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The Room: Eighteen and Four

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Sometimes, there was nothing better than seeing where it all started. Mom and dad were on the bed in the Room fucking. It was so erotic. Dad looked like some kind of statue, holding moms legs apart and pulling her onto his cock, while Mom laid back and writhed and moaned. She begged to be fucked harder. He thrust into her hardly, deliberately.

It was like kids watching their parents do anything else. We respected it, and learned from it. Chris and I would see when dad would do something that mom really liked, and we got hard and eager to try it ourselves, not the least of which, on her. Sara and Lynn, who had always looked to their dad as their patriarch and mom as a role model were watching these two teachers coming together in a writhing mass of ecstasy. Nothing makes two young girls with already high sex drives hotter.

So, we, the kids, gathered around the bed, pleasuring and kissing each other, as mom and dad showed us what it was all about. After mom came once (and watching our mom cum had been plenty to get Chris and I hard), she looked over at her kids smiling. She gave us an approving nod when she saw Lynn slowly caressing, not even stroking, Chris’s cock, and me behind Sara with my hands around her waist sucking on her neck. She gave us an almost unnoticeable nod, which we all picked up on, before she returned to her world of ecstasy that our dad was putting her into.

Lynn slid her hands up her brothers chest and then around his neck as she began to kiss him passionately. Moving slowly back, and him following, she eventually, laid down on her back spreading her legs and giving him a knowing “come here” look. He soon moved on top of her to resume their passionate kiss as he began to fuck his sister.

At about the same time, I had moved my pendik escort hands from Sara’s waist and down to her pussy, still alternating from sucking on her neck and earlobes from behind. I began soft circles around Sara’s clit and when she became fully aroused, moved my fingers up to her mouth to get them moistened. That done, I moved back down to my big sister pussy and began fingering her and rubbing her clit.

As she began to feel the waves of pleasure wash over her, she moved her hand back behind her head to mine and pulled my lips to hers. Sharing a kiss, she moaned into my mouth and came. By this time my cock was rock hard and pressing into her back. She took my fingers from her pussy, and began to suck on them suggestively, both tasting her pussy and getting my hopes up. And she did not disappoint. She lay down on her stomach, pushed me back to sitting from my knees and, after giving my cock a good lick, she started sucking.

Sara, being the top notch cock sucker that she is, had me close in no time flat, but before I got there, Lynn had started squeaking as her older brother fucked her. By the look on Chris’s face he was close, too. Sara took a break from my cock and moved towards him. She gave him a quick kiss and moved down to his cock. Pulling out of his little sister’s pussy, he moved to his older one’s mouth just before cumming and came on Sara’s face.

My parents, all the while still fucking each other, sounded close to cumming as well. Mom had now cum twice with dad, and dad seeing his son cum on his daughter’s face was sent over the edge. But he must not have been content to let Chris have all the fun. He pulled out of mom, and moved to his daughter, putting his cock in front of his daughters face and letting his cum add to his maltepe escort sons. Soon, all that was left, was four very tired members of our family, their cum-soaked daughter, and their youngest son with a rock hard cock. I crawled to Sara and placed my cock back at her lips. My big sister, face covered with my brother and dad’s cum, soon finished me off, and my load was added to her face.

She gave my dad a sexy grin and asked, “Does your little girl look pretty daddy?” But then, she gave an unexpected moan. Looking back, we saw Lynn with her face between Sara’s legs. Mom then leaned forward and began making out with her daughter. Every now and then she would stop and lick a little of the cum off of her face. After a minute or two, Lynn and mom switched places. Lynn was now cleaning up her sisters face and would always go back to kissing her sister before swallowing so that Sara would swallow some to.

After Sara came, mom moved to her face, too, helping Lynn lick up the last of the cum and then giving her a big kiss.


On the way up from the Room, I couldn’t stop staring at Sara’s ass. It was right in front of me as she was a few steps ahead on the stairs and her wobbly post-orgasm walk made it sway from side to side. My cock started hardening a bit, still tired from my sister’s blowjob, but not yet totally spent. You develop some stamina in a family like mine.

She noticed quickly and, still having not been fucked yet herself, seemed primed and ready.

When we reached the upstairs hallway which lead to each of our rooms, we coupled off as we usually did now on our way to bed. Dad must have seen Sara and my eyeing one another on the way up. “Why don’t we leave those two alone,” he said, “they look ready to pounce on each kartal escort other.”

Mom gave me a kiss and my ass a pat of encouragement and then took Lynn and Chris seductively towards the master bedroom with dad.

Sara took my hand and pulled me into the girls’ room. I braced myself for her pounce. But instead I felt a soft touch to my neck and a passionate kiss. She was usually aggressive and wild. This was very unlike her.

“Hey bro?” She said softly, “You fuck me so good. I want to see what else you can do. Can tonight be more romantic?”

“Sure,” I said, not quite sure what she meant. She laid on her bed and I leaned over her locking lips as she wrapped her hands around the back of my head. Soon, I was ready and pushed into her. She gasped and pulled me down on top of her, kissing me again.

“That’s it bro,” She said as I fucked her, “That’s what I wanted to feel. I wanted to know what it was like.” I continued thrusting into her. But I was confused. I didn’t know how to be like this with Sara. This wasn’t her. She was a wild spirit. That was who I knew her as, and I was off of my game screwing to someone who wasn’t real.

“Come on,” she said as I started slowing, “You can do this. Don’t fuck me. Make love to me. Yes, that’s it. Mmm. Make love to me!” She was cumming. I was close, but I couldn’t quite get there. This was to odd.

“Yes!” she cried out as she came on my cock, “That’s it. Make love to me like I’m Lynn!”

And then I did cum. Hard. I was shocked and thrilled and scared all at once. I shot into my sister with an overwhelming array of emotions swimming in my head. And I loved it.

I collapsed next to my sister and laid on my back, my mind going a mile a minute, trying to process what Sara had just done. What did she know?

She cuddled against me, and as we drifted off to sleep, I could feel my cum leaking out of her pussy onto my leg. She gave me a quick kiss, and back to her old mischievous self, she whispered, “That’s my good little brother.”

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