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The Second Love of My Life Ch. 02

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Right on time, at 12:30am, the door opened. I was still half asleep but Cari rolled off of me instantly and turned to run.

“Stop right there, Cari!” my wife said. “I’m not going to let you run away from this!”

Cari turned around and walked back, dropped to her knees with her head hung to her chest. Tears started dripping down her face and to the floor. “I’m sorry, Sara! I couldn’t help myself. Don’t blame Scott. I made him do this.”

“Will you please stop groveling?” Sara said sternly. Cari looked up. More gently, Sara said, “stand up and act like someone who matters instead of a slave. You too, dear husband”, she directed at me. “As good as you look laying on your back, that isn’t appropriate at this moment.” I stood quickly.

“That’s not a whole lot better”, Sara said, with a smirk. My cock was still half-erect. “I don’t know what to say right now, other than I still love both of you. I think it would be better if you both clean up and come back here so I can think about this until you return.”

Cari turned and went to the bathroom. Sara looked at me. “You might as well go with her,” she said. “There’s not much left to hide between you and it will be quicker.”

For once, I couldn’t read her face. She was as closed as I had ever seen her. I tried to kiss her as I was leaving but she put up her hand. “Later,” she said simply. I followed Cari into the bathroom.

Cari was sitting on the edge of the tub, with a warm washcloth in her hand, looking desolate. “What do we do, Scott? What have we done?” she wailed. Sara must have heard the complete devastation in her voice. She did not say it quietly. My heart was pounding in my chest. I started crying myself to see her in such pain. Kneeling before her, I carefully took the cloth from her and started cleaning her. There was only a little blood, diluted with my sperm though not much of either since it had time to dry. Once I was done, I sat on the lid of the toilet and starting washing myself. There was more of her blood on me and it took quite a bit longer to get clean. I suppose it was the effect of gravity since she had straddled me. All the while I was silent, thinking.

“What do we do?” Cari asked, urgently. Quietly this time.

“The ataşehir escort bayan only thing we can do,” I said. “Whatever she asks.”


“There are no ‘buts’ here,” I stopped her. “We have done what we have done. We can’t change that. If she decides to leave us, we will have to let her go. Notice I said ‘we’. You are now as much a part of me as she is. I am a part of you. It will tear a hole in my heart if she leaves. Know also that that applies to you. I love you. What we have done has made us one, just like the preacher said at my wedding. I will never willingly let you, or her, go. Now, if you are ready, it is time to face this. Waiting will not make it easier.”

“I need to put some clothes on.”

“I think not. We are about to bare our souls to her. I think she needs to see us this way to fully understand why we did this.”

I took Cari’s hand as we walked out of the bathroom. She hesitated, and I heard her start to cry again. As we entered into the living room, we saw Sara sitting in the middle of the large couch. At least she wasn’t in the rocking chair. That would have been a bad sign.

She held out her hand to me. When I took it, she said “please sit here on my left.” I had to let go of Cari to sit down, but Sara’s hand immediately replaced mine. Sara gently led Cari to her right side. Cari sat down about a foot away.

Now, Sara started crying. “Please, Cari,” she said sobbing. “I want you next to me.” She put her arm around her sister and pulled her into an embrace. They both started bawling. Strangely, I didn’t find it embarrassing. I let them be, not touching either one, until they calmed down.

Finally, Sara raised her head, wiped the tears from her cheeks, and said, “I suppose I should have expected this. I’ve been watching you two orbiting around each other for months. I can only be flattered that you cared enough about me to wait this long. Still, it was quite a shock to turn from locking the door and see the two of you trying to untangle yourselves. Whatever possessed you to make love in the middle of the living room? I’m sure one of the beds would have been more comfortable.”

Now I was confused. She was talking like it escort kadıöy was a joke, but her face said nothing. She was still closed tight. What was she worried about? I thought furiously. Then it hit me. She was worried we would leave her! I knew what to do, now. But I was in the wrong place. I slid to the floor and knelt directly in front of her, took both of her hands, looked directly into her eyes and said: “I am going to tell you the same thing I just told Cari. I will not willingly let you go. You are part of me. I am part of you. My heart would be torn in two if you left me…or I left you. It is not going to happen.” Now, Sara started crying again, this time onto my shoulder. They were great big sobs, not of grief, but of relief. I looked to Cari.

“Now the next step is up to you. If you want out, I will let you go. I would kill me, but I love you too much to keep you where you don’t want to be.” I heard Sara say softly into my chest, “Please no. Don’t leave me.” I don’t think Cari heard.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Cari said. “I’m right where I want to be.” She also slid off the couch and knelt beside me. She put her hands atop mine. “There is only one way this is going to work,” she said. “Sara, will you take me as a sister wife, as you have taken Scott for your husband?”

Sara looked at her and said, “I will. And will you take me as a sister wife as well?”

“I will,” said Cari. She then turned to me. “Scott, will you take me for your wife, equal to Sara, subservient neither to her nor to you, as you have taken Sara?”

“With all my heart,” I choked out, suddenly overwhelmed.

“Then there is something that we must do,” she said, standing. She reached down to me and to Sara and when we each took a hand, pulled us up. She kissed me gently on the lips and then turned to kiss her sister as well. “We ended up on the floor of the living room because that is where we started,” Cari said. “We couldn’t take our hands off each other long enough to move.”

Sara laughed. “I know what you mean. On our wedding night, we ended up making love on the window seat because that was where Scott undressed. The second time, we messed up the bed.”

We arrived in the bedroom. Cari maltepe escort stepped behind Sara and held her. “You seem to be wearing too many clothes, dear sister. Scott, please take care of her.” I started removing Sara’s work clothes. By the time I was done with that, I was fully erect again.

We laid Sara in the middle of the bed, with one of us on either side. I massaged deeply while Cari caressed gently. By the time I moved to her sex, she was so ready, she climaxed the instant I touched her. “I love you!” she cried out. “Both of you,” she whispered, when she finally came down. “Now, Cari, I am so very sorry that you can’t share this next part with me. Please watch us, though, and know that while I am making love to Scott, I am also making love to you.”

“Not so fast, love,” I said. I reached under the bed and pulled out Sara’s glass penis I got her for an anniversary present. I think she should not be bereft of pleasure, don’t you?”

“Oh, God!” said Cari. “If I’d known that was here…this night may never have happened.”

“Oh, no,” Sara said. “That thing doesn’t relieve you; it makes you want it more!”

As I moved into position, Cari lay beside Sara and placed the dildo into position. When I entered Sara, Cari slid it into her cunt. As I moved, so did her hand. We soon set up a rhythm and when I neared my limit, Both Cari and Sara flushed, each one staring at my cock sliding in and out of Sara. When I came, it was the strongest one I have ever had. I think I heard my wives cry out simultaneously. I’m not sure. I was yelling too loudly myself.

Much later, after sunup, we did it again. This time, Sara got the dildo, and Cari got my shaft. It worked as well this way around. While we were resting in each other’s arms, I suddenly said, “We have a problem.”

“What?” my women said, almost simultaneously.

“We need a bigger bed.” They both laughed.

Later that day we went shopping for a king-sized bed.

Cari told the college that she was moving out of the dorm “to save money by living with her sister and her husband.” A few weeks later we found a Libertarian-minded minister, whose denomination would most definitely not approve, and had him marry us. It may not be legal, but we consider it so. We got a few strange looks from friends and family, especially when both my wives became pregnant at the same time, but eventually they accepted the obvious. No one else mattered to us.

We are deliriously happy.

That is what matters.

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