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Summer with Family

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Growing up, my parents were always a prime example of what a healthy, functional marriage should look like. They fought from time to time just like anyone does, but, for the most part, they got along great and they were great, supportive parents for me.

When I left for college two years ago, their relationship unfortunately got a little bit rocky. I guess the Empty Nest Syndrome hit them kind of hard. I’m not saying that I’m anything special but their world sort of revolved around me. With me gone, it seems as though they were dealing with some sort of existential crisis and they weren’t sure how to function in this new day-to-day lifestyle they were in.

They weren’t ready to give up on their relationship because they are both nothing if not persistent. Both being college professors, they more or less had their summers off. In hopes to rekindle the spark that their relationship once had, they decided to spend the summer in Italy.

Despite the fact that I am 20 years old, they weren’t willing to let me live at home by myself for the entire summer. They arranged for me to stay with my aunt Brandi and her family for the summer. I was not a huge fan of this plan because I hadn’t seen them in years and that was only at family gatherings. On top of that, my aunt Brandi was that one hot aunt that everyone seemed to have so that would likely make the awkwardness even more so. She had three daughters whose names I always struggled to remember and no sons. So, I figured I wasn’t going to have anybody to do anything with in a town I was unfamiliar with. One good thing was that aunt Brandi’s husband is very wealthy and they live in a big house in Beverly Hills.

As I got off the plane, I was inevitably awkward exchange with my extended family that I hardly knew at all. I looked around and didn’t see anybody at first. Then I hear “Tyler! Over here!”. I turned my had to see my impossibly hot aunt waving at me. She was kind of jumping as she waved and yelled which caused her beautiful, huge breasts to bounce up and down. I waved back and started to walk over towards her, carrying my bag in front of me to try to hide the partial chub I was working with at the moment.

As I got over to her, I noticed the three women with her. I had barely recognized them at first but I suddenly realized that these were my three cousins. They obviously had taken after their mom. I hadn’t seen them in years but they all turned out to be very attractive. Having these four beautiful women seem so excited to see me had my dick feeling very confused since they were in fact related to me by blood.

I smiled and said to them, “Hey everybody! Thanks so much for picking me up!”

Before I even finished saying that, my aunt Brandi grabbed me and gave me a big hug. I could feel her huge pressed up against me which wasn’t helping me fight off this incestual boner I was dealing with. So, I hugged her back but sort of arched my midsection back to avoid contact.

In the middle of the hug, she said, “Don’t even mention it. We are very excited to have you with us for the summer!”

She continued, “Do you remember your cousins? I know it’s been a while. In case you don’t, this is Abby, Allie, and Remy.”

“Of course I remember,” I lied, “How have you guys been?”

Abigail was the first to respond, “We’ve been great. It’s been such a long time. We have a lot of catching up to do.”

“Absolutely,” I said, “I guess let’s get home and get started.”

Allie chimed in, “You think you’re gonna get away without giving the rest of us hugs?!”

This led to a gauntlet of hugs that almost made me bust one off right there in the terminal. Like I said, my cousins had gotten very attractive…too attractive.

Being 20, like me, Abby was the oldest of the trio. She was definitely the most outgoing of the group. I’m sure that combined with her beautiful face and knockout body made her very popular with guys. She and I used to take baths together when we were really little but I was trying my best to keep that out of my mind.

Allie was a couple years behind Abby and was just about to finish her senior year of high school. She was definitely more reserved than Abby. However, like Abby and her mom, Allie had the face of a model. She didn’t have quite as big of breasts as her sister or mom but she did have a very big butt. Now, I’m not talking like a big, out of shape but. See, Allie was a soccer player and a gym rat which helped her create this very toned, incredibly squeezable ass…another thing I was trying to keep out of my mind.

Remy was the baby of the clan. She was only 15 years old and hadn’t fully developed the body it seemed she was destined to have. Unsurprisingly, she was also very pretty. To be honest, I don’t really know much about her personality because she was so young the last time I saw her.

I fell asleep on the ride home. I was woken up by my aunt, “Tyler, we’re here.”

I opened my eyes and looked out the window to see possibly the biggest house I had ever seen in canlı bahis person. What the fuck did aunt Brandi’s husband do for a living?

We went into the house and my aunt took me to the room I would be staying in. We walked into a huge room with a giant king-sized bed. If this was the guest room, I couldn’t imagine what their rooms were like.

“I hope this will do,” my aunt said in a tone that seemed sincere but she had to know that it would more than just do.

I responded, “Are you kidding me? This is great. It’s like the size of my entire apartment at school.”

She laughed, “I’m glad you like it. Is there anything you need? Are you hungry?”

“I think I’m good,” I said, “I actually kinda tired. I might just take a quick nap if that’s alright.”

“Of course it’s alright. Just let me know if you need anything,” she said as she flashed her incredible smile.

I honestly just need to give my dick some time to reprogram. I figured he just needed a little time for it to sink in that these were family members. Once she left, I started to unpack my stuff. When I was done, I laid down on the gigantic bed that they had for me. This might be slightly hyperbolic but I do believe that to be the most comfortable bed in the world. I fell asleep in less than a minute.

When I woke up, I was a little bit disoriented. I looked at my phone and saw that it was only 3:30 p.m. I expected it to be later but I then I realized that the trip from the east coast to the west coast sent me back three hours.

I got up and looked out the window next to my bed. It was definitely a beautiful day out, especially with the amazing view of their back yard. I then noticed their enormous pool. I figured I would probably have to avoid the pool because seeing my aunt and cousins in their bikinis and me without the boner camouflage of jeans and underwear was a bad combination…at least until the reprogramming was complete.

Just then, I saw someone walking out of the house towards the pool. It was my aunt…in a bikini. I don’t think I have a vocabulary big enough to describe her body in a way that would do it justice. She had this huge, yet fit, ass that I’m sure has caused multiple fender-benders. As I said before, she also had huge tits. You would think they’re fake but I’ve heard my mom and other aunts discuss them enough times to know that they’re 100% real.

Apparently, my dick hadn’t finished its reprogramming because I was instantly rock hard. I knew I shouldn’t be watching but I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She laid out alongside the pool as she rubbed tanning oil all over her body. I realized that, without even knowing it, I had started to rub my cock over top of my pants. I lustfully looked back out at my aunt as she glistened in the sunlight. All of a sudden, she looked up, seemingly right at me.

I immediately jumped back out of sight. Shit! Had I irreversibly fucked up on the first day?! I had to look to see her reaction. So, I slowly made my way to peek over the window sill. I was very relieved to see that she hadn’t moved at all from her spot and was just lying there with her eyes shut. Thankfully, it appeared as though she hadn’t seen me. Whew!

Even with that scare, I was still sporting a massive erection. Though I was fully aware how messed up this is, given I was looking at my own aunt, I needed to take care of this situation. First, I locked the door. Looking at my aunt in her bikini for a few seconds through the window is something I could potentially explain. Getting caught jerking off to her would be a death sentence. Once I knew the room was secure, I quickly removed my pants and ran to the window. As I looked at her, I spit on my hand and started stroking my cock. A million thoughts were running through my head of what I wanted to do to her body. I had never been super into anal but I found myself wanting to bury my cock into her extremely fuckable ass. I wanted to lick and suck on those big, perky tits. At this point, I was really starting to build towards an explosion. I thought about diving face first into her pussy before plowing it with my dick. Then, I began to imagine how great it would feel to have her wrap her super full lips around my throbbing cock. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back as I busted all over the window.

I went to the bathroom connected to my room to get some toilet paper for the cleanup. Luckily, I was able to effectively scrub the crime scene free of all evidence. I then laid back down on the bed and, once again, I fell right to sleep. When I awoke, it was now 6 p.m. I figured it was time for me to rejoin the group. So, I put my clothes back on and headed out. As I opened the door, I was startled to see my aunt standing right in front of me.

“Oh, you’re up,” she said, “I was just coming to wake you up for dinner. Are you hungry yet?”

“Starving actually,” I replied.


I followed her downstairs to the dining room. She was now in a dress but there was no hiding that ass. I had an incredible bahis siteleri desire to reach out and grab it.

As we walked into the room, I noticed that everyone was there, including my uncle, Lance. He looked at me and said as he shook my hand, “Hey sleepyhead. It’s good to see you. Sit down. Sit down.”

I actually felt a little guilty as I shook his hand considering I just jerked off to his wife a.k.a. my aunt. Other than that, the dinner was pretty uneventful. Afterwards, they brought out a few bottles of wine for all of us to drink as we caught up on what happened over the last few years since we had seen each other last.

Despite the two naps I took, I was pretty tired and went up to bed at about 9:30. I slept for a long time. By the time I woke up the next day, everyone was gone. Aunt Brandi left a note on my door :

“Hey sweetie! Sorry to leave without saying goodbye but I wanted to let you get all the sleep you needed. Depending on when you wake up, you could be here by yourself because your uncle will be at work, I will be gone for most of the day setting up for a charity event, Allie and Remy will be at school, and I believe Abby is going to brunch with some friends. Feel free to anything in the kitchen or anywhere in the house for that matter. There are towels in the pool house if you want to take a dip. Give me a call if you need anything. Have a great day! XOXO”

I looked at my phone and was shocked to see that it was already noon. I was starving so I went to the kitchen to get some breakfast. I took my bowl of cereal and the box into the living room so that I could watch Sportscenter.

Once I started seeing the same highlights for the second time, I got bored. Since I was by myself, I figured I would go on a self-guided tour of this palatial mansion. As big as the house was, the décor was even more impressive. I passed by all of their rooms which, as I assumed were even more massive than the guest room. When I got to my aunt Brandi’s room, I found myself intrigued and I walked in. Though my uncle also slept in there, the room undeniably had the scent of a woman. As I was about to exit the room, I caught a glimpse of the hamper in the corner of my eye. I could see a pair of black lace panties sitting at the top of the pile. Unless Lance was into stuff that I didn’t know about, I knew they had to be my aunt’s.

Immediately, all of my fantasies from the day before came rushing back into my head. I walked over to the hamper and grabbed the panties. They were still somewhat warm so I’m assuming she had them on just this morning. I moved them to my nostrils and I inhaled deeply. The sweet smell of my aunt’s pussy was absolutely intoxicating. I instantly became hard. I fell back onto their bed with her panties still pressed into my nostrils. I unzipped my pants to pull my cock and I began to stroke it. It didn’t take me long to get close to cumming. I was about to pop off when I suddenly heard the front door open and close.

I quickly threw the panties back into the hamper and ran to back to my room and shut the door. A couple of minutes later, I heard a knock on my door. I opened it to see Abby. She clearly found a way to get them to serve her at brunch because she seemed pretty drunk.

This thought was confirmed as she slurred, “wutcha doin?”

Not exactly sure what to say, “Uh I uh was..just getting dressed. What’s up?”

“Wanna hang out with me?” she asked.

“Sure,” I replied.

“Okay,” she said as she paused and smiled, “but we gotta get some liquor in you so that you can catch up.”

I had nothing to do so I simply agreed to her terms. We went to the liquor cabinet and she grabbed a bottle of vodka. She then grabbed two double-shot glasses and filled both of them up to the clear top.

“We’re doing double shots in the early afternoon?” I asked.

“Nope. You’re doing double shots. Both of them. You gotta catch up,” she said with grin.

I gave in, “fuck it.”

I took both shots and tried my best not to make a face. It didn’t work and she laughed at me struggling. Then she suggested, “Let’s watch a movie. I’m gonna go change out of my brunch clothes and make us some drinks while you pick one out.”

She didn’t even give me time to respond before she left for her room. A few minutes later, I heard her moving around in the kitchen. When she came in, I saw that she had changed into a t-shirt and yoga pants. I don’t know if it was her drunkenness or just her normal attire around the house but she did not have a bra on, making her nipples very visible. I made a concerted effort not to star as she walked in. She handed me my drink and she sat down.

I took a sip of my drink and barely held myself back from spitting it up. It seemed like it was essentially a glass full of vodka with a splash of orange juice.

I coughed as I said, “This is pretty strong.”

She retorted, “It’s more efficient.”

We both sat back with our drinks as the movie started. A few minutes in, she scooted towards me bahis şirketleri and laid her head on my shoulder.

The alcohol did have some effect on my filter, “Your hair smells great.”

I wasn’t sure how she would take that but it was a surprisingly positive reaction, “Thanks! I’ve been using this new conditioner.”

This led to her also wrapping her arm around my stomach. I certainly had no objections to this because it gave me an amazing view of her ample cleavage.

When we were a little further into the movie, I could sense that the main characters were heading towards a sex scene. This had me very nervous because I had no way to cover up if I got a boner. We got to the scene and it was really hot. I started to form bit of a tent in my pants but, luckily, Abby seemed totally locked into the movie.

I noticed that her arm had slowly slid down to my lap. However, Abby was still staring intensely at the screen. Her arm was getting dangerously close to my erect cock. This scene seemed to be going on forever and it was still escalating.

The woman in the scene began to go down on the guy. That sent me into a full on erection and I accidentally “poked” Abby’s arm. She had to have felt it but when I looked at her face, she was still staring at the screen. However, her hand slowly slid to my fully erect penis. I couldn’t believe what was happening as she slowly started to rub it. It felt so good!

I was even more shocked that when I looked at her she was still looking at the screen. Was she so drunk that she didn’t know what she was doing?

Either way, I just took gulp of my drink and just let it happen.

I knew it was wrong. Obviously, jerking off to my aunt in a bikini and sniffing her panties wasn’t great either. This, however, was on another level because there is actual contact. Regardless, I couldn’t bring myself to stop it. In fact, I really wanted it to go further.

After a few minutes of this, I looked down at Abby. She was staring right at me. I wasn’t sure what to do. Before I could figure anything out, she reached up and kissed me softly on the lips. Then, she back away as if to check if this was okay. I probably should have taken more time to think about it but I grabbed her face and kissed her deeply and passionately. We both slid our tongues into each other’s mouths as I explored her voluptuous body with my hands.

We continued like that for a few minutes. I realized that I really wanted my cousin. I wanted to be inside of her. So, I pulled away from her momentarily. She looked back at me with a lustful look that told me she wanted the same. In fact, she grabbed my shirt and lifted it up over my head and threw it on the floor. She then did the same with hers. We both then removed our pants as well. I took a moment to just let it soak in how amazing her body was. Her tits were perfect. They were big but perky with tiny nipples. I also got an amazing view of her ass sitting in pair of tiny, sexy panties. I pushed her down onto the couch and spread her legs out before bending down to kiss her again.

Moving onto her neck caused her to let out a very loud moan. My boner was raging at this point as it was grazing the front of her crouch with only our underwear separating it from her pussy which was already very wet. I was worried that I was too worked up right now so figured I’d get her started while I get myself a little settled down. I kissed her one more time on the lips followed by a trail of kisses leading down her body until I got to right above her panties.

I was about to pull down her panties but that seemed to make something click with her.

She grabbed my hands and said, “Wait! Don’t! I have to go!” as she ran upstairs into her room.

I didn’t see her again for the rest of the night. She didn’t even come downstairs for dinner. She told my aunt that she didn’t feel well but I knew the truth.

I wasn’t sure what to do. I felt terrible. I had taken advantage of my drunk cousin and I ruined any chance of normalcy this summer. I went up to my room when everyone else went to bed but I could not get to sleep. My mind was racing. It was the longest night of my life.

The next day, Abby was gone again when I woke up. In fact, she was gone all day. She didn’t get back until dinner time. She didn’t say a word to me or look at me once during the entire meal. After dinner, we all sat in the living room and watched TV. At a commercial break, I excused myself to go to the bathroom. Upon leaving the bathroom, I found Abby waiting for me in the hallway.

She nervously told me, “We can’t keep acting weird like this. Eventually, someone is going to notice. Yes, we got drunk and we made out. Well, we did a little bit more than that but it can’t happen again. We’re cousins. Okay?”

Flustered, I managed, “Yeah, no…I totally agree. It was wrong and it was a stupid, drunken mistake. You were much drunker than me so I’m sorry if I took advantage of you.”

“You didn’t take advantage of me. Yeah I was drunk but I definitely wanted to…do what we did. But, that was the last time. It has to be. Not only because we’re related but also because I kinda have a boyfriend. He can’t find out and my family can’t find out,” she replied.

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