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The Saga of A Family Ch. 02

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HE WAS twenty WHEN HE FIRST NOTICED THAT SHE was just as curious about sex as he was.

She was careless; he had found one of his books (borrowed from Rohit) under the mattress on her bed. He was usually very careful about the books and always kept it locked in his desk. That day, he had been summoned by his father to attend to mundane chores he was supposed to have completed last week. It was a Sunday, and he was curled up in bed reading the smut book and had stuffed it under his pillow before going out to the yard to mow the lawn.

Later, after dinner, when she was still watching TV in the sitting room, he looked under the pillow and found that the book had disappeared. It took him less than ten minutes to find it hidden under her mattress.

He found himself looking at her more often, wondering what the stories in the book would be doing to her. She was eighteen, but for her age, she was well developed; too well developed, he thought. He found himself looking more often at her chest (she was very well endowed in that department). Whenever she wore skirts, he would be feverishly wishing that she would bend down, because when she did that, he could see her strong thighs and those smooth legs.

Rohit was his cousin, a year older than him and he had a very good collection of porno. They were cheap books, available on the pavements at Bombay’s Flora Fountain area. Vinod himself couldn’t bring himself to buy them – he was too damned embarrassed to be doing that. Rohit didn’t care a damn, because, well, he was that kind of a guy. Moreover, Rohit had already promised Vinod that he would soon be able to ‘pick up’ a video off his father’s closet!

When Vinod realized that Sonia too was growing, he would often fantasize about her. He wondered how she would react if she knew what he would be thinking about during his ‘jerk-off’ times.

Consciously, he began to ‘forget’ locking his desk. He started to borrow from Rohit, books featuring stories with incestuous relations. And there were quite a few of them.

He began to use her bras and panties to masturbate into. As most young boys of his age, he had also fantasized about making it with his own mother. And why not, he thought. Even Rohit had commented about how beautiful and sexy his mother looked. Not that Rohit’s mother was less sexy; however, his own mother looked a lot younger than her age, while Rohit’s mom looked her own age.

It happened on a Sunday morning. Their parents had left early in the morning to catch a morning show of an English movie with Rohit’s parents. Rohit and his sister Asha (an year older than Sonia) were to come down to their place in the afternoon. Sonia was down in the kitchen listening to some music blaring from the TV. He was lying on his bed, book in one hand, cock in the other.

She had entered the room, apparently in search of a book she wanted.

“Jeeze, Sonia, don’t you know how to knock?” he stammered, trying to stuff his erect cock back into his shorts.

“What are you doing?” she counter questioned, her eyes staring between his legs.

“None of your damned business,” he answered, succeeding in pushing his hard on inside his shorts.

“You are awfully big there!” she exclaimed, now stepping inside pendik escort the room, not at all over awed by the situation.

He was surprised at her brazen attitude. He had expected her to be equally embarrassed, if not more, than he was. He suddenly became aware of her lush and coltish body; she was dressed in cut off jeans that reached to her mid-thigh and clung to her round ass. Her tight sleeveless T-shirt accentuated her firm tits jutting out in front of her.

“You are not exactly small there,” he told her gesturing at her chest with his hands, which still held the book.

She looked down at her breasts and grinned. “I know. My friends tell me that I am the biggest not only at class but the whole damned school. And like you, all the guys there can’t keep their eyes away from them.”

“Who said I keep looking at them?” he asked her, gaining in confidence now that he realized that her reaction to the situation was remarkably cool; in fact, he began to feel his erection grow, and he withdrew his hand that had been covering his crotch, letting his legs spread apart, no longer trying to hide the bulge from his sister’s view.

“Don’t crap me,” she said. “We girls are blessed with a special instinct, you know. I have caught you stealing glances at my chest and legs on a number of occasions.”

“Big deal,” he snorted.

“Hey,” she said, her voice falling to a whisper. “Please show me your cock, will you?”

He was shocked, and strangely thrilled. The way she said ‘cock’ sent a hot surge up his cock, and he was afraid that if the situation continued to develop in this direction, it would burst out of his shorts.

“Sonia, you are kidding,” he replied, his voice weak and hoarse.

“No, I’m not. Besides, it isn’t a very unusual request, huh? I have lately been reading quite a lot from your library…”

“So, I have noticed,” he told her wryly.

“…and your choice apparently points out toward those special relations within relations!” she continued as if he had not spoken, “so, Vinny, what about it? I’m dying to see your cock.”


“Well, it’s so damned frustrating, realizing that you are jerking off in your bed under those covers, not more than ten feet away from me. I often dream of how you do it.”

“Shit!” he groaned, “I didn’t know I was that obvious.”

She giggled, revealing her pearly teeth. “Please, Vinny, show it!”

“What do I get to see in return, Sonia?” he questioned, his heart thumping wildly in his chest, his lips dry.

“What would you like to see?” she smiled slyly.

“I would like to see the whole of you without that damned T-shirt and the jeans” he blurted out.

She laughed, and then in a swift single move that surprised him, whipped out her T-shirt over her head. Without pausing, she bent down, hooking her fingers in the waistband of her jeans and pulled them down over her legs. She straightened, kicking away the jeans, and clad in just bra and panties, she faced him, her hands hanging loosely by her sides.

His eyes widened when he saw almost half of her large tits bulging out from the top of her bra and her long shapely legs sticking out from under her pink panties. Looking at her, almost nude, he felt himself comparing her with a recent centerfold maltepe escort he had seen in a Playboy issue at Rohit’s place.

“What…what size bra do you wear, Sonia?” he asked huskily, still lying on his bed, his eyes fixed on her tits.

“36,” she replied matter-of-factly. “Now, show me your dick.”

“You’ve been reading too many of those books,” he grinned, now, having thrown all caution and embarrassment to the wind and getting into the situation, trying to match her mood. God! He thought to himself. I have a brazen slut as my sister. The excitement in him was reaching its peak, and having decided to approach the matter in hand as coolly as she was doing, he merely lifted his hips and pulled down his shorts, letting his hard on leap out, erect and throbbing.

She ran a wet tongue over her lips.

“And what size is that, Vinny?” she croaked.

He grinned, throwing the book to the floor and resting both his hands on the bed beside him. “I didn’t measure.”

“I bet it is at least six inches long.”

“Maybe it is,” he replied, watching her eyes fixed on his throbbing member. He looked back at her jutting tits, and then his eyes slid down her surprisingly lush feminine curves.

She took three steps toward him till she was now standing beside his bed. She was so close; he could easily touch her if he wanted to by merely reaching out his hands and too, he could smell her perfume.

“I said I wanted to see the whole of you without any clothes.”

Dumbly, her eyes still on his cock, she reached behind her to unsnap the hooks of her bra. When she did so, the pressure on her bra caused her nipples to poke against the flimsy material. She drew her shoulders together to pull off the skimpy cloth and he shivered when her naked breasts tumbled out. Her nipples were a rosy pink and she was so close, he could see that they were erect. She bent down, her tits dangling below her, and pulled off her panties. When she lifted her legs one after the other to wriggle out of the panties, he could see the lips of her pussy, covered sparsely with hairs.

She stood up now, completely naked. Her chest heaved as she breathed deeply, obviously from the excitement. Throughout all this time, her eyes never wandered away from his prick.

Slowly, almost tentatively, she reached out one hand, bending slightly from her waist and her fingers brushed his cock. He shuddered when she touched him, then groaned when he felt her fist quickly wrapping around his cock.

“Oh God!” he muttered. He was losing control now and before he could say anything, he found his hands groping for her heaving tits, grabbing them and beginning to squeeze.

All at once, she was falling down and he was moving to accommodate her beside him on the bed. She lay to his left on her right side and he turned to face her, and in this position, he awkwardly put one arm around her shoulders and drew her face towards his.

His mouth covered hers as her hand snaked down between their writhing bodies to grasp his cock back in her fist. She threw her other hand over his shoulders and moaned into his mouth, opening her own, pushing her tongue against his, arching her body when she felt his large palm close over her left breast.

He knew kartal escort that they would not fuck; atleast for now. That had nothing to do with the fact that she was his sister; but, god, he still needed time to think about it.

It was as if she too knew it. Because she immediately started to move her hand up and down, squeezing his erect cock in her fist, thrusting her hips against his fingers, which had slipped down from her shoulders to search for her secrets between her legs.

They kissed each other ferociously for almost two minutes, tongues darting into each other’s mouths, lips locking hard, driving them breathless. Then, almost reluctantly, she drew back and crouched at her waist so that she could look down at her jerking fist.

“Please rub my cunt,” she whimpered, jerking his cock furiously.

He felt thrilled when she used the word, and pushed her till she was lying on her back. He lifted his head and bent down sideways to take her nipple in his mouth, sucking hard on it. His body was still on its side, so he slipped one hand under her shoulders and grabbed her right breast, continuing to suck on the left nipple. He slid his other hand down, over the flat of her belly, till his fingers cruised through her sparse bush and reached her pussy lips.

She let out a soft scream when his finger found her clit, and her legs went taut as he began to rub it in a circular motion. She reached down with her other hand and cupped his testicles, continuing to masturbate him.

“Oh god, Vinny, oh god, do me, yes, do me, Vinny, faster, oh god, yes,” she whispered hotly into his ears, “Suck my tits, oh god, yes, Vinny, Vinny, Ooohh, ugghhh, yessss….”

He began to lick her breast, mauling the other with his rough hands. There was no finesse, only a sense of urgency, as they both moved closer to their impending release.

She came first, her fist on his cock suddenly going still, legs arching out, knees spread apart and raised off the bed. He looked at her, continuing the ruthless fingering of her clit. Her eyes were shut, lips drawn back into a snarl, her long brown hair covering most of her face.

“OOOHH, OOOHH, yessss, oh shit, oh god, VINNY…”

She suddenly went limp; disappointed that it had ended so soon for her. Aware that he had still not climaxed, she turned her attention to his cock, which was now rubbing the side of her leg. She slid back, and then took him with both her hands.

It was his turn to lie on his back. He bent down and watched her hands jerking his cock up and down, up and down. His cock head had become deep red and engorged. The sight of her dainty hands on his thick cock inflamed him. He grasped both her tits in his hands and began to move his hips back and forth to counter thrust her movements.

He began to groan when he reached the point of no return. His hips began to work faster than the movements of her hands. He suddenly let out a howl and scrambled on top of her body, hands clutching her tits, mouth covering hers and thrust his tongue inside her mouth.

She felt the globs of his semen spurting on her belly, lighting up little sparks of fire as they landed there. Amazingly, without his now touching her there, she felt a small orgasm rip through her body and she realized that it had come merely because she had made him cum.

And later, they lay beside each other, drawing deep breaths, satiated for now. The TV blared out rock music on the music channel, but neither heard it. In stead, they were hearing their own music.

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