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The Love Comes Out

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I’m not sure when I stopped hating my mother and began lusting after her. I think that I probably always desperately wanted her to love me, but as I got into my teen years I recognized that she was the typical trophy wife that married my father for his money and social status.

Dad at 72 is over thirty years older than she, who at 41 looks more like she was in her late twenties. All those hours with a personal trainer and the best beauticians money can buy, paid off in spades for Alicia. As long as I can remember she had an incredible body and the face of a starlet.

Dad is a highly successful movie producer who has a constant stream of the Hollywood elite parading through our house. Growing up, I thought it was perfectly normal to have people with last names like Gibson, Roberts, and Hanks over for dinner & cocktails. This was like a drug to my mother, who would never have been able to keep that kind of company if not for her marriage to my father. And, of course living in a ten-million dollar Malibu mansion didn’t hurt a bit either. Even if Dad had not insisted on Mom signing an airtight prenuptial agreement, she would have stayed married to him for the red-carpet celebrity status she enjoyed so much.

I had a variety of nannies in my younger years, and have no memories of being tucked in at night by my mother, nor being hugged or held by her. She basically tried to avoid me at all costs. She wasn’t mean or vindictive, it’s just that she never showed me any affection or nurturing. At the age of ten I was sent away to my first boarding school. Although Dad was opposed to the idea, I think he finally gave in because he probably thought I would be better off since my mother was basically always absent and Dad’s business had him away from home almost all the time.

I attended five different boarding schools through high school, getting kicked out of each for bad behavior and poor grades. I followed the classic pattern of a kid who was screaming for the attention he never got while growing up. Once in college I pretty much followed the same pattern, getting thrown out of my first two schools until finally settling down in my Junior year. I think I was just lucky to find a good crowd to hang with, and I started having some steady girlfriends which helped me build my self-confidence. It was during the spring break of that year that I finally found my mother’s love which I had been so hungry for my entire childhood.

I drove home from college two days earlier than expected. I had talked with my Dad on the phone the day before and we had a great conversation. He would be returning home from London in a few days, and we were both looking forward to some bonding time. Everything looked pretty normal as I pulled up in the gravel driveway and bounced through the front door.

I called out a loud hello to no one in particular, and remembering that it was Sunday, I realized that the help was off and that there would be no return welcome. As I made my way up the circular staircase, I could hear loud music coming from the master bedroom. I called out but the music really was blaring away with Stairway to Heaven reverberating between the walls. The door to the bedroom was open and I peeked in to find no one there. I could now tell that the music was coming from the master bath and strolled over, calling out as I got closer. I reached the open doorway to the bath and froze in shock at what I saw. There was my mother in the over-sized bathtub with a gentleman friend. She was on top of him slowly moving her hips up and down with her eyes closed and mouth open. With mirrors on the walls around and above them, I got a real eyeful of every inch of Mom’s body. She was propping herself up with her arms on either side of the tub rim, and her breasts were slick with water and soap, her nipples rigid. Her escort bostancı firm and perfectly shaped ass was poking out just above the water, then submerging, then surfacing again and again.

I really was frozen in place. I was feeling a range of different emotions all at once – shock, anger, disgust, embarrassment, and most surprisingly, I was instantly turned on. Within about twenty seconds I had a full mast, raging erection.

It was obvious that they were getting close to orgasm as their pace was getting quicker and although I couldn’t hear above the music, they seemed to be moaning out loud. Mom’s boy-toy happened to open his eyes for a second and saw me standing in the door. I thought he was having a heart attack as he pushed my mother to the side and jumped out of the tub, running for a towel hanging on a hook. As he covered up and ran past me into the bedroom to grab his clothes I noticed he was no older than me, maybe twenty or so.

Mom began to straighten herself up, in shock at such an abrupt end. She hadn’t seen me yet and stood up to get out of the tub. As she raised her eyes to the door, her mouth opened in a scream, which I could barely hear over the music. She was desperately trying to cover up with her hands, pointing for me to turn around and leave.

I just stared in shock for another few seconds as Mom continued to mouth objections I could not hear. Finally I forced myself to turn around and walk back into the bedroom. Her interrupted lover was already gone and she finally shut the music off. After a few minutes of deafening silence, Mom slowly walking out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. She was staring at the floor as she sat on the edge of the bed. I could see tears streaming down her cheek and heard her quiet crying.

“My God Jimmy, what you must think of me”, she said between her sobs.

I sat down next to her, “Mom, you don’t want to know what I think of you. This just confirms to me what a heartless bitch you are, have always been.”

“You really do hate me,” her sobs now louder.

“Surely that doesn’t surprise you. What would you expect after all those years of rejection,” I shot back.

I was starting to feel pretty good – superior in this situation. I was holding all the cards while she was showing remorse, and looking very small and vulnerable. Her towel was barely covering her and I realized that I was still sporting a hard-on.

“I never meant to hurt you, Jimmy. I just never knew how to be a mother to you. I was always too scared I would make mistakes. It was so much safer to let someone else watch over you.”

“That doesn’t cut it, Mom. You’ve always been self-centered and money grubbing. Marrying a man old enough to be your father for his wealth and status, shipping me off to boarding schools, fucking other men. All you care about is yourself.”

Her sobs were now racking her body and I noticed her towel had slipped down, showing most of her right breast. My mouth went dry.

“Are you going to tell your father,” she asked as she looked up and into my eyes.

“I think that would be only right, don’t you?”

She stared at me for half a minute. “You’re right. I deserve whatever is coming to me. I understand why you hate me. Is there anyway you could ever forgive me? What can I do or say to make it right?”

“I’m not sure you can,” I said. “How can you possibly make up for all those years?”

“Honestly, I don’t know if I ever could. I can’t change what has happened in the past, I can only try to make what lies ahead better. Tell me what I can do,” she said as the last tear rolled down her cheek.

Somehow I knew she was being sincere in her words. maybe for the first time in our relationship. I wiped the tear from her wet cheek with my fingers. “Just show me that you love ümraniye escort me,” I whispered.

“I want to, but how do I do that,” she asked.

I wasn’t thinking at this point, simply acting from some need inside, and without saying a word I placed my palm over her cheek pulling her face to mine. Her eyes grew as wide as saucers as I softly touched my lips to hers. With my other hand I stroked my fingers across the top of her half-exposed breast.

“Jimmy”, she whispered, our lips still making contact. “what are you doing?”

Her lips began to tremble and after a few seconds she slowly backed her face away.

“No, I couldn’t, it wouldn’t be right. You can’t mean it,” she whispered.

She hadn’t made any attempt at adjusting her towel or removing my hand from the side of her face or my fingers on her breast, which now slowly drifted down and underneath the towel to brush across her nipple.

She let out a loud gasp and closed her eyes as her hand moved up to remove my fingers. As she touched my hand however, she made no attempt at removing it. She seemed torn as I continued to lightly caress the nipple which was now standing straight out from her perfect breast. I heard a low moan deep in her throat as her breathing became more ragged.

“I do mean it,” I whispered back as I leaned in again and placed my lips to hers.

This time she didn’t back away. She didn’t return my kiss, but I heard another moan as I applied more pressure to her lips. Now my fingers moved further down her breast and the towel slipped off and onto the bed. Another louder moan, as she pressed her lips to mine with a matching pressure. My hand now cupped her whole breast and her lips parted, allowing my tongue to enter her mouth.

We were in a deep kiss with our tongues exploring each other as I laid her down across the bed. Her arms were now around my neck as I reached my hand slowly down across her tight stomach. Her muscles contracted as her skin was sensitive to my light touch. I continued until I reached the soft down of her pussy, the hair trimmed to a narrow V.

Her hips raised slightly off the bed as she moved her center towards my fingers, yearning for my caress. As I touched her lips I could feel the slick fluid flowing out of her. I dipped my first and second fingers slowly into her opening as she let out a loud moan while raising her hips even higher. Suddenly she broke our kiss.

“No, Jimmy, we have to stop now while we can,” she gasped. But her hips were pulsing up and down against my fingers. “Please, I can’t stop myself. It has to be you. I love you so much, baby. Please help me stop.”

“I can’t stop you, Mom. I love you too much. I’ve wanted your love for so long, I can’t help myself either.”

“Oh, fuck,” Mom blurted out as she reached down and tore my shirt off with buttons flying across the bed. I pulled off my shorts with my boxers and sandals along with them and we were now pressed together skin-on-skin, our tongues once again probing each others mouths.

We rolled across the length of the bed as I ended up on top with my rigid cock pressed against the entrance to her pussy. She reached down and grasped me in her tiny fist.

“It’s so big, baby. I want to feel you inside me now. Please put it in me Jimmy. Please fuck your mother with your hard cock.”

“Mom, I want you to put it in your cunt for me. Move it slowly in so I can feel every inch going in you deep.”

She didn’t hesitate as she rubbed the tip up and down the length of her slick pussy lips, taking more time to rub it across her clit. We were both so hot and close to exploding that I thought we wouldn’t make it all the way, but then suddenly she pulled my entire length into her with one thrust and yelled out a quiet groan as her nails dug into my back.

We kartal escort bayan started to thrust our hips wildly together. I couldn’t believe how tight she was, her juices coating our joining and running down our thighs. I looked at her face and was amazed at the sight. Seeing my mother in the throws of passion was so foreign to anything I could have imagined. She was beautiful and I was feeling an incredible release of emotion on top of the animal passion of fucking this woman. All those years of pent-up resentment were washed away instantly. What I had always interpreted as hate was revealing itself as longing and deep love. It was as if we became one person. I felt more complete at that moment than at any time before or since.

Mom’s eyes were shut tight as she yelled out, “Fuck, I’m cumming, I’m cumming so hard. Cum with me baby. Fill me up with your love.”

That pushed me over the edge. We exploded together in loud gasps. I saw spots and white light and as we crashed into a heap on the bed, I think she may have briefly passed out.

We lay like that for what seemed to be an eternity. Our hearts pounding against each other’s chests, our breathing in synch and slowing down. At some point Mom rolled us over and ended up on top of me. My cock was still buried deep in her cunt, still rock hard and showing no signs of giving up.

“That was … I don’t know what that was,” she whispered. I’ve never experienced anything close to that in my life. It felt as if our souls touched.”

“For me too,” I whispered back.

She was stretched out over me and I could feel every inch of her skin against mine. Our lips were lightly touching as we spoke.

“As amazing as it was, and as necessary as it was for the both of us, we can never do that again, Jimmy. Our relationship will never be the same, it will be better, but we can’t repeat what we just did … my God, baby, you’re still hard!”

“Mom – Alicia, you’re right about one thing, our relationship will be different as well as better. But, we will do this again. We will make love any time and any place I say. It is your penance for all those years. You belong to me now,” I said as I moved my hand over her ass and between the folds of her cheeks and into the slickness of her pussy. I covered my hand over the area where my cock was joined into her cunt. Alicia moaned into my mouth and her tongue dipped between my lips.

Without moving another muscle I flexed my cock for a few seconds and then relaxed it I repeated this action slowly. Alicia’s eyes widened and she stared into my depths. She answered with her own flexing. As I relaxed my cock, her pussy seemed to squeeze me and then relax as I became harder. We continued this exchange for several minutes, our breathing coming faster and deeper. The whole time Alicia stared into my eyes and I back into hers.

“Yes, son, you’re right. I am yours as long as you want me. You only have to look at me and I’ll know. I will give myself to you whenever and wherever you choose. You can do whatever you want with my body – it’s yours to do with as you please. I’ll fall on my knees and take you in my mouth on a busy sidewalk, if you ask it of me. You can fuck me in my ass in the middle of a dinner party, if you command it. I will strip naked in our kitchen and you can have me on the counter in front of your father, if that pleases you – I don’t care. From now on I exist only for you. I swear it.”

Her lips crushed down onto mine in a true ‘soul kiss’, her tongue beginning a thrusting motion in my mouth as her hips began the same action. She shifted her body so that she was kneeling and straddling my hips, never losing our connection. She leaned over me with her hands on my chest for support and began riding my cock in a slow steady rhythm.

“Yes, Alicia. That’s what I want of you. You are mine. But I will always be dedicated to pleasing you physically. I want to keep you satisfied, so you would never dream of fucking another man.”

Within a few seconds we were yelling out loud as we both exploded into white light together.

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