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The Affair Episode 12

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As always thanks to my editor cheer_smartie526 for keeping me on track. I hope you are enjoying the series.


“I guess you won’t take no for an answer again?” Charlotte asked.

“I would, but you have a rule against it,” Brad replied.

A sigh escaped her lips. She had made the rule to hold back a sense of complacency. Now that her husband had a fuck buddy it was too easy to outsource their sex life. So she had made a rule that she could not say no to him more than four times in a row. It was flattering that he still asked. There did not appear to be a shortage of women willing to have no strings attached sex with her husband. She wondered why his sex drive seemed to be stuck at the level of a twenty something while hers had declined. Brad suggested she appreciated quality over quantity, correctly implying that he was good in bed. There was a bit of truth to his statement, he was a good fuck.

She was a bit surprised that he did not abuse the rule. He could have asked her every morning and every night, invoking the rule every other day, but he did not. No doubt part of it was the other women; it gave him other options when she was too tired or busy. She also appreciated his discretion, he didn’t abandon her the moment she refused him, instead would slip away hours or even a day later to take advantage of their arrangement. She wondered how many wives encouraged their husbands to sleep around. Charlotte had met all of his booty calls. She wasn’t sure what would happen if she didn’t approve of any of the women, the two women he was sleeping with now didn’t seem like a threat to their marriage.

A grin spread across Brad’s face as he looked at his wife. She appeared to be lost in thought. He almost wished he could retract his question, despite the elaborate preparations he had made. He didn’t need to get laid tonight, and even if he did finding someone to answer a booty call would not be that difficult. Two names sprang to mind, but he didn’t really want to fuck either of them tonight, he wanted to be with Charlotte.

“And a rule is a rule,” she said, resigning herself to Brad’s lustful desire. She joked that fucking

Brad was like going to the gym, sometimes it was difficult to get started, but she was always glad when she finished.

“You don’t sound very enthusiastic.”

“Sorry, it was a crazy day, I can’t clear my head.”

“Then how about we try something different?” he asked. Charlotte’s attitude was an unexpected bonus. What he had planned was a bit of a departure from their normal routine.

“Isn’t that why I let you off the leash, so you can do something different?” she countered.

“I think you will find this to be just what you need,” he said with a smile.

The words ‘what you need’ echoed in her head. He was right; almost every time they had sex it ended her with satisfied and exhausted. She was already exhausted, at least mentally, and wondered if she had the energy for whatever he had in mind.

“Come with me,” he said, taking her hand and leading her to the bedroom.

As she stepped through the doorway she noticed there was something on the bed. At first she could not believe what she was seeing, “I think you have me mixed up with someone else.”

“I’m quite aware of who I am with,” he said walking over to the bed and picking up the riding crop. He could see that her eyes were still on the bed, specifically on the big black dildo in the middle of it.

Charlotte could not stop staring at the toy on the bed. She scanned the rest of the bed. At each corner there was a leather cuff with a chain leading the bed frame. The pillows had been tossed on the floor and there was a towel on the bed concealing at least one more item.

“You really think I’m going to let you use that on me?”

“I’m counting on it,” he replied.

“Why…” she started to ask, but was unable to complete the question.

“You will find out soon enough,” he said, walking back to her with the riding crop still in his hand.

“I don’t know if I can do this.”

“You,” he whispered as he kissed her neck, “can do anything you want, and I think you want this.”

He considered adding ‘and a whole lot more’, but didn’t.

Once again he was right. Just a few days earlier she had enjoyed her first bi-curious experience, and it was with one of his fuck buddies. It was limited to a few kisses and a little touching, but it was more than she ever imagined she would do with another woman. In less than a week she would experience her first threesome. Charlotte wondered if he realized she was doing it just to see what it was like, not because she craved sex with another man. She didn’t understand his desire to be with other women, and was curious about what it would be like to be with another man demanded to be satisfied. She gazed at the restraints again, if she was going to let Brad and another man fuck her she might just need to be tied up first.

“So now what?” she asked.

“Now I take your clothes off and we have some pendik escort fun,” he said, stepping behind her. He slipped his hand through the wrist strap of the riding crop and let it dangle, then grabbed her shirt and gave it an upward tug. His cock was already hard and begging to be freed from his jeans.

“Hands up,” he ordered as he peeled her shirt off. As she raised her arms upward he stripped off her top and threw it on the floor.

The riding crop brushed against her as he released the clasp on her bra and dropped it on the floor. She felt aroused, but still tired. It didn’t matter, once she was tied to the bed she would be unable to move. His hands were on her waist, and she felt the riding crop bump against her thigh as he continued to remove her clothing. Soon her remaining garments were gathered around her ankles.

Seeing his wife naked always made him happy, even though she described herself as ‘decidedly average’. It was true that most of her measurements were closer to the median value for her demographic, but they went together in a way that pleased his eye. Charlotte didn’t have any artificial enhancements, her breasts were real, and she didn’t have any body piercings or tattoos.

Her one concession to societies’ standard of appearance was that she shaved. A few times she had taken it to an extreme and shaved off every hair below her eyebrows, but usually she left a neatly trimmed patch above her pussy. That was the case today, her pubic hair ended about a half inch above her vulva. He gripped the riding crop and tapped her ass with it.

“Do I get on the bed now?” She asked.

“No, not yet,” he replied, “first I’m going to address your lack of enthusiasm.”

Initially his remark annoyed her, but then curiosity took over. She wondered if he had learned something from his other lovers. When he gripped her wrist her heart began to beat faster. He led her over to a chest of drawers.

“Get down on your knees,” he ordered. Brad wondered who, out of the two of them, was more out of their comfort zone. The idea of being dominant with his wife had come to him in a dream, and he didn’t think she would agree to it, but so far she was playing along. In fact she seemed to be enjoying it, as evidenced by her swollen nipples.

When Brad turned towards the bed Charlotte wondered if he was going to pick up the big black dildo, and was disappointed when he did not. She was even more disappointed when he set down the riding crop. It was obvious he picked up something, but his body blocked her from seeing exactly what it was. When he turned around Brad put the item behind his back. She could see by the bulge in his pants the he was already aroused.

After he set down the riding crop Brad picked up several items. First on the list was a blindfold, second was a pair of wrist restraints, and last was a flogger. All the items were from his dream, and he hoped he could wield them as well in real life as he did in his fantasy. Oddly the dream had occurred when he was asleep with his mistress Sherry, and she had awakened him from it with a blowjob before it ended. He tucked the blindfold and flogger into the waistband of his jeans.

“Hands above your shoulders,” he said.

Charlotte complied without even thinking about it. His hands emerged from behind his back holding two black leather wrist cuffs. They were about two inches wide and had shiny silver buckles on them. They were not connected to each other; instead each had a short chain that ended with a clip of some sort. As she watched him put it on her wrist she felt strangely detached from the situation, and aroused at the same time. Once he had secured the buckle Brad clipped the chain to a drawer handle, then he grabbed her other wrist and repeated his actions.

The idea of tying her to the dresser drawer was quite clever, he thought as he finished restraining his wife. The drawer was heavy enough to be an anchor, but held at least a chance of escape since the drawer could be removed. Reaching behind his back he pulled the flogger out next.

“What’s that for?” she asked.

“You’ll find out soon enough,” he replied, slipping his wrist through the strap and letting it hang.

“Are you going to hit me with that?” she asked.



“That depends on how well you obey,” he replied.

Charlotte wondered what he could demand of her that would require the threat of whipping to get her to comply.

“Oh, I almost forgot,” Frank picking something up from the top of the chest of drawers.

When he grabbed her hair she knew what was going to happen. He was going to make her suck his dick. She could feel him threading her hair through an elastic band; he said it kept her hair from blocking the view of her lips wrapped around his cock. She tried to imagine how she was going to give him a blowjob without the use of her hands.

“One more thing,” he said as he placed the blindfold over her eyes and positioned the strap under her pony tail. The sight of her maltepe escort naked, bound and blindfolded was more arousing that he thought it would be. He gripped the handle of the flogger and swung it slowly until the leather tips slapped against Charlottes breasts. She gasped in response.

At first she was a bit nervous. They had played with handcuffs once, but nothing like this. The light blow from the flogger left her wanting more, much to her surprise. She wondered what would happen next. All she could hear was her heartbeat pounding in her ears. She wondered if he was still dressed, but didn’t have to wait long for an answer. The sound of him unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his jeans echoed in her ears. The blindfold seemed to amplify her other senses. She heard his pants sliding down his legs and pictured them in a heap on the floor.

The next blow from the flogger was harder. She let out a whimper as the leather tendrils stung her tender skin. She involuntarily pulled against her restraints, causing the leather cuffs to bite into her wrists. Warmth began to radiate outwards from her sex and she anxiously awaited the flogger.

“What am I being punished for?” she asked.

“Lack of enthusiasm.”

For just a moment he felt uncertain about what he was doing, but that feeling was soon replaced by lust. He grabbed his cock and stroked it; the tip was inches from her mouth. He lifted the flogger over his head and let his arm fall under its own weight until the black leather hit her bare shoulder. The speed at which he stroked his erection increased and he could feel his orgasm building. The original purpose of the blindfold was to allow him to jack off and come on her face without her watching; but no, he decided. He wanted more. He was a bit disappointed that she wasn’t begging to suck he cock the way she had in his dream.

He rained down blows on her shoulders, switching between the left and the right. Sometimes the tips slapped at the spot where her neck met her shoulders, and sometimes they reached her shoulder blades. It didn’t matter, each time the leather bit into her skin it made her pussy a bit wetter. She had forgotten about the riding crop and the other toys on the bed. All she could think about was the fact that Brad was standing in front of her naked, and the lashings he was giving her. The tendrils of the flogger struck her on the ribs next. She tried to will the next impact to strike her breasts, but instead the lashing moved down her body. She let out a squeal when he whipped her ass. Later she would wonder why the stinging bite of the leather on her backside turned her on, but now she was lost on the moment. The warmth between her legs spread outward, encompassing more of her body as her thighs fell victim to the flogger. She felt the leather against the inside of her leg, and braced for the next blow. If Brad stayed on his present path the next target was her sex.

It was obvious that Charlotte was quite aroused, which came as both a surprise and a relief to Brad. Although his wife had been quite open minded about his philandering habits, she had been more conservative in her own actions, at least until recently. When she expressed the desire to be in a threesome he wondered exactly where her limits were, and tonight he was finding out. This was not the time to find her absolute limits, but he was going to push the envelope a bit. He paused for a moment and considered what to do next. He looked down at the neatly trimmed patch of hair that blocked his view of her pussy. It was tempting to skip over her sex, but wondered if it would be cruel to tease her that way. On the one hand she was guilty of the same transgression. More than once she had taken him to the very edge of orgasm with a blowjob, but denied him the experience of finishing in her mouth. Another option was to unleash the full power of the flogger on her delicate flesh, but he knew that causing her pain was beyond his own limits for now. After considering his options Brad made his decision.

Time seemed to stand still as she waited to feel the sting of the flogger again. Finally she felt it, just the tips brushed against her skin above her navel. The next blow was a bit lower and a bit harder. She wondered if she was supposed to say something. Was she supposed to beg for more? Was Brad expecting her to start talking dirty? When the flogger struck her just above her mons, a moan escaped her lips.

“So you like that?” Brad asked.

“Oh yes,” she replied.

“Do you want more?”

“Yes, please, more,” she begged.

The patch of pubic hair cushioned the next blow, much to her disappointment, but the one after that was spectacular. The thin black strands of leather slapped against every inch of her vulva.

“Again,” she moaned.

“One more, I don’t want to spoil you,” he replied, swinging his arm until he heard the leather slap against her hot, wet flesh.

“Oh fuck!” she exclaimed as her orgasm began to build in earnest. She felt the flogger kartal escort slap against her ass. Her sex ached for more, but she decided it wasn’t her place to question what he was doing. Even though the flogger was moving away from her most sensitive spot she continued to feel quite aroused.

Brad released his cock and brushed his fingers over her lips. He wondered if she knew what he had been doing. Despite all he had done he still felt a bit awkward letting her see him stroke his cock, which was one of the reasons for the blindfold she was wearing.

“Open your mouth,” he instructed.

Charlotte hesitated. There was no doubt in her mind that she would be sucking his dick soon, but she wasn’t sure how she would do it with her hands tied. She parted her lips and waited.


The tone is his voice made her feel a bit defiant, so when she complied with his order she did the absolute minimum. She parted her lips another half inch, expecting him to repeat his command. Instead she felt his thumb penetrate her mouth. His fingers pressed against the bottom of her jaw and he pried her mouth open. She felt the thin leather strips brushing against her breasts. Then she felt his thumb slip out of her mouth as he wiped it on her chin. She tried to rub the saliva off, but he stopped her.

The thought of using the flogger to convince her to obey had crossed his mind, but he decided using his hand would be better. The instrument now dangled from the wrist strap as he inspected Charlotte’s mouth. He grabbed his cock and guided it between her lips. It was a tossup as to which lips were more arousing to see wrapped around his erection, but watching his cock slide into her mouth did not require the somewhat awkward position that seeing his cock split her labia apart did. Each time he pushed his hips forward he went a little deeper into her mouth. Each time he pulled back until the tip of his cock rested on her bottom lip.

“Even though you are tied up I am going to let you decide one thing. You choose where I am going to come. I’ll pull out when I am close. If you close your mouth I will come on your face,” Brad said, “If you leave it open then I will come in your mouth.”

Neither option was very appealing, but her options were limited to those two.

The blindfold kept her from seeing what he was doing, but it was not difficult to figure it out. She could feel his hand against her mouth, he had pushed his cock down until it was horizontal, and was sliding it through his hand and into her mouth. She had almost no control over the situation. The dresser blocked her head from moving back more than an inch or two, and the wrist restraints kept her from moving to either side. Her contemplation of the situation was interrupted by Brad’s voice.

“Oh yea, that feels good. I love watching you suck my cock.”

She tried to reply, but having a mouthful of Brad muffled her response. She wondered if he would be as enthusiastic when he was watching her suck another man’s dick. That thought, having Brad watch her with another man, sent a tingle down her spine. As Brad’s cock continued to slide in and out of her mouth she imagined it was someone else, while Brad was tied behind her, caressing her breasts and watching her pleasure another man. Her fantasy was interrupted when the tip of Brad’s dick hit the back of her throat, causing her to gag. She wasn’t sure if she was mad because he had tried to make her deep throat him or because he had spoiled the scene in her head.

“I guess I know how much is too much now,” Brad said, pulling his cock back slightly but not stopping.

Charlotte returned to her fantasy, this time Brad was tied up, bound tightly to a chair, and his face was inches from her to ensure he had an up close view of the blowjob she was giving to someone else.

This time when he pulled back he did not stop until his cock was completely out of her mouth. It was wet and slid easily into his hand. He stroked his cock a few times, thinking about how many times he had done this while imagining Charlotte’s lips wrapped around his rigid shaft. This time he didn’t have to picture it in his mind, she was right there, completely naked and her lips inches from his throbbing erection. He slid his cock back into her mouth.

“Oh that feels so good,” he moaned.

This time when his erection invaded her mouth she tasted the first drops of cum leaking out of it. She had a decision to make. Neither of the choices Brad had offered her sounded very good. She considered begging him to hold back until he fucked her, or at least coming on her tits instead of her face, but realized that he would not have time to consider her offer. Having her mouth full of hot cum seemed the lesser evil. When the time came she would let him finish with his cock between her lips. A mouthful of the salty fluid would only last a moment, much better than have it running down her cheeks and dripping off her chin.

At first glance his wife looked like a hot mess. Her hair was plastered against her sweaty skin, and a stream of drool was dripping of her chin, yet he found her appearance arousing. The pressure was building as his orgasm continued to build. He knew he would not last much longer. He pulled his cock out of her mouth.

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