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Wanda Chi-Town Aftermath

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Big Tits

This takes place after Chi-Town Tuck In

Wanda stared at the used condoms in her hotel bathroom trash cans. She was trying desperately to piece the previous night together through the drunken fog. She knew it was bad but she couldn’t believe it was this bad. She could remember sucking off the baseball player and letting the school administrators fondle and suck her naked breasts. She had a vague recollection of her panties coming off but nothing after that.

It didn’t feel like she had sex. Whenever she had been with her husband Julie she could feel his body heat the next day inside and out. Her breasts felt like they had been handled thoroughly which she could remember for sure. She couldn’t believe she had allowed the disgusting Professor Gropenhoffer to put her nipples in his mouth. It grossed her out even more than the idea that she had sucked a stranger’s dick. What if she had actually let her teachers have sex with her?

She had only ever been with her husband. Maybe it was different with other men. Maybe you couldn’t tell you’ve had sex with all men afterwards.

She did remember that the teachers were laughably small compared to Julie. Having never handled and penises besides Julie’s she never really thought about if Julie was big or not. She just assumed he was average.

Wanda felt a wave of guilt when she compared the men from last night to Julie. She had taken Julie for granted the whole time they had been together. Even watching Ashley and Stevie in the other bed it was clear that Julie was way more giving and selfless in bed. Ashley looked like she was enjoying herself but it didn’t seem like Stevie really cared whether she had a good time or not.

Tony the baseball player was even worse. He made sure Wanda knew he was using her for his pleasure. The idea of a man doing that was completely foreign to Wanda. Her husband always put her first. It started to make sense that Julie never let her suck him off. He was wired to pleasure her. The irony that she had to cheat on her husband to grasp how special he was almost made Wanda laugh.

Wanda was surprised by a knock on the door. It was Ashley wanting to know if she was in the room. Wanda whipped open the door. She grabbed her friend by the arm and pulled her in.

“What happened last night?” She asked.

“We got some dick is what happened.” Ashley said playfully.

“I didn’t want dick.” Wanda said.

“You could have fooled me with how you were sucking that ballplayer down. I actually believed you in the pool yesterday when you said you didn’t go down on guys.” Ashley giggled.

“I wasn’t lying. That was the first time I ever really did that.” She started.

“I know I know, You’ve only slept with one guy, your husband, and he doesn’t like blowjobs. No one believes any of that.” Ashley said.

“It’s ankara escort true, all of it, or it was true till last night.” Wanda said.

“I know. It’s almost like I never saw you get groped during a parade or strip off at a costume party or flash your pussy on the news or anything like that.” Ashley said sarcastically.

“None of that was my fault.” Wanda protested.

“Yeah, that stuff just keeps happening to you like those monster tits are two giant magnets that attract perverts.” Ashley said.

“It does, these things just bring pervs into my life.” Wanda said cupping her chest with both hands.

“And the biggest perv in your life is your so-called husband.” Ashley stated plainly.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Wanda asked getting angry.

“It means all this stuff happens because you and your husband want it to.” Ashley said.

“That’s not true.” Wanda replied.

“Please girl, I watched you strip off your top onstage right in front of Julie.” Ashley recalled.

“You set me up with that big tits song.” Wanda fired back.

“I Didn’t force you to flash your tits. And then your man just sat there while Dean Feely groped you up.” Ashley pointed out.

“What was he supposed to do? Beat up the dean of my college?” Wanda asked.

“He jumped right in when I was in trouble.” Ashley responded

“You were about to be gang-raped.” Wanda said surprised that her friend didn’t see the distinction.

“So he doesn’t lack protective instincts and impulses. They just don’t kick in when it comes to you.” Ashley said.

Wanda was really taken aback by that. On some level, it rang true. She had been so relieved to be back with Julie after her first incident on the beach she had never questioned Julie’s reaction. Her first thought when she had been forcibly exposed in front of the school was a combination of desire for protection and revenge. Julie provided both. She was so relieved that Julie had violently prevented her from a second public exposure that she didn’t realize how much she was wiring an exposure fetish into Julie’s psyche.

Were Wanda and her husband that screwed up that they had been causing all this to happen to her? The thought disturbed Wanda to the core. For a second she flashed on the thought of leaving her severely fucked up husband.

Then her first memory of Julie went through her head. She remembered the first day of high school. Her stomach in knots from the stress of constant harassment. She felt helpless all the time. She couldn’t remember a time when she didn’t feel like a victim. She was powerless to stop her torment from escalating. There was no end in sight. She could see the ultimate conclusion to her torment in her mind.

Then out of nowhere, her biggest tormentor was on his back looking up in fear at this boy she hadn’t escort ankara even noticed. Even with a five to one numbers advantage her tormentors instinctively knew better than to challenge Julie. In an instant Wanda was changed. The fear and humiliation that had defined her existence vanished. Wanda had become free to become something more than a sexual victim.

Wanda knew that what Ashley said about Julie wasn’t true. He wasn’t a perv he was just a sweet innocent guy with a primitive personal code of honor. Wanda also knew she loved him. She wanted some way to make the last night go away or at least find a way to level things out.

Ashley could almost read her mind.

“You want to fix this?” Ashley asked.

“More than anything ” Wanda said.

“I know just what to do.” Ashley assured her.

Back home.

Julie woke to his wrists zip-tied to the headboard of his bed. He tried to sit up and caught a glimpse of Wanda across the room. She was wearing a red neglige with matching thong panties. It was unusual for her to dress up because Julie was such a breast man that he really didn’t go crazy for thong panties.

“What are you doing babe?” Julie asked amused.

“I got you a surprise. Cause you were so good with watching Alexis.” Wanda said in a tone that if Julie hadn’t been so distracted by Wanda’s huge breasts he would have known was troubled.

“Is it what’s under that nightie? Cause that’s my kind of surprise.” Julie said playfully.

“It’s not a guessing game.” Wanda said straddling his chest.

Julie moaned as Wanda pulled her panties to the side. He was trying to cover up his disappointment that she hadn’t started her tits. Julie while very skilled in bed was rather predictable.

“No more talking.” Wanda said covering his face with her pussy.

Julie wasn’t expecting that but went to work. This was kind of rare for them. Julie would spend over an hour slowly teasing Wanda with his lips and tongue but they had only tried it with her on top a few times. Because it didn’t work as well as when Julie was in complete control it had been years since they had done it like this.

“You can have dessert after you eat everything for Mommy.” Wanda said regretting it. They didn’t call each other mommy and daddy even after their daughter was born. For fun once or twice Wanda had called Julie Poppy and they had both found it weird. Wanda couldn’t stop doing weird things while trying to act normal.

With his head pinned to the pillow and Wanda’s knees over his ears, Julie couldn’t see or hear anything in the room. With cat-like speed Wanda took Julie in her pussy.

It took Julie a second to process that if Wanda was still sitting on his face then she couldn’t be riding his dick. Julie’s eyes went wide with shock when he realized a stranger was grinding ankara escort bayan her pussy into him.

“Surprise!” Wanda yelled.

Julie was not happy. He thrashed wildly as he tried to rise up from the bed. With his hands tied to the bed, he couldn’t throw whoever was fucking him off.

Ashley was moaning from the heat of Julie’s member throbbing inside of her. She was stunned by the level if heat radiating from Julie. Even though Julie was bucking with no concern for her pleasure she was still feeling fantastic from the feel of Julie inside her. She also had to admit the distressed noises emanating from Julie were a major turn on. It was an amazing feeling to be dominating a man like Julie. She had personally witnessed him wreck a room full of men and now she had complete physical control in a way she’d never had before.

Wanda was having the total opposite reaction to hearing Julie struggle. She realized what a mistake this had been. Instead of leveling things between them she was only making it worse.

The sounds of extasy coming from Ashley made Wanda sick. She couldn’t believe she had actually done this. This had to be the new low point in her life. It was worse than having her breasts exposed to her whole school. It was worse than having her bikini bottoms pulled off on the news. It was even worse than sucking off a complete stranger who looked at her like a whore when he came in her mouth.

Then from bad to worse. She heard Julie grunt and strain. She knew what it was before she heard Ashley.

“Oh my god. He just came so hard.” Ashley said shocked at the volume of hot juice flowing inside her.

Wanda couldn’t believe it. Julie had never came so fast in the years they had been together. She tried to wrap her head around what that meant.

Ashley got off of Julie’s cock and Julie was able to twist his body enough to throw Wanda off of his face. Wanda recognized the sound of splintering wood as the headboard came apart from Julie pulling his bindings free.

Julie was up and flipping out. Shelves were flying. Ashley ran out of the house still dripping from Julie exploding inside her she got dressed on the porch. Wanda had never been afraid of Julie striking her but right now she wasn’t sure. She had never seen Julie so mad. Any hope of this making up for her infidelities in Chicago was out the window.

To make things even worse. Wanda was still reeling from how fast Julie came with Ashley. Wanda couldn’t process how she felt about it. She was mad and jealous at the same time. She wanted to lash out at Julie even though she knew everything was her fault. That he was destroying their bedroom was an afterthought. Julie wasn’t even reacting to their daughter Alexis screaming in the other room. Julie’s anger didn’t seem to be lessening as he punched holes in the walls. Wanda was worried he was actually hurting his bloody fists as ceiling tiles fell from the ceiling. Wanda slipped on a pair of sweats and ran from the room. She took the baby and drove off barefoot and still wearing the negligee as a top.

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