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While the Boss is Away

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From the moment I see you, I know I want to fuck you. It is my first day in our department, and even though I am happily married, I am overcome with lust for you.

Our department is one of the smaller ones in our firm, so there is only us and one other employee. There is also a manager with an office behind the bullpen where are desks are, but for much of the time we are unsupervised as he is busy with meetings and extended lunch breaks with other supervisors.

As the weeks and months pass, my passion for you grows as I learn more about you. I long to feel you inside me – my pussy gets wet whenever I get near your desk. Eventually, it becomes clear to me that you feel the same way. As our flirtation progresses, we eagerly await a day when we can be alone together in our office. We sustain ourselves with brief encounters – a touch, a glance, a whisper. A hint of things to come. At last the day arrives when our colleague calls out sick. Luckily, it coincides with a day when our supervisor will be in meetings all day. We agree to meet on our lunch break in the relative privacy of his office.

We know we don’t have much time. You follow me into bahçelievler escort the darkened room, closing and locking the door behind you. As I move closer to the desk, you come up behind me cupping the fullness of my breasts with your hands. I lean back into you while you gently pinch my nipples to erectness. I can feel your excited cock pressing into me and a whimper of desire escapes me. I turn to you, moving my hands down to free you from the confines of your trousers while simultaneously lifting my face to you. Your arms encircle me pulling me against you as our mouths meet. Our tongues intertwine even as my hands stroke your prick. I disengage from you so I can bend over and take your fullness into my mouth. Your hands drop to the back of my head, gripping my hair, helping me to slide back and forth along your shaft. One of my hands caresses your balls as the other makes it way around your body to your ass. I can feel your cock lunge in my mouth as my finger first circles, then slips inside your tight pucker. You let out a raspy moan as I insert a second finger, all the while still taking the length of you in balgat escort my mouth. Your body stiffens against me as I thrust my digits deeper into you and your hands stop their movement on my head.

Through your ragged breathing I hear, “I need to be inside you.”

I stand up, pushing down my panties as I do so. You grab me around the waist and effortlessly lift me on to the edge of the desk. I pull up my dress, and spread my legs, exposing the wetness of my pussy. Your cock jerks again when you see it and another moan escapes you. You come into me, grabbing my hips to better angle your entry. I thrust against you, grabbing your shoulder with one hand while the fingers of my other re-enter your ass. We push against each other, our breath intermingling in short gasps. One of your hands leaves my hips and starts stroking my clit, pushing me to the brink.

“I’m cumming!” I cry out as my clit starts clenching and spasming against your penis. My hands leave your body as I hold onto the edge of the desk and lean back. You keep thrusting, resisting your own climax to bring me to another. My pussy continues clenching, trying ankara escort to milk the cum out of you, as I orgasm again.

I can feel the trembling of your legs between my thighs as you get close. “I want you to straddle me,” you pant. I nod my agreement. You slip out of me and I get down from the desk. You settle in one of the chairs in front of the desk, your dick slippery and wet. I gather the skirt of my dress and lower myself toward you. You grab my hips, pulling me onto your eager cock. You pick up where you left off, plunging to the fullest extent into my still hungry twat. I extend my arms to brace myself against the desk as you finally let yourself go, spewing your seed into me, triggering yet a third orgasm within me. I clench my pussy to hold you inside for as long as I can.

We stay like that for a while, me enveloping your still hard member and you draped over my back. Slowly, our breathing becomes steady. You eventually extricate yourself from me, leaving me feeling hollow and empty. I stand up and you grab my waist, turning me so I am facing you. You stand also and cupping my chin in your hand, you lift my face toward your mouth. We kiss again – long and deep, our bodies pressed together. After we release our embrace, we help each to become presentable again to return to the outer office.

As we leave, our eyes meet. We smile at each other, satisfied for now, but anticipating the next time we can be alone again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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