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Switched Pt. 01

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People tend to think that death is final. That when you kick the bucket, you either go to Heaven or Hell. Then again, there are some who believe you keep getting reincarnated again and again until you get it right, whatever “it” is. And then there are those who say when your time’s up, that’s it. You’re done. Nothing after that. I’m here to tell you that it’s all bullshit. Yeah, there’s a greater power out there. Call it God, or Goddess, or the Almighty. Fuck, call it Joe for all I care. It doesn’t matter. This “Greater Power” is just as fucked up as we are here on Earth. How do I know? That’s what I’m going to tell you.

Let me start at the beginning, which is actually my end. I’m Roger Forrester, don’t worry about remembering that name, it doesn’t matter anymore. I should probably have said, “I was Roger Forrester,” for accuracy’s sake.

Anyway, I lived and died in Dallas, TX. I was no one special. I was your typical 47 year old accountant who had been married over 20 years to a nag of a wife. I met my end as I was crossing the street downtown on my way to work. Fucking taxi blew the light and ran me over. And the fucker kept going. Next thing I know, I’m in this brightly lit waiting room. One second I’m dreading going to work, the next I’m there. What the fuck?

I have no idea how long I waited, time doesn’t pass there. Eventually a woman in who was dressed in a white business suit enters and looks at me, looks down at her computer tablet, then back at me, then back… Fuck you get the idea. She did this like 6 times before she finally spoke.

“Hm, this can’t be right. You’re not supposed to be here. You’re not supposed to die for another 19 years when you’re fucking your neighbor’s 18 year old granddaughter and you suffer that massive heart attack. I hate when the reapers take you guys earlier than they should! So much extra paperwork!”

I started to say something but she stopped me.

“Shut it! I need to fix this. Come with me. Come on, come on. I don’t have all day.”

I got up and ran after her. For a chick in high heels, she walked fucking fast. After a few minutes we arrived at this huge gray door with a massive knocker on it. She used the knocker to rap on the door 3 times and it swung open. I followed her in and there sat the oldest woman I’ve ever seen behind a rather plain looking desk. She was a flesh colored prune with white frizzy hair and a pair of thick glasses.

She looked up and me and said, “I am not a flesh colored prune.”

I staggered back a bit when she said that. She fucking read my mind?

“Yeah, numb nuts, I read your mind. Sigh… Angela, did you tell him what’s going on?”

“No, ma’am, I just brought him here. I don’t have time to waste on this fuck up.”

The old lady said, “Oh sure, dump your trash on me. All right, I see he’d be here anyway. Fine, go, I’ll take care of it, but you’re going to have to pay penance for that, you know.”

Angela walked away waving her hand as if to say “whatever” and she disappeared. I mean, literally disappeared. Gone. Poof. No longer there.

I opened my mouth to say something, but the old lady interrupted me and said, “Before you talk, I know what you’re going to ask. Yes, you’re dead. No this isn’t Heaven or Hell, it’s purgatory. Souls who are plucked before their time come here. Most of the time you’re not here for long, sometimes forever. You, dear Roger, aren’t here for long. Aren’t you the lucky one. Ok, let’s get started. Grab a seat.”

I felt a chair push up behind me and I was forced to sit.

I finally got in a word and said, “Wait a Goddamn minute! Just hold on!! I get that I’m dead – it’s weird as fuck, but I kinda get it – but what the fuck is going on here???”

She looked up at me, peering over those glasses, and grinned.

“Oh, you’re going to be one of those. Ok, I’m in the mood for it. It’s simple: You were plucked too soon by a reaper, so we need to send you back. It happens way more often than you think. Some reapers are just too damn eager. My job is to find the appropriate vessel for you. One who is pretty much like you, so the shock for your soul and the vessel’s soul is minimized. You’re sent back down, you’ll essentially “merge” with your new body and its soul, and you live out your life. And, no, you won’t remember, neither will the vessel. Which is why I am tasked with find the appropriate vessel. Wrong vessel and, hoo-boy, major troubles. Anything could happen, none of it good. But it’s ok, I found a good one in Denver, a bit younger, a little more fit, and he’s got a really hot wife. This’ll do.”

“Wait, what..? I’m going to Denver?”

Shaking her head in frustration she said, “I can’t explain it all to you, but someone will go down with you and explain it all.”

She began writing on a notepad that looked ancient and then ripped off a piece of paper and handed it to me.

“Take this, do NOT lose it. Go back out that door, someone will meet you. Bye bye.”

And then poof. Bye bye.

I got up and did as I was told, more confused than ever. Purgatory? escort ataşehir Denver? Vessel? Fuck.

The door opened and there stood Angela.

She looked at me and said, “Oh this fucking great. FUCK YOU, YOU OLD CRONE! Penance… dammit. All right, where is she sending you? Denver. I hope you like cold weather and bad football. Heh.”

And off she went and I followed. As we rounded a corner, she collided with another person who was escorting a young woman. They fell to the ground in a heap. I wasn’t too upset, but I did the gentlemanly thing and I didn’t laugh.

Picking herself up off the ground, she grabbed the piece of paper, and said, “Ow. Gina, I’m sorry, I was in a rush to get to the right spot to get rid of this guy. The Crone is making me pay penance here. The fucking dried up old bitch.”

A speaker boomed, “I heard that!”

Now I laughed.

Angela said, “I’ll make it up to you, Gina. Coffee later? That little place in San Francisco?”

Gina said, “Deal! Have fun with your guy!”

And Gina and her charge were gone. (Yep, poof.)

Angela said, “Ok, let’s get this done. Stand there, don’t move.”

I did as she asked , she took the piece of paper, and slapped it on my forehead. Ow!

The next thing I see is a pink bedroom. I’m laying in a bed with one motherfucker of a headache. I groan and try to get out of bed, but I feel like I’m being held down. I look over and I see a blue fuzzy face staring back at me and I screamed. Not a manly scream either, but a high pitched girly one. I fall out of bed and then I see what scared me. A Goddamn stuffed animal. I stand up on shaky legs and I see a bed covered in stuffed creatures of all types. A furry convention exploded in this bedroom. I was starting to look around and then I heard a voice behind me.

“Oh, you have got to be fucking kidding me!!”

I turned and there stood Angela. A very pissed off Angela!

“Shit shit shit! I cannot believe this is fucking happening to me!! The papers must’ve gotten switched when Gina and I ran into each other. Oh this is bad, this is very, very bad.”

I said, “Why…”

Oh my God, my voice!! What the fuck happened to my voice?? I sound like a fucking chipmunk!!

“Angela, what the fuck?!? What did you do to me??”

She looked at me and gave me a weak smile and said, “Ummmmm, well… You’re going to laugh when you hear it, trust me! It’s, uh, well… You’re not in the body you should be in.”

“What do you mean I am not in the body…”

I looked down as I said that.


“Um, yeah, funny, right? Heh. Oh fuck. If I could die, I’d be dead. Look calm down.”

“Calm down? CALM DOWN?!? I’m a fucking GIRL!”

“Yeah, but you’re hottie. So win/win?”

I sat down on the bed and put my head in my hands, almost in tears A girl. I’m a fucking girl And, based on how I looked, a teenaged girl! Kill me now. Oh wait, that happened already. Fuck.

I looked up at Angela and said hopefully, “Ok, not a problem, right? You and Gina can fix this.”

Angela looked down and shuffled her feet a bit before saying, “Um, no. We can’t. Once souls are merged, that’s it.”


“Yeah, fuck. You’re fucked, I’m really fucked, we’re all fucked.”

I took a deep breath and said, “Ok, so now what? The Crone said I’d forget once you explained to me my new life, so explain it to me and let me forget!”

Biting her lip, she said, “That’s what makes this really bad. You’ll never fully forget. You merged with a soul that’s not compatible. You’ll always have your memories of your former life as Roger, BUT you also have your new vessel’s memories too. Go ahead and see if you can recall them.”

“Oh sure let me try… WAIT A FUCKING SECOND! I won’t forget?? Aw crap. Can this day get any worse?”

I shouldn’t have said that, because then I heard a knock on the door.

“Ellie, sweetheart, are you up? I thought I heard you talking loudly. Everything ok?”

When the door opened, there stood a fucking drop dead gorgeous woman. I realized it was Ellie’s mom. This woman has the biggest pair of tits I’ve ever seen on a short woman. She was 5’3″, had long auburn hair, wore wire rimmed glasses (cute!), and had a pair of knockers the size of very large cantaloupes! Now this, THIS is my idea of Heaven!

I quickly stammered out an answer and said, “I’m ok. I, uh, stubbed my toe.”

Ellie’s mom smiled and said, “Well be careful, sweetie. We don’t need your summer vacation to start off on a bad note. I need to get back to breakfast before it burns. Hurry on down! Kisses!”

“Uh, yeah, kisses…”

She closed the door and then Angela spoke up, “Damn, she’s hot.”

I jumped a mile when she spoke and I said, “FUCK! Warn a guy when you do that! Hey, why didn’t she say anything about you being here?”

“Because only you can see me, numb nuts. Or is that “numb ovaries” now?”

She laughed at her own joke and I just stood there shaking my head and glaring at her.

Finally kadıköy escort bayan she said, “Ok. Let me do one thing here…”

Everything glowed and then took on a golden sheen.

“I’ve temporarily stopped time. I can only do this for a short period, so listen quick: You can remember who you are, you can also recall your vessel’s memories. I suggest you take minute to pull in her memories before going downstairs. Once you start, they’ll start to flood in and you should be good to go. I can give you a jump start here. Your name is Eleanor Adams, Ellie to everyone. You just recently turned 18. Your mom is a widow, 4 years now. Her name is Donna. You’re an only child. You live in Countryside, IL. That should get you going. One last thing, because of this fuck up, I’m now tethered to you. You’ll see me on occasion and you can call for help, but don’t fucking abuse it. I need to go and face the music, you need to start your new life. Finally, the magic used to merge souls is ancient Heavenly magic. Just don’t do anything stupid, be careful with what you wish for and when or it can get bad. I really need to go! Be good. Bye.”

And poof. Fuck. And there goes the sheen.

A girl. I’m a girl. But I have nice tits. Ooooo, soft and squishy. Ok, I don’t have time for that, but I will later!

I walked over to the mirror to get a good look at who I am now and… WOW! Goddamn, I’m a fucking hottie all right. Oh, I have blue eyes now. Straight shoulder-length strawberry blond hair. Ok, I can deal with that. I’d guess I’m maybe 5’5″ or so. Nice big titties, bigger than Ellie’s mom. Lemme turn around and see this ass. Oh, round, but not a huge ass like those Kardashian bitches. Sweet.

So how do I recall Ellie’s mem… oh wow, that was easy. Hm, no boyfriend, that’s good. Best friend is Becca Williams, lives next door. Got good grades, plans on taking a year off before college. Still a virgin. And, oh crap, allergic to shellfish. I’ll deal. Anyway, I need to get dressed I guess. What does she usually wear around the house? Oh good, T-shirt and sweat pants, not a skirt type of girl. Her normal home attire. THAT I can handle. But, ugh, a fucking bra? I want to ignore it, but I guess she always wears it. Crap.

After struggling for a few minutes, I got the damn thing on and headed down to formally meet mom.

I walked into the kitchen and saw Ellie’s mom. No, wait, my mom now. Damn, she’s got a great ass too. Easy boy, er… girl.

Not knowing what to do, I “allowed” the memories to dictate my movements. I walked up to mom and gave her a hug and kissed her on the cheek.

“Oh, hello, sweetie, breakfast is almost done! Your favorite. Egg white veggie omelet with rye toast.”

Ok, not MY favorite, but Ellie’s. This will take getting used to.

I said, “Um, mom, I’m kinda drawing a blank here. Did we have any special plans for today or did I?”

Donna giggled and said, “No, remember? You said, and I quote, I’m doing nothing for one full week! But we can do something if you really want to!”

“Um, no! I think I’m going to stick with that plan!”

Plus it’ll give me a chance to get used to this new life.

Once we finished breakfast, Ellie’s memories “told” me that she, er, I always did the dishes without being told. I hate doing dishes. Maybe not Heaven after all.

I collected everything and did them without complaint, as the old Ellie would have done. As I did them, more of her memories were flowing in. It’s a really weird feeling. Oh but that’s a good one. Her and Becca like to fool around together sometimes. Nice. And she’s got a thing for… Her mom? Oh fuck yeah. Jackpot. Maybe she’s gay? Oh wait, nope. Bi. Well, I can just ignore guys now. Or not… She’s got the hots for a guy? He’s Becca’s dad? Well, aren’t you one little slut. I like this. Wait. Why did I say that? I don’t like guys, but damn this body sure does when I thought about Becca’s dad. Ok, so Becca’s mom is Joy and her dad is Lucas. This is going to take awhile for me to get adjusted.

After dishes, I excused myself and went to Ellie’s, grrr… MY bedroom to figure things out. I laid down on the bed, after pushing all those fucking fuzzies on to the floor. Closed my eyes and just to let her memories do their thing. I must’ve fallen asleep at some point, because the next thing I knew I was being jostled awake. I opened my eyes and there was Ellie’s mom… (Ok, I need to remember, she’s just mom, my mom…)

“Sweetie, are you all right? You don’t normally nap during the day. I thought for sure you’d be over at Becca’s by now! You two are usually joined at the hip!”

“Oh, hi, mom. Um, no. Kinda got a headache. I, um, had a bad dream last night.”

“Oh, my poor baby, let me help you feel better. Take off your top and I’ll rub your shoulders for you the way you like.”

“Um, ok?”

Then Ellie’s memories “told” me that they did this a lot. So I did as she asked and I felt her hands working wonders on my shoulders. My God, this woman is fucking awesome. I closed my eyes and let out a small escort bostancı moan as she rubbed.

“Ohhh, that feels good, mommy.”

Mommy? Oh. Ellie memory.

“I’m glad you like this, I remember when you used to beg for these when you were younger after you did gymnastics. Let me get your legs now. Off with your pants.”

I didn’t resist and I took them off. She began to work my legs and I was loving it. Yeah, great new life!

She worked them up and down, gently rubbing them. Her hands getting dangerously close to my nether regions. Ooo, wait, I have a pussy now, don’t I? Now I know why I feel so tingly down there.

I spread my legs slightly and she kept rubbing them.

“How is that feeling, sweetie? Better?”

“Oh my God, mommy, yes! I’m really loving it.”

“Based on your moans, I’d say so! But I better stop because I have things to do! Are you all right now, sweetie?”

“Oh yes. Thank you, mommy!”

I sat up and she gave me a hug and started to kiss me lightly on the lips, but I gave her a real kiss, a non-daughter like kiss. Donna pulled away, a bit shocked, but she didn’t pull away all that quickly.

“Oh, um, wow. That was… unexpected, sweetie! I’m glad you really enjoyed it though.”

And she got up and quickly left my room.

Curiouser and curiouser. She didn’t expect it, but she obviously liked it. Nice. But, wait, why do I feel weird? I’m really feeling fucking horny all of a sudden, but not like the kind of horniness I’d expect.

I put my hand into my panties and felt a very wet pussy. I started to rub it and let out a loud moan. Oh, that’s nice! Oooohhhh yeah, real nice…

I pulled off the panties and started to learn my new pussy. Feeling things I’ve never felt before as a man, but Ellie’s memories definitely remembered. It didn’t take long before I brought myself to climax. I let out a small squeak as I came and got very light headed. So that’s what that feels like! I lifted my hand up to smell my wetness and I automatically began to lick my fingers. Mmm, sweet.

I then heard a chirping noise. Now what the fuck was that? I followed the sound and found out it was Ellie’s… dammit, MY phone. And of course, it was pink. I picked it up and it was Becca texting me. Great it’s locked. So how do… Ok, so that’s the pass code. Man, that weirdness it never going to feel right.

Unlocking the phone, I saw what Becca was sending me. Apparently I’m late in meeting her for some uber important thing. Her words, not mine. Fine. I sent back a quick text to let her know I’d be there in a quickie. Quickie? This girl has some odd speech patterns. I thought about how Ellie would dress to see her BFF and put on the appropriate clothing. This girl loves the crop tops and they do show off these titties too!

I rushed over to meet up with her and saw her standing outside waiting for me. I was shocked at the girl I saw. I was not expecting this! She was easily 6′ foot tall, very long legs, smallish boobs, short cut pixie red hair, cute face full of freckles, and obviously highly athletic. Then Ellie’s memories caught up and I “remembered” that Becca is a volleyball player and has a full ride scholarship to Stanford. Man, I wish ALL her memories caught up at once.



Ugh, I thought I’m in control here, so why did I squeal out like…? I guess there are some things that are just automatic? I need to ask Angela.

Becca nearly picked me up in a hug and said, “Oh I am so excited! I cannot wait for us to get our tattoos!! We’ve been dreaming about it for, like, ever! Now that you’re 18 your mom can’t stop you!”

Tattoo? Oh yeah… matching double hearts.

“Yeah, I’m super excited, too! It’s all I’ve been thinking about!”

We squealed again and then got into Becca’s car to go get our tats. Sigh… being a girl is not easy.

Anyway, the best thing about this little trip is that I got to talk with Becca. The more I talked with her, the more I began to get more of Ellie’s memories. I also began to remember all the sexual escapades these two have had over the years two. Hot damn. Technically I’m still a virgin, but she and I have been having tons of fun for a couple of years.

As for the tats, apparently we had agreed years ago what to get and where to get them. Right in the soft fleshy part near the pubic area, just below the pantie line. Awkward, but we both had agreed. With me being Ellie now, I wasn’t so sure about this, but I had to go through with it. Based on Ellie’s memories, it’s all she talked about as she got closer to 18. I just fucking hate needles. Here we go…

Ok, so it wasn’t too bad. After they were done, we both stood in front of the mirror to inspect the work. Damn, I really am fucking hot. Becca squealed in pleasure, as did I. We were now “twins”. We paid our money and left, happier than we’ve ever been.

After we got back to Becca’s place, we went up to her room. Stopping briefly to say hi to her mom. Joy was a cute lady. Tall, but not as tall Becca. Same red hair just longer, slightly bigger boobs, and deep green eyes. Made me wish I had a cock again.

In Becca’s room, it didn’t take long to realize what was on Becca’s mind. She closed and locked the door and then pulled me into her arms for a very passionate kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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