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Sunshine’s Transformation

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(This story is yet another episode in the “Sunshine,” series, so if you want to know who these people are you may want to read the first five. They include 1) Sunshine,

2) Sunshine’s Needs, 3) Sunshine’s Confession, 4) Sunshine at the Bachelorette Party, and 5) Sunshine at the Reception. If you like those, you’ll come back to this one. For those who’ve already read them, enjoy.)


“I have never felt so powerful and so horny at the same time,” said my wife, squeezing my thigh rather hard for emphasis.


“I used to hate girls that dressed like this. I used to call them sluts and I thought they were stupid, but now I see the power they wielded, and it’s intoxicating!”

My wife, Sunshine, uttered those words as she stood next to me at her brother’s wedding reception wearing a sexy little cocktail dress and matching pumps. She’d never dressed this way in all my years of knowing her. But her brother’s wedding offered her an opportunity to do so, and in so doing, she has revealed a side of her neither of us knew existed.

“Really!?” I said looking into her eyes to try to judge whether or not she was joking. I was both worried and excited by the change. Is it irreversible? How long would it last? What will this mean for our relationship?

“I think I’m beginning to like this,” she said, leaning over and whispering it in my ear.


“Stop saying ‘really.'”

“OK.” I said smiling.

The crowd had thinned as the reception wound to its conclusion. Sunshine scanned the room as if looking for someone. Then she turned back to me with a very serious expression on her face.

“I really need you to take me back to the room and fuck me,” she said, gently caressing my cheek. She leaned forward and placed a very soft, sensuous kiss on my lips; and then she stood and walked toward the door.

I stood quickly as my cock began to harden. This was an opportunity that I relished; namely my wife horny and needing to be fucked. I quickened my pace to catch up to her. The elevator door opened as we arrived, as if on cue, and we stepped on alone. I followed, instinctively watching her buttocks jiggle and shift as she paused briefly to tug at the hem. She wiggled it down far enough to cover the succulent bottoms of her butt cheeks that had peeked out from under as she walked. As the door began to close, a hand holding a clipboard interrupted its progress and triggered its return to an open position.

“Sunshine! Glad I caught you,” said the man holding the clipboard. “Everything’s been moved up an hour, so we’re ready for you now, OK? Sorry for the short notice.”

“OK,” responded Sunshine, looking a bit flabbergasted.

“Is Judy still in the reception?” he asked as the door again began to close.

“I think so,” she said leaning around the closing door.

“OK, see you in a few,” was his response through the closing crack.

Our room was on the 11th floor, but Sunshine pushed the button for the 15th and gave me a guilty smile.

“What’s up? Who was that?” I asked, suspecting she knew quite a bit more than I did about what was about to happen in the bridal suite.

“I want you to come see something,” she smiled, her eyes sparkling as she pressed herself into me. I circled my arms around her waist.

“What do you want me to see?” She took a deep breath and let it out slowly as she focused on one of the little black buttons on my tuxedo shirt that she nervously began to finger.

“Well, last night, the bridesmaids had a bachelorette party for Cindy, and there was a male stripper there and we sort of acted out a scene like in a porno movie.” She paused to judge my reaction.

“A porno!” I exclaimed to give her the response I thought she expected.

“Well, yeah, let me explain,” she said placing a finger gently on my lips. “So, like, evidently, Cindy’s Aunt’s production company wants to try to shoot a couple of scenes in the bridal suite since we already have like costumes and all, and they asked all the bridesmaids if they could meet there after the reception. I thought you may want to see what goes on.”

“Are you going to be a spectator or a participant?” I asked. I don’t know why I asked her that. I already knew the answer. Maybe I just wanted to hear her tell me. This is where someone else seems to take over my body. I find myself watching myself say things that I’m not even sure I’m comfortable with. I can feel adrenalin coursing through my body and pre-cum seeping into my tighty-whities. I become overwhelmed with excitement to the point where I almost begin to shake. It’s very much like intense fear, but with a distinct sexual tinge.

“A participant!” she said quickly with another guilty smile. I held my breath. When my expression hadn’t changed and I’d said nothing in response, she searched my face for clues about how I felt. My still hardening cock twitched against her abdomen and gave me away.

“You’re serious?” I again asked for clarification. She nodded her head affirmatively and squeezed me tighter.

“And I’m güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri even more in love with you now that I know this turns you on too,” she said with a giggle. Then she licked my chin delicately and sensuously with the very tip of her tongue. Her voice had changed into that of the sex kitten, bimbo, slut persona that she used to use when she was being critical of such ladies. Sunshine had transformed herself into a porn star within the slow, seductive blink of an eye.

The door opened and we followed the arrow that pointed to Suites A and B. We turned the corner and were greeted by two huge black men. Both were wearing tuxedoes. The smaller of the two was carrying a clipboard. He spoke first.

“Good evening, folks.” he said, his voice smooth and his delivery polished. “May I have your names please?”

“Sunshine Henderson.”

“Jay Banks.”

“Yes Ms. Henderson, you’re in Suite B,” he said not looking up from the list. “But, I’m sorry Mr. Banks; you’re not on my list so I’m going to have to ask you to leave the floor please.”

The bigger of the two had already opened the door to Suite B with his key card so that Sunshine could enter. She stopped on the threshold and looked back over her shoulder at me with concern. I remember thinking ‘goddamn, but you are a sexy woman.’

“It’s all right,” I said waving her on. “I’ll get it straightened out.”

The door closed. Both men silently stared at me with folded arms until I turned and walked back toward the elevator. I certainly hadn’t expected this. I decided to go to the hotel’s lounge to nurse a cocktail while I figured things out.

The lounge was packed so I squeezed in at the end of the bar next to two very attractive women and ordered a double Jack on the rocks. I wasn’t planning on eaves dropping on their conversation, but we were almost on top of each other in this crowded space so that I couldn’t help but hear their entire conversation. It helped that they had to almost shout to be heard sitting as close as they were. The blonde to my right was complaining to the brunette to her right that she feared that her husband was fucking around on her.

“That means one thing and one thing only,” explained the brunette. “He’s not getting enough pussy.”

“What?” exclaimed her incredulous friend. “He’s got me! I’m enough pussy for him.”

“Does he get it whenever he wants it?” asked the dark haired beauty quickly.

The blonde huffed and shook her head with her mouth agape. She stared at her friend and blinked her confusion.

“Oh, you poor thing,” consoled the brunette. “You haven’t been told how this all works, have you?”

“I guess not,” said the blonde sarcastically. “Please, do enlighten me.”

“Men, of course there are exceptions; but most real men were made to fuck, live to fuck, have to fuck, while women simply have to be fuckable.”


“Look, most women spend their time making themselves beautiful, fuckable, but most aren’t willing to give up that much pussy, so their men wander.”

“He’d try to fuck me every day if I let him,” complained the blonde.

“You’re making my point for me.”

“How?” asked the blonde, clearly having trouble accepting what her friend was explaining.

“You know why Bill married you?”

“Why?” asked the blonde in a challenging tone.

“For the same reason most men get married; they find a girl they like to fuck, they realize she’s pretty cool out of bed too, they figure they can marry her, fuck her any time they want to, and they don’t have to worry about chasing down pussy in the street where they’ve been known to strike out occasionally,” said the brunette taking a quick sip from her martini before she continued. “It’s like money in the bank to them. ‘Perma-gash’ I think they like to call it.”

The blonde gasped with amazement, incredulity and disgust. The brunette continued.

“Then, when the honeymoon is over and he’s no longer getting pussy all day and every day, he starts to question his initial decision. He begins to do the math and he realizes that, even striking out occasionally had him hitting .500. Now he’s barely batting .225 and he begins to long for those days when he was single.”

“Well said,” I interjected, raising my drink to her and making eye contact. The brunette raised her glass in acceptance of my compliment and nodded pleasantly. The blonde turned around, looked me up and down quickly with disgust, and turned back to her friend. I didn’t take it personally. I’m a pretty good-looking guy. It’s just that I am a guy, and any male in her vicinity at that time would have received the same look; even Bill. Especially Bill, whoever the fuck he was!

“So, you’re saying if Bill’s cheating on me, it’s my fault?” asked the blonde defensively.

“Look, honey, you can cop an attitude and get all huffy if you want. I’m just telling you like it is. You want to keep your man from wandering? Fuck his brains out. Wear that little dick of his out. His balls can only produce so much juice in a day, so milk güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri him. Drain his nuts of as much sperm as you can and he won’t have the energy to step out on you.”

“Wow,” said the blonde as the news began to sink in. “So, you’re saying…”

“Fuck your man. Fuck your man. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about maintaining a relationship with the opposite sex, its fuck your man.”

I was truly impressed with the clarity of this woman’s argument so I posed the question to her.

“What about the opposite?” I asked. Both women looked at me. “What if the wife is cheating on the husband?”

The brunette smiled broadly then answered quickly.

“Now that one’s a little more complicated,” said the brunette shifting slightly on her stool to re-cross her legs. The blonde leaned back a bit to let me into the conversation. The brunette continued.

“There are two possibilities here. It could be the rare case where the husband’s just not interested in sex,” she explained, pausing to sip from her martini again as we all sort of smirked at the rarity of that one. “Or, equally as rare, it could be a case where a female has a male’s libido which puts her in the category of the full blown slut. And that can be very dangerous indeed.”

“Very,” added the blonde, nodding her agreement.

“How so?” I asked.

“Well, if she’s a female, and she’s fuckable,” the brunette paused and put her hand on her friend’s knee for emphasis, “she could fuck all day and never run out of different men to fuck.”

“She’d be insatiable! She’d be like some sort of cock addict, some ‘black hole’ sucking in all the available hard cock she could get,” giggled the blonde. We all started laughing at that one.

“And since men are such dogs,” continued the brunette, “there’d be no end to the amount of sex a true slut could have. And that’s what makes that so dangerous.”

“But really, Maggie,” pleaded her blonde friend, “you don’t really think all men are dogs, do you?”

“Please, girl,” said Maggie, a look of disappointment on her face. “Haven’t I taught you anything?”

“But, Maggie,” the blonde whined.

“Don’t ‘but Maggie’ me,” scolded Maggie. She shifted in her chair, looked around the lounge, and then tilted her head toward the door. “See that woman walking through the door?” We all looked toward the door.

“Now, look at all the males in this place,” directed Maggie quietly, like the host on some nature channel show. “I guarantee you that every cock in this room will have mentally entered her before she even reaches the bar.”

We looked, and sure enough, every set of male eyes was glued to Sunshine as she entered the bar, looked around briefly, and then sauntered sexily over to me.

“Done so soon?” I asked as she came to a stop behind my stool. She didn’t answer me. She looked at the two ladies sitting next to me with bitchy disdain and nodded politely. Then she leaned over and kissed me slowly and sensually on the cheek, her wet soft lips mashing against my cheek bone. The very distinctive and pungent aroma of semen began to fill the small space that she occupied next to me at the crowded bar, and I’m sure the other two ladies could smell it as well. The blonde turned back to her friend and they both widened their eyes as their gazes met.

“I’m going up to the room to shower,” she said, rubbing the lipstick she’d left on my cheek into my skin with her thumb. “Don’t be too long, OK?”

With a sexy little smile and a fluttering of fingers, Sunshine turned and sauntered out of the lounge. I swallowed the rest of my drink in one gulp and fought to get the bartender’s attention so I could pay my tab. I remained standing with my back to the two ladies while I waited for the bartender. I don’t know why, but I was a little embarrassed by what had just occurred. At the same time I was extremely aroused and I struggled for comfort as my cock again stiffened in my pants.

I waited impatiently for the bartender, refusing to re-engage the two young ladies sitting next to me in conversation. My mind was racing with images of what Sunshine could have been up to in those twenty minutes since I’d left her at Suite B. I wondered if this was a feeling I was going to have to get used to.

After, honestly, five minutes, the bartender finally arrived and I paid my tab as well as the tab of the ladies whose conversation I had so rudely entered. Now they’d certainly have something to talk about once I’d left.

As I turned to leave, Maggie tenderly placed her hand on my arm and said, “Thank you, and good luck.” I smiled and moved purposefully toward the door.

The sight that greeted me when I finally entered the bedroom of our hotel suite forced my cock to push painfully against my belt as it grew even harder than even I thought possible. There Sunshine knelt on a towel spread out across the bed. Her skin glistened from the generous application of the sweet smelling moisturizer she always applied to her still wet skin after she’s showered. Her right cheek lay on güvenilir bahis şirketleri the towel forcing her lips into a cute little pout. Her eyes stared at nothing in particular as she concentrated on the two fingers on her right hand wiggling inside of her wet pussy from underneath, and the two fingers from her left that she’d draped over her arched back and slowly slid in and out of her flexing asshole.

Unbuckling my trousers, I kicked my shoes off and was naked in no time. Dropping to my knees behind her I buried my tongue in her open pussy just above her fingers and caressed the smooth globes of her upturned ass. Sunshine’s fingers slipped out of her pussy as my lips latched on to her swollen clitoris and the tip of my nose slid between her quivering pussy lips. She moaned into the bedding.

I pulled my face out of her pussy and slid two fingers in where my nose had been. When I wiggled my tongue past the fingers in her anus she shuddered and grasped the back of her thigh with her right hand. She pulled her fingers out of her butt hole and the pulsing sphincter closed around my tongue.

“Oh my god,” she mumbled into the towel under her face. My fingers probed deeply until I found the swollen ridges of her g-spot. Her pussy tightened suddenly around my fingers and tremors began to intermittently ripple up the backs of her thighs. I mashed her clit against her pubic bone with my thumb and she squealed with a sexy little exhalation of air.

Both hands now gripped the sheets at the ends of her stretched out arms. I pulled my tongue from her ass and my fingers from her vagina and stood up. I slathered the pre-cum that had been drooling from the end of my cock up and down my hardened shaft and slid the entire thing into her pussy with one firm thrust; balls deep. Her upturned buttocks rocked freely back and forth from the force of the impact against my thighs. As I quickly withdrew and thrust again several times with my cock, my thumb pushed gently against her asshole until, on one backstroke, it slid all the way in as far as it would go. That sent a shockwave through her entire body that forced me to stop stroking until it had dissipated. In the silence I could hear her heart loudly thumping against the mattress. The relative hollowness of the mattress made the sound reverberate lowly throughout the bed.

“Smack!” broke the silence as my left hand came down hard on her left ass cheek causing the entire ham to shake and jiggle. I fucked her hard, smacking her ass on every fourth or fifth stroke as she whimpered and trembled beneath me. Losing strength with this pace and fearing that I may cum too soon I quickly disengaged. Voiding both orifices simultaneously, I watched her entire pudenda begin to vibrate like a little engine idling on its motor mounts.

“Oh my god,” she gasped again, trying to keep up with the excessive stimulation that drove her closer and closer to orgasm.

Gently rolling her onto her back I pushed both legs up until she was gripping her thighs against her shoulders, and both tits were pushed in and up under her chin. Her stiff nipples stood out erect atop her swollen areola. She looked up at me with pleading eyes, begging for me to end this glorious torture and usher in the orgasmic release she so desperately sought.

Forcing my erection down until the head rested against her puckered asshole, I gently rested my hand on her vulva and slowly stroked my thumb back and forth over her clit. I then slid two fingers back into her gaping cunt and continued massaging her g-spot. Sunshine flexed her butt hole and the tip of my cock was swallowed by the pulsing orifice. Slowly straightening my back forced my erection deeper into her ass.

Tears welled in the corners of her eyes and dripped backwards into her ears. Her mouth opened into a silent scream and her eyes focused on mine. She seemed unable to speak. Sunshine’s orgasm had begun. My cock was now pistoning effortlessly in and out of her bowels. She began to groan and tremble uncontrollably until suddenly she screamed and a hot jet of clear liquid sprayed from her vibrating pussy all over my chest and stomach. She just lay there trembling; riding out the biggest orgasm I’ve ever seen her have. Then, gradually her eyes rolled back into her head and her breathing became slow and deliberate. La petite mort — “the little death” as the French describe it; the orgasm that is so powerful it renders its victim momentarily unconscious.

I was now ready to cum. I wanted to pull out and fire salvos of hot cum across her naked body, but it was no use. Buried as I was in her butt hole, I had no choice but to let go deep in her colon and feel her body milk me of my seed. Lacking the energy to support myself any longer on trembling arms, I rolled to my side and let my deflating cock slither from her gripping hole followed by the generous flow of thick, viscous cum.

The next morning, Sunshine dressed herself in her baggy khaki shorts, heather colored wool socks, and work boots. On top of her sports bra she wore a charcoal gray wife-beater under a maroon plaid flannel shirt. A sweat stained khaki baseball cap that says “Life is Good” topped off her ensemble. We were returning to the garden center and life as we had known it before this very eventful weekend. On the way home I asked Sunshine to tell me what had happened at the film shoot.

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