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What Happens in the Hot Tub… Ch. 03

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Author’s Note: This is the third installment of this series. Please read chapters one and two before continuing as this chapter does not include detailed descriptions of the characters.

It had been six months since Brett, Miranda and Jesse had shared a game of truth or dare it Brett’s hot tub that ended in his bedroom. They never spoke of that night. They had made an agreement not to. At the time it happened only Brett had been single.

In the time that had passed, Miranda had left her boyfriend and was now fucking Brett on a regular basis. They weren’t officially dating, but they were together all the time. On rare occasions Jesse would watch. She didn’t join in, but she let Brett cum on her body and had him and Miranda clean her off with their mouths.

Jesse had also spent a lot more time sleeping over at Miranda’s apartment. They shared her bed and never wore any clothing. Always they kissed and cuddled with their breasts pressed against each other. Some nights they would fall asleep touching each other. They brought each other to orgasm after orgasm with their fingers until they passed out.

One night while Brett was with Miranda they got a text message from Jesse.

“Can I come over? I need you badly,” it read.

“Whats wrong babe?” Miranda texted back.

“I need you. Something’s happened and I need to talk about it.”

“Brett is over here. Is that okay?”


“Then we’ll see you when you get here.”

Almost an hour went by until they heard a knock at the door. Miranda let Jesse inside. She had been crying. Immediately she collapsed into Miranda’s arms. Brett walked behind her and they shared beylikdüzü anal yapan escort a hug.

“Alex broke up with me,” Jesse said through her sobs. They stood there for what felt like hours as Jesse cried into Miranda’s shoulder. Finally she calmed down and they were able to talk about it.

“So what happened?” Miranda asked.

“I don’t know,” Jesse said. “He just texted me and said it was over.”

“Did you guys have a fight?”

“A couple weeks ago when he visited me we got in a couple of fights. He wanted sex and I said no.”

“Well that was stupid of him,” Brett said. “A girl as wonderful as you is worth waiting for.”

“Thank you Brett,” Jesse said.

“Hey what about me?” Miranda said.

“When was the last time someone had to wait for you?” Brett said.

Miranda couldn’t say anything to that. She just stuck her tongue out at him.

“Be careful or I’ll make you put that tongue to use,” Brett threatened. “Jesse, don’t worry about Alex. He’s not worth it. He was always pressuring you to do things you didn’t want.”

“I know. I’m realizing what a jerk he was, but it still hurts.”

“Well you know we can take your mind off of it,” Miranda said.

“Thanks, but tonight I just want you guys to hold me.”

Miranda and Brett did as she asked. The three of them sat on Miranda’s couch watching movies and talking about things until the sun finally came up. Jesse switched back and forth between the two, but ultimately fell asleep in Brett’s arms.

A few weeks went by and slowly life returned to a somewhat normal state. Miranda and Brett tried beylikdüzü balıketli escort to get Jesse out of her funk. She became a regular part of their sex life, almost always watching them. They tried to get her more involved, but nothing seemed to be working.

One day the girls were out shopping when Miranda coaxed the solution out of Jesse. They were in the changing room admiring their new clothes when she brought up the hot tub. Jesse smiled and blushed.

“So I wanted to ask you that day, what is your dirtiest fantasy?” Jesse said.

“Well I got to live it out that night, but I have a new one.” Miranda said.

“I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.”

“Well, I really want to have two guys and you at the same time,” Miranda said.

“Wow, that’s it?”

“That’s the basics. I’ll tell you more tonight. I promise.”

“Okay, we’ll don’t hate me when I tell you mine.”

“You want to fuck Brett, don’t you?”

Jesse blushed and turned away. She couldn’t deny how much she wanted him inside her. Ever since that night in the hot tub when he had his fingers inside of her something made her want him.

“I’ll let you do it if you help me get him to go through with my fantasy first,” Miranda said.

That night they talked Brett into another game of truth or dare in the hot tub. The dares moved slower than last time, but truths heated up quickly. It was only about the fourth round when Jesse asked Miranda to tell about her dirtiest fantasy.

“I want to have a foursome,” Miranda said. “And I want one of the guys to be tied up and forced to suck the other one beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş off, then take it up the ass.”

The more and more Miranda talked about it, the more everyone got excited. Everyone started touching themselves and it took Miranda’s realization it was her turn to snap them back.

“Brett, truth or dare?”


“Would you participate in my fantasy with me?”

“I don’t know. I’m not really interested in guys. I would have to have an incentive. So truth or dare Miranda?”

“Truth, because I already know the question.”

“What’s my incentive?”

“Well, Jesse would like you to take her cherry. Is that incentive enough? If not I will gladly give you my first blowjob.”

“I’ll take both.”

The game didn’t last much longer. They lost patience and gave in to lust. Miranda and Jesse kissed and touched each other. Brett saw Miranda’s ass sticking up in the air and decided to go for it. He pressed himself into her tight asshole.

“Oh fuck!” Miranda said.

“Does it hurt? I’ll stop if it does,” Brett said.

“No, it actually feels good. I just wasn’t expecting it.”

Brett waited until she got back into a rhythm with her fingers inside Jesse and Jesse’s inside her. He started slow to make sure she was used to it. As he got moe and more into it, Miranda removed her fingers from Jesse’s pussy.

Jesse was sad at first, then became shocked when one of the fingers that was just in her cunt found its way into her ass. She didn’t fight it, though, just started to fuck Miranda even harder, matching the thrusts of her fingers to alternate with Brett’s thrusting behind Miranda.

Miranda’s thumb rubbed Jesse’s clit while her middle finger stayed inside Jesse’s ass. It was sensory overload. Jesse exploded in her first mind-blowing orgasm since the last hot tub adventure.

Watching Jesse cum sent Brett over the edge as well. His cock spasmed and released his sperm into Miranda’s ass. It sent her into her own orgasm and the three collapsed back into the hot water.

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