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The Meeting Ch. 03

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They woke early and had an enjoyable session. She wanted it in both holes, and she asked if she could finish him off in her mouth. She did it and took every drop of his cum then licked his cock clean. Over breakfast she said, “I need to cook some fresh moussaka, would you like me to invite Sister Mary as she loves moussaka? If you want I will ask her to wear her habit as she wears risqué lingerie underneath her habit. Wait a minute, and I will let you see some pictures of her.”

She got her iPhone and showed him pictures of Sister Mary. She was a complete turn on. She looked so innocent in her habit, but when she lifted the shoulder piece of her habit to reveal her massive breasts, she looked stunning. It was arranged that he would come at six tomorrow evening. Margit told him that Mary liked to play little games where she would hear someone’s confession and for the penance, she would say how she wanted to be fucked. Jack was comfortable with this he then left saying that he would see her at eleven.

He then drove to the Centre. He had an apartment there with a lounge, bathroom and bedroom. He used the lounge as his office. He also had a villa which he had rented out four years ago to a Professor at the local hospital. He only lived in it Monday to Friday. It made Jack a lot of money. He got to his apartment and showered and changed his clothes. He then packed a bag and put five days worth of clothes in it which he put into his car. He went into the office and Jo, and Val was there. Val was working on a new IT system which Val was installing data.

Jack congratulated Val on finishing her finals saying that he was confident that she would have a reasonable degree. Val thanked him then asked, “Jack, I have some serious work to do with the software today. It will take roughly three hours. Is it possible that I can use the computer in your office as there are so many interruptions and distractions here?”

Jack replied, “Not a problem. Jo and I have an interview at eleven, so it should be free by eleven-thirty. If you want I can help you.”

Jack noticed that Val’s leggings were tight and accentuated her swollen vulva. It looked amazing. Val said, “Super, last night Jo and I had my old Maths teacher over for supper. She will come here around twelve to help me. She is now retired but is so computer literate. All our data is stored on cloud computing. For her to harness the data is a walk in the park. You can help if you want as you can link your laptop onto the server so that will give access from two computers. She was a nun her name is Sister Mary, but she wears normal clothes now.”

Jack couldn’t believe his ears. He now realised how small the world was. He replied, “That sounds good. I would love to help you. If the system is half as good as you say then it will be marvellous for the business and all the dealers.”

There were over two hundred dealers in the Centre. The new system would advise them in real time what transactions had been made on their pieces. It would manage every sale, every commission payment, every stand rental, in fact, it covered every aspect of the business. They had a sound system which worked well but the new system. Hopefully, it would be up and running today. Val had been working on it for the last six weeks.

Margit arrived at eleven on the dot. She looked stunning in a jacket, blouse and skirt. Jack shook her hand in the reception area. Jo and Val came out and hugged and kissed her. Jo said, “If this is the lady for the job then she has it. Three years ago I nearly asked her if she could help us. Jack, we don’t need an interview. Let’s go to the Bistro for a coffee, and that will allow Val to use your office.”

They went to the Bistro. Margit would start tomorrow morning at ten. Margit agreed on the salary, and she was also going to take a display cabinet as she collected jewellery and watches. Margit looked so happy. She had told them that she had thought of taking a cabinet years ago. She had many good pieces, and this would allow her to get rid of the pieces that she didn’t like. Jo was called away thirty minutes later. Jack and Margit sat in the Bistro and had another coffee.

Margit said, “Yesterday and this morning was wonderful. My cunt and ass are still tingling. I didn’t brush my teeth this morning, and I can still taste your cum in my mouth. I phoned Mary this morning and she will ataşehir escort bayan hear your confession and will wear her habit. I have told her that you are wonderful in bed. She hasn’t had many men, but she is an outstanding lover. She is working here today with Val. She was Val’s maths teacher. Val and Jo are lovers of Mary. Val has never had a man. She has been sleeping with Jo since she was sixteen.”

“After Val was conceived she never had sex with him again. She has never had a man since. She thinks a lot of you. They both told me in bed one night that they fantasised about having a threesome with you. Be at my place at six tomorrow evening. I spoke with Beate this morning. Jan’s husband has moved out. Beate has changed all the locks at the house. Beate, Jan and Joe will come up on Friday evening and leave on Sunday afternoon. I am working on Saturday and Sunday and as you heard I can bring Joe here. You can have a mother and daughter for three days. I’ll go now as I want to buy some new outfits. Jo and Val like to be casual with a top and tight-fitting leggings. I will get my leggings very tight. I am so happy.”

He walked her to the car, and they kissed then she left. He went to his apartment. Val and Mary were there. Mary was gorgeous. She had a beautiful complexion and a voluptuous body. He took to her immediately. He connected his laptop to the server, and they both worked away. Val said, “This is much faster. It won’t take us long to finish. You have a speedy laptop.”

Jack phoned the Bistro, and Jo brought four coffees up. She gave a cup to Mary, and Val then sat on the sofa with Jack. She had very tight leggings on, and her swollen vulva looked incredible. She said, “Jack, I am so happy that we are going to France. I have wanted to spend time with you for a long time. Would you like me to book some hotel rooms or will we play it by ear? The reason that I ask is I want to share a double bed with you. Are you comfortable with this?”

He replied, “Jo, I have wanted that for years. I respect you so much. Last night when I messaged you I wanted what you have now suggested. I enjoy being with different women. You will have to share me. Are you comfortable with that?”

She lent over and kissed him. Her tongue deep in his mouth. She was a great kisser. She winked at him then asked, “Could you show me the way to your bedroom?”

He smiled and finished his coffee as she finished her’s. He took her to the bedroom, they both went inside. She put her arms around him and pulled him close to her. Her tongue was in his mouth; her tongue was everywhere in his mouth. They were both exploring each other’s bodies with their hands. Jo’s tits were enormous. She stripped off and then helped Jack undress. Jo had an incredible body. Jo said, “Wow, that’s the biggest cock that I have ever seen. Lie on the bed and let me go on top as it’s been so long since I have had a cock.”

He lay on the bed. She lay beside him in a position that let them sixty-nine. She had a beautiful vulva. He spread her cunt lips open with his index and middle fingers and out popped a massive hooded clit. Beate and Margit had big clits, but this was enormous. It was like a little hard cock. He ran his tongue around it then started to suck it. He said, “You have a wonderful clit. I have never seen one as big.”

She replied, “Wait until you see Val and Mary’s, they are slightly bigger than mine. I am so happy that we are doing this. Let me make your cock hard.”

She went back down on him. She was taking his full length inside her mouth. Her tongue was everywhere. She knew what she was doing. He loved sucking her hard clit. He was finger fucking her with four fingers. She was pushing her cunt against his mouth and gripped his fingers tightly. Her cunt juice tasted so sweet. They aroused each other orally for the next ten minutes then Jo squatted over him. Rubbing the tip of his bulbous cock against her hard clit. She slid his cock three inches inside her cunt. Then with a gentle push, she took the full length inside her.

She soon had a fantastic rhythm going. She was good. She was gripping at the right times, and it felt great. He was impressed with the tempo. It was so powerful. He was rubbing her clit as she rode him. She kept going for another twenty-five minutes then they both came within seconds of each other. She gripped his cock escort kadıöy and bent over and kissed him. She said, “That was incredible. I am tingling. It is so big and goes so deep. Did you enjoy it?”

He replied, “Jo, I loved it. I am looking forward to France how does Monday of next week suit you? We will be away for around eight days.”

She responded, “I have two things to ask you. Firstly, would you like to have Val and I tonight? Secondly, I would love it if Val came to France with us. How do you feel about that?. You will be the first man that Val has ever had. She has been with many women but never a man.”

He replied, “Jo, I would love that. I would like to invite you and Val for dinner in the Bistro. If you go home and get a change of clothes, in fact, bring a few changes of clothes as I think that you and Val will be spending a lot of time here with me. Are you comfortable with this?”

She kissed him passionately then said, “I’m so happy that you have said that. I can’t wait to tell Val. She has had, like me, the hots for you for years.”

They showered then went back into the lounge. Val said, “It’s running, and it is wonderful. The system is so easy to use. Mary has been so helpful; it would have taken ages if Mary hadn’t been here.”

Mary responded, “Val, you have done all the groundwork. The easy part was integrating the data, and we have done that easily. Jo, I am going to downsize and move to a flat. Would it be possible for you to sell the things that I don’t need here? Secondly, is it possible that I could have a little job here? I find it so interesting. I watch all the Antique programmes on television.”

Jo said, “Mary, Margit starts at ten tomorrow morning. You can start then too. Yes, we give you space, and you can easily sell your things here. Val, have you checked if it’s working in the reception downstairs?”

Val replied, “We had better check it. Come with me, and I will show you how it works.”

They then left leaving Jack and Mary alone. It was now two-twenty in the afternoon. Jack asked, “Mary, would you like to join me for some lunch in the Bistro?”

She replied, “Yes please, I have an appointment at four, so we can’t make a day out of it, but I am looking forward to tomorrow evening. Margit and I work very well together. I spoke with her this morning, and she told me that she was still tingling from last night and this morning.”

They were standing beside each other as Mary put her hand on Jack’s flaccid cock she said, “I believe that you are ‘well hung’ I am so looking forward to hearing your confession tomorrow evening, but I am sure that this beauty must be hard and go deep inside my three holes before I can give you absolution.”

They were looking into each other’s eyes, Jack said, “I hope that my atonement allows me to be gentle at the beginning and more forceful at the conclusion.”

They kissed, she pulled him close, he felt the pressure of her massive breasts against his chest and the circular movement of her cunt against his leg. She said, “We think the same way. I want you to take me to fucking heaven tomorrow evening.”

They went downstairs, and Val and Jo joined them for lunch. They never drank during the day, so it was a mineral water lunch. There was a freedom of conversation during lunch, so many things were discussed. The main topic was the new software which Jo now had total confidence in. Mary left at three-forty. Then Val said, “Thank you for looking after Jo this now. We will both look after you tonight. I am so looking forward to France. Jo and I will go home after lunch and pack a suitcase. Jo has a key to your apartment. Would it be possible to meet you in the Bistro at six?”

He then went to his apartment. He messaged Beate telling her he was looking forward to seeing her and Jan on Friday. He suggested that she give Jan his mobile number so he could message and get to know each other before Friday. He told her Margit had got the job and would start tomorrow morning. He then did some business-related emails. His phone rang, it was George, his architect. Jack had sought his advice on creating an auction house within the Centre. There was plenty of room. The building had six floors, and they were only using four of them.

George told him that after consultation with the planning authorities they had agreed in principle. maltepe escort There was partitioning to be installed and the interior decoration. It could be operational within two months. He now needed to get staff for the Auction House, but Jo would sort that out. His phone beeped, he had a message from Jan which read, “Jack, many thanks for letting mum give me your number. David, my soon to be ex-husband, has taken all his possessions and moved out of the house.”

“Mum has had all the locks changed. I will stay with mum for the time being as I want a new kitchen and my bedroom redecorated. I am looking forward to the weekend. Mum and I have shared a few women, but this will be the first time we have shared a man. Mum says that you are an amazing lover and you have a massive cock. Be gentle with me until I know that I can handle your big cock. Write if you want, but I will see you on Friday. Jan xxx.”

He replied saying that he too was looking forward to Friday and would be gentle initially. It was nearly six, so he went downstairs to the Bistro. The duty receptionist saw him and brought him a large manila envelope with the Architects name on it. He went into the Bistro and picked an out of the way table asking the waitress to clear the table and to bring him a bottle of Champagne and three glasses. He spread the drawings on the table. It looked impressive. Jo and Val arrived, and both looked stunning. Their outfits left nothing to the imagination.

He had never discussed the Auction House with them. They studied the plans, and both loved the idea. They then ordered their dinner. Jo said, “It will be marvellous to get rid of all the House Clearance stuff that we get. They then discussed over dinner what they wanted from the Auction House. They had finished three bottles of Champagne when they left the Bistro. They went into the lounge. Jo suggested that they all got comfortable. They were both wearing crotchless bodysuits with no panties and self-supporting stockings. Jo said, “Val is not on the pill. I went to my friend who is a doctor. She gave me pills for Val and a morning-after pill, but I don’t want her to do that. Can you not cum inside her this now?”

Val responded, “I would love Jack to be the father of my child. OK, we will do that. Do you want to be his cum bag tonight or can I finish him off in my mouth?”

Jo said, “I would be so happy if you became pregnant with Jack but let’s pick a suitable time. Let’s have fun tonight we have the rest of our lives to sort it out.”

They went into the bedroom. He noticed that the bed had been remade after this afternoon. Jack lay on the bed with Val on the left and Jo on the right. They both went down on him with Val taking him in the mouth with Jo sucking and licking his heavy balls. They were sitting on the bed with their legs open. He spread both their cunt lips open, and two massive hooded clits popped out. Val’s was slightly bigger than Jo’s. He started fingering their clits with a circular movement of his fingers. Both their cunts were wet. He had four fingers inside each of them. Both were pushing their pussies against his fingers with a circular movement of their hips.

Val had his cock rock hard. She was a natural at cock sucking. Jo had taken some of her cunt juice on her finger and was now finger fucking his ass with one finger. She had tongued his ass before she started. Both felt good. He was now fisting both of them, and both were loving it. Both had small orgasms but were hungry for more. Val said, “I’m ready for you now. I want to go on top as you are taking my cock virginity from me. I guarantee one thing, and that’s I will get better every time that we fuck.”

She then squatted over him putting his tip in the middle of her cunt then lowered herself on to him; she took all of his cock in the first attempt. She soon had a powerful rhythm going. She was gripping his cock tightly as she rode him. Jack had got Jo to lay down beside his face in a position that allowed him to suck her clit and fist her as he sucked. He was giving Jo pleasure as Val gave him pleasure. Jo was loving what he was doing to her. After twenty intensive minutes, Jo had a massive orgasm that left her trembling and shuddering. A minute later Val climaxed, and she started shaking. Jack said, “Come off Val, I am going to cum.”

She came off him and went down on him taking his full load in her mouth. She then sucked him dry. Jo asked for some, and Val then kissed her and gave her some from her mouth. She then kissed Jack and gave him some of his cum. After she said, “Jo and I are now your cum bags. Your cum is delicious.”

They were all asleep ten minutes later.

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