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The New Neighbor Pt. 06

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Authors note: Once again, a big thank you to oldnakeddad for editing this piece! I hope you enjoy it.


The sun streamed in through the window, waking Amber, as she squinted her eyes and turned her face away from the bright light and into her thick curls that were messily spread across the pillow. Luckily, the summer mornings have the sun rising later, allowing her a little more time to sleep. It looked almost as if she was trying to rub the freckles from her skin, as she started to rub her eyes and face, but she was actually starting to become aware of her pounding headache.

Amber let out a small groan as she stretched and slowly kicked her legs underneath the soft, soothing, cool, high thread count sheets, trying to wake her muscles. Her mouth and throat were parched, so she turned to the nightstand and reached for the glass of water she had placed there the night before and happily gulped down the refreshing drink.

She started to prop herself up, almost sitting upright, against the numerous pillows. Amber inhaled deeply through her nose and exhaled with a smile. She had slept naked and, absentmindedly, she was moving her fingers towards her vagina. If it wasn’t for the fact that her pussy was slightly throbbing, and sore, Amber would have thought last night was a dream!

She looked up at the spinning ceiling fan and sighed. Her head turned and looked at the empty pillow next to her, the memory of Raphael’s thick cock, ramming in and out of her, was fresh in her mind and she wished he was lying in bed with her. As much as she enjoyed stretching out in bed, she would rather be cuddled up next to his warm, naked body. She pictured laying her head on Raphael’s broad, bare chest and running her fingers up and down his arms.

Amber couldn’t believe she had sex in a public place with him last night! Granted, the balcony they were on was out of sight, a couple of stories above the nightclub dance floor but Ms. V. had a perfect view of them. In fact, she was the one who orchestrated the intimate moment between Amber and Raphael.

Amber had never had anyone watch her have sex before. She wondered what it looked like from Ms. V.’s perspective. She was also wondering if she would ever have some alone time with Raphael. As exciting as last night was, she wanted him in a bedroom, behind closed doors, both of them sober and nobody watching! She just knew they could and would please each other so well.

Amber was glad she didn’t have anything to do that day so she could stay in bed, naked, for a couple of hours while reading a book and trying to get rid of her hangover. Her ‘vacation’ was proving to be fun and relaxing. Amber was so happy she had agreed to house-sit for her Aunt and Uncle over the summer. It was an incredible relief not to have the stress of school or work looming over her head.

Graduating and paying for college had certainly taken a lot of effort. Luckily, she had gotten scholarships but she still had to get student loans and had plenty out of pocket expenses. The thought of having to start paying those loans back, and soon, was constantly getting pushed to the back of her mind.

Amber hadn’t had a true break in a long time, probably since her summers back in high school but even those were filled with organized activities and part time jobs. Her mind continued to wander, forcing her to read the same sentences over and over again in her book.

The phone started to ring, slightly startling Amber. Her body felt heavy, as she stumbled out of bed, as if her large breasts were dragging her to the floor and she would topple over. She clumsily made her way out of the guest room, down the hallway and into the office which had seemed extra far away. Feeling a little queasy, she picked up the phone on the fourth ring.

“Hello, sunshine! How are you feeling, today?”

Amber was surprised to hear Ms. V’s voice on the other end of the phone. She gave a little, nervous laugh.

“Maybe not quite like sunshine but I’m alright.”

Amber paced around the office, her eyes scanning all of the cabinets, supplies, and photographs as she held the cordless phone with one hand and she nibbled at the cuticles of her other hand.

“Well, I guess that’s not too bad! Raphael only recently woke up. He seems to be a little tired, too,” Ms. V. chuckled in response.

“And how are you?” Amber asked.

Her free hand was slightly twirling her hair as she kept pacing around the office. There were a few framed photos of her Aunt and Uncle, including a few family photographs that she was in, too. Her Aunt and Uncle were in their late 50’s and didn’t have any children. Aunt Lindsey was a blood sister to Amber’s mother.

All of the women in the family had the same thick, dark, curly hair. Amber actually looked more like her Aunt Lindsey than her mother. They shared the same hair, long eyelashes, freckles, a short, curvy figure and light blue, big, round eyes. Their biggest difference was the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri thirty-some year’s difference in age.

“I feel absolutely wonderful. Thank you for asking, sweet. I was hoping you don’t have any plans for the day,” Ms. V.’s voice still sounded like a purr through the phone.

Amber was elated. She wanted to spend more time with Ms. V. and, hopefully, Raphael. She was so curious to see what else was in store.

“I’m as free as a bird, today! Was there something you wanted to do?”

Amber stood in place. Her eyes were zoning out on a framed photo of her, happy looking, Aunt and Uncle on a sunset beach. Her Uncle Evan was a fairly short guy, he always had a pleasant expression and his sense of humor was loved by many. Ms. V. sounded cheery through the phone.

“I actually have an appointment for us, so I’m happy to hear you’re free but I figured as much.”

“Oh? What kind of appointment?”

Amber was a little nervous. She also felt a little offended by the ‘I figured as much’ comment.

“Nothing to worry about. Only a little routine checkup type thing. Raphael and I will be there to pick you up in three hours, exactly.”

“Ok. Well, I guess I’ll see you then.”

As soon as Amber finished her sentence, the phone could be heard disconnecting. Once again, she was hung up on before she could give a proper goodbye.

Amber passed the time outside, tending to the garden area, and ate a light meal on a patio table underneath a large umbrella’s shade. She kept a close eye on the time, cleaned up, put on a pair of light wash jeans and a plain t-shirt with sneakers and was waiting by the door when she knew Ms. V. and Raphael were supposed to show up.

Amber caught a glimpse, through the window, of the car pulling up. Right on time! That particular window had a perfect view and waiting near it was becoming somewhat of a routine for her. She was uncertain about what sort of appointment was made for her and, also, if she was dressed appropriately. Hoping for the best, she took a deep breath and headed outside.

Amber braced herself for Ms. V.’s criticism, half expecting to get turned away, like last night. Once the car was parked, Raphael stepped out of the driver’s side and walked around to open the backseat door for Amber and Ms. V. apparently approved of her clothes. The divider between the front and back seat was closed, again. It was strange how much that, alone, made the car feel like a limo. The other modifications, however, added to the luxury and Amber stretched out on the seat next to Ms. V.

“It’s good to see you, Amber!”

“And you as well, Ms. V.”

The two were smiling at each other brightly. Ms. V. put her hand on Amber’s denim clad thigh and lightly rubbed up and down Amber’s leg in a reassuring manner.

“Thank you for joining me. Did you have fun last night?”

Unable to hide her excitement, Amber broke into an even bigger grin and nodded her head vigorously.

“Yes, Ms. V., it was absolutely incredible!”

“Good! I have so much more in store for you. Pretty soon this will be your regular life!”

Ms. V. gave one of her characteristic winks.

“Where are we going, today?” Amber nervously asked as she looked out of the window at the blurry scenery.

“We’re going to visit a friend of mine. After this, you will be completely accepted into the ‘inner circle’ so to speak.”

Ms. V. smiled big and lightly elbowed Amber. They continued riding in a comfortable silence, broken every once in a while to comments about amusing advertisement signs or other random thoughts. Ms. V. let Amber play music from the audio system located in the backseat. She complimented Amber’s taste in music, which caused Amber to beam and swell with pride.

After about an hour of driving, they finally pulled into an accessible parking lot in front of a modest brick building, with neat landscaping, and it wasn’t shared with any other businesses. By the time Amber noticed they were pulling in, though, she had missed her chance to read the establishment’s sign and the car came to a stop.

Within moments, Raphael was there to open the door for Ms. V. and Amber scooted over to slide out and exit from the same side. She was reminded why she disliked drinking heavily as her head was still slightly hurting from the hangover, her eyes were sensitive to the bright sunlight, her body felt heavier than normal and her limbs felt like noodles filled with some sort of liquid lead.

Raphael was walking behind Amber, his hand comfortably placed on the small of her back, as Ms. V. opened and held the door as the three of them filed into the building. Amber almost immediately turned around after walking in but, instead, she froze in place which caused Raphael’s large, solid body to bump into her.

Amber had made a personal rule for herself a while back, ‘always drive or have back-up transportation in mind’, but realized she has been breaking the said rule. She should güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri have insisted on finding out where they were going because now she was stuck! They were in, what appeared to be, the waiting room of a doctor’s office!

There was that familiar scent, the outdated magazines, impatient parents fruitlessly trying to hush their noisy children, quick tapping of computer keyboards, scattered coughing and the overall, entirely uncomfortable, vibe that created an undeniable scene of a medical waiting room. Amber didn’t like going to the doctor any more than necessary, although she went regularly for checkups, but she couldn’t deny they made her anxious.

As they entered the room, Raphael seemed to sense her nervousness. She was hovering in the doorway, practically turned around to exit, as he reached out and gently grabbed her arm. He gently pushed her forward and tried to massage her shoulders and soothe her.

Ms. V. walked straight ahead to the receptionist’s desk and it appeared she only said a few words. A few people in the waiting room had turned their eyes towards Amber and Raphael as they stood, lingering in the corner next to the door. Within moments, Ms. V. was walking back toward them, her cat eyes looking into Amber’s as she purred:

“You’re next!”

“What? For what?” Amber gulped.

“To see the doctor! We need to make sure you’re healthy and ready to go!”

Ms. V. lightly slapped Amber’s bum and laughed as though it should have been obvious.

“Oh. Um, ok. I guess I didn’t understand what you meant when you said ‘appointment’ but that’s ok. I mean, I had a full checkup recently but, uh, I guess another one couldn’t hurt.”

Amber felt herself breaking into a sweat and there was a prickly heat in her palms and cheeks. She kept shifting her weight from leg to leg as she fidgeted and looked around the waiting room.

“Amber, I have repeatedly asked you to stop saying ‘uh’ and ‘um’! Do you want another spanking? I can go into the room with you if you feel nervous,” Ms. V. said in a harsh tone.

Amber was taken aback as Ms. V. had so rarely taken a harsh tone and she said ‘uh’ and ‘um’ in an exaggerated, mocking way. She really seemed to hate it. Amber quickly looked around the room, scanning the diverse crowd to see if anyone, other than Raphael, had heard what Ms. V. said but it was impossible.

“No, that’s fine. I’m sorry, Ms. V., I was just a little surprised.”

Amber was looking at the floor, the heat from her embarrassment spreading through her face.

“Good. Now, let’s sit down. Your turn should be up any minute. We’ll stay here and wait for you.”

Ms. V. directed the three of them to nearby chairs and, once they were sitting, Raphael looked towards Amber with a reassuring expression. His deep voice was a quiet whisper so nobody else in the waiting room could hear:

“I think everyone hates going to the doctor but don’t be worried. This doctor is actually a part of the lifestyle, so you can be totally honest with him. Almost everyone Ms. V. deals with comes here.”

Amber nodded. She didn’t know whether she felt more at ease or not. Ms. V. leaned in closer as well, her intoxicating scent actually helping Amber relax, until she was only a couple of inches away from Amber’s face, and whispered:

“This will be a little different from your typical doctor visits. The doctor and nurse are both friends of mine and I have already spoken with them. Don’t worry, they know what I need done and how to take care of you so just be a good girl and do what the doctor says. If everything goes well, we’ll have a big party to attend this weekend!”

Amber gulped, audibly, and struggled to get her words out:

“Sure. That’s fine. Sounds good.”

She tried to maintain a casual expression but couldn’t keep eye contact while doing so. Instead, Amber looked at the generic artwork and a sad looking fish tank. She continued staring in that direction, trying to avoid other people’s faces, while attempting to compose herself.

Raphael was sitting slightly across from Amber and he kept trying to catch her gaze with empathetic eyes but Amber refused to look at him. Ms. V. was sitting perfectly straight and poised as she, halfheartedly, inspected her perfectly manicured nails.


A nurse appeared from a doorway behind the receptionist’s desk. She was wearing dark purple scrubs and had vibrant, emerald eyes. Once the nurse saw Ms. V., she walked in their direction with familiarity. She was looking directly at Amber.

“Amber?” The nurse repeated herself a little more loudly.

The nurse had brown hair with subtle highlights and lowlights plus a few strands of red and copper scattered throughout, pulled into a ponytail. As colorful as it was, it looked natural!

Amber cleared her throat and started to stand. She attempted a smile but she knew it probably looked like an awkward display of teeth. Her heart was beating fast as she tried güvenilir bahis şirketleri to say ‘hello’ but only a strange, quiet grunt came out, instead. Amber tried to play it off and followed the nurse, who was going back in the direction from which she came.

They went through the doorway and entered a hallway. It was as if they had entered an entirely different building! The whole back area was a large square with a hallway wrapping around the perimeter like a track. There were doors fairly spaced out with large numbers on the outside. The interior hallway wall was mostly glass that revealed an indoor courtyard-like area with a large desk and lots of plants.

Four large archways could be seen, one on each side of the perimeter, granting entrance into the courtyard from the hallway. This place was like a magic trick, seeming much larger on the inside than it did from the outside. Amber looked left and right, wondering where they were going. The whole place was very open, allowing her to see all sorts of people in the hallways and lots of opening and closing doors.

Some of the offices even had windows looking into them and Amber caught a glimpse of a woman wearing a typical hospital dressing gown. Amber tried not to pay attention to the male and female nurses, wearing dark colored scrubs and sitting behind their big wrap-around desk that was central to the whole office in the courtyard and had a perfect view of everyone walking through the hallways, as they both seemed to be staring at her.

Amber continued following the fairly young, maybe in her late twenties or early thirties, nurse. She was a couple of inches taller than Amber, around five foot, seven inches or so, had green eyes that stood out against her ivory skin and had a wide ass. In fact, Amber couldn’t help but stare at it as she walked behind her. Even though the strange doctor’s office was captivating, Amber was more mesmerized by the swaying hips in front of her. The woman turned her head around and slyly looked over her shoulder as she felt as though she was being checked out.

“We’ll be in this room. I’ll get your paperwork started while we wait for Dr. Singh.”

The pretty nurse opened a door that had the number ‘twelve’ labeled on the outside. Amber awkwardly smiled and entered the room as the nurse gestured at the familiar functional and movable exam chair/bed, one of those chairs with a pedal that could make it lay back and forward, move up higher or lower, etc., of a doctor’s office and gulped at the sight of the stirrups. Luckily they were pushed to the side and out of the way…at the moment!

Amber sat at the very edge of the exam chair/bed, trying not to make the sanitary paper crinkle any more than possible. The nurse shut the door and started to get things situated by pulling out a clipboard and turning on the room’s computer. Amber was relieved to see the room didn’t have a window. The young nurse sat down on a rolling chair and turned to face Amber.

“Ok, so let’s get this started, shall we? You’re a client of Ms. V., correct?”

The nurse was very firm and friendly, her ruby red lips were relaxed and pleasant but not smiling which caused Amber to feel a little intimidated.

“Uh, yes, ma’am.”

The nurse suddenly shot a fiery expression towards Amber, causing her to straighten up, immediately, because she felt as if Ms. V. was about to come bursting into the room to chastise her vocabulary.

“Sorry!” Amber blurted.

The nurse smiled a little, revealing multiple smile lines and small dimples, and winked.

“It’s ok. Just be careful what you say. You’re lucky I don’t get you for that!”

Amber felt a little shiver of strange satisfaction.

“My name is Rosanna. I’ve known Ms. V. for quite a while, so don’t feel too shy talking about stuff, ok? Trust me, I’ve heard it all!”

The nurse smiled a little bigger, showing her gapped teeth.


Amber smiled while her legs swung off the edge of the exam chair/bed, which made her feel childlike. She definitely looked nervous, her fidgeting was obvious, as she looked around the small, but typical, doctor’s office-private room. There was a small sink, multiple cabinets and drawers, a computer, various posters referencing the human body and tools and lights laying around.

“This place is interesting. I have to ask, because Raph-, uh, my-my friend, sorry, Raphael. Sorry, I’m just so nervous! But yes, Raphael, maybe you know him, too, told me a lot of Ms. V.’s friends come here. What is this place, exactly?”

Amber was so reluctant to talk but she was also very curious and she wasn’t really sure how much information to divulge, either. Rosanna had to laugh at how cute and vulnerable Amber seemed. The poor girl looked so frightened.

“An understandable question. It’s actually a normal, private medical practice. Dr. Singh and Ms. V. are personal friends, so she brings in a lot of her friends, especially the ones requiring a ‘special’ sort of services. Otherwise, it’s just a regular doctor’s office. Only a few of us on the staff know of Ms. V. and handle her cases.”

The nurse was very friendly and professional as she spoke while putting papers in order on her clipboard.

“Oh, ok. Well, that’s pretty cool.”

Amber tried to tell her muscles to relax!

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