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The Bad Boy

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I like bad boys and I have always been the rebellious type. However, when my ex’s friend asked me to meet up for a coffee, even I knew I was dancing with danger.

I admit I’ve always fancied Josh; there is something horny about him. I remember once sharing a look with him whilst my then husband Matthew was in the kitchen preparing his obligatory stir fry.

The look had been pretty fleeting but still, it was there. That night as Matthew fucked me, I admit I was thinking of his friend. I was curious as to how hard Josh would fuck me if he was ever given the chance.

That was three years ago but then their friendship turned sour. Ok, sour is an understatement. For Matthew, he developed a deep hatred for his former friend. It appeared that Josh had cleaned him out on some deal. Apparently, he had taken the money and ran, leaving Matthew high and dry.

‘I fucking hate the bastard,’ Matthew told me, as I watched him stir a pile of bean sprouts, adding a hefty measure of shredded carrot and mangetout for good measure. ‘If I ever see him again I’m going to kill the bastard.’

I was sympathetic of course; I didn’t like the fact that Matthew had lost a vast amount of money either. Yet, I couldn’t stop thinking about Josh. Finally, my piss poor marriage came to an end but I still found myself wondering what had happened to Josh.

After a few months after my split from Matthew, I decided to join a dating site. I was bored and horny and to my surprise I matched with Josh. I wrestled with whether to message him for what felt like hours.

Eventually, I made my decision, fuck it, there was no harm was there in finding out what he was up to? Okay, I felt a tad disloyal to Matthew, but my curiosity got the better of me.

The upshot is, Josh has invited me to his for a drink tonight. Should I go? Can I really be so disloyal to the father of my children? Then I read a report online that said that the people who were terminally never regretted the things they had done, they felt rueful about the things they hadn’t.

So I’ve decided to go. It is only a couple of wines after all isn’t it? I mean I admit, I have shaved my pussy and applied a layer of false tan. Well, a girl has to be prepared, doesn’t she?

Sitting on the end of my bed, I reach for my phone and message Josh.

‘I’ll be there around eight o clock if that is ok?’

He replies swiftly, ‘I’ll get the wine chilled.’

I look through my bedside drawer and pick out my underwear. My first choice is a pink and white lacy affair. It looks both sexy and slightly innocent. I don’t want Josh thinking I’m a total slut. But now as I look at the underwear lay out on the bed, I think fuck it. Why should I be all innocent when really I am hoping that I’m going to get fucked?

I shove the underwear back in the drawer and pull out a black basque along with fishnet stockings and suspenders. If I’m going to go balls out and be a disloyal bitch to my ex-husband, I may as well do it in style.

In the cab on the ride over to Josh’s house, I find myself wondering what he has in store for me. Is he really only after a quiet evening in and a few wines? Maybe he just wants a catch-up.

I feel my insides fold in disappointment. If that is all he is after then I am going to feel a bit of a fool. I’ve gone to all this effort wearing sexy underwear under my dress. The thought that it isn’t even going to get an airing causes a tiny stone of disappointment to nestle in my stomach.

The cab finally arrives at Josh’s. I pay him before quickly shoving my purse in my bag. Stepping out of the car, slam the door and totter up Josh’s garden path in my stilettos before pressing the doorbell.

Within minutes the door opened and there stands Josh, filling the doorway with his large frame, looking even more gorgeous than I remembered. He smiles at me and stands aside to let me through.

‘Glad you could make it,’ he says as I follow him through to his lounge. ‘I’ll get us some wine. Sit down make yourself at home.’

He hands me the remote control, ‘Have a scan through the television channels if you like whilst your waiting. If I remember rightly you hate sitting still with nothing to do.’

I take the remote from him and grin, ‘You know me so well Josh.’

I settle myself on his sofa and flick through the channels. I find a suitable one that is playing a bit of R n B. I suddenly feel a flicker of panic. Am I really doing pendik escort the right thing being here? Before I have time to succumb to my anxiety, Josh reappears with two glasses of wine.

When I say glasses, they look like fish bowls. I take it from him, his fingers briefly brush by mine and I feel a thrill inside as he briefly looks at me like he did all those years ago.

He sits on the chair opposite me and takes a slug of his wine before leaning back in his chair.

‘So, how has life been treating you? I don’t think I’ve seen you since Tilly’s christening.’

‘No, and that was about three years ago. I also haven’t seen you since you decided to have Matthew over in that business deal.’

To my surprise, Josh bursts out laughing, a deep throaty laugh that causes the hairs on the back of my neck tingle.

‘Is that what he said? That I had him over?’

I nod, ‘It’s true isn’t it?’

Josh shakes his head, ‘No it isn’t true but if he wants to peddle that bullshit.’ He shrugs, ‘Let him, I couldn’t give a fuck mate.’

Shit, he has just called me mate. What does that mean?

‘Why would he lie?’ I ask and notice that there is a slight hint of defensiveness in my voice. After all, I don’t give a shit about Matthew anymore but still, no one wants to think their ex-husband could possibly be a liar.

Josh takes a huge slug of his wine and leans forward, ‘Because he can’t take the fact that he fucked up that’s why. If I hadn’t stepped in when I did we would have lost the lot to the Gregory brothers. Anyway, listen, this is our night tonight. I don’t really want to get bogged down talking about your ex-husband and my ex-best friend and business partner.’

He raises his eyebrows at me and I feel a tingle inside as I watch the dimples in his cheeks appear as he smiles at me.

‘When did you go grey?’ I ask

Josh shrugs, ‘I dunno it was a gradual thing I guess.’

‘Did you never consider dying it?’

‘Fuck no,’ he snorts. ‘Why would I do that? Anyway, what are you up to these days?’

I shrug, ‘Nothing much. I’m still trying to adjust to being single if I’m honest. I was with Matthew for so long. I guess it’s difficult to get my head around the fact that I’m a free woman again.’

Josh raises his eyebrows at me, ‘So you haven’t had a bit of a tamper with anyone else then?’

I laugh, ‘Tamper? That is a tad brash, Josh.’

I do brash very well,’ Josh grins. ‘I’ve never pretended to be something I’m not.’

I take a sip of my wine and wonder exactly how crass Josh can really be. Instantly I’m appalled at myself, but damn he looks so sexy in his black pants and black polo neck. He does the all black look very well. Somehow makes his grey hair and blue twinkling eyes stand out even more.

‘Are you seeing anyone at the minute?’ I ask.

He shakes his head, ‘No, I’ve had enough of all that. She had me over didn’t she for fifty grand.’

‘Who Kelly?’

‘Who else. I hate that bitch with a passion. I don’t even know why I stayed with her all those years, to be honest.’

I secretly wonder why too. Kelly always seemed a bit too boring, a bit too strait-laced for Josh. Put it this way, I couldn’t see her being any good in bed. She always looked like the type to insist on the missionary position only.

‘And she was shit in bed,’ Josh said as if he has read my mind.

I give a nervous laugh because already we are more or less on the subject of sex, albeit, in a roundabout way.

‘I always imagined that you would be fantastic,’ Josh adds as he tops both our glasses up with more wine.

‘You’re not trying to get me drunk are you josh. I wouldn’t want you taking advantage of me.’

He looks at me intensely and cocks his head to the side as if he is trying to suss me out. ‘Why would I do that? I haven’t taken advantage of one single woman in my life.’

I feel all embarrassed. Has he really just invited me round for a chat and a wine? The thought that he might have some other motive makes my cheeks go warm.

‘I didn’t mean it, I was joking,’ I say before I take a huge gulp of my wine.

‘I’ve always found that when people say things jokingly they actually mean it.’

‘Really?’ I ask.

‘Yes really. You know it’s kind of like when someone tells you that you look a bit chubby and then laugh and say I’m only joking mate. I could apply that theory to what you have just said. It makes me think that maltepe escort you want me to take advantage of you.’

Now, what do I do? Do I say no? If I say no, then he will think that I’m just spending the evening with him for a drink and a chat and I might miss out on him fucking me.

‘It depends on what you would do to take advantage?’ I decide to go down the flirty route.

Josh raises his eyebrows, ‘Do you want me to be honest?’

I nod, feeling my stomach flip with excitement.

‘I’ve always had this fantasy that I take you upstairs and you resist a little but its all part of the game. Once in the bedroom, I make you take off all your clothes in front of me while I lie on the bed wanking my cock.’

I feel my lips curve into a smile, ‘That sounds excellent and then what happens?’

‘Then you climb on the bed and start joining in so that we are both playing with my cock. The more you turn me on the more I imagine how wet you are but you’re not getting anything until I say so,’ he says huskily.

‘You haven’t touched me and I’m already soaking,’ I bravely admit.

‘That’s horny.’

Josh’s eyes rove all over me, from my face to my tits, and then he looks down where he knows my pussy is nestled.

‘You know what I’ve always loved about you?’

‘Please tell me,’ I ask coquettishly.

‘How real you are. At parties and gatherings, you didn’t give a fuck. Plus, you always had this naughty look about you with your short red hair and pouting lips.’

‘Did you imagine putting your cock in my mouth?’

‘I have thought about it a few times, I’ve even wanked over it. However, fucking you really hard has always been my ultimate fantasy. You look like you need teaching a lesson.’

Now that is music to my ears. Matthew was always so staid and boring. I used to watch porn where girls were getting ragged about. Watching them get their hair pulled and their asses smacked always made me come hard.

I watch as Josh puts his wine glass down on the coffee table and walks over to me. I look down where his crotch is and I can see that he is hard. His face is awash with a horny, yet determined expression.

As he gets hold of my hair, I wonder if he has actually read my mind.

‘Stand up,’ he orders. ‘I think it’s time I taught you a lesson and fucked you hard.

I do as I am told and allow him to lead me up the stairs by my hair. He opens his bedroom door and pushes me inside before kicking it shut behind him.

‘Get undressed,’ he commands as he undoes his belt.

I do as he says. I’m eager to see what he has to offer me and I’m so glad that I decided to put on my sexiest underwear.

His eyes appraise my outfit and travel over my stockings and suspenders.

‘I knew you were a filthy bitch and the one thing that makes me hard is stockings and suspenders, especially when they are housed in nice long legs. Keep your high heels on and when you go home, I want you to leave your knickers so I can wank into them.’

I nod, he can do what he wants as long as he fucks me.

‘Does that not shock you?’ he asks.

‘Which bit?’ I ask as I stand there waiting for him to get on the bed and start wanking.

‘The wanking into your knickers?’

‘Im more bothered about thinking about is us both wanking your cock right now.’

Josh drops his pants, steps out of them and pulls down his boxers. He grabs his cock firmly in his hand, ‘How does this look?’

Oh my, God, it’s gorgeous. It isn’t particularly long but the girth is amazing and all women know that girth is a plus.

He walks over to the bed and lies down and starts to wank his cock.

‘Just stand there and watch me. I want you to look at my cock. I don’t want your eyes to move off it. I want you to play with your pussy as you do so. I also want you to tell me how wet you are getting.’

I watch as he moves his hand up and down his length. I play with my pussy. Stroking myself gently at first before giving my clit special attention.

The harder I see Josh wank himself, the harder I play with myself before I can feel myself start to build to an orgasm. I have to steady myself by placing my hand on his chest of drawers.

‘I want you to tell me how wet you are,’ says Josh with authority.

‘I’m really wet,’ I gasp.

‘On a scale of one to ten what number? Also, don’t you dare come yet.’

‘Eight,’ I moan.

‘Get over here.’

Yes! kartal escort I can finally get some action and his cock looks so horny. I climb on the bed and lie beside him. I take his cock in my hand and Josh grips it tightly.

‘You follow my rhythm and when you see pre-cum at the end of my cock, that is when I’m going to fuck you.’

I confess, I have never wanked a cock so hard in my life. It feels like an age before I can see a tiny pearl of pre-cum appear at the end of his cock.

Josh pushes me roughly onto my back before spreading my legs wide. He pulls my knickers to the side and pushes himself forcefully inside me.

Biting my neck hard he whispers in my ear, ‘I love fucking with the knickers left on. I like the feel of the fabric grazing my cock.’

He pulls my legs up, ‘Put them on my shoulders.’

I do as he asks and I gasp as he drives his cock into me. Harder and harder he fucks me and I can feel my pussy building up to a feeling that is really unfamiliar. Then all of a sudden I gush hot warm juices all over his cock.

It feels like my pussy has omitted a river and the feeling of my juices on his cock seems to spur Josh on to fuck me even harder. He grips my hair and grabs it tight, yanking my head to the side.

‘You love it don’t you dirty bitch,’ he whispers into my ear before biting my ear lobe and grabbing my tits really hard. So hard it makes me wince.

‘Come on, I want more of that juice because I’m going to suck it out of your cunt.’

When he says cunt, my pussy responds as if it has a mind of its own and more juices pump out, splashing us both and reaching my stomach.

He pulls his cock out and moves down to my pussy. I look down as he pulls my knickers even harder to the side and I see the smallest of a fountain spurt upwards. Hungrily, Josh clamps his mouth around my pussy.

I confess, I have never done this before, but before I can think about it, I turn my attentions to what Josh is doing as he licks me hungrily. I watch as he sucks my pussy juices out of me. The suction is so powerful it feels like someone has put a sucker onto me.

I can feel myself build to an orgasm as his tongue circles my clit and his hands hold my thighs down. I want to allow them to shake but he is stopping me. Being held down by force is really turning me on and suddenly I can feel myself start to build.

I grab a pillow from the side of me and clamp it over my face. Biting into it I stop myself from making too much noise. I have a feeling that noise is possibly not Josh’s thing. Plus, I don’t know how thin his walls are, he might not want the neighbours to hear.

I come really hard into his mouth. I have only just started to compute the fact that I have just come all over my ex-husbands, ex-friends face, when Josh pulls himself away from my pussy.

He grabs the pillow from me and moves up the bed so he is straddling me. His cock is there right in my face inches away from my face. He grabs my hair again and forces his cock in my mouth.

‘Suck it bitch, let me fuck your mouth.’

I do as he asks, he starts off slow until he builds up to a faster pace. The faster his cock fucks my mouth, the harder he pulls my hair. Just when I find it unbearable, he moans as I taste his pre-cum that is quickly replaced with a huge spurt of hot spunk that fills my mouth. I try to swallow it all, but some seeps out of the sides and lands on my shoulders trickling down onto his bed covers.

Pulling his cock out of my mouth, Josh leans down and kisses me. A deep, hard kiss that takes my breath away.

‘Lick your juices off my face.’

I do as he asks, the bristles of his juice sodden stubble turning me on even more. I lick his face as hungrily as he licked my pussy. Once he is sure I had licked his face clean he lay down beside me.

‘That was amazing’ he says gruffly. ‘Are you staying the night?’

I nod because to be fair, I lie in shock. My body feels like it has been zapped of any energy. Even moving to the side to look at him feels like a supreme effort.

He strokes my hair tenderly before kissing my forehead, ‘I hope I didn’t hurt you too much?’

I shake my head, still waiting for the whole fibre of my being to reach some kind of equilibrium.

‘No, getting fucked hard has always been one of my fantasies,’ I concede.

‘Fucking you has always been one of mine, so we have satisfied each other that way at least.’

I nod and rest my head on his chest and feel his arms snake around me and pull me to him.

‘I’ll fuck you again and if you are a good girl I will make you breakfast. Just don’t forget to leave your knickers tomorrow.’


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