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Surprise Ch. 1

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“Mom, I’m going out.” His mother walked from the kitchen into the living room where he had been on the phone with some of his friends making plans for tonight.

There she is in all her glory he thought to himself. She began to speak to him but he paid no attention to her words only looked upon his mother’s body with the lust a son shouldn’t have for his mother.

Her tight miniskirt showed her perfectly rounded ass off nicely, her shirt barely keeping in her C cup breasts and stopping at midriff so the skin of her flat tummy showed completely. His mother didn’t look as old as she was, didn’t dress or act like it either.

She stood 5’6″ tall, wore her brown hair long and straight, her green eyes were always wide open with curiosity and excitement. She was constantly bubbly, never sad or worried on the outside and the way she dressed was enough to turn any man or woman back around to watch her walk down the street. She would make sure that all of her womanly attributes were defined well in whatever she was in the mood to wear.

He couldn’t take it anymore and got up and left, leaving his mom walking and talking after him. He shut the door on her and walked out to his car, maybe a night out with the guys would get his mind off of her.

At the club he sat back in one of the darkened booths and watched as his friends hit on every single woman who walked by them. Some would luck out getting to go and dance with one of the ladies. He sat back quietly observing, drinking beer as if it were water.

He was by no means unattractive, just canlı bahis not very sociable. He stood 5’10” tall, weighed around 205 lbs. and worked out every single day of the week to keep himself fit. He wore his thick brown hair a little long but always brushed back from his face. He had a rounded almost boyish face topped with crystal blue eyes, and an always-ready smile made women flock to him when he wanted to be noticed. But tonight all he wanted was to be lost in the crowd.

He still hadn’t gotten his Mother off his mind and the drunker he got the more he thought about her. By the end of the night images of him fucking her wouldn’t leave his head and he became more pissed off the more they haunted him.

After the club closed his friends invited him out to eat but he declined, he wanted to go home and pass out. He was surprised that he even made it into his driveway without killing himself or some unsuspecting person on the road.

He stumbled his way into the house bumping into everything; he turned a table over breaking a vase. This brought his mother out of her bedroom asking what had happened. He sneered at her; all she wore was a tee shirt that barely fit over her ass, he decided that he had had enough teasing.

“Sorry, could you help me to bed? I seem to be having trouble walking,” he said in his drunken voice. “Sure Honey, you know you shouldn’t have drank that much and then try to drive, you could have gotten hurt. Where’d your friends go?”

He ignored her question as she helped him down the hallway into his bedroom. She laid him bahis siteleri on the bed and undressed him to his underwear. In one quick powerful move of his arm he caught his mother and threw her on the bed. He climbed on top of her pinning her down. She let out one piercing scream and began to fight him, trying desperately to get him off of her.

“What the hell are you doing Michael?” She said in between her heavy breathing.

“I’m going to show you just what you do it me Bitch! Always walking around here in your tight skirts, short shirts, and tee shirts that hardly cover up anything! You make my dick so fucking hard every single day and it’s about time you stop teasing me and give me what I want.”

“But Michael I’m your Mother! You shouldn’t have feelings like that towards me. Please stop I don’t want this.” She had begun to cry and that only pissed him off more.

“Shut up slut! I’m going to fuck you and you’re going to like it. Now take what you deserve!” With one hand he took his underwear off and quickly rammed his cock up his Mother’s cunt. She squirmed under him, screaming, pleading, beating her small fist on his back but he was oblivious to her.

He pumped his throbbing dick into her hard, not caring that she was almost completely dry, not caring how much pain it was causing her, his only thought was that he was finally fucking his tease Mother.

He felt his balls begin to tighten and smiled at the thought of blowing his load into her. He grunted and thrust into her pussy one more time before he felt the release of his jizm. bahis şirketleri He thought he heard his mother moan with pleasure but that couldn’t be.

He moved off of her once he was done and they lay there beside each other not speaking. If she began to talk, cry, or asked for an apology he would slap her, he thought but she surprised him.

She sat up and looked at him, without saying a word she bent down and took his cock into her mouth. She sucked him all the way down the back of her throat, bringing her hands up to cup his balls. He looked down at her and smiled, “That’s right you fucking whore, suck your son’s cock good.” She moaned as he spoke liking the harsh words that he said to her.

After sucking him off for awhile he roughly pulled her head away by her hair, “Come ride my cock Mom, I want to feel that hot cunt on my dick again.”

She mounted him, guiding his cock into her now very wet pussy; she shuddered as his full length filled her up. She began to rock back and forth making her son’s cock drive deeper into her.

“I’m going to cum!” She yelled out. “That’s a good slut, come all over my cock.”

“I love your dick Michael, I love to fuck my son!” She screamed out as she began to orgasm, her juices flowing out onto his cock and running down his legs.

“Faster Bitch make me cum!” He commanded. She began to bounce on his cock hard, he brought his hands to her hips keeping her in place as she went wild.

“Cum for me Baby, fill your Mother’s cunt!” She let out a loud moan from deep within her as she felt his spunk shoot into her pussy.

After he was spent, she went down and licked her juices off of his softening dick. When he was clean she looked up at him, “thank you Michael I needed that.”

“I know you did Mom.”

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