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Wild Holiday Camp Weekend

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Inspired by the couple SueandSteve on this site. Hope they enjoy!


Sue and Steve often tried to get away for a weekend break to escape from their busy work schedules. Sue preferred staying in hotels but for once they were going to try a holiday camp site. The weather had been pretty good of late and they’d decided that there wouldn’t be a better time to be a bit more adventurous. As they drove down to the Dorset site on the Thursday they were looking forward to a long relaxing weekend.

When they arrived, to the delight of them both they found that the site had a pub reasonably close to the chalet that they had rented for the weekend. The pub had a jukebox and a small dance floor. They were pleasantly surprised at the cleanliness of the place.

Sue and Steve were looking forward to getting out and about into the countryside to do some walking and photography. Also, Sue loved to dance, so the pub having a dance floor was a nice surprise for her. After they settled in for the first evening, Sue cooked a meal and then they headed to the pub for a couple of drinks.

The site was quite busy so it was no surprise that when they walked in the pub they found that it was busy too. Sue spotted a couple of empty seats so she made her way over to the table where these were while Steve went to the bar to buy some drinks.

When Steve turned around from the bar he located Sue and joined her at the table. Sue was talking to a couple of young men who turned out to be brothers, Ian and Dan, and had been at the site since the previous weekend. They struck up a conversation with the brothers and asked about the walking in the area. Ian and Dan had been out and about quite a bit themselves and were happy to point Sue and Steve in the direction of some interesting walks.

The drink continued to flow and the four new friends were happily chatting away when the jukebox suddenly started up. When that happened Sue looked at Steve but he was in the middle of a discussion with the younger of the brothers, Dan. Sue turned to the older brother, Ian, and asked him to dance with her. As she got up from the table Steve looked up and indicated that it was ok for her to dance one of their new friends.

They were on the dance floor for about ten minutes and then made their way back to the table. At that point Dan asked if he could have a dance and Sue was only too happy to agree. This pattern continued for another half an hour or so and then some slower numbers came on the jukebox. Steve was ok at the slow smoochy dancing so he imposed himself into the group and took Sue onto the dance floor.

He pulled Sue close to her and noticed that her nipples were pushing their way through her bra and t-shirt. Then he did a double-take and realised that Sue was not wearing a bra. He was sure she had been wearing one when they left the chalet and he was just about to ask her about it when he felt a tap on his shoulder.

He turned around to see Ian effectively asking to ‘cut in’. Steve made his way back to the table where Dan was watching his brother and Sue on the dance floor. Steve sat down so that he could watch them on the dance floor and he suddenly realised what Sue was wearing.

The t-shirt clung to her body and she was also wearing a tight skirt that emphasised her bottom. The dark nylon covering her legs and the slight heels she was wearing emphasised her shapely calves. Steve fell in lust her again, seeing her dressed like that and moving so smoothly on the dance floor.

Dan said that he and Ian really appreciated being allowed to dance with Sue but Steve just said that Sue loved esenyurt otele gelen escort to dance and he knew he couldn’t keep up with her. A slight smile formed on Dan’s lips then they both turned back to watch Sue and Ian. When the current song finished Dan walked onto the dance floor and cut-in in the same way as Ian had with Steve. As Dan moved towards Sue, Steve saw Dan say something to Ian who also briefly smiled.

Steve decided to sit out for longer and left it to Dan and Ian to keep Sue busy on the dance floor. He noticed, however, that as they danced the two men got bolder with their hands. They no longer just rested them on her bottom but were feeling and rubbing it with their hands. Steve also thought that he could see Sue rubbing her breasts against their chests. And was that a slight crotch to crotch pressing that he could see?

Steve admitted to himself that this was nothing new as Sue had flirted at their friends’ parties. Sue and Steve had always considered it harmless fun, since their male friends didn’t take it any further than flirtation. Steve was sure that some of them would have liked to but they were all happily married men and, Steve assumed, would like to stay that way.

The bar closed at 11pm and Sue was obviously disappointed that the dancing and flirtations were over so soon. By then she was a little tipsy and very pleased that two young men were paying her so much attention and flirting with her. When Steve mentioned to Sue that they had brought some CD’s with them, she beamed with joy and quickly invited the two young men back to their chalet for some more dancing. They didn’t need a second invitation.

As the group walked back in the darkness to the chalet the two young men walked with Sue, placing their arms around her waist. Steve walked behind the three of them and watched as one of them would drop his hand from Sue’s waist to feel her bottom. Once in a while Sue would reach behind her to tap the hand away but she was definitely enjoying the attention.

Sue’s chest had been gleaming with sweat from her dancing and although she had slipped her jacket over her shoulders the two taller men were able to peak down at cleavage and her still very erect nipples. When the group walked into the chalet Steve put some music on while Sue made some drinks. When she returned with the drinks the two men stood up to accept them and thank her.

Steve went to collect his and Sue’s drinks and when he turned around the guys were both leaning down and kissing Sue’s hands. Steve felt strange as he watched both men began to work their way up Sue’s arms, placing gentle kisses on her bare skin, but he said nothing. He convinced himself that nothing untoward was happening by remembering that Sue had kissed men at parties, either during party games or for Christmas or New Year, etc. But then it occurred to him that the kissing had not been like this. The young men had made their way to Sue’s shoulders and were slowly converging on her neck. Sue was standing with her eyes closed and her head tilted slightly backwards, inviting kisses on her neck.

When they reached her neck Ian moved so that he was kissing the back of her neck whilst Dan kissed the front. At almost the same time Steve saw one of Ian’s hands stroking Sue’s back and bottom whilst one of Dan’s was stroking her stomach, briefly passing over her skirt and moving up towards her breasts. Steve was frozen in place watching the seduction progress. There was very little doubt that he was enjoying it almost as much as Sue seemed to be.

Dan’s kisses moved esenyurt rus escort up from Sue’s neck and his mouth eventually closed over hers. Steve heard a slight moan from Sue and then the couple started French kissing very passionately, with their tongues darting in and out of each others’ mouths.

The kissing stopped and Dan took hold of the bottom of Sue’s t-shirt and started lifting it up her body. Sue’s eyes opened and sought Steve’s. He nodded encouragement so she raised her arms to allow the t-shirt to be removed, revealing her bare breasts to Steve’s and Dan’s gaze. Steve was sure that he’d never seen her nipples as large as they appeared now. Dan didn’t hesitate. As soon as Sue’s breasts were freed he held them in his hands and re-started French-kissing her.

Both of Ian’s hands were resting on Sue’s hips, then they moved down her thighs and disappeared under her skirt. As they moved back upwards, Sue’s skirt was gradually raised, revealing her stocking tops. Sue was taken over by the pleasure she was feeling and when one of Ian’s hands moved back down and across to try to access between her legs Sue moved her feet apart to allow access to her panty covered pussy. Steve’s mouth felt dry but there was no way he was going to interrupt the proceedings.

Steve saw Ian’s fingers appear at the front of Sue’s legs, with the palm of his hand resting against her slit. Then they moved backwards and stroked along the edge of Sue’s panties. Sue started moaning louder and moving her hips as the touching continued. Ian’s fingers deftly moved Sue’s panties aside and started caressing her pussy lips, then two slipped inside her slit. Steve was amazed that Sue would so readily be French kissing one young man whilst being fingered by another. In response to the fingering Sue was moving her hips to force herself onto the fingers. Steve then watched as her hand reached down and started feeling the crotch of Dan, the brother she was so wantonly kissing.

Steve knew he ought to say something before things really went too far, but he just stood there sort of dumbfounded. The fact that his cock had grown to the fullest erection he had ever had may have had something to do with his silence. Even when Ian pulled Sue’s panties down and unzipped himself, Steve found he was powerless to act. Ian moved around for position until he could shove his prick up into Sue’s waiting cunt. His balls began to bottom against Sue’s already lubricated pussy. Ian made a grunting noise ever time he thrust his cock into her.

Steve had always liked porn movies, but this was infinitely more exiting. A live sex show only three feet in front of him. In spite of the fact that one of the participants in this sex scene was Sue, or maybe because of it, Steve was more sexually excited then he had ever been!

It would be a massive understatement to say that Sue was also very excited. She was moaning and groaning and begging for Ian to pump faster and faster into her. Her body shuddered in surrender as he shot his sperm into her hot cunt. Right after his older brother shot his load into Sue, Dan took over from him, taking the same position behind her. He spread Sue’s thighs even further apart then slid his cock into her as she squealed with delight at taking another dick into her already cum-lubricated slit.

Sue was enjoying every stab of Dan’s large member, and so was Steve. Finally, Dan also dumped his cum deep into her pussy as she climaxed with him, screaming obscenities, “Yes fuck. Oh fuck me. Fuck my cunt with that big beautiful cock of yours.”

After her wonderful climax esenyurt türbanlı escort and being fucked for the very first time that Steve was ever privileged to see it, Steve wasn’t sure how she’d react. As for himself Steve was delighted at the turn of events that had taken place that night. As if reading Steve’s mind Sue finally turned to him and said, “Did you enjoy the show, honey?”

She had hit the nail on the head. It was the most exciting sex show Steve had ever seen. He answered her with a resounding “Yes!” and showed her his still stiff prick. She responded with, “I’m glad, because I think these young men still have plenty of spunk left in them. Let’s have some more wine and put some more CD’s on the player.”.

Steve did as Sue requested, pouring everyone some more wine as she straightened out her clothes and put some soothing music on the CD player. While drinking her wine Sue removed her skirt to give the young men easier access to her body as they did some very sexy dancing. She encouraged them to rub her bottom and breasts as they danced. After prolonged groping and French kissing as they danced they were all ready for some more action.

So was Steve. He took his prick in his hand and worked it up and down. This time, Steve was privileged to watch Sue take on both Ian and Dan at the same time as she got on her knees to take one brother doggy style while she sucked on the other’s cock for all she was worth. What a beautiful sexy sight that was!

The young brothers finally left sometime before dawn, all fucked out and Sue as content as Steve had ever seen her. Steve figured that the night’s activities wouldn’t ever be repeated because they were all a little tipsy. However, he was wrong. The very next morning both guys returned to the chalet telling Sue and Steve how much they enjoyed the previous night. They talked as though it was some dinner social rather than the two of them fucking and sucking Sue while Steve watched and played with his cock. Sue thanked them for the “pleasant time” she enjoyed with them, as she put it.

It didn’t take Sue’s young lovers long to talk her into more sexual activity. They decided that she was one of the best women they’d ever had. It was obvious to Steve that Sue loved their compliments and their sexual attention. She convinced Steve that he shouldn’t be jealous since he was right there to observe all her activity and it was all in good fun. So, Steve went along with what the three of them wanted. And what they all wanted was plenty of sex, so they fucked often and long.

Over the next several days, Steve saw her taken in the bed, over the kitchen table, on the beds in their chalet, on their chalet floor, on the grass and even in the lake. She gave up to these guys whenever and however they wanted it. She was their willing hot sex partner for any kind of fucking, sucking, licking, kissing, teasing or pleasing that they wanted.

She wore her special lingerie for their benefit, and modelled her see-through panties, garter belt, nylons and high heels to get the brothers in the mood to fuck her even more. She literally sucked them dry.

Steve thought he had seen it all, but he was wrong. On the last night of their stay, Sue’s young men brought a couple of more guys to the chalet that they had befriended at the state park. Sue went wild that night, fucking and sucking guys right and left. At one time she had one cock in her mouth and two in her pussy, while another guy massaged her tits waiting for his turn with her. She urged them on and on, asking to be fucked again and again. Before the night was over, she must have had twenty loads of sperm spilled into and onto her and she loved every minute of it. To tell the truth, so did Steve!

Since then they have talked about that incredible weekend and decided that it would be a one time thing. So far, that has been the case, but it is a memory they both share and that memory has enlivened their own lovemaking on many occasions.

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