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Two Divorced MILFS Pt. 02

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Hello My Dear Readers…

The following is a Text Message Conversation between Lena & Kaniha, who have been Best Friends since College, and now, Enticing Mature Mothers – While the former had separated from her husband a few years ago, the latter split very recently.

As this is an immediate continuation to the First Part of the Story, reading it may make this more enjoyable.

The Plot is set in India.

I have tried to make it as interesting as possible, and I hope all of you will like the attempt.

Happy Reading!!

Lena : Start Talking!! Bitch!!

Kaniha : Hehe… Yaa… So, I was trying to relax by the Swimming Pool, though startled by all the presumably immoral activities surrounding me… But, my mind was still stuck at the Massage Table.

Lena : Forget the Massage!! Forget Jordan!! You had your chance to tell me about it, yet you did not!! So don’t go there, now!! Just tell me about your older partner.

Kaniha : I know… That is exactly what I am telling you… Be a little patient, Lena.

Lena : Speak Out, Slut!!

Kaniha : Arghhh… Fine!! So… This elderly man, who surprisingly had a body that had not at all aged, came and sat next to me. Maybe, I was just a little too lost, and I had not been paying enough attention, and I did not immediately realize he was only wearing a very very short pair of Swim Shorts. I actually did not really mind him, initially, but when he told me what he told me, I just had to remain fully focused on him. He had more to add on to his opinion of freeing me from the burden my uncomfortable Swimsuit gave me, and my eyes that were until then busy capturing all the indecent hotness happening around me, also managed to look at what the interested old guy hid underneath his tight Trunks!! Yes, it really seemed like he had come out in just his small Underwear!!

Lena : Oh My… Fuckkk… And, what did you find?! Tell me that!! Hehe…

Kaniha : A big throbbing erection that easily demanded respect!!

Lena : What!!

Kaniha : Yes!! That is just what I saw!! It was as if he had placed a huge pole inside his Trunks!!

Lena : This is not as bad as I thought it was… What happened next?! Tell me.

Kaniha : Lena… I was already leaking… And… My body wanted it… I cannot fully recollect what exactly transpired, but before I knew he was ramming in & out of me!! It was like I was breaking free!! I felt I was being converted into a new woman.

Lena : Whoooaa… Bae!! That actually sounds great!! I can feel the pleasure he gave you!! You wouldn’t be so expressive, otherwise!! Lol!! But… To be very honest, I never thought you will end up doing it with somebody of your Dad’s age!!

Kaniha : Hehehhe…

Lena : Did the old chap remind you of your Dad?!

Kaniha : What is wrong with you??

Lena : What?!

Kaniha : Why do you even ask such a question?!

Lena : Why do you think I did!!

Kaniha : I don’t know… This man looked nothing like my Dad!!

Lena : Haha!! That is not what I really meant… You know that, as well.

Kaniha : What is that you are saying!! Make it clear!!

Lena : Come On, Kaniha… You were addicted to your Dad, once upon a time!! This encounter we are discussing would have definitely reminded you of those days!!

Kaniha : What the hell?! Lena!! Stop making things up!! This is utter nonsense!! Are you out of your mind?!

Lena : Stop playing dumb… I did not make that up… You yourself had told me about it… Maybe, if you try to think about it, rather than over-reacting for no real reason, you too will agree to my claim!!

Kaniha : What Rubbish!! Too much Sex has killed your System, Lena!! When did I ever tell you about being addicted to my own Dad?! Crap!!

Lena : You really don’t remember you telling me that you find him a little too handsome, and you wished you could marry him!!

Kaniha : Lenaaa… That is not what I said!!

Lena : You did!! I am pretty sure those were the exact words you used!!

Kaniha : But… I did not mean it that way!! You are making it sound too indecent… I only would have tried to tell you I wanted to marry someone like my Dad!!

Lena : Yeah?! That was it??

Kaniha : Yes!!

Lena : There was nothing else??

Kaniha : What The Bloody Hell!! Noo!! Lena… No… Listen!! We are having a Mature conversation… I agree… I just don’t know why this whole Incest thing is making it’s way in!!

Lena : I understand your query… It is fair enough… But… Then, why is that you also told me your mother had told you not to share a bed with your father, anymore.

Kaniha : What!! Like… Isn’t that normal?! After an age!!

Lena : Yeah?! Really?! I don’t know, because my mother never told me that… I guess I never gave her a chance to!!

Kaniha : What are you trying to prove here?!

Lena : Just trying to prove the truth, and make you admit it!!

Kaniha : Shut Up!! I loved my Dad the way a daughter is supposed to love her male parent!!

Lena gölbaşı escort : Yeah, Right!! And how exactly is that, according to you?! By being raunchy enough to also force one’s mother into not allowing her daughter to be alone at home with her father?! Ya?!

Kaniha : Stop It!! Please!! You don’t trust me!! I get that… But, you cannot say such things!!

Lena : Ohh… So, this whole scandalous plot is a Trust Issue??

Kaniha : You have gone mad!! You simply don’t trust me, Lena!! It is just that!! You never ever trusted me!! It was always me trying to convince you!!

Lena : For your kind information, even your mother did not trust you!!

Kaniha : Lena!! We are done!!

Lena : I was only repeating what you once told me!!

Kaniha : Enough of this!! Okay?! Enough!!

Lena : Fine!! Keep it a secret!!

Kaniha : As if you don’t have any secrets!!

Lena : Nothing that would have broken my parents’s marriage!!

Kaniha : You are crossing the limit, Lena… This is too much!!

Lena : Okay!! I get it!!

Kaniha : No!! You don’t!!

Lena : Yeah… Maybe, I don’t!!

Kaniha : Yeah!!

Lena : I would have if I ever tried to get naked in front of my own father, and gave it my all to seduce him!!

Kaniha : Stop this bullshit!! You cannot ridicule me like that!! I did not think about my Dad when I did it with the old guy at the Resort!! Okay?! Chapter Closed!! We are not talking about it, ever again!!

Lena : Yeah Yeah…

Kaniha : What!! Why don’t you understand?! Why do you have to keep bringing in all these fabricated misunderstood gossips about me?! You are my Best Friend!! You know everything about me!! Right?! You are to be by my side… You can ask me if there is something that you need to ask me… You cannot make such assumptions, about things from the past… I just feel so disturbed… I don’t know how to convince you, anymore… I feel let down… I did not mean what I said the way you have conceived it!! Look… Lena… You have had sex with older men!! Did they remind you of your Daddy?!

Lena : No!! Why would they?!

Kaniha : Exactly!! See… That is what even I was saying, all this while… There was no need for you to ask me that question in the first place.

Lena : Fine… I should not have done that… I did not want to directly ask you about all that… I never really… You know… I was just being casual with you… I thought this was the right time to finally clarify it… We should just… Wait!! Did I tell you about the oldest in the list of my men?! Ohh, Bae… It was something extra-ordinary!! The Final Outcome, that is!!

Kaniha : No, you haven’t!! You were a little too busy trying to label me as a Father-Fucker!!

Lena : Hehehehe… Come-On, Bae… Relax… And… Give me a more exciting response!!

Kaniha : Get lost!!

Lena : Great!! Okay… Maybe, I should just go ahead with it…

Kaniha : Maybe…

Lena : Lol… See… The oldest man I had been with was around 55!!

Kaniha : Just 55?! Guess you are no Pro-Slut!!

Lena : Hahaha… The Anger!! Lol… I am no seductress like you, My Dear!! I did not get to do enough training at home, during my early days!!

Kaniha : Shut Up!! You will die a painful death!! I am cursing you!!

Lena : Hehehe… You don’t have to be so rude & aggressive to state I should stop lying!! You can politely make it clear, if you are certain my small findings are incorrect!!

Kaniha : You are Wrong!!

Lena : That is all you have to say?!

Kaniha : A man who is 55 cannot be considered all that old… Not Impressed!!

Lena : Oh, Okay… So, that is how you are doing it… Ma’am… I agree… I should not have tried to misguide you claiming his elderliness… I felt the fact that he was actually my ex-husband’s family member would make way for a more lenient scrutiny!!

Kaniha : What the hell!!

Lena : Find it interesting, now?!

Kaniha : What happened with him?? And, who is this relative?! When was this incident!!

Lena : Aaha!! So, you are not very pissed at me!!

Kaniha : Just tell me!!

Lena : Hehehe… I am telling you… I want to… Lol!! However, you may not know him… He is a distant relative… He was there at my Wedding, obviously. But no way you would remember him… Some second cousin of Aravind he is… I think he is actually the second cousin’s husband… My former spouse has some of his people in Mumbai… This particular man I am talking about is one among the many who had settled there, decades ago!!

Kaniha : Ohh… Okay!! I had no clue about it… I mean, you never told me about this… I now realise there are quite a lot of things you have not been telling me!!

Lena : Come On… It was just a silly affair… All these had become a routine thing, by then… You know!!

Kaniha : I know!! Hehe… Just stressing on the truth that this family guy deserved a special mention!!

Lena : Hahahaha!! I actually must have missed telling keçiören escort you about it!! Maybe, something a lot more entertaining had happened, around the same time!! Lol!!

Kaniha : When and Where was this?!

Lena : I met him at the Wedding of my former colleague’s daughter… This was a year or so after the divorce. I was only 34 then… Or 35, I guess!! Yeah, so this is almost 4 years ago, he is even older now. I really don’t know why I did not tell you about it!! He saw me walking out of the Convention Hall, he came to me, and all of a sudden told me he was upset about happened between me & Aravind, and asked me what exactly caused it!!

Lena : What did you tell him?!

Kaniha : I was so angry upon being questioned about my ex-husband… I wanted nothing more of him… I was done with all the misery. I actually should have just told this oldie that I could not adjust to his controlling ways, but a big part of me wanted to humiliate him!! So, I replied to this man that I wanted to separate because Aravind was gay!!

Kaniha : Lena!!

Lena : I swear!! That is exactly what I said!! You should have seen the look on his face!! He was stunned, and that is just what I wanted!!

Kaniha : But, he would have figured out the truth later!!

Lena : Who cares!! I got a lot of peace when he said Aravind always acted strange with men!! Hahaha!!

Kaniha : What?!

Lena : He just said that!! I knew he was just pushing it, and trying to get friendly with me!! But, there was no denying he was startled!! We were walking towards our cars, when we had the chat, and this guy even dropped his keys in shock!!

Kaniha : Haha!! What happened after that?? What else did he say?!

Lena : I am not sure what he said… But… The next thing I remember doing was definitely getting down on my knees and sucking him off, in the Parking Lot!!

Kaniha : The Fuck!!

Lena : Hahahaha!! I actually only wanted to help the poor disturbed soul with the car keys. He looked in no condition to easily bend down… He was not so bad physically, he was just super drunk, and I thought I will give him one less task to worry about!!

Kaniha : You sure it was just that?! Not your usual Pallu Of The Saree Drop Trick on A Lost High Man?!

Lena : Hehehehe… Actually, It was a mix of both!! Lol!! I could make out that he sure was thrilled to hear about my unfortunate suffering, regardless of his dumb responses… You know these men… He had easily given up protecting his desires!! His pants did not do much to keep his emotions hidden!! Well, I was only lying to him, but the unsatisfaction hinted was true, and he was reacting well to my sad stories!! Hehe!! Whatever… I am glad I took the effort!! This bastard, who until then addressed me as someone just like his own daughter, had a decent prick waiting inside!! I gave him a blowjob so good, he straightaway confessed he always had a thing for my huge round butt!!

Kaniha : What?! You got to be kidding me!!

Lena : That is nothing!! Wait till I finish… He even admitted to me that he was the one who spanked me on my ass, at my very own Wedding Reception, many years ago!!

Kaniha : What the hell?! Unbelievable!!

Lena : I know!! But, it was this twisted idiot’s doing… I don’t think he has to lie about that shameful deed, after all these years. It really has to be him!! He also told me that he had paid the Event Manager money to turn the lights off, the moment he got on stage!! Apparently, he could not control himself after he saw my tightly draped figure that morning, during the Traditional Ceremonies.

Kaniha : Shit!! So, it wasn’t Aravind’s younger brother?!

Lena : No!! It wasn’t my then Brother-in-Law!!

Kaniha : Oh, No… I still remember watching him getting beaten up, in front of all the other guests!! You should have been more careful before pointing fingers at him… You should not have comitted a mistake that huge!!

Lena : I know!! But, I had enough reasons to!! What do you expect me to do when quickly asked to decide on who among the men around had the highest probablity of making a move on me?! I would have definitely gone ahead with the one who I had caught checking me out!! There was no doubt that Arakshan was lusting at my side-boobs in the morning, when he saw me in the Red Saree… I really thought only he would dare to touch me inappropriately, and when Aravind started to become furious in public, I got scared!! I had to blame somebody!! I had never ever thought this old pig was the one responsible, and he looked extremely decent, back then.

Kaniha : You could have said you are not sure who it was!! I agree that the way you had screamed made everyone realise the seriousness of the situation, and you had to give them a name, but you should have opted for a better conclusion!!

Lena : Kaniha… Don’t worry… I have made up for that mistake!!

Kaniha : What?! What do you mean??

Lena : Infact, I keep making up for that mistake!! I gave ankara escort him a ride last week, as well!!

Kaniha : Shut the Fuck Up, Lena!!

Lena : I could not give him back the years he lived as an outcast, but I was to ready to do anything to make him forgive me!!

Kaniha : Lena?! Are you serious??

Lena : Yes!! And when he said he just wanted to have sex with a proper woman from the society, and not a paid whore, for once, I did not feel the need to think twice!!

Kaniha : Whaaatt!!

Lena : I did not feel any bad about it!! I actually felt the opposite!! Haha!!

Kaniha : Looks more like you would do anything to shame your ex-husband!!

Lena : Not really!! It was nothing like that… I was just giving him the closure my ex-husband would never have given him. After all, I was ready to let go off of the incident. It was Aravind who insisted Arakshan cannot be allowed to come back

home!! The latter would have died filled with remorse for a sin he did not commit, if I did not take this virtuous step!!

Kaniha : Virtuous Step?! Bullshit!! I still cannot believe you are being so extreme!! Nothing justifies the method you chose!! You could have settled it another way!! You could have simply sent him a message.

Lena : It was a mutual decision, Kaniha!! Understand that, first!! I wanted to only apologise, and when I told him over phone what it was about, he said he only wanted to punish me for wrongly accusing him, and there were no hard feelings. I thought it will just be a case of him spanking my butt for real, and I agreed, but it wasn’t, but that was also fine. I said YES once more when he told me what his real demand was!! It was as easy as that!! And yeah, both of us had plenty of reasons to bad mouth my partner of the past, throughtout the act, but it was never an intentional attempt to shame him!!

Kaniha : Do you even realise what you just said?! You sound like a Character from an Adult Comic!! Gross!! How can you talk about something so serious in such an insignificant fashion!! You should change!!

Lena : If you did not have a problem letting me elaboratly explain my actions, instead of detailing your own conduct during your time at the Resort, as you are rightly supposed to do here, I don’t think it is a matter of grievous concern how exactly I express my feelings & defend my exploits!!

Kaniha : There is no use trying to do you a favor!! Nothing good is ever going to come out of it!! All you would do is argue!!

Lena : I don’t want to argue!! Neither do I want to change!! You are for sure enjoying the changes happening to you… Hehe… I am happy with what I already have!! Haha!!

Kaniha : Lena!! This is not funny!! You are getting yourself into a big mess!! You already are in one!! How long has this thing with Arakshan been going on?!

Lena : It has been going on since a very long time, Bae… You should meet him!! Lol!! And also, please be rest assured that what I have got myself into is a Hot Sexy Mess!! Hahaha!!

Kaniha : You are one fucked up female, Lena!! Now I know why you told me nothing about this distant relative guy, all this time… You would never have had the guts to tell me what proceeded, or rather who succeded him!! I would have tried to stop you straightaway, and you did not want me to do that, because you wanted it!!

Lena : Hehehe… I dont want to disagree to that finding of yours!!

Kaniha : I feel like I don’t even know you!! You are so so… Arrghhh!!

Lena : I am sorry!!

Kaniha : I don’t want your apology!!

Lena : Then, what is it that you need?? What is your demand?? I will do anything to make you happy!!

Kaniha : Shut Up!! Give that offer to your men!!

Lena : Hahaha!! Bae… You have all these uneasy thoughts because you are only beginning your journey!! You will soon confirm I was not very wrong!!

Kaniha : Lena… Look… I don’t know… I don’t know if I want to continue being a Slag or a Slut or any of that… I am genuinely worried about you… You first do your ex-husband’s distant relative, and then his own brother!! I don’t know who is next!!

Lena : I can give you options!! I have made a list of possible male members from his family, based on the inputs my former brother-in-law has been giving me, all of which are centred around the questions I asked him based on the small hints this older scumbad at the Wedding gave me!! He had a lot more to say, as he fucked me inside his car!! I had all of it clearly registered in my mind. I just could not put any of my plans to practise, because I had too many other lists to take care of, I guess!! Hehe… Now that I have you for company, I think we should begin to check off the boxes!!

Kaniha : Oh My… What!! Lena… I don’t even want to hear anything more about this!! Just don’t involve me in any of this… You had sex with him right there, inside his car!! That update alone is giving a heart-attack!! I am out of here!!

Lena : Chill, Bae… It was really late & dark by the time we started the act!! Hehehe… If somebody had found out, I would have told you that by now… Nothing Happened!! And anyway, it was not just us in the mood for romance… You know these Indian Weddings!! You know the Parking Lot rampages that follow!! We were all only doing the normal!!

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