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The Stormy Night

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The windshield wipers slapped back and forth in front of Paul Anderson’s face as he cursed to himself about the terrible weather. It had been raining hard for several hours and the prediction called for heavier storms to blanket the area for at least two more days. He raised his knee under the steering wheel as he fussed about in his jacket for his cell phone, and punched in the numbers for his house.

“We’re sorry. All circuits are busy now. Please try again later.” he had gotten that message from the cell system all afternoon.

He cursed again.

Turning again to driving, he had to slam on his brakes and swerve to avoid running into the back of a delivery truck. His heart rate rose to match his stress level, and he tried to focus his eyes on the slowing traffic ahead to take his mind off of Jenny. Although Jenny was nearly nineteen years old, she was still his little girl, and she was alone at home. He wished that Alice was there to comfort her, but it had been nearly a year since the accid…

A truck passing the other way ran through some water in a low spot in the road and washed out his view through his windshield in an instant, jerking Paul back to the present. It had been a storm like this and a road like this that took Alice from his family in a moment of distraction. Jenny had been driving and she and Alice were fiddling with some stupid music CD stuck in the center console compartment of the car, and when Jenny looked up it was too late. Jenny still hates storms. She was alone at home and the night was not getting any more peaceful.

Paul finally neared his driveway and punched the button above the mirror to open the garage door. Nothing. He pressed it again. Still nothing. He knew that the power was down all over the city, but he mentally willed the lifeless electrical lines into operation. The electricity was still not responding. He got out of the car and was soaked to the skin in seconds as he dashed to the front door. He fumbled his keys trying to open the front door and water sheeted off the roof and ran down the back of his neck just as Jenny opened the door.

“Oh, Daddy! I’m so glad you’re home!” Jenny put her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly, nearly knocking him backwards into the front yard.

“Hi Princess!” he said as he moved them both into the dark house. “You okay?”

“The lights went out about an hour ago, Daddy, and I’ve been in my room. You know how I hate storms like this.”

“I know, baby.” Paul said as he took off his jacket and hung it in the hall closet and started to sit down to take off his soaked shoes.

“Don’t sit there, Daddy!” Jenny suddenly warned. “You’re all wet and you’ll ruin the couch! You stand there and I’ll get your robe.”

Jenny bounded up the stairs but returned only a few moments later with Paul’s slightly shabby old burgundy robe. Alice got it for him for his birthday several years ago, and as he took the robe from Jenny’s hands he might have sworn that it was Allie standing there holding it out to him. Paul dismissed the thought, blaming it on the dim lighting and the stress of the afternoon drive. He stepped into the guest bathroom and stripped off his soaked clothes, and wrapped the robe around himself. He gathered up the soggy pile on the floor and stepped out of the bathroom and dumped the mess on the laundry room floor, and went into the living room to see about building a fire in the big stone fireplace to take the chill off the evening, since it was going to be cool tonight because of the storm.

As he was stacking some oak logs onto the cheery fire, Jenny came in with a bag of marshmallows and two roaster sticks. “I’ve always loved toasting marshmallows with you, Daddy.” She said, and Paul could see that her mood had improved considerably now that he was home. She sat down cross-legged in front of the fire, and Paul looked at her lovingly. She had sat exactly like that in front of countless other campfires since she was two or three years old, and always knew, just knew, that her Daddy would put the marshmallows on her roaster stick without her even asking him. He smiled to himself and stuck two fat ones on the end of the stick.

“Thanks, Daddy.” Jenny said as she stared into the mesmerizing flames.

“No problem, Princess.” Paul replied, and he reached out his hand to stroke her hair.

He sat back to look at his daughter. Her face was lighted by the dancing firelight, and she was beautiful. He wondered when she had grown up, amazed that it seemed to have happened overnight. He figured that she must be about five feet eight or so, since she was a little taller than his chin. She had her mother’s figure and was charmingly shaped although a little plump by fashion magazine standards. He didn’t really intend to look at Jenny’s breasts, but she was wearing her pajamas and no bra, and her breasts moved inside her pajama top as she turned her marshmallow stick. He studied their shape and size, imagining how heavy they might be. Surrounded by the thought of his daughter’s escort ataşehir breasts, Paul Anderson realized that his cock had begun to swell.

Jenny suddenly pulled the marshmallow out of the fire and turned toward him, and Paul’s mind suddenly filled with a mixture of emotional thoughts. He was simultaneously ashamed at himself for having entertained those thoughts about her and wondered if Jenny had noticed him looking at her, while he was captivated by the beautiful young woman that sat before him and enthusiastically held two oozing, melted marshmallows out toward him.

“I wanted them to be hot and just right for you, Daddy.” Jenny said as her eyes sparkled in the reflected firelight. Paul thought of Jenny’s breasts and wondered within himself if her double entendre was intentional or merely coincidental.

He reached out and pulled a gooey marshmallow from the roasting stick and sat back to relish its warm sweetness. He shut his eyes against the turmoil inside his head and thought back to earlier innocent years when Jenny loved to ride on his shoulders as Alice reminded him to be careful. He smiled contentedly and opened his eyes again, fully expecting to see Jenny as a little girl with a lost tooth or maybe a portrait of him done in crayon. He was not expecting what he saw. Jenny was staring at his cock!

His robe had come open, probably when he reached for the marshmallow, and his manhood was fully but unintentionally displayed. A sudden rush of adrenaline caused Paul’s mind to race involuntarily and, although it took less than two seconds to close the robe over himself, he saw Jenny’s reaction in every detail. He saw her eyes widen in surprise but there was no doubt that her eyes were also filled with fascination. Amid the maelstrom of thoughts, Paul tried to decide if he should say something or pretend the incident had not happened. He decided to speak, but fumbled the appropriate words.

“I – I – I’m sorry, Princess.” He muttered. “I didn’t realize….”

“Its okay, Daddy,” Jenny interrupted. “I didn’t baby sit all those years without changing diapers on baby boys, you know.” There was a nervous tension in Jenny’s voice that Paul had never heard before.

“But I’m not a baby boy.” Paul said, instantly wishing he hadn’t said that.

“You sure aren’t, Daddy!” Jenny giggled. “That’s a whole lot bigger than any I’ve ever seen before!” Jenny blushed visibly in the golden firelight at the realization of what she had said, because she thought back to something that happened at school a few years earlier. There was a boy in her Algebra class that she thought was kind of cute, and she tried to get him to notice her by walking in front of him as he passed between classes. On one particular day she was hiding behind a pile of rolled-up wrestling mats as she waited for her prey to appear, and she overhead some of the guys on the football team bragging about the size of their cocks. Jenny was embarrassed to hear their dirty talk but knew that she couldn’t get away without being discovered, and she had no idea what the guys would do. As the guys continued their talk she became unexpectedly curious and moved a little to try to see what they were doing. She peered carefully around the pile of mats and saw one of the guys from the side. He had taken his cock out of his jeans and was stroking it, proudly showing it to the others. Jenny hoped that they wouldn’t notice her, but couldn’t take her eyes away from what she saw. A couple of the other guys recoiled and jeered at the guy holding his cock, but Jenny saw that a couple others nodded approvingly. Their varied reactions were only another item in her long list of reasons to find males to be so very different than what she understood. Suddenly, the doors opened at the other end of the gym and the guys hastily split up. Jenny slipped into the mix of students moving through the gym and the incident was over, but Jenny had difficulty trying to forget the image burned into her memory.

Paul wrapped his robe around himself more securely and reached out to Jenny. Tears of embarrassment had welled up inside her brown eyes and she looked desperately vulnerable. He didn’t ever want his Jenny to ever feel vulnerable. That night with Alice riding in the car made her feel responsible for that tragedy.

“No harm done, Princess.” Paul said, just as a brilliant lightning flash cut into their little world, instantly followed by the sharp crack of thunder. Jenny was immediately terrified and rushed toward Paul. Instinctively, he took her in his arms and held her close.

“It’s all right, Princess. Daddy is here and I’ll protect you.” Paul said soothingly into her ear. She was quivering in his arms and snuggled into the crook of his elbow as he held her shoulder and cradled her head against his chest. He paused for a moment, not knowing where to put his other hand, and decided to stroke her hair in hopes that it would calm her.

“I love you, Daddy.” Jenny said, as she relaxed a little in his arms.

“I kadıköy escort love you too, Princess.” Replied Paul quietly.

Paul gently rocked back and forth a little, cradling Jenny in his arms. The storm still beat heavily against the windows, but it seemed safe and peaceful inside as they sat wordlessly near the crackling fire.

“Let’s toast some more marshmallows, Princess!” said Paul cheerfully.

Jenny turned a little but stayed nestled safely against Paul’s elbow as he plucked a marshmallow from the bag and started to spear it onto the roasting stick. As he turned the marshmallow in his fingers he noticed how much, although much larger, it felt like Allie’s nipple. Paul kneaded the marshmallow in his fingers, remembering the feel of her and thought about how much she liked him to hold her breast in both hands and draw her nipple deep into the back of his mouth. She always said that there was a nerve that connected her nipples to her clitoris.

“Daddy!” Jenny interrupted. “What are you doing to the marshmallow?”

Paul hurriedly skewered the marshmallow onto the tip of the roasting stick and swung it to be just above the glowing coals at the bottom of the fire place. “Sorry, Princess,” he said “I was just thinking of your Mother”

“I know you miss her a lot, Daddy,” Jenny turned serious. “I miss her too. I don’t know how to be a woman and I always expected that mom would help me out with that.”

“What do you mean, Princess?” Paul asked, startled by Jenny’s statement.

“I…I…I don’t know anything about love, Daddy. No, that isn’t right because I know you love me a lot and you’d do anything for me. I don’t mean that. I mean…oh…this is…just forget it, ‘kay?” Jenny stammered to explain herself.

Paul gently stroked Jenny’s face, brushing a strand of her brown hair out of her eyes. He felt helpless, but wanted so very much to make Jenny feel comfortable enough to describe her need. Failing to identify any appropriate words, he just smiled gently at her.

“I know I’m growing up, Daddy.” Jenny said softly. “I’m almost nineteen years old. I know that it won’t be long before I’m supposed to find a guy and get married and settle down and have a family.” Tears welled up in her brown eyes and Paul drew her close in a hug.

“When the time is right, your Prince Charming will sweep you away, Little Princess. Don’t you worry about that!” Paul reassured her.

“But, Daddy…” Jenny continued. “I…um…just don’t know…Oh Daddy I’m so silly to have said anything!”

He stroked her hair and kissed his fingertip and touched it to her nose. “Its okay baby,” he said, “Nothing about you is silly right now. Let it all out, Princess.”

“Oh, Daddy, I just don’t think I will ever know how to find a guy that will take care of me like you do, and I don’t think any guy will ever love me like you and Mom loved each other.”

Paul’s heart tightened like a knot in his throat at Jenny’s comment about his love for Alice being something in the past, like it didn’t exist any longer. He recoiled at the idea that anyone could think that Allie wasn’t in his heart and his mind any more. He frowned and Jenny noticed it immediately.

“What did I say, Daddy?” she looked up at him imploringly. “Did I do something wrong?”

“No, sweetheart,” Paul replied. “But I was just thinking of your Mother and it hurt me a little. I know I’m not much good at teaching you about how to be a woman.”

“Daddy?” Jenny asked him pleadingly, “Can I…May I…um…Oh I shouldn’t…”

“What is it, Princess?” asked Paul. “How can I help you?”

“Please don’t think I’m awful, Daddy, but I want to know how your….um…well, I want to …um…oh Daddy I want to know how a man’s penis works.!”

Paul sat back, stunned. He wanted to help with whatever it was that was bothering Jenny but had no clue that she was curious about that! He had always known that every parent has a responsibility to conduct “the talk” with their children about sex, but he had always expected that Alice would take care of that task with Jenny. He was prepared to take that chore with his sons, but Jenny was their only child.

Paul Anderson swallowed hard. He tried to respond as calmly as he could, much as he would if Jenny had asked about how to water the lawn.

“Well, Princess.” He started, “A man uses his penis when he pees.”

Jenny laughed. “I know that, Daddy. I mean how does it work for making babies? I know that it goes in…um…” Jenny looked away suddenly and her faced blushed noticeably in the firelight..

Paul felt a stirring in his cock and knew that this was definitely the wrong time and place for him to get hard. He shifted uncomfortably to try to regain composure.

“When…uh,….when a man and a woman are going to make a baby…” Paul stammered, “his…um…his penis gets hard and straight so that it will…um…so that it will go into the woman’s..um…um…into her body so that she can get his…uh…his semen so that she’ll get pregnant.”

A bead of sweat had maltepe escort bayan broken out across Paul’s face. He lifted his free hand to dab it away but more sweat quickly appeared. Jenny looked at him in the eye. She stared at him, seemingly unable to form the words that remained unspoken behind her face. Paul looked back at her as she lay in he crook of his elbow and brushed the wisp of hair away from her eyes again.

“Did you and Mom do that a lot?” Jenny asked directly. “Did you and Mom want to have a lot of babies?”

Paul pondered that question and didn’t know quite how to answer. He had wanted to have some sons and they had talked about having more babies, but Alice had been on the pill for many years after Jenny was born.

“We wanted to have brothers and sisters for you, Princess, but we were happy when it was only you.” Paul hoped that Jenny would accept that.

“So you and Mom…did that…um….did that a lot?” Jenny was still curious.

“Yes, Princess, we did. When two people love each other a lot, they like to do that often. It helps to draw them closer together, which is why it is called “making love.”

Jenny thought about that and frowned a little.

“Daddy?” Jenny asked softly, almost in a whisper. “Will you do that with me? I know I can’t ever love you the way Mom did, but I love you more than any other guy in the whole world. Would that make it okay?”

Paul was stunned again. “I don’t think that would be right, Princess. I love you too, but I don’t think that….”

Jenny frowned again. “How will I ever learn to love like you and Mom then? She looked hurt. She was disappointed. She felt rejected.

Paul pulled Jenny close to him in another hug. He closed his eyes tightly against the insane rush of thoughts and emotions inside him. In defiant opposition to propriety and appropriate timing, his cock started to get hard again.

“You are so beautiful, Jenny. You remind me so much to your Mother. How can I deny anything you ask of me?” Paul stated firmly. “If you want me to teach you how to make love, let me set things up for you…for us…so it will be just right….just like a fairy tale for my favorite Princess.”

“You will, Daddy?” Jenny’s eyes sparkled. She quickly pulled herself up and kissed him on the cheek. “What do you want me to do?”

“First,” Paul replied, “Go and gather up all the candles you can find. Your mother always loved candlelight and it’s already dark outside.” Jenny got up and started toward the kitchen as Paul watched her lithe body move away from the firelight. He got up and opened a drawer in the sideboard in the dining room for a flashlight, and went down the hall into his room to rummage around in his closet for a battery operated radio. He snapped the power switch and was pleased and relieved to find that it worked. It was tuned to a news station and he listened to a few moments of the weather reports of the storm still covering the area. He tuned the radio to a music station that was broadcasting some smooth jazz, turned off the radio, and slipped it into a pocket of his robe. Carrying the flashlight, he went into the bathroom and brushed his teeth, thinking for a moment about his normal ritual of getting ready for bed and paused at the irony of the situation.

Jenny appeared in the doorway with a lighted candle in her hand. The flickering light danced across her face as she looked at her Dad. “Getting ready to go to sleep, Daddy?” Jenny teased him.

“Jush wanh b’righ fyoo” Paul replied with the toothbrush still in his mouth. Jenny laughed and said “You’re silly, Daddy.”

Paul took the toothbrush out of his mouth and said “Set up the candles all around the living room, Princess. It will be like the fairy castle and you can be the fair damsel in the tall tower.”

Jenny smiled and disappeared down the hallway as Paul studied himself in the mirror. He wondered what could possibly have brought him to the place where he now stood. He wanted everything to be right for Jenny. This was very, very important for her and he longed for the night to be perfect for her.

Paul finished in the bathroom and returned to his closet. He pushed his suits aside and shined the flashlight into the dark corner. There he found what he was looking for. It was hanging where he had tenderly placed it last year. It was Alice’s and he loved it. Paul clasped it tightly to his chest and tried to remember how Allie looked in that negligee. He tried to remember how she felt, how she smelled. He stood silently, and it was as though he felt Allie’s soft hand touch his cheek. He reflexively raised his own hand to his cheek, but there was no hand touching his. Still, it was as though he felt Alice close. Allie would want him to take charge. She would want him to take care of Jenny.

Paul lifted the negligee from its hanger and laid it over his arm. He stepped toward the door and lingered a few moments in the doorway and turned to look back into his room. He played the flashlight beam over the walls that bore pictures of happier times, and his eyes fell onto the bed where he and Alice had often lain, where they made love. That was where they made Jenny together. Paul turned toward the living room, drawn by his beautiful daughter waiting for him in the flickeringly lighted room.

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