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The Love of My Life Pt. 02

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This is but the introductory background to the story of my erotic liberation. If you want to appreciate love being the basis for erotica, read Part 1 first.

Dr. Jen.


Sunday morning found me at my desk in my bedroom already immersed in preparing a review of my class notes for the midterms that would follow in November, and of course, doing the required reading for Monday’s classes. I could hear my room-mate Laura puttering in the kitchen. Distracted, my Startac buzzed on my night table three times before I decided to pick it up.

“Hi Jennifer, it’s Rob. How are you this morning?”

“Oh hi. I am good.” I had hoped that our Friday evening at the university pub night had not been a one off. Things were still not liberated enough – OK, I was not confident enough – to have tried to contact Rob since our first encounter. That was not to say that I had not given him a great deal of thought and had been hoping he would call.

“Well not very well. In fact I could be a whole lot better.”

“Why, what’s wrong?”

“It’s kind of like this. You see, I met this fabulous woman on Friday night, and I have not been able to get her out of my mind since then. So as much as I wanted to call her yesterday, I didn’t want to appear too desperate. Then I thought I would wait until this morning and try to convince her to take a couple of hours out of her day to spend with me without coming across like some smitten village idiot. Which, having listened to my rambling over the last minute, I appear to have spectacularly failed at. So, this smitten village idiot was hoping you would say yes?”

“Yes, Mr. Idiot. What did you have in mind?”

“Brunch at Earl’s – I can pick you up in an hour and a half.”

“See you then.”

I was waiting at the roundabout entrance to my apartment building where Rob had dropped me off late Friday night. I was thinking of how he had kissed me when his silver car pulled into the driveway.

Late fall in Alberta is cold and sometimes dark. This morning was a crisp sunny prairie day, so I had actually put on a skirt and leather boots instead of the normal university uniform of blue jeans and a sweater. After coming to a stop, Rob got out of the car, came around and opened the door. Uncharacteristically, I gave him a peck on the cheek and said, “You didn’t have to open my door for me. I am quite a capable woman.”

“I know I didn’t, and I would be terribly disappointed if you were not. I wasn’t being chivalrous; I just couldn’t resist the view,” he said matter of factly with an absolutely dead pan face. I stared at him as he put the car into drive, only to start laughing when he could no longer resist the upturn of his lips into a broad smile when he said, “Or did you just get dressed up to cruelly tease me with that fabulous bod?”

Brunch was wonderful and two hours turned into three and half as we walked through the parks bordering the Saskatchewan River, hand in hand. The warmth of the fall sun low in the sky was nothing to the warmth and excitement I began to feel for this man.

I had always thought myself an incredibly strong and independent woman, certainly never one who would allow herself to be defined by any relationship with a man; and I was not looking for a relationship. However, not having dated seriously since the winter before, I couldn’t help thinking I might be ready for one with Rob when my thoughts were interrupted.

“Does it bother you being out on a date with someone three years younger than you”

“No. Does it bother you being out with an older woman?”

Well actually Mrs. Robinson, I kind of like the fact that you are older, that you are so mature, and frankly, after the third date, I am looking to enjoy a more experienced woman.”

My mind flashed back to my friend Laura’s silly crack to Rob as he kissed me goodnight on Friday night when she had said to my horror, “Don’t get your hopes up Rob. She never fucks until at least the third date.” I stopped and turned to him, still holding his hand.

“I am still so embarrassed about what Laura said on Friday. I hate to tell you, but I am not really that experienced”. I mean I am not a virgin or anything, but I have never felt like I could relax and really let my canlı bahis inhibitions go. Perhaps it was the guys I dated, or maybe there is something wrong with me.”

As the words came out, I had to stop in shock at what I had just admitted to a man I hardly knew, or for that matter, to myself. Rob’s reaction was the kindest, most heartwarming thing I had experienced in years. Looking into my eyes, he responded with a soft and gentle manner.

“I have never been the wolf – seeing women as a conquest to be fucked and discarded. I am a giver. If we ever make love, you will experience just that. I will not be satisfied until I have first pleased you. And if we do make love, it will not be just once, but again and again, because I won’t be satisfied unless when we stop, you are already looking forward to the next time. It will be with all of me, including my heart.”

I stood motionless, letting his words sink in. As he moved closer, he took me in his arms, and I met him in this soulful kiss. Then he pulled back, looked me in the eyes and with the most earnest of expressions said, “Of course, I intend to be a great deal smarter than you after we make love.”

“How’s that?”

“Just because we choose to make love doesn’t mean I don’t get to fuck your brains out in the process.”


Tuesday night was 9:30 in the evening date for a coffee and doughnut at Tim Horton’s. Same for Thursday. We talked about our classes, what we were studying. We talked geopolitics, human motivation, and about ourselves.

Rob, I learned had come from Toronto, which surprised me given here we were in Edmonton. He explained that he came from a well off family where his father and mother enjoyed the benefit of his Grandfather’s wealth – who it turned out owned a number of different national brand retail outlets in North America. He volunteered he had spent the last three years of high school living with his grandfather, didn’t want the rains of Vancouver all winter, and had settled on Edmonton as being as far away from home and his parents as he could get and still go to school in Canada.

I was the good Catholic girl and confessed that I had grown up with in a devout family, but that I had begun to question how my dad, as a doctor and man of science, could accept all of the teachings of the Church. The widespread abuse and paedophilia of its priesthood was only then starting to come out. I acknowledged that I had been indoctrinated as a young child with a strong sense of the immorality of premarital sex, and that it had led to many inhibitions I still felt.

As it approached 10:30 on Thursday night, he told me that he would really like to invite me over for dinner at his place. I hesitated for a moment.

Once again, the straight faced earnest delivery. “Look, I have no expectations about it being our third or fourth date. I am not asking you to sleep over or to come prepared to bend over and let me have my wicked way with you. I just want to cook you dinner, spend the evening in a quiet setting listening to my middle aged taste in 1960’s jazz, get in a few sloppy kisses and take you home.”

I believed him. It was a date.


There is nothing a small town Alberta girl enjoys more than prime rib. Except maybe with grilled vegetables and an expensive bottle of a Sonoma California cab-sauvignon. Rob had kept pouring, and I was on my third glass to his one – no pressure apparently because he kept saying he had to be safe to drive me home. A man who can cook, make intelligent conversation and serve as eye candy at the same time.

All the times we had dated in the past week, Rob had worn bulky expensive sweaters and slacks. Here he was in this incredible apartment overlooking the Saskatchewan River, barefoot in tight jeans and T-shirt that clung to a very hot upper half.

I had seen farm boys with muscles before, but never the combination of abs so slim and arms so big. He couldn’t have had more than 5% body fat, and he moved throughout the kitchen like a large cat – graceful yet powerful in appearance.

Laura had teased me before Rob picked me up this night and stuffed a three- pack of Trojans in my purse. When I had tried to pull bahis siteleri them out, she had put her hands on my shoulders and simply said, ” I can tell how infatuated you are with this boy, given how you have spent the last three days forgetting to end sentences. Let it happen.”

As Rob returned our glasses to the kitchen to open another bottle of wine, I followed him and stopped him before he could open the bottle. I pulled him towards me and gave into my feelings – I kissed him, first softly and then as he responded, more forcefully. I opened his mouth with my tongue and began to taste him, pulling him in closer. As I felt his sudden erection, I was overcome with desire I had never felt before. I ground into his cock covered jeans and told him I wanted him.

Slowly he pulled his T-shirt over his head and placed one of my hands on his nipple. His chest was hard and muscular, and I ran both hands over his pectorals and his incredible biceps. I had never felt so filled with lust in my life.

Rob gently unbuttoned my blouse, and with his right hand, undid the clasp of my bra like he had done it a hundred times before. Gently he pulled my bra off between us, and slowly began to caress my breasts. We continued our kissing, both his hands on my nipples, mine on his.

“Show me how you want this”, he said. “Like this” as he softly caressed each nipple and breast, “…or more like this?” as he pulled harder on each nipple and began to more roughly squeeze my panting breasts.

I moaned into his mouth and began to play harder with his nipples and pectorals. As he reciprocated, I found the painful pinching of my nipples far more erotic than anything I had experienced to date.

Suddenly, Rob reached down, swept my legs out from under me and carried me into his bedroom where he lay me on his bed. Standing there, staring into my eyes, he undid his jeans and pulled them with his shorts down and stepped out, only to stand naked before me. I thought I was looking at Michelangelo’s David, save that there was this rather large cock pointed straight at my face.

I confess that until that moment, the thought of sucking a man’s cock and having him fill my mouth with what I presumed would be akin to snot had been pretty repulsive to me. I could hardly believe my actions however when I turned on my side to face him as he stood beside the bed. I grasped his cock at its base, frightened by its girth, but compelled to take the head into my mouth. I began to lick the head and taste his precum – not repulsive at all. I began to suck like I was trying to get the last part of the milkshake up the straw.

“Stop”, he said. “I want to come my first time with your legs wrapped around me and your mouth full of my tongue.” Rob grabbed the waist of my jeans, undid the button and zipper, and tugged jeans and panties in one move until I was naked. Pushing me to the middle of the bed, he lay down beside me and started to caress and thrill me.

He lathed and sucked each breast, softly at times, then suddenly sucking as I had on his cock. As he switched breasts, one hand would take its place. His other hand found my core. With his thumb gently caressing my clit, he entered me with his large fingers, first one, then two, curling them up to permit me to feel my G spot for the first time in my life. As my moans turned to passionate cries, he began to hand fuck me in earnest while rubbing my clit with his thumb until finally I gave in and had the most powerful orgasm I had ever experienced.

I had no sooner come down from my orgasm, expecting gentle kisses and thinking I needed to find those condoms when I felt my legs roughly pulled apart, and my pussy filled with his tongue.

I had never let or wanted a man to taste me that way. Inhibitions and the thought of being unclean had prevented me from letting other men try.

“Nooooo, I am too sensitive”, I cried. Undeterred, Rob continued to tongue fuck me and lather my clit. I writhed and tried to sit up, to escape his attentions. Both of his hands forcefully held me down by my breasts, which he pinched and squeezed. Never had I thought would I have ever permitted a man to force me into a sexual act. But instead of screaming bloody murder, I began to buck up to bahis şirketleri force my pussy into his face. Whether it was what seemed the taboo nature of the act, or the fact that I was being physically constrained by his strong grip on my breasts pushing me onto the bed, I do not know. What I do remember is that a more powerful urge to experience a “second cumming” overtook me, and I continued to thrust up into his face, fucking his mouth with my clit until I exploded for a second time.

With other men, I had found it difficult to orgasm. Now I had experienced two in quick succession, both incredibly powerful. While the bedroom was dark, the light from the living area came through the open door, and as Rob pulled up to his knees and reached for a drawer in the bedside table, I could see his cheeks slick with my juices. He grabbed a large unopened box of condoms, ripping the cardboard and tearing into one of the string of plastic packaging he pulled from the box. “I hope this is enough for the weekend” he said with what I was beginning to realize was his usual “straight man” humour.

Quickly I watched as he sheathed himself, fascinated at his girth and aching to be filled. He again bent between my legs to lick my pussy quickly, then slowly licked his way up my stomach and breasts, wiping his face on my skin. As he hovered over me, he said, “Take my cock and guide me in.”

Slowly he entered and filled me, his mouth on mine, forcing me to taste myself as he began to slowly fuck my pussy with his cock and my mouth with his tongue. “I don’t know how long I will last”, he said, as he grabbed both cheeks of my ass and began to move quicker. However, with each thrust, he did not pull out to jackhammer my pussy with his cock. At full depth, Rob would grind into my clit, so each thrust brought me closer to my first vaginal orgasm.

Never in my life had I felt such passion, lust, nor such a desire to somehow, through animalistic fucking, be one together with another man. I gripped his ass with my calves, his shoulders with my nails and pulled him into me as I lifted my ass to meet his thrusts. As the pleasure built, it became increasingly difficult to not vocalize, and I began telling him to fuck me harder and harder. Finally, on the verge of cumming yet a third time, embarrassed at all the noise I was making, I forced my mouth onto his trapezius to stifle my screams as I came. At that point, Rob really did begin to fuck my brains out until he too yelled as he released and then collapsed upon me.

As we both relaxed in post orgasmic bliss, content with his weight upon me, I realized to my horror I tasted blood. Rob’s eyes suddenly flew open, he felt the space between his neck and shoulder and said, “My God, did you actually bite me?”

As he pulled away and went into the bathroom, I thought with a sudden pang of fear that I had ruined everything. I heard Rob turn on the shower, whereupon he returned, and again, leaned over the bed and picked me up into his arms like my 140 lbs. was nothing. As I began to protest, he silenced me with, “So, does this mean I will turn into a vampire too?”

Relieved that he wasn’t mad and giggling at his humour, I teased with, “Maybe”.

“Great” he said. “I can’t wait to start biting you on your ass” and into the shower we went.


As we towelled each other dry from the shower, Rob grabbed a clean bath sheet and said, “Ever the gentleman, I will sleep on the wet spot. I hope this towel is big enough.” Sure enough, I had soaked the sheets and left very large round wet area. Rob lay the towel overtop, climbed into bed on his back and beckoned me to him.

As I lay beside him, I caressed his face, his neck and planted soft kisses on his chest and neck. Reaching down, I was surprised to find he was still hard again. “Never mind that”, he said. “I don’t want to break you after what we have experienced tonight”, and with that he pulled up my hand back to his pectorals.

Never had I lain in a man’s arms, so fulfilled, and so overwhelmed with wanting to be with him. As I pulled myself up to kiss him on the cheek, I realized his face was wet with tears. Looking into his eyes I said, “Oh Robby, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I know this is just now, and that it may not last, but never in my life have I ever felt this loved before.”

As I took in his words, I felt both fear and relief, knowing that I would not be alone when we fell in love together.

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