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It started like any other day at work, dull, mundane, just what I expected. It was just myself and Harriet on the shop floor today after two of the other staff had called in sick. Luckily it wasn’t very busy and there wasn’t much to be done.

Harriet was in good spirits today, but then she usually was. She smiled over at me as she walked towards the stock room to collect something for a customer. I watched her go, admiring her figure as she went, thankfully getting a great view of her spectacular tight arse.

Harriet is one of those girls who is just about perfect in every way. She’s the same age as myself, 24 and is easy to get on with. The conversation always flows and she is always ready for to have a laugh. A pair of large brown eyes that you cant help but get lost in and a set of sensual red lips that draw you in help to emphasize the beauty of her face which is framed by short brown hair. She’s tall, 5″10, but there are still plenty of curves and legs to die for! At a guess I’d put her at a size ten.

Unfortunately my admiration was soon interrupted as a customer entered the store. I served the gentleman and a short while later the store was empty once again leaving myself and Harriet alone.

” I can’t believe how quiet it is today.” Harriet complained.

“Tell me about it.” I replied. ” I think I may die of boredom at this rate but I guess it’s handy since the others are off sick, we wouldn’t want it to be too busy.”

“True.” She said, smiling across the till at me.

I was stood behind the till and at that moment was extremely grateful for my 6″4 height advantage. Harriet was leaning on the till directly in front of me, the tight green top she was wearing clung to her tits giving me a great view from above. There was certainly more than a handful available to play with and it took al of my will power not to conjure up the image of what those pert breasts would look like without the green top covering them.

“We are going to miss our store targets if things don’t pick up.” Harriet said, snapping me out of my fantasy with a jolt.

“Not that much we can really do about it though is there?” I pointed out.

She stood in silence for a moment looking as though she was thinking of something to say but couldn’t quite find the words. Eventually she looked up at me from her leaning position on the till, a smile spreading across her face and a mischievous gleam in her gorgeous brown eyes.

“Lets make it interesting.” She suggested.

“Go on?” I prompted, intrigued by her suggestion.

“Well lets make a wager, whoever sells the most from this point on wins! Simple really.”

“What can we wager?” I asked. “It’s just over a week until pay day.”

Harriet fell silent although I knew she already had an answer. She liked to play games, it was what she was good at and one of the things that made her so much fun to work with. It was also one of those things that I just knew would make her great in the bedroom.

“Ok how about if you win then you can ask me to do anything you like and if I win I can ask you to do whatever I like.”

“I beg your pardon?” I asked jokingly, laughing as I said it.

Harriet broke off into a laugh to, shooting me one of her best smiles.

“Scared you’ll lose?” She taunted.

“Of course not, but what exactly do you mean by anything?”

“Be creative.” She replied with a wink. “Competition starts now.”

I watched her walk away to serve a customer who had just entered the store, her hips swaying with every step. I knew that given the chance to get creative with that body was not something you could pass up.

I left the shop floor and went upstairs to the staff room to grab a drink of water. As a knocked demetevler escort back the first glass I looked at myself in the mirror. My green eyes reflected back at me. I have a shaved head and a small amount of stubble around my strong jaw. Despite my height I’m certainly not lanky spending most evenings working out to ensure my body remains athletic and muscled.

I filled the glass with water once again and began to drink. As the water trickled down my throat I couldn’t help but think Harriet had to be joking. She was being a tease, that was all. Either way I was still going to ensure I sold the most on the shop floor.


It was finally closing time. As soon as I’d got back onto the shop floor a queue of customers had suddenly emerged. The store had remained busy throughout the day giving me no chances to even speak with Harriet let alone ask her exactly what she meant by “Be creative”.

“Well so much for it being boring.” I said as I locked the doors.

Harriet laughed behind be. “I know! I can’t believe how busy it got!”

I turned to face her, our eyes met and I couldn’t help but laugh along with her. She looked so amazing, even in our work uniform. The tight green t-shirt hugged her body, showing off her delightful curves and the grey trousers made her legs look as though they stretched for miles.

“So let’s find out who won.” She said. “Of course it will be me. Maybe I should think about how creative I want to be.”

I walked quickly towards the till to hide the bulge beginning in my trousers. The images forming in my head were out of control. I was certainly having an easy time being creative.

I waited eagerly as Harriet clicked the mouse as she navigated the computer checking through the sales we had each made today. The suspense was killing me!

“Congratulations.” She said with a grin. “Looks like you won.”

“Of course.” I replied cockily, smiling back at her. “It was just too easy.” I teased.

“So how creative are you?” She asked, her eyes remaining locked on mine, refusing to let go.

“I’m not sure.” I replied. I couldn’t think of what to say. I didn’t want to sound like some kind of pervert. At the end of the day she was surely just teasing and playing a game. “Give me some inspiration, what were you going to ask me to do?”

Harriet finally broke eye contact with me and began moving from behind the till. She walked towards me slowly, as she did her eyes seem to take every part of me in. Her soft lips pulled up slightly at the corners forming the most sensual smile I’d ever seen. She came to stop just in front of me, our bodies almost touching. She stared into my eyes for a long moment then her lips inched towards my ear.

“Well.” She began in a whisper. I could feel her warm breath against my ear. “There were so many things I was going to ask you to do.”

I struggled to keep my breathing under control. The electricity between us now was unreal. My blood was flowing through my veins, hot and fast, my cock hardening more with every moment threatening to close the distance between us.

“Like?” I managed in a choked response.

Harriet place a hand on my chest. “I was going to ask you to un-button my trousers, slide the zip down then slowly remove them so you could see the lacy panties Im wearing. I’d then ask you to remove them slowly, freeing my aching body. From then, well, be creative.”

She inched her lips even closer to my ear and nibbled the lobe. It took every ounce of my will power to not tear off her clothes right there on the shop floor. I resisted.

“Maybe we should go to the office?” I suggested. “Then let’s see how creative we can be.”

We started our way up the dikmen escort stairs, Harriet taking the lead. Her arse was directly in front of me giving me an excellent view. I couldn’t help but think that shortly I would finally get to see that magnificent body in all it’s naked glory. We stepped into the office and let the door close behind us.

I took a step towards her, our eyes were locked once again. She smiled at me, her smile growing hungrier with every step I took. We were finally close enough to touch, our noses pressing against each others. I stared into her eyes for a moment, my hands now tracing the curves of her body, slowly, gently. I could feel her body shake with the pleasure of my touch. My fingers ran lines across her lower back and her sides, making their way to rest on her arse. She sighed with pleasure as my fingers made their way to the belt line of her trousers, sliding gently across the flesh of her stomach.

I inched my lips closer to hers. It seemed like a lifetime before they met but when they finally did “gentle” went out of the window.

They met with all the electricity of a lightning storm. The warmth that spread through my body like an inferno ravaging a building. My fingers no longer traced lines but held firmly onto the beauty before me. Harriets hands were all over me, her lips kissed mine with a passion I had never felt before. Our tongues danced as our bodies clashed.

I felt her hands tug at my trousers, the zip being pulled down and my button being torn off completely. My lips moved down her neck as she removed my trousers completely followed by my shorts, freeing my cock from what had just felt like a prison cell. Her skin felt warm against my lips. I let out a moan as her hand stroked the shaft of my cock, slowly stroking it causing it to grow harder still.

Harriet slowly dropped to her knees. I watched her as her tongue slowly worked its way along my shaft. She tickled my balls with the tip of her tongue then worked her way back up my shaft towards the head flicking it lightly with her tongue. I felt like I was in heaven as she finished her teasing and wrapped her lips around my cock, slowly taking it into her mouth.

I began to breath heavily as she sucked my cock, her lips working their way up and down my shaft as her tongue worked magic on the head. One hand gently rubbed at my cock, tending to the area which she couldn’t quite fit into her mouth. I could feel my balls ache with the desire to cum but I wasn’t about to let our moment end just yet.

I pulled off my shirt then bent down slightly to help Harriet to her feet. She grinned at me as I did and once again our lips were locked. I could taste myself which only served to turn me on even more. My hands all but tore Harriets trousers from her revealing the black and red lacy panties she wore. I wrapped my arms beneath her legs prompting Harriet to wrap her legs around my waist and arms around my neck. I took a few step forwards placing her on the desk directly ahead.

I stepped back slightly to give myself some room then dropped to my knees. I inched closer to the underwear she wore, slowly sliding it from her exposing her smooth shaved pussy. I kissed the inside of her thighs, edging closer and closer, my fingers tracing patterns along her legs. Harriet moaned loudly the closer I got, she was practically begging for contact.

My lips met her pussy, the warmth of it felt amazing, the taste of her was magnificent. My tongue worked wonders, the tip of it flicking gently against her clit. I felt Harriets fingers run across my head, holding me against her pussy as I licked, her juices flowing more rapidly now.

“I want you inside of me. I need you inside ankara escort of me!” She pleaded.

I stood up and looked down at Harriet. She looked amazing as she stared up at me. She was laid across the desk, her legs spread wide at the edge of it inviting me to penetrate her. She smiled at me as I stepped forward. I ran my hands along her legs causing her to quiver with excitement. My cock was so close now that I could feel the warmth of her pussy against the head.

My cock pressed against her wet pussy meeting resistance at first but was soon past the first hurdle. The head glided into her warmth causing us both to cry out. I gently rocked backwards and forwards, her natural lubrication welcoming me deep inside of her. My balls slapped against her as I began to pound her, driving my cock deeper and harder.

I kissed Harriet hard on the lips as her legs wrapped around my back. My hands ran along her thighs then onto her stomach then towards her tits which were obstructed by the material of her t-shirt.

“Rip it off!” She demanded.

I was surprised for a moment but wasted no time. My fingers grasped at the material and tore the t-shirt open exposing her red and black lacy bra. Harriet raised her back just enough for me to fiddle the clasp of her bra and remove it. Her two lovely tits were definitely more than a handful. I took them in, perfectly rounded and pert, her nipples small and hard. My tongue worked its way town her neck towards her breasts, slowly circling her nipples. I kissed at her nipples, slowly sucking and kissing them as our bodies rocked together, my cock pounding her.

I could feel Harriets body shake beneath mine as the feeling intensified for us both. She broke away from my kiss and looked into my eyes.

“Stand up.” She demanded.

I slid from between her legs and stood before her eager to see what she planned next. She stood up from the desk, her body a picture of perfection.

“Sit down.” She demanded again.

I stepped towards one of the nearby chairs and sat in it. Harriet stepped towards me, her smile almost predatory now. She place her knees on either side of my thighs and knelt over me on the chair. Her pussy was directly over my cock now and I ached to feel her again. She pulled me into an intense kiss as she lowered herself onto my cock.

The fire burned in us once again as I felt her warmth slide down the length of my shaft. Once again I was deep inside of her. She began bouncing on top of me, hammering her pussy down hard along my cock. We were both moaning loudly now. Harriet placed both her hands on my shoulders to support herself as she leant back slowly, exposing her breasts as she rode me.

I could feel my balls tighten as I sat there watching her breasts bouncing as her pussy slid up and down my shaft. I could feel her pussy contract as she began to scream, her juices running down my thigh as she came. The pleasure of it was too much. My cock hardened inside of her and I let out a yell as I began to cum. I could feel the intense pleasure flow from my balls along my cock and out into Harriets pussy. Her fingers dug into my shoulders as she screamed her loudest and then her body went limp causing her to collapse into me.

We held each other for a long moment, the heat and sweat of each others bodies merging into one another. Harriet eventually raised her lips to mine and our kisses were gentle once again. They met with passion but this time it was less urgent and animal. Our tongues once against danced. After a while our lips parted.

“That was definitely creative.” I said jokingly.

“It really was.” Harriet replied. “We need to have more competitions like that.” She said with a wink.

She collapsed into my arms once again. We sat together for a long time before getting cleaned up. I watched Harriet as she dressed herself, making the most out of her torn t-shirt as she could. Even dressed she looked as amazing as she had moments before. I could feel myself aching for more, so much more.

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