns out she was married and had two kids in their twenties.) Her ass was big and rounded-like two volleyballs, but it felt great as I poked my dick into it. I couldn’t wait to caress and kiss it. Her tits were big-much bigger than those of Francis and I had the feeling that they would flop when I took her bra off, though they were still firm enough. She had rather nondescript brown hair, cut short and nicely styled. She wasn’t gorgeous, she wasn’t perfect, but it was nice body nonetheless. You wouldn’t look at it twice when walking down the street, but when you took off the dress and saw her, you wanted to fuck her. If you loved older women like I did. Her feet were nice looking but like her boobs, much bigger than Francis’. She was wearing pantyhose, and she made me want to come even more.

Her pantyhose were silky and shiny and they had an oval-shaped piece of cotton in the crotch that covered her pussy, but her hairy mound was clearly visible beneath the transparent nylon. She had a very hairy cunt. Her bush was obviously trimmed back but even so it covered a large part of her pubic area– a big dark triangle of hair. A thin line of hair ran up towards her navel before petering out and her hair also grew onto her inner thighs a bit. I walked around her, caressing her ass, her belly, her thighs, her snatch. Then I dropped to my knees in front of her and grabbed her ass and pulled her forward to my face and then began kissing her pussy. The cotton part didn’t quite cover all of her pussy lips-I could see them getting red and swollen. As I kissed her cunt she gasped loudly.

She began to moan as my tongue worked on her nylon covered crotch, my tongue pressing deep in the cleft of her cunt. She was quite loud and vocal-much louder than Francis. She was making a lot o f noise now as she caressed herself all over.

“Oh, Yeah, yeah, baby, lick me, come on, lick me harder!”

I had a feeling that when I made this woman come she was going to be a screamer. That was something I had never experienced before and I was eager to hear a woman scream as I pumped my cock in and out of her. But first I wanted to suck her tits

I stood up and a she continued to gasp and moan loudly as I pushed her back onto the armchair. Her legs hit the back of the chair and she sat down suddenly. I knelt in front of her and leaned forwards and grabbed one of her boobs which had flopped onto her belly. It was big and heavy. They were much bigger than Francis’ and had rather puffy nipples which were a rich, dark red. The aureole wasn’t too big, and the nipple itself as a small cone of softness surmounted by a hard center. They were shaped like pencil erasers and about the same size, but with the soft cone they were incredibly exciting to suck on. As I rolled first one then the other in my mouth, nibbling them gently, Rose began her cries again.

“Oh God, suck me, Ray baby, suck me take my whole tit in your mouth, oh, Jesus!”

I couldn’t get her whole tit in my mouth but I took as much as I could and she seemed to appreciate it because she began to writhe on the chair and beg me to fuck her.

“I need your cock, I know it’s big and hard and I want it deep in me, I want you to fuck me, come on , don’t make me wait any more, fuck bahis şirketleri me hard and deep, I want you to cream in me, I want to come, I want to come!” All this was said in a loud voice, almost a shout.

I stopped sucking her tits and glanced over at Francis. She was pumping two fingers in and out of her wet pussy and clearly enjoying the show that Rose and I were putting on.

“Go ahead Ray, fuck her the way you fuck me!”

The sexiest sound in the world is the sound of a woman =begging you to fuck her-or so I thought until I heard Francis telling me to fuck Rose. The sexiest sound in the world is the sound of a woman that you thought was your grandmother telling you to fuck the woman she brought home for you. The sound of Francis telling me to fuck Rose made my cock twitch and I almost came. I tried to think of something other than sex for a minute to keep from spurting my cum all over the inside of my jogging shorts. I stood up and dropped them and kicked them away. Rose’s eyes got a glassy stare as she licked her lips as she saw my erect dick.

I grabbed the waistband of Rose’s pantyhose and pulled it down. She was sitting on her pantyhose so I couldn’t get it over her ass, so I told her to stand up. I moved out of her way and as soon as she stood up she pushed me into the chair, pulled her pantyhose down to her knees and sat down on my lap with her back to me, guiding my cock into her wide open and burning cunt as she did so. She sank all the way down on my shaft and we both groaned with pleasure I felt myself sliding into her wet love canal. My hands grabbed her breasts.

She began her loud talking again as she jiggled up and down on my almost exploding cock. “Oh it feels soooo good, God, I haven’t had a cock in me for such a long time, my God, Francis you’re so lucky to have this boner deep in you everyday, oh yes, push deep into my cunt, yeah, right there, right there, yesssss, oooohhh, oh God, right…”

I must have just the right angle to hit her G-spot because she let out t a squeal and began shaking as she creamed. I was holding her on my lap so she didn’t come off as she squirmed and cried out time after time. The sound of her squealing with pleasure and the feel of her tight pussy on my shaft were more than enough to make me come, but I exploded in her hot cunt even harder when I looked over at Francis. She was cumming her self, shaking as she desperately drove her fingers in and out of her cunt.

Rose and Francis and I all took a few minutes to recover form our orgasms. Rose continued to jiggle her gorgeous ass on my cock, even after it went limp while I continued to caress her tits and kiss her back. Francis was smiling.

“Is he as good as I said he was, Rose? ” she asked.

“Oh God, I want to take him home with me,” said Rose with a satisfied, groan.

“Your husband might not like that,” replied Francis.

“My husband wouldn’t notice if I laid down naked on the dining room table and Ray ate me for dinner,” said Rose. “As long as he’s got a beer and the TV he doesn’t want to know anything else.”

“Rose, I can’t believe how hard you make me and how much I’d love to go home with you and fuck you over and over again. As long as Francis didn’t mind.” I glanced at Francis again and smiled to show that I was only kidding.

Francis smiled back. “No, I would mind, Ray. You have to stay with me to pleasure me whenever I get horny. But Rose can come over anytime she wants and share you. By the way, how long ’til you can get hard again? I need an orgasm from a man.”

“It may take a half an hour or so-Rose really drained me-but I could eat you while we’re waiting.”

“No, I want you to eat me,” pouted Rose.

Why don’t you two sit next to each other, and I’ll lick both of you-a double dip!” I laughed.

And that’s what we did. As I moved from one sopping cunt to another I knew that I would be hearing a lot more of Rose’s squeals and Francis’ dirty talk in German as I fucked them. The thought of two women with open pussies begging me come inside them made me start to get hard again and Francis got her wish for an orgasm from a man very quickly.

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