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The Photo Shop Ch. 24

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The Photo shop by Candyman666©

Although each chapter is a story on its own, you might enjoy it more by starting with chapter 1 as there may be references to characters or events that happened in previous chapters. All characters participating in sexual activity in the stories are 18 or over. This story is entirely a work of fiction. The names, characters, places, and incidents portrayed in it are the work of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or localities is entirely coincidental.

Chapter 24: Linda’s other virginity

Saturday evening, just as I was about to close the shop, Linda and Jada showed up.

“What brings you here on a Saturday evening ladies, shouldn’t you be getting ready to spend the evening and night dancing and flirting with loads of sexy boys?”

Linda, clearly the spokeswoman, replied, “No Lew, we’re on a mission.”

“You want me to take pictures of you together in the nude?”

“No, not immediately, however knowing you, it could come to that eventually, but there is something else that you might be able to help us with, it’s rather delicate though. It’s something that we both have on our bucket list, and we think the time is ripe to tackle it head-on.”

“That sounds mysterious; care to elaborate.”

“Remember when I asked you to make me a woman instead of a girl a few weeks ago and at first you were rather reluctant to oblige?”

“Yes, and in the end, you talked me into it.”

“This is something similar.”

“I can’t take your virginity twice, and as far as I know Jada is not exactly a virgin anymore either.”

“The both of us still have one sort of virginity left, and it’s that one we want to discuss with you.”

“Are you talking about what I think you are talking about?”

“I don’t know what you are thinking about, but if you are thinking about the other side from where you took my virginity, you are on the right track.”

“OK stop beating about the bush, you want me to deflower your virginal butt hole?”


“And what is Jada doing here other than for moral support?”

“No, she wants you to take her anal virginity too.”

Both of you?

“Yes please.”

“You’re kidding me right?”

“No we’re not. We absolutely want you to do this for us – we’ll never ask you for anything else again…please?”

“That’s easy to say, if I were to consent to this, you won’t have anything virgin left anymore. How in heavens name did you come up with me to do this for you?”

Jada looking a bit guilty took over, “You see, Elisa told me that Jack’s cleaning lady told him you had taken her anal virginity, initially against her will, but through a game, you played with her, she had to consent and in the end, she was thrilled she’d gone through with it. She also said you were ever so gentle and considerate and so did Linda when she told me about you making her a woman.”

“Please don’t tell me Petra is Jack’s cleaning lady too?”

“Yes, she is.”

“Oh my god, I don’t believe this, why do I keep doing these things?”

“Maybe because we like you so much and because you’re always so considerate and gentle?”

“OK flattery will get you anywhere, but how do you see this happening?”

“Well we’re here and it’s Saturday evening, your shop is closed and you have two free days to recover if it proves too tiring for you; this evening and tonight should give ample time and opportunity to complete the task. Furthermore, who knows it might be fun.” Linda said.

“You seem pretty determined; maybe I already have something on, I do have a sex life of my own you know.”

“Don’t tell me you can resist two young beautiful females, and there I quote your own words. Maybe we should start with a photo session? That should get you in the mood, come on let’s go to the studio.”

Each of them grabbed one of my hands and dragged me to the studio. Jada, who’d been dancing there with her sister to help me with my video training knew exactly how to turn on the music in the studio. A serious dance beat came out of the loudspeakers and they started to dance with each other, their arms in the air, gyrating their young enticing bodies. These two vixens sure knew just which buttons to press to convince me to do exactly what they wanted me to do. Giving in to temptation, I turned on the strobes and grabbed my camera. That was all they needed to start a slow striptease, showing a little of their beautiful bodies at a time. It was as if they had rehearsed their show. One thing they had coordinated was their costumes. Both wore a crop top, showing off their toned midriffs, and enticing navels just peeping above the waistband of their miniskirts. Jada was the first to repeat the move she made before when dancing with her sister Elisa, crossing her arms grabbing the hem of her top, slowly bringing it up, then lowering it again just before it revealed the underside of her nice big boobs. She eryaman escort looked me in the eyes, wiggling her finger in a no motion, letting go of the top before raising her arms again, swaying above her head. As if on cue, Linda made the same move, only she went a bit higher, flashing her nipples before pulling it back down again.

“How are we doing Lew? Is your temperature rising yet?” Linda shouted over the loud music

“I don’t know about my temperature, but something is definitely rising.”

Jada danced again in my direction, grabbed her top and pulled it over her head, throwing it into my face. Her tits were bouncing all over the place: she grabbed them taking the nipples with her fingers, and pulling them out as far as they would go. She came closer still, her arms down again, waggling her boobs against my chest to the beat of the music. Then she moved away, and was replaced by Linda, who slowly and enticingly pulled her crop top over her head, revealing her pert B cups to me. Both were now dancing topless moving in circles around me. I didn’t know where to turn to anymore so I decided to put the camera down, take a seat and enjoy the show. One after the other, they came closer to me to give me a lap dance. Linda was the first, grabbing my knees and opening my legs before turning her back to me while she lifted the hem of her miniskirt so she could press her bum against my crotch. Before she let it drop again, she gave me a peek of her lovely buttocks, and her pussy still partially covered by her thong. As she moved away, Jada took her place, straddling me and wiggling her boobs against my chest while grabbing my head with both her hands, kissing me full on the mouth, and giving my lips a flick with her tongue. Before I could respond she was gone again. Both of them were now dancing right in front of me, moving their hands down their backs, fumbling with the zipper of their skirts. They turned their bums towards me and started lowering them torturingly slowly, sliding their miniskirts down and revealing a red thong each, their butt cheeks nicely displayed. Turning around again, swirling their miniskirts above their head they threw them away, high in the air. They reminded me of an ice-cream coupe, with Linda as the vanilla portion and Jada as the coffee ice cream; I longed to taste them.

They kept on dancing, almost completely nude, just their thongs, still hiding their innermost sanctums, and their feet encased in 4-inch heels. I didn’t have to wait long for them to turn their enticing bums to me again, grabbing the top of their thongs, sliding them, again, painfully slowly down over their butts, bit by bit revealing to my wanton eyes the swollen lips of their pussies protruding between smooth thighs revealed. Once the thongs were down, they picked them up and drew them over my head, wiggling their already moist pussies right in front of me, Linda’s still completely bare because of her Brazilian wax and Jada’s pubic hair nicely shaven in the shape of a lightning streak. I grabbed a cheek of each in my hands, drawing them nearer, so I could fully enjoy their feminine aroma.

“Well do you think you could go for our request…please?”

“As you got the information from Petra, did you girls do what I suggested to her about hygiene?”

“Yes!” they replied in unison.

“We both cleaned with an enema before we came here.”

“OK, show me these bums I need to ravish then.”

Both giggling, they turned around, got on their knees, and stuck their bums high in the air. God, it was a sight for sore eyes, two beautiful enticing bums ready to be plucked. And I was the chosen one to do the plucking. So I better get ready then.

“I’ll be right back girls, I’m gonna get some lube to make this as pleasant as possible.”

Linda jumped up and said, “No need Lew we have what you need.” She grabbed the small rucksack she’d carried and took out a big bottle of lubricant. “Here you go.”

“It seems you were convinced I was going to do exactly what you expected me to do then?

“Uh yes,” she said with a giggle, “we were almost sure we would be able to get you to do what we wanted. I must confess we discussed this and we sort of know how to manipulate you.”

“My god I’m really gonna have to be careful around you two.”

“Rest assured Lew we will not abuse our knowledge, it’s a bit like hypnosis, you can’t make somebody do something they would not do outside of hypnosis. We know you like to photograph naked girls, that’s obvious, we know that, despite our age, you like and trust us, and we had the confirmation from Petra you are not averse to some anal exploration and deflowering.”

“OK, you have me, now what?”

They kicked off their shoes and all of a sudden they were all over me encasing me with their lithe naked bodies, tearing at my clothes, removing my shirt, trousers, and boxers. They had the good sense to also remove my shoes and socks leaving me in the same attire they were: birthday suits. Dropping to their knees they escort ankara sandwiched my already hard cock, thanks to their dancing show, between their lips, one on each side, like they had seen Astrid and Bethany do after the video session a few weeks ago, taking it in their hot mouths one after the other.

“This will already provide a very good natural lube, Lew.”

“Yes it does, but be careful not to overdo it as I need to keep it up over a longer period and it’s too late now to take one of my magical blue pills. Why don’t we go to one of the dressing rooms, we have a bed there that may make things easier and more comfortable for all of us.”

In the dressing room, I suggested they get on their knees, on the bed, presenting their bums for inspection. It was obvious they’d worked all this out in detail, taking up their position, bums in the air, upper body low, looking through their opened legs at what I was doing. I had taken the bottle of lubricant with me and was applying it profusely to my steel rod. To make sure they were aroused and wet, I kneeled beside the bed, first attacking Linda’s pussy with my mouth and tongue, while frigging Jada’s pussy with the fingers of my right hand. I gave Linda a real saliva bath, from her clit down over her labia to her perineum to her little rosebud, sticking my tongue as far as possible into her back passage, giving her a small taste of what to expect and myself a glorious taste of her wonderful juices. That done, I put some lube on the fingers of my left hand and poked her butthole with it. She was not putting up any resistance, and her sphincter gave my finger free access, which was an open invitation to introduce a second and then a third lubed finger. By doing it this way, I could still massage her clit with my thumb, which was basically what I was doing to Jada as well, but with my fingers in her pussy instead of her backdoor. Both girls were already moaning, each playing with their boobs and pulling at their nipples.

The moment of truth had arrived for Linda, I pulled my hand away from Jada, who gave me a disappointed moan until she saw what I was doing. Trying to be supportive, she began to play with Linda’s boobs, allowing her to brace herself for the desired anal defloration she wanted so badly. I put my cock in front of Linda’s tight little hole, putting pressure on her sphincter, now not so willing to let a foreign intruder in without a fight. “Relax Linda, push back a little.” This was one fight I was determined to win, so I insisted, pressing harder, and slowly but surely the door slid open, like the iris of a camera lens, allowing the bulbous head of my dick to slide in. I heard Linda take a deep breath.

“Are you OK? Shall I give you a minute?”

“Yes please.”

After about a minute, I told Linda I was going to proceed.

“I remember the drill from when you took my pussy’s virginity, so yes go ahead slowly please.”

Cm by cm, I began to move forward until my cock was about halfway in. Carefully I slid out again, leaving the head inside, then pushed forward untill I bottomed out.

“Wow that’s intense, I feel so full, are you completely in now?”

“Yes, you have now completely lost your anal virginity, no blood this time. Shall I continue, or do you want me to tackle Jada first?”

“No, no keep going, fuck my ass as you are supposed to.”

Sliding out and in again, I built up speed and Linda began to moan, helped by Jada frigging her clit. After another minute I was pumping away like a steam engine at full speed. Linda was coming closer to her first anal-induced orgasm. I knew she was rather vocal when she orgasmed, so I was expecting to hear clearly from her when she was – I wasn’t disappointed.

“Yes, keep going, god this feels so good, I feel it coming, it’s there…aaaah fuck, fuck yes, yes, yes!”

Not only was Linda shouting to the world she was cumming, but also her body was giving all the right signs. She shivered, arching her back, her rectum convulsing around my cock, making it mighty difficult for me to keep it together and not cum myself. When she finally collapsed on the bed, her ass reluctantly let go of my cock: it slipped out and I could relax. Jada was excited at how well Linda had done and how she had obviously enjoyed her anal defloration.

“OK Jada, you’re next, but please give me a minute to recover.”

She looked at me a bit hesitantly, “I have a confession to make, I’m not an anal virgin anymore. I lost it, months ago, at my initiation into the lifestyle. I’m sorry Linda for lying to you, but I wanted you to experience anal too. I was surprised they didn’t take you anally during the inauguration; the main attraction usually gets poked in all her holes.”

Linda, lifting her head from the bed, still recovering from her huge orgasm said, “that was because Astrid is my Mistress and she explicitly didn’t want anybody near my ass hole at the time; before the show, she explicitly asked me about it. She knew sincan escort that Lew had taken my pussy virginity, at the time she had even suggested I ask Lew to do it, but then she asked me if he had also taken my other virginity, which he hadn’t, and that’s when she suggested I get together with Lew again to remedy that. But hang on a second, you lost your anal virginity already months ago? And you didn’t tell me why did you lie to me then?”

“I’m so sorry, but the only way I felt I could get you to experience this was by suggesting we do it together, so you wouldn’t be afraid. I even experienced DP that day, just like Petra did with Lew when he took her anal virginity.”

“DP, what the fuck is DP?”

It was time for me to step in, to make sure they would remain friends after this experience.

“Oh I hate all these abbreviations you youngsters use these days, so for your benefit, Linda, DP, explains itself better when you don’t use the abbreviation, it means double penetration. And indeed I had Petra experience this, so she could tick it off of her ’69 sexy things to do before you die’ list.”

“How did you do that? Do you have a twin brother we are not aware of?”

“No, there are ways, you know what, maybe we can do it here with you too, but then in a far more interesting way than I used on Petra. Do you still trust me and most importantly, do you still trust Jada?”

“Should I?”

“Jada did it with the best intentions, to make it easier for you, supporting you as best as she could.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right, so yes I trust her, and you Lew, you know I trust you completely.”

“OK, hang in there, I’ll be right back.”

I made a dash for the staircase to the cellar to borrow something I saw in the dildo cupboard when I was fishing out the dildo I used on Petra for her DP initiation. Coming back up I hid it before coming back in. They both looked at me with big eyes filled with question marks trying to guess what I had done.

“OK girls, I figured out the perfect way for a DP. Jada, have you ever fucked a woman?”

“Uh, no, I don’t have a penis.”

“What if you had one, would you do it?”

“I guess so, it can’t be that difficult, can it?”

“Linda, have you ever been fucked by a woman?”

“No, for the same reason I guess.”

“OK Jada, you are about to find out how difficult it is for a man to fuck a woman into orgasm, and you Linda are about to experience what it feels like to be fucked by a woman.”

I pulled out what I had found downstairs in the dildo cupboard and showed it to them.

“Oh, a strap-on!” Jada said with a giggle, “you want me to fuck Linda with this thing?”

“Yes I do, which side would you like to handle?”


Before Jada could say something, Linda interjected, “Shouldn’t I be the one to decide who I want in my pussy and who gets my ass?”

“You’re absolutely right Linda, you decide who you want to face and who gets the privilege to admire your beautiful backside.”

“Mmmh, let me think, you were already in my ass today Lew, and you, Jada, played with my pussy, so I guess it’s clear, I want Lew in my pussy and Jada in my ass.”

Jada got busy putting on the strap-on dildo; she did have a problem figuring it out though as I’d chosen one where both parties could have some fun. It had a dildo attachment on both sides, one to go into Jada’s pussy and the other side to slide down Linda’s back passage.

“I’ve never used one of these before, how does it work Lew?”

“You see the pink side with the little nob at the top to stimulate your clitty? That goes in your pussy and you fuck Linda with the black side.”

“Oh, I see, pleasure for two?”

“That’s right.”

“Oh my, I will be fucked in the ass with a black one.” Linda coed. “That’s a double tick on my list, DP, and sex with a black cock – well not really, but close anyway.”

“OK girls, if we’re all geared up, I’ll lie on the bed with Linda straddling me doing a cowgirl, but instead of sitting upright, lie on my chest and stick your ass out to give Jada total access to your cute little asshole. One thing girls, I do need some stimulation to get me hard again after all the running around.”

“Let me take care of that,” Linda said.

“You do realize the last place my dick was in, was your ass, do you?”

“Yes, but I cleaned myself before, and ticking off items on our list, ass to mouth was one of them, so I can tick off an extra one.”

“That’s my girl!”

That said Linda climbed on top of me, impaling herself on my now hard again cock, bottoming out in one go due to her already profusely flowing juices. Her upper body came down, pressing her soft bosoms against my chest and her enticing lips to mine, sticking her bum out. Jada took up her designated position behind Linda, taking hold of the black dildo, lubing it profusely, then knocking at Linda’s backdoor, starting to push against her sphincter. Linda now relaxed and let the black snake slide in. It was a bit longer and thicker than my dick, so it was again a new sensation for her. I immediately felt it push against my dick through the fleshy wall between the two channels.

“Oh my god, this makes me feel so full, I love it!” Linda shouted.

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