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The Surrogate Ch. 03

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The next morning when I woke, I was alone in the bed. It is amazing how well I sleep after great sex. My Master, John left a note in the bathroom on the mirror which read; “Mary, I would have loved to stay at your side all morning, making sweet love to again and again. I however, have been called off on some business. I had a wonderful time last night or early this morning. I cannot wait until we are alone once more. Love, John.”

I of course kept the note stashing it away in my bureau drawer with all my sentimental bobbles and personal effects. It wasn’t until after this that I had to urinate rather badly. I felt as if my bladder would never stop emptying. Then the second thing struck me funny as I was emptying my bladder, my mouth felt dry without saliva as if the very water was sapped from me with the fit of urination I just experienced. I jumped into the shower after drinking down two glasses of water. I was drying off when I began to contemplate how my brother and I could spend a kind of honeymoon together.

This is when I found a Carnival Cruise ship brochure which had an all-expenses paid trip for seven nights and days on the sunny beaches of the Bahamas. I decided to see the entire cost of the trip for first class and the package after all we could afford it for certain. I was going to surprise my brother or so I thought, wondering where the brochure had come from in the first place. It was lying in the kitchen area. Well, I decided that perhaps the cook, Helena must have been looking at it because she had a paid vacation coming up.

I then sat down to a breakfast of a half of grapefruit, roasted almonds mixed with raisins, whole wheat toast with peanut butter, and a cup of coffee with plain half and half. I was still sitting there in my terry cloth robe when Helena walked in smiling and she said, “Hello my lady. Why do you not wake me for you to have breakfast? You know I do not mind doing for you.” Helena had a very strong Spanish accent and was so sweet with her wonderful dimples in her smile. Helena was always bright and never grumpy it seemed. She didn’t know John had already gone because she normally cooked his breakfast and practically all his meals. Helena were not just an employee but to us a loved family member.

I was looking at the brochure and smiled at Helena when I heard the outer door to the main hall open up. I turned to see my handsome brother, John walking in head high, shoulders back, with the presence of royalty. I could honestly say he was majestic and I smiled at him as he neared. John walked straight up to me kissing me on the lips not caring what Helena thought at all. I moaned kissing him back. He looked down seeing the brochure on the table in front of me and I said, “So did business go well sir? I am glad you returned. Perhaps you’ll join me for breakfast, please sir?”

John smiled then said, “Of course I will my dear. Helena, can I have three eggs over medium, rye toast, caviar, two potato cakes and a glass of orange juice please dear.” I watched as Helena bowed, disappearing as if on cue. Fifteen to twenty minutes later, she brought John everything down to the last little item requested with condiments and utensils. I watched as she refilled his orange juice glass. The two of us ate in silence with my brother smiling as if he was the cat who had eaten the canary.

Then I knew something was up his sleeve when he said, “My toy, you never ask me any questions as to where I have gone or what I have to do when I go off? Why is that?”

I looked up at my Master knowing it was a test and replied, “I am a toy who will never be curious of the Master for if I needed to know, the Master would inform the toy with clear instructions.”

I watched his expression change to a pleasant familiar smile then he said, “Oh correct my lovely toy. Now look before you on the table there is a pamphlet which I know you looked at this morning from Carnival Cruises. Well, I just decided this early morning we will be going on that cruise tomorrow morning you and I are booked.”

My eyes got huge and the smile was so big my face hurt. I wanted so bad to attack my brother right then kissing his handsome face a million one times. My mouth was still open and tears began running down my face because I just adored the way his mind worked with mine. I said, “Oh my God, thank you, I love you so much. I think it is so perfect to be alone with you my love.”

He merely smiled looking at me he said, “Mary with what you do for me you deserve it my dear. If I could deliver the moon to you, I would my love.” I blinked my eyes because I was holding back all the tears of pure joy.

It is then I remember something called the ripple effect. I asked a lady once who had never been graced by an orgasm. What damages the shoreline the most a tidal wave or a ripple effect of thousands of years of erosion. Well of course the ripple effect changes it the most but through a series of small waves crashing into the shoreline pendik escort second after second, minute after minute, and year after year.

The ripples of a small pond from some sort of disturbance therein possibly from a thrown stone into the middle of the pond will cause this effect. If you throw a stone into a pond the tiny ripple slowly grows from the inside outwards to the outer edges. The inner ripples although smaller tend to grow wider and bigger the further out they get to the edge. It is this disturbance which is concentrated on and not merely one wave of pleasure my precious dear. It is as if a multitude of stones are striking with precision and perfection in the same exact spot continuously until you have a massive amount of waves back to back heading towards the shore and repeatedly crashing into the shore line. Now only one wave will not disturb the land or beach front but the multitude will change the landscape. It is this ripple effect that I desire from a patient lover.

I remember Darla saying, “Oh my and how do you know or understand how to find a man like that?”

I smiled at her then said, “You need to find a man who is patient beyond anything so my test is making them wait an extraordinary amount of time. Just when you believe you have waited long enough give it five more minutes. If he is cussing angry or too impatient to wait then he’s not the one. He will be possibly good at parts of sex but never reach the desired ripple effect. No, the one that waits and is at peace within himself when you walk in, lookout he is the one to be leery about. He is the one who will be like ten thousand rocks striking that same spot in the pond and make you melt.”

I remember Darla saying, “Oh my. I guess I need to find a brain surgeon huh?”

I came back to the present and was finished with my coffee. I remember Helena swooping in for my plate and mug. I stood up walking over to my brother slowly as his deep blue eyes penetrated me with almost a surgical precision. I then leaned in real close to his ear and then whispered for only his ears, “I thank you for inviting me with you lover. Can I have you after you are through with breakfast please sir?”

He looked at me shaking his head up and down as if he were a little boy who had lost his voice. To me John looked so precious. I desired him so bad that I practically glided as I walked because of all my training it appeared I was almost ghost like as I moved. I knew my brother watched or studied me as I moved swiftly. I had to go into the master bedroom bathroom and touch myself slapping my love button several times. I also gently twisted my nipples while I waited on John.

I waited for what seemed an eternity for him. I badly desired his cock. I needed his touch, his kiss, and his power. My Master can be a cruel bastard at times. He knew I was going mad yet he walked in then said, “Get undressed and stand beside the bed but do not get on it. I will be back soon.”

I did as I was told. I watched my Master get undressed go into the master bathroom. I heard the shower turn on. I stood naked waiting beside the bed. I remember slapping my clit again and rubbing my sensitive nipples then squeezing my entire breast with my hand. One at a time then I went to rubbing my clit and fingering myself gently as I waited.

By the time John was done I had diddled myself almost to orgasm three times but I merely stopped right there teetering on the slightest edge of ecstasy and reality. I felt the wetness dripping from my soft pinkness gently down my inner thigh. John entered the room wearing a rather large dark blue bathrobe which contrasted his blonde hair and deep blue eyes with perfection. I wanted so badly to leap into his arms.

John stoic stood quietly in front of me glancing down between my thighs recognizing my swollen little lips and the wetness he obviously observed with his keen eye. He took his index finger sliding it gently in between my thighs collecting the drip, licking it, and moaned. Then John said, “Discipline and rules for you my sexy little toy. I will establish them here and today. You will need a trigger of sorts a mechanism to activate your sexual side toy that only your Master can know. You must learn a riddle, yes a riddle that will begin the process in order for you to merely remember the switch.”

I stood still my breathing getting uneven as he touched me my knees grew weak. I felt my body deceiving me as more wetness dripped slowly down, down, and further down, to my knee. A river of sopping wet juices continued to defy my Master and his words. I figured it would be impossible to train me to defy my inner most workings of my sexual nature. I desired my brother and merely thinking about him was my trigger, done deal I was ready.

John was silent for a long time standing looking at me. John stood there observing every muscle twitch, every intimate detail, and the breathing pattern of a hot assed sister. “The riddle you maltepe escort are to remember is this and it will forever be your switch. Do you understand me my Toy?”

I just stated, “Yes Sir, I understand.”

John smiled then said, “Two things must be done simultaneously in order to activate me for fun. The first part of the riddle is sealed with this but must be passionate in order for you to have bliss… What is it? You may answer my sweet precious toy.”

I blinked then said, “The answer sir is a Passionate Kiss.”

He smiled then said, “Correct. The second part of the riddle is; along with a passionate kiss my trigger activates me when you pull this, but be sure you do the action at the very same time for your purest of pleasure or it’s a waste of time… what is it? You may answer toy.”

I smiled knowingly then said, “My Master the answer which you seek oh does so please me. It is my trigger and does turn me on every time when you pull my hair as you give me a passionate kiss, you are mine.”

He smiled big then said, “From now on that is the only way to turn my toy into a live doll that plays. You will be faithful to hide it inside. Only if both of the riddles are answered will you be obliged to come alive or if the physical act is done. Forever this is your trigger.”

I looked straight ahead then I said, “Yes sir, I understand.”

My brother, John quickly tested me he said “Good now, hop in the bed with me let me taste you.” I never uttered a word and stood still right where I was. I never moved a hair. I never even blinked. John smiled then said, “Very impressive. You do look plastic almost like a mannequin doll. However, we need to shave all of your hair off of you except on your head in order for you to be a most convincing as a doll.”

I continued to stand there when suddenly John got off of the bed walked up in front of me. He then passionately kissed my lips and pulled my hair with a sexy pull. I will say I came to life with a true fire inside my eyes blinked and my tongue snaked around his as I moaned. I was never sure the very first time if I was truly purposefully behaving like a doll or I was play acting for my brother’s benefit as my Master. The hypnotic state suggests the fact that whatever my brother did by giving me order with the two part riddles planted a certain truth in my brain so I did become the doll. I was implanted with the orders now it’s the only way to even arouse me. However, when someone does the physical act or answers my questions to figure what to do then I am activated into a super slut doll truly.

I never understood how a simple mind trick triggered my actual sexuality and physical symptoms for instance when my brother kissed me. I felt a heat, my eyes did blink, my nipples became hard, and my pussy flooded with even more juices instantly. Now the later, was hard to tell because I was already previously soaking wet by anyone else but I knew.

I kissed my brother passionately again and again as I moaned. Alive I was, my hands moved over his shoulders my stiff limbs became limber and loose. I eased back on the bed wrapping my long lithe legs around my brother’s hips as I pulled him onto the bed with me. John not expecting this began to chuckle as my hands untied his robe and slid the robe off the second his knees touched the bed between my outstretched thighs. I continued kissing my brother again and again passionately on his sexy mouth. I desired John with my every fiber of my being. Yes the hypnotism worked on me and now I was an alive horny little fuck doll. I kissed his mouth over and over again. I slid my hands down to his waist and delicately stroked his cock with my tiny soft silky hands.

I then let John see as I spit a long gob of spit as it dripped from my mouth as it were, onto the tip of his rigid stiff beautiful cock. I used my tiny soft hands to make it so nice and wet. I continued to stroke slowly up and down, then up and down. I smiled as John watched me intently stroking his cock with both hands. I would gently cup his balls as well. I was about to tend to them with licking and sucking as well. However, my brother had other plans as he lifted my ass up into his face with both hands scooped under my ass and hips pulling my sweet pussy into his face.

I now giggled as every fiber, nerve, and synapse began firing in a multitude of pleasure vessels needing his soft wet devil of a tongue flattened or pointed but touching, stroking, and devouring my flower with my magic little button. My pinkness opened up to him as if knowing it was my lover’s lips and devil tongue indeed. Oh my goodness, how happy I could be. The butterflies in my stomach danced as I felt his softest touch. My hands would clinch the fitted sheet ripping and tearing with a violent streak as the orgasm inside me grew. I would thrust into that devil tongue. I’d close my thighs and smother him my brother danced his tongue again kartal escort and again for my pleasure some. The strangest thing was when he added his fingers into the fray inside my pussy and anal cavity the pleasure zones somehow changed.

Now in a state of complete bliss with his tongue, his fingers, the stroking inside, I was thrusting and pulling what a wild ride. Then suddenly the ripple effect oh, I remember, the devil he haunts as my orgasm tore me as if it were from some distant secluded island. I felt my body thrashing, pushing, pulling, and screaming in violent little quakes as the squirting started to take place. John, my lover with the patience of Job, was giggling and playing in my splashing orgasm onto his handsome face, still flicking, dancing, and licking with the devil which brings such intense pleasure. I was gasping openly, the covers torn by my hands with such a powerful orgasm as my eyes blink to realize the onslaught had stopped.

I watched in awe and amazement as my brother lay me down back on the bed gently and then instructed me to turn over. I did on my hands and knees for my master’s pleasure. I felt the bed pressured behind me as I felt my master kneeling then entering me swiftly. I knew he was determined as he mounted me. I felt the rush of splintered joy throughout my being as my eyes closed, my mouth agape, and breathing stopped for that purest of pleasure. The feeling of the entrance, the invasion with violence, lust, and power, the knowledge of being desired is the single most important thing I felt with the knowledge of love. Yes all the confirmation was enhanced by our coupling. My eyes opened as I rasped in my breathing as I felt him steaming with the sounds returning realizing my screaming shame.

My lover, my brother was fucking me so sweetly that I lost track of everything besides the sounds as it were of my own tempo and breathing. He was pounding my wetness, thrusting with violence. I heard the metronome of the slap, slap, and slapping of his balls against my ass. My breasts were bouncing violently as I held them both cupped in my hands as he continued his onslaught. I heard him for the first time asking me, “Do you truly love me toy?”

“Oh God, yes Master. I love you Master. Oh God, please don’t stop sir, please don’t ever stop, fucking me,” I managed to stammer in an almost audible mumble as he continued his thrashing inside of me.

My mind began racing to a thousand things like when we used to wrestle as young children and the awkwardness of it all. How after we grew up I was taken to classes with young girls to be with young ladies. My brother went to classes doing whatever they taught him and the young men. I could not believe my luck as I was now being thoroughly fucked by my sweet handsome brother so many years later. I felt the tiny shards of pleasure growing as my mind was racing thinking of all those things as the pace grew more frantic. I felt the heat rising slowly through his constant movement and thrusting.

I was feeling the ripple effect to perfection and remember that it was ten thousand upon ten thousands of waves crashing into the shore with precision changing the entire landscape of the shore. It began from somewhere deep within the sweetest release as I gripped the side of the bed screaming my lungs out when I felt the squirt, squirt, squirt, and squirt of my orgasm. I remember my brother moan and grunt his approval as he slammed again and again inside of my erupting pussy. He began laughing as he shoved his thumb inside my soft pink asshole.

He would spit a nice fat gob of saliva on my asshole to begin sliding his thumb in and out, faster and faster. He still was fucking in and out of my pussy with his gorgeous cock at the very same time. I was so relaxed and felt the pressure but then slowly the sensations of his wiggling thumb began to feel like a different pleasure zone. It was a feeling I never quite experienced before but instead of feeling straight pain as I thought, I would. I felt a sensation of first pressure but then his thumb began sliding in and out. The pleasure was more of the pulling backwards until I felt the head of his cock at my entrance to my asshole.

My Master slid his cock inside me but very deliberate and slow. I felt like I was stretching wide, wider, and then widest with a pressure that was extreme at first. I heard his voice reassuring me saying, “You must breathe baby. I know the feeling of fullness will pass shortly and then concentrate on the feelings of pure pleasure. You may feel like you have to go to the bathroom but it is the way this begins okay?”

I gasped once then again and I heard my voice as if far away say, “Yes sir, I understand.”

It was when he began moving that I understood the pleasure part as he slid in and out, then in and out. I began relaxing and breathing easier. Suddenly, what was once painful fullness became actually sweet satisfying pleasurable fucking. Yes, I felt the sting but mostly every stroke with his cock hit my g-spot from the opposite side through the thin membrane separating my pussy from my ass cavity. The actual sliding in and out became as fulfilling as I began to feel the deep heat once again building another monster.

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