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The Bathtub

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After a long, hard day, I can see you are tired. You slump onto the couch and roll your head trying to loosen your tight neck and shoulders. I know how busy and stressed you have been, so I decide to prepare you a bath. As you watch TV, I fill the tub with hot water and silky bath bubbles. As the water flows, I light candles all around the bathroom, and put on some quiet music to set a relaxing mood.

I turn off the water, walk into the living room, and take you by the hand to guide you up out of your seat. You follow me, still holding hands, to the bathroom, and I open the door for you. The room is warm and steamy. The candles provide a soft glow, and the water drips gently once against the backdrop of the music.

I begin to slowly undress you, unbuttoning your shirt from behind, and sliding off your smooth, tanned shoulders onto the floor. I want to kiss your delicate neck, but want this to be about making you feel pampered. I suppress my desires, and unzip your pants, helping them to the floor as well. You stand for a moment in your white silky bra and black thong, and I cross to the front of you, giving you a hug and gentle kiss before undoing your bra and slowly sliding down your panties.

Completely naked, I guide you to the warm, bubbly pendik escort water, and hold your hand as if assisting you in. You feel the heat and silkiness of the bubbles slowly slide over your body, as you lower yourself into the water. You slide down and your wavy blonde hair cascades on the edge if the bathtub.

I let you soak for a bit, just relaxing in the stillness, before I set a folded towel on the floor, and kneel next to the tub. I slide your hair to the opposite shoulder and slowly begin to massage your neck and shoulders. The bubbles has created a light oil that help my hands slide softly as I slowly knead your muscles. I hear you moan slightly as the tension begins to leave your body. I look down and see the tops of your firm breasts just out of the bubbles, and inwardly sigh. I kiss your shoulder softly and then whisper in your ear. “You are so beautiful.” I then kiss your ear, sucking the lobe very gently.

“Join me,” you say, more of a statement than a question. I smile, watching the candle light dance in the sparkles in your eyes. I rise slowly and slide my shirt off over my head. I see you watching me with a slight smile. I then unbutton my shorts and slide them to the floor. You sit up and slide forward in the water and I climb maltepe escort in to sit behind you.

I love our big bathtub and embrace you from behind and give your neck a few soft kisses before guiding you back to rest against me. We don’t say anything. I just hold you, my hands slowly sliding up and down and across your chest and stomach. I stop to slowly caress small, gentle circles around your breasts and nipples. Occasionally, I lean in to give you a kiss. I feel your body squirm against me a bit as your eyes close and your breathing becomes soft sighs.

I let my hands slide down the front of you, down between your legs. You open them a bit to me, and I slide them to your pussy. I gently caress the outer edges with just the tips of my fingers, slowly beginning to work you open. Spreading your lips, I very slowly work my finger inside you, and then slide it up to the firm tip at the top of your silky flesh. I apply a slight pressure and slowly slide a circle around, and repeat the process several times. The heat of the water and your quickening pulse flush your cheeks as you begin to slightly whimper in the candle-lit darkness, and you can feel my erection growing against your back.

You quickly sit up, turn slightly to kiss me, kartal escort and then rise up out of the water to sit on the edge of the tub. You spread your legs and part yourself with your fingers, inviting me to kiss you with just your body. I lean forward in the water and begin to kiss your legs, running my tongue along the inside if your thighs. I then work my way to your warm opening. I kiss and suck and gently blow cool air. You are sliding your fingers around yourself as I let your warmth slide across my tongue. You then push my head back, and your legs on either side of me, lower yourself down, pushing my throbbing erection into you. We hold that for a moment; me inside you as deeply as I can be, you straddling my lap in the hot water. We kiss, our tongues exploring each others hungry mouths and you biting my lower lip and pulling back gently. You then begin moving up and down and pumping on top of me. I then guide you back against the edge of the tub, and begin thrusting hard into you. Water begins splashing between us and over the side of the tub. You begin clawing hard and desperately against my back, your voice raising to screams of pleasure. I feel your body build to orgasm. Unable to help myself, I feel myself also starting to cum. I begin kissing you and saying, “My darling… You are a goddess.”

We hold each other for a moment as we finish, and then you slide off me and guide your body up to rest your head on top of my chest. We lay there in the hot water on the edge of consciousness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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