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The Toy Room

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The punch had Elise feeling more fuzzy than expected. It had been sweet and fruity, her weakness for sugar made her gulp the glass rapidly. It was embarrassing: her first house party and one drink was all she could take! She didn’t want anyone to see her drunk, so she wandered upstairs in search of an out of the way place to hide. No one noticed her leave, most still frolicking in the pool area. She peeked into a couple of doors: a linen closet, a bathroom. The next door was slightly ajar, lights already on. Someone must’ve been in there recently. Finding it empty, she crept inside. The door had a lock. She turned it and walked around, curious and giggling to herself. I shouldn’t sneak around in someone else’s house.

The room had soft walls, covered in cloth an carpet on the floor. There was a cushy futon on one side, a mirror on the other. And along the back wall, an elegant wooden wardrobe with drawers on the bottom.

Elise stood in front of the mirror and examined herself. She’d worn a green two piece suit. It was something her mom had picked out, and she pretended not to like the retro style. It was more feminine than she normally liked. But it suited her curves, pushing her full breasts together and highlighting her already-an-hourglass shape. She was only eighteen, and already her figure turned heads of even the teachers in school. She did her best pinup pose in the mirror, on her toes, hands above her head, lifting her long hair to reveal the shaved part underneath. She blew herself a kiss and winked, then fell out of the pose laughing.

Elise didn’t realize that it was a two-way mirror. Jim hadn’t expected anyone to find the room so early. Usually a drunk couple came in and fucked on the futon, oblivious to his presence on the other side of the mirror. Here was this gorgeous little woman, not even old enough to drink, posing adorably. He sat back in the comfortable chair in the adjacent room. He loved when his son had these parties.

Elise casino oyna sat on the futon and admired herself. Watching her reflection, she tracked her fingers as they trailed along her bikini top, sliding across the soft freckled skin. Her nipples started to harden. She could see them push through the thin fabric. She bit her lip, allowed her fingers to brush them softly. The warm feeling it gave her made her shiver. This is not the time for that! She decided to distract herself.

On the other side of the mirror, Jim began to knead his already hardening cock through his pants. She was perfect.

Figuring no one would notice, Elise went over to the wardrobe to explore some more. She opened the first small drawer, and found it lined with satiny material. On top lay an array of bright pink silicone objects, shapes reminiscent of lava lamps. Butt plugs. Three of them, each larger than the last. Elise’s eyes widened, and she opened the next drawer. It was lined similarly to the other drawer, but inside lay several vibrators, varying in color and size. Wow, she thought, I’ve never seen this stuff in real life. She touched one of the vibrators gingerly. It was a nice, soft texture. Her heart pounded. Jim silently willed her to pick one up.

For a while now, she’d covertly been looking at toys online. Dildos, plugs, vibrators, gags, restraints…it was all fascinating to the young woman, but she couldn’t afford to make a purchase. When she touched herself at night, she had often imagined having something more than her slender fingers to fill her tight holes. She was thrilled to finally see sex toys in person. The next drawer held dildos, the last, an assortment of lubricants. The tall wardrobe door opened to reveal ropes, restraints of all sorts, as well as items she wasn’t sure she could identify. She closed it softly and glanced at the locked door several steps behind her. It was quiet, she couldn’t hear anyone beyond the door. Maybe canlı casino no one had noticed she was gone?

“No one would know…” she whispered softly. She opened the first drawer again. She selected the smallest plug, then taking a bottle of lube, she settled back on the futon. Jim grinned, realizing her intentions and shuffled out of his pants. This beautiful redhead was going to use one of his toys.

When she showered at home, she loved to slip a finger inside her ass and rub her clit with her other hand. She’d orgasmed this way many times on her knees, water flowing over her smooth skin.

Elise watched herself in the mirror as she peeled off the bathing suit. Jim’s heart pounded, she was even more lovely without clothes. Her pinkish nipples were large, and freckles dotted even her weighty breasts. How he would have loved to pinch them.

Naked, nervous, she sat down on the couch. She slowly opened her pale legs. Her mound was lightly fuzzed in reddish blonde hair. Her pussy lips were already slick. She slid a finger over them, dipping inside her warm opening for just a moment before circling her clit. Her breathing was heavy. It was so sexy to see herself this way, open and horny. Jim had to hold in a moan as he stroked his cock in response.

Elise felt sexy, watched her young pussy glisten as her fingers moved. She spread her legs further and rubbed her tight little hole. Feeling brave and excited, she grabbed the lube and squirted a bit on the plug. Little moans escaped as she pressed the tip against her asshole. Slowly, the little plug slipped inside until only the base remained. She sighed, grabbing her soft tits. It felt so nice to have her ass full like this. She stood up and stretched, enjoying the feel of the plug. I want to see myself come. Maybe…

The curious teenager went over to the wardrobe and grabbed a thick, curved dildo. It was only vaguely phallic, a deep green color similar to her abandoned swimsuit. kaçak casino She settled back on the futon and spread her legs again. More impatient than before, she pushed the toy into her soaking pussy. She gasped at the stretching feeling, pleasure and pain mixed in a way she’d never felt before. Slowly, she pulled the dildo out of her tight cunt and more quickly back in.

“Such a good little girl,” Jim whispered to himself, lost in watching the busty teen fuck herself.

“Oh god!” she moaned, feeling her holes stretched and watching the phallus sink into her cunny over and over. Her left hand squeezed her breast hard and pinched at her nipple.

The fucking felt so good, she felt alive and beautiful. She wanted more. Elise held the dildo inside herself and waddled to the drawer of vibrators, grabbed one at random, then plopped back onto the sofa. The black vibrator looked sort of like a small crooked egg with a button on one side, and she pressed it to her swollen clit. She turned it on, and fucked herself fast with the dildo.

Immediately, she was overwhelmed. The steady buzz on her clit was immensely pleasurable. She screamed out but kept pumping into herself, watching her body tensing in the mirror.

“Yeah, yeah…oh!” Elise’s muscles tensed and her hips bucked. Her ass and pussy tightened around the dildo and plug. She shut her eyes and let the waves of hot pleasure consume her. The orgasm was so much bigger than any she’d had before, and even her moans ceased as the world erased in the crash of her climax.

Jim’s cock pulsed and he barely held in a cry of ecstasy as he came. His seed shot onto the floor; some even made it to the glass where he watched Elise’s body shake.

Finally, the orgasm ebbed and Elise clicked the vibrator off. She opened her eyes and saw her reflection: a petite, pale beauty, kneeling on the floor, out of breath and sweaty with sex. She smiled and slid the toys out of her holes. Her pussy ached and her ass felt stretched. Still naked, she crawled over to the mirror and gave herself a smile. Then, Elise closed her eyes and pressed her lips to the glass in a soft, loving kiss.

Jim blew her a kiss back.

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