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Tales of Alynthi – The Baron’s Prey

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Viola was a spoilt girl, she was used to getting what she wanted, and often would play with people’s emotions, just for entertainment. This night is but one simple example of such. The spring ball had come early in the Capital, it was an affair of the debutante season, which Viola wasn’t a part of, in fact she was considered something of a spinster. The brown haired beauty wasn’t forced to marry like her ‘friends’ due to having her father wrapped around her finger. Nonetheless she was never one to turn down a party, not when there was wine to be had.

As the Duke’s Carriage pulled up to the Royal Palace’ Grand Entrance, Viola’s manservant had gotten down, opening her door for her, setting down a stepping stool. He observed the girl with lust as she exited the carriage. She wore a blue short sleeved gown with a Dalmatian collar and a flowing pearl necklace that complimented her bosom exceptionally. Her hands gloved in white lace. She was very skinny, and only of average height.

Her thick hair concealed with her hair chains and a diamond hair pin that held her hair into a ponytail, hanging just above her lower back. And that face. She bore the same sun kissed resemblance of her father, the Duke, while having her mothers pale blue eyes. She was certainly more beautiful than the old man. Viola paid no attention to her manservant, simply walking to the palace doors as the servants opened the grand double doors for her, she entered to see her cousin by law Marie handing out floral corsage to the gentlemen who arrived.

Poor girl, She thought. Marie’s husband was run out of the kingdom at a young age for corruption and theft. “Serves the bitch right.” She thought with jealousy as she watched her give the young Count a corsage, explaining enthusiastically what it was for. Viola rolled her eyes.

Marie was a lackey for the Royal Family, she hated them all, she always saw herself and her family superior.

“When you see a young debutante you like, you give her this corsage.” Marie finished, only for Viola to walk forward with her content smile on as she tapped the young count on the shoulder. The count turned to her, she bothered with no word, she only turned her hand, as if expecting to receive the corsage. She was never one to waste time.

The young count looked to her with a polite smile as he handed her the corsage. “I suppose my gentlemanly duty is done then.” He stated politely. Marie was too busy with the next man to object.

“I do love a man who knows how to do what he’s told. I should be most pleased to see you later in the evening.” Viola said politely with a smile of victory as she strode down the hall, pinning the corsage around her wrist as she headed to the ballroom.

She noted it was flower themed, she didn’t recall the ball being themed, however when she heard of it the night before she was plenty intoxicated. “Drats” The young lady mumbled to herself as she scanned the floor looking for worthy dance partners. She noted the redheaded Viscount Henry. He interested her somewhat, though he was quite old, she liked the unique, dare she say, handsome look of his mustache & beard. But he wouldn’t do.

Being the unorthodox girl she was, she never played by anyone’s rules or expectations of her. Viola decided to wander to her cousin by law through the sea of flower adorned ladies as she broke a kind smile. “Dearest Marie, would you care to dance?” She asked, Marie was shocked but the older woman accepted. Viola had no doubts, she wasn’t as innocent and courteous as she acted to be.

The two waltzed on the floor until Marie struck conversation with the young lady who was busy scanning the room. “Have you seen any suitors who interest you Viola?” Marie asked with a fake sense of care to the girls courtships. Viola in return only answered her question with another.

“Who was the man you’d given the corsage to, when I entered.” She asked, faintly recalling Marie addressed him as a count.

“Ah, that was Peter, Still only 19 I’m afraid.” Marie explained with a watchful eye of her.

“Age is of no concern to me. Regardless I was only curious.” Viola retorted as she ended there dance, leaving Marie to wander back to her duties over the season’s ball.

Viola had seen the young Count across the floor and prepared her sweet smile as she walked through the floor of dancers to his side. She considered the statement of his age from Marie, but she dismissed it seeing he could only be 10 and 9. “Sir Gentleman.” Viola mused as she reached him. “We meet again.”

She finished clasping her hands together in front of her, purposely pushing her bosoms closer together as they spoke.

Count Peter blinked, going out of his way to avoid gazing to her rather- exposed neck line. “Ah, My name is Peter de Calfton, My Lady.” He replied politely as he interlocked his fingers by his crotch..

“Viola.” She simply said as she stared into his eyes amorously. It was ironic really, Viola never cared for men, less for titles. She even erdemli escort teased and referred to other young ladies as title whores. But this was her entertainment.

“Would you care to dance, my Lady?” Count Peter asked with confidence. She enjoyed this. Extending her hand, he accepted it with his own as he escorted her to the floor. The two formed the stance of a waltz as they joined the others.

Viola danced with the count as she carefully kept herself as close to him as she could. The two chatted and whispered for a while, she was sure she’d had him until Marie made the announcement that the seasons Flower Prince & Princess would be crowned. Viola looked around at the guests than to herself and the Count. “I believe its safe to assume we shan’t be winning today.” She said with a gentle smile as the two laughed about their lack of flowers.

Marie stood on the podium next to the effeminate King adorned in his large wig as she made the announcement. “Ladies and gentlemen, this seasons flower Prince and Princess are…” She began, dramatically pausing before she announced it. “Julia & Peter.” Viola’s content smile faltered before reforming as she looked to her dance partner.

“Ah- How unexpected, I’ll be back.” He replied quickly as he followed to the stage with Julia. Viola realized Marie had awarded it to her daughter and the count in the hopes of setting the two up.

“And now, let us clear the floor for the Prince and Princess’ dance.” Marie remarked loudly as she gestured for everyone to clear the floor.

Viola watched them for a time, she felt strangely envious, then grew bored of watching. The two kept dancing as everything went back to normal. Viola decided to walk over to a table where the Kings son sat, he was her age yet his position did nothing to stop her demand. “Move, that is my seat.” She told the Prince as he looked to her, before dismissing her as he went back to watching the dance floor. The king and those around him hadn’t noticed, or cared to, being too busy fending off the adorers of the king.

Viola was in no mood for this, so she gave him a direct slap across the face. She did not fear the Prince’s anger, or any of the Royalty. Her fathers control of the army ensured it.

The Prince was stunned and rose from his seat, anger fueling his eyes as he spoke harshly. “Sit somewhere else, or I’ll have you removed.”

Viola smirked as she accepted the challenge, she slipped past him, purposely grazing her knuckles along his crotch to catch him off guard as she took ‘her’ seat. The Prince grew flustered, his face beet red in anger. and fell in defeat as he marched off, wandering around the room. Not bothering to sit elsewhere at the other tables.

Viola watched the count dance with her niece as she plotted her revenge on them all, Marie, her niece, the Count. She was caught off guard when her Brother by Law approached with a simple nod, resting a hand on the back of her chair.

“What is this ball for?” Frederick stated as he watched them all.

“Flowers, I suppose.” She said.

“Flowers?” Frederick said as he pondered the notion.

“Yes.” Viola replied as she watched the aristocrats dance. In a moment, the gears behind her eyes turning as she watched the count, she hated her Sister’s husband. However she decided to play with his head in the short wait of her main fun. “Look, Frederick. We both know why you’re here.” She started with little emotion, just a keen tone that pretended she believed what she was saying.

Frederick glanced to her as she began speaking.

“I know you’ve carried a flame for me since you were courting my sister. I’ve known all these years. And your offer for wine in your home, or a stroll through the palace gardens. It’s all very, flattering.” She began, giving no note of her false belief to the words she spoke.

Frederick bared a straight face, but it was slipping, confusion was beginning to show as he watched her speak her words, all while watching the dance floor.

“And I’ve considered it, I have. You’re most handsome in a darkened way. And the scandal alone would make it so thrilling. But it wouldn’t be worth it if it hurt my sister in the progress.” She continued, giving a sigh as she felt her lips curl to the left, before containing herself.

“Oh.” Was all the young Baron could muster, as he listened to her curiously, believing this just her regular ego.

“Therefore, I’m unsure it could ever happen with us… Perhaps just once.” She said giving off a sigh as she placed her cheek in her hand, as if she was deep in thought.

Frederick began to stutter, having not expected the conversation to be at all about this. “Erh- I, I didn’t know you cared what she thinks.” Was all he could manage, as he gathered his thoughts, his confusion lingering.

“I do and I don’t. She’s a wicked hog to me, very often. But I’m sure you’ll both be madly in love again soon, and I’m not sure if I’d like to get in the way of that- Though, I suppose anamur escort it could be a secret, I’m not sure.” She mused the idea with a sense of innocence.

She had hooked him, he fell to her spell. Blinded from her evil self. His eyes widened as he scanned the room cautiously. “Might be best if you were to keep your voice down..” He said before looking back to her as he spoke quietly to her. “I’ve no interest in Cynthia anymore, anyhow. She is… nothing to me.” He said, bringing a heated tension between them following his words.

Now it was he, catching her off guard, Viola felt his gaze pierce her heart, likely due to his watchful gaze down her shirt. Her Surprise and Fear turned to victory as she glanced away to the floor while listening to his words.

“She will not be returning. I can guarantee you that.” He replied softly as he engaged in her game, pretending the feelings she accused him of having were true.

Viola was too occupied to notice the Count Peter and her niece had parted from their dance, as he began to come over to her.

“Well.. I suppose then- but anything between us must remain secret. God knows what the courts would do if they discovered I was with my sister’s husband, who- well, I believe.. well you understand.” She explained. As she tapped her temple with her index finger.

“I understand.” Frederick nodded once, obscuring a grimace behind forced neutral features as he scanned the ballroom for a moment, glancing rightwards. It seemed the Baron had his own false intentions.

Peter reached them as he finished speaking.

Viola managed a smile as she rose from her chair.

“Lady Viola, I apologize I was pulled away before I came to thank you for our dance.” Peter said with a bright, happy smile in response to her own.

“Ahh Congratulations Peter. Forgive me- I must take my leave for now, but I hope you enjoy the rest of the ball. Farewell Sir Gentleman.” Viola replied as she wandered off through the palace to her chambers, Frederick had followed her as they reached her apartments.

“I’ve embarrassed you, I’m sorry. I know how men hate it when women see their emotions.” Viola suddenly said, taking on a new role of false concern. She took out her hair clip as she entered her chambers, seeing her fathers room empty, she signaled the servants to bring her wine.

Frederick replied quickly, as he followed her to the couch by the fireplace. “What? I’m not embarrassed..” Frederick narrowed his eyes, glancing to Viola for a moment.

“And you shouldn’t be” She assured him “I always was the prettier sister after all.” She bragged innocently, as she always seemed to do, accepting the glass of wine from the servant dressed in blue robes. Another set down a cup for Frederick on the table, before the two went back to the wall, standing as still as possible as they stared forward.

“Yes. Of course.” The Baron struggled to make a slight smile, his eyes flickering from Viola’s own as he looked her over only once. There was an idle tapping of his foot upon the carpeted hardwood floors then the baron grinded his teeth, sitting on an angle to conceal a growth in his pants..

Viola knew she had to be careful, and yet a newfound experience was beginning to grow on her, she continued to act naïve. She smiled politely as she curled her knuckles in her lap before exhaling her nerves “Fred-.. Uh- may I?” She inquired as she looked at him.

He quirked a brow “Hm?” He said suddenly.

Viola paused for a long moment feeling rather nervous before she brought one of her hands to his chin, moving him toward her as she went to give him a kiss.

Fredericks eyes widened as he looked at her hand as it got closer and placed to his chin. He leaned forward into that gentle tugging, an arm bracing the back of the couch for support as he met Viola’s lips with his own. The man’s eyes flickered shut, and his other hand made its way to her cheek.

Viola felt her cheeks burn, as his oddly cold hand cooled her at his touch.

“Apologies- I’ve, never been with a man before, I certainly never expected it to be this way- I, wanted to see if my feelings held true..” She explained before gazing to the sides in a moment “It’s- Improper.. But, may we kiss again?” She inquired with a lofted brow as she placed a hand on his thigh. Moving so she could sit on her shins.

Frederick could only mutter a simple. “Oh..” Shifting slightly in his seat. He gave a nod however, his hand remaining on Viola’s warm cheek. He grew a strong infatuation to her, as he gave a nod. Inching a bit closer to the woman at that, his neck craning forth to meet her lips once again. His hand moved backwards carefully along Viola’s cheek, pale fingers combing through her hair to rest at the back of her head as his right hand traced the Dalmatian collar of her gown. The hand that grazed through her long hair fell to her lower back as he inched her over till she was kneeling on his lap.

The servants felt relief as Viola mersin escort pulled back from him, still avoiding looking at the noble’s keeping their eyes only to the chimney above the fireplace. Frederick heaved as he opened his eyes, unsure why she stopped. Viola wanted to play more. “It-.. Was true then, Frederick?.. You held a torch for me as well..?” She said sweetly. As she rested her hands between her legs, letting them rest over his naval, her fingers slightly grazing his tented trousers.

“Ah-” The man gave a faint smile. It was taking all his strength not to fuck her there and then. Hesitating for the slightest moment to ponder a quiet response, speaking above a mere whisper in tone. “Of course it was.” He replied then, giving a faint nod. “I… wondered when you would notice…” He cleverly lied to Viola’s satisfaction. Before the man went to peck her lips, and her cheek, moving down to the side of her neck. Keeping his left hand on her back, he moved his right to cup the side of her bosom, realizing she was wearing a corset. He’d nearly forgotten in the moment.

Viola smirked as she knew she had victory. However her truth of being with no man compelled her to continue. She knew it was most improper, but she felt too powerful to care. She moved her hands to his shoulders as she moved the long burgundy coat off of his shoulders.

Frederick felt he’d lost himself to the young lady. He moved his arms free of his coat, allowing her to unbutton his blue vest as he went back to kissing her neck, now trailing down to her collarbone.

Viola moaned as she gasped for air, feeling her corset constrict her breathing. She arched her back after she unbuttoned his vest.

It was then the Baron lost control, he moved his head away before he could kiss her breasts.

He brought both his rugged, cold hands to the front of her corset. With one motion- in a surprising brute strength, generally impossible he tore down the middle of Viola’s gown & her corset below all the way to the seam of her skirts.

The servants watched in shock, soon averting their gazes as they saw Lady Viola’s heaving pert breasts.

Fredericks eyes grew darker as he pawed her breasts, before rising with Viola in his arm, thrusting her down onto the coffee table. His goblet of wine knocked over under her, as it rolled off the table.

Viola was shocked and euphoric in a feared arousal from the new experience. She watched him with wide eyes, her lips parted as she breathed heavily.

Frederick tore the vest off from him, before tearing his button up white shirt, sending buttons across the drawing room. His original intentions for speaking with his wife’s sister long gone, leaving only a robust lust for the young spinster who’d taunted and insulted him since they were children. He unceremoniously untied his belt as he thrust his trousers down.

All the while Viola brought her left hand to her cross necklace, clutching it so hard the metal tore the lace of her glove.

Frederick didn’t bother any further, he pulled his trousers to his knees, releasing his throbbing, hard manhood.

Viola gasped having never seen a man’s cock before, even taking in the barons frame. He wasn’t as skinny as her, but had fair details of muscle for a nobleman, still holding the slight natural padding around his frame, covered by the dark hair on his chest and his legs over his pale white skin.

He parted his lips to bare his teeth. “It’s time you learned how to treat a man..” He spat down to her before grabbing her by her ankles as he pulled her closer to him. Letting her skirts pool to her waist, he bent over, placing a hand on her chest as he used his right to tear at the crotch of her white garter stockings.

Viola squirmed as she felt his fingers meet her mound under the dampened fabric, as it was quickly torn with ease, a swift breeze caressing her cunt.

Frederick forced two of his meaty long fingers past her lips as she writhed, never having anything touch her most sacred place. He moved his gaze to her face, seeing her grimace as he hit her maidenhead. He formed a grin as he propped his right knee on the table, guiding his veiny, beating cock to her entrance.

Just the feel of it against Viola made her moan out as she threw her hands away, grasping to the table’s edges for dear life. She saw the servants watching her, or so she thought, everything felt like a haze, but she moved her gaze away until Frederick moved his hand up from her chest to her chin. Guiding her gaze back to him.

He stroked the skin over his cockhead back and forth before moving it straight to her entrance, rubbing it all along her lips, coating her wetness onto his protruding manhood. Then it happened, Frederick thrusted his cock deep into Viola’s cunt. Her maidenhead torn at all sides with brute force as he forced himself into every fold of her.

Viola practically screamed as she thrived on the table, pushing her hands against his chest as she felt a burning pain from the throbbing intruder.

Frederick covered her mouth quickly, unwilling to be pushed away he shifted his arm under her wine stained back as he hoisted her up, impaling her deeper on his cock.

Viola coaxed a moan from him as she clenched around his cock.

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