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Working Late At The Office

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I am wandering down the hall to the copy room at work. I’ve got some documents that I had been writing and it’s a bit late. I’ve got to run off copies for a meeting I am having in the morning. I’m heading that way, slightly daydreaming as I go. There are still a few people around, but that’s nothing unusual because there are almost always people here. I get to the copy room and set my documents up. I head over to the kitchen to grab a drink and on my way I almost run smack into one of the guys from another group.

We have only had a few words with each other in the past. Mostly jokes while we are each getting a drink from the kitchen or a few stray comments in passing, but nothing big. I was off in my own little world this evening as I rounded the corner and almost walk right into him. We both say our ‘excuse me’s’ and continue on our way. As he continues, I look back to take a quick peek at his ass. Now my daydreams have taken a naughty turn…

I get to the kitchen and already I am getting warm. I am thinking of how it would feel to just get to have him, just once even. Although if I had him once, it’s quite possible I would want him again and again. I get my drink and start to head back to the copy room. I walk in just as someone else is walking out with some supplies. I check on the progress of my papers and then sit and think for a while.

I get to thinking of how long it has been since I have been with a man and how I desire for that touch. I begin to think of all the places in the building that I could conduct ‘not so professional’ behavior. Mmm, and I think of these things with that damn cute guy I almost knocked over in the hallway. I am immersed in these thoughts and don’t even realize when someone comes into the copy room. I don’t even snap out of it until I feel a strong hand planted firmly on my shoulder, the other on my hip and a body as it presses against my back.

He leans down and smells my hair as if filling himself with my scent. I can feel the hardness in his pants as he presses against me, and then he begins to speak.

“I have thought about you as you’ve walked through the halls and had to know if you thought about me in the same way,” he says in a voice that makes me want to melt.

I turn to face him and it’s the man that I had been thinking about at that moment. I can feel my face get hot as it starts to turn a few shades of red. I reply simply “Yes,” as I can’t really find many more words at the moment. I look up at him as he stands a good six or more inches taller than I. He is looking down at me with a smile on his face. He leans down and plants a kiss on my quivering lips. I return it, but I am a little nervous, we are at work after all.

He says, “I want you right now” and I let out a small gasp. He brings his lips down to my neck and licks lightly. He moves my shirt aside and continues to trace along the delectable flesh.

“We should not do this here,” I say as his hands begin to find their way to my ass. He pushes himself harder against me and I am pressing up against the copier. He asks me what I was thinking when he walked in and I say, “Very naughty things.”

“MMMM,” he breathes into my ear as he begins to nibble at the lobe. His hands move under my shirt and begin undoing my bra. He is kissing me as one hand moves down between my thighs. The other hand is busy pinching one of my hard nipples and running his fingertips around it. We pull apart slightly, our tongues still playing between.

He lifts me easily and sets me to rest on top of the copier. He moves in close to occupy the space I was just standing in and presses hard against me. I can feel his cock as it tries to bust free from his pants. I look down at the bulge protruding and begin to salivate.

I begin undoing his pants as he reaches up and begins rubbing over the silky material of my panties that are covering the heat and wetness he wants. He pushes hard to find my clit beneath the material and rubs in circles over it. I moan into his neck as I reach into his boxers. I feel his hot cock in my hands and feel a fresh gush of wetness in my panties. It begins to leak through and he smiles while still rubbing, feeling the wetness as it spills from my insides. “Wet yenidoğan escort naughty girl wants something?” he asks with a smirk.

I nod at him with a wicked little grin and reply “Oh yes, she wants something very much.” I start to move my hand along his shaft and think to myself that we are going to get caught and into trouble, but the thought of it just excites me that much more. He continues to rub my clit through my panties as I squeeze and stroke his cock. His other hand comes up my skirt and I feel as my panties are slid down my legs. I push his pants and boxers out of the way and with my free hand pull him towards me as I guide the hard tip of his dick towards the wetness between my thighs.

He whispers to me, “I always did wonder if you shaved or not” as his flesh touches the bareness of my pussy. I rub the tip over my hard clit and into my pussy as he brings one hand up and grabs my right breast hard. I move it faster and the pressure on my breast increases. I am so fucking hot and ready to devour this man. I want him to fuck me and make me come.

He puts his other hand onto my ass as he pushes himself forward. He pushes inside and slides in easily past my wet and throbbing lips. I can feel as my skin stretches and envelops his cock. I move my hands around to his ass and pull him in even closer until his is completely inside of me. We stand there a moment because right there, I am on the edge of my orgasm. Never have I been so close so fast, but here I am, ready to come at the slightest movement.

Oh how good he feels inside of me. He has his one hand on my ass, the other on my breast and he leans in as if to kiss me, but instead he brings his mouth down onto my neck and begins to bite. As soon as his teeth hit my flesh, I explode. I can hardly believe it. My pussy muscles flex hard against his rigid cock and he can feel as the juice from me covers him. He continues to bite me and starts to move in and out of me at a fairly fast rate. As he slides in and out, I can feel a second orgasm building before the first has even stopped. I bite into his neck to keep from screaming out because of how fucking good it feels.

He continues to thrust, quickening his pace and pulling at my ass to bring me onto him as completely as possible. I bring my hands up under his shirt and over his back, feeling the muscles move beneath his skin as he enters me again and again. He is going faster and the only sounds are the slight hum of the copier and our breathing. I pull my legs up around his waist and pull in closer still to him. I can feel my orgasm ready to leap at any moment. I tell him I am close again and he starts to fuck me hard. He slams into me and I can feel the copier moving a bit under my ass as it moves with our bodies.

I again bite into him as the second orgasm ignites. I run my nails into his back and hang on as if for my own survival. As though if I were to let go, I might somehow be in danger. I feel as my nails sink into his flesh and I can smell his cologne and sweat as they mix together. The fragrance of it intoxicates me. He grabs both my ass and my breast hard as he continues to slam me and then finds his own release. He continues to fuck, but at a slower pace now and I can feel the sticky mess between my legs.

He pulls out of me and bends forward to lick my inner thigh. “I am so not done with you yet,” he says in a low and very sexy voice. He situates himself a bit as I get off the copier and make sure there is no mess. I adjust myself to get as ‘presentable’ as possible as he leads the way through the hallways of our building.

We pass one or two people as we are walking and all I can think is “THEY KNOW!” We go into one of the conference rooms that has windows letting in a little light from the full moon outside. He pulls me inside after him and pulls me into his arms. I can feel the strength of them surround me as he leans in to kiss me, deep and forcefully.

He begins to back me towards the table in the center of the room. He pulls my shirt up over my head and removes my bra. He lays me back on to the table and I feel the coldness race through me. He pulls me to the edge and pushes up my skirt. “OH SHIT!” I say yenikent escort as I realize I left my panties in the copy room.

“Hope no one finds them,” he replies as he moves in to eat my pussy with a hungering look in his eyes. He runs his tongue up over my entire pussy, which is spread before him like a banquet. He has my legs bent outward and pinned with his arms, as his tongue tastes the delicacies between. He takes my clit into his mouth and hums slightly. This sends a massive wave through me unlike anything I have felt before. As my clit is in his mouth, he rolls his tongue over it again and again. I can feel the pressure come off of one of my legs as he brings it down and rubs two fingers all around the outside of my wet pussy. He pulls away a moment and says, “I love how fucking wet you are.” With those words, a new release of fluid comes and a massive grin appears on his face.

He moves those two fingers around more and I say “Stick them into me and finger fuck me while you eat.” He gently slides the two fingers in as his mouth comes down over my clit again. He pushes and twists his fingers inside of me and bites down lightly on my clit. I let out a loud moan and claw at the table, the sound of my nails on the surface causing even more excitement for me, although I am unsure why.

He continues his attacks on me, drawing all the heat within me to the place between my legs as a new orgasm builds within. He continues to thrust his fingers into me and brings the other hand slowly over my body as he searches for the perfect spot to play with. He lazily runs his fingers along my arm, over my chest until they start to move over my breast. He runs two fingers alongside one of my nipples, slightly pinching it between. He breathes hot onto my clit as his fingers keep working inside.

I can feel my insides twitch as I reach that edge I so long to go over. I am close and he knows it, so he continues to fuck me with those fingers as my juices drip. He licks at my clit, circling again and again. I reach down and grab at his hair as he licks and I tell him, “I’m going to fucking explode”. I can feel as his tongue glides over me and I moan louder. I am so fucking close and he continues until I hit my limit. I grab his hair tight and begin shaking as I am overcome. He moves faster as my orgasm intensity increases. If not for his arm over my thigh, I would be bucking off the table. He keeps pushing his fingers in and out fast and hard and I keep coming. This is the longest orgasm I have had and I am almost ready to collapse from the exertion it is causing.

He slows down and takes his mouth away from me. He comes upward as he removes his fingers from my insides and runs them over my lips. As I am licking my juices away, he leans in and kisses me again. Slowly I regain some strength and I begin sitting up and pushing him upward as well. Once we are both standing, I undo his pants and bring them down to his ankles. I run my finger over the length of his cock through his boxers. I kneel before him and lightly wrap my mouth around his cock over the material that is currently encasing it. I then pull down the boxers to his pants and pull him to sit in one of the chairs.

He sits down and I bring my mouth forward to lick his cock. The heat of it as it rubs against my tongue sends sparks through me as I taste the remains of our excursion in the copy room. I run my tongue around and realize that he is continuing to swell as I move over him. I bring my nails up along his thighs and start to work his balls with one hand as the other moves up under his shirt. I run my fingers over his chest, defining each of the muscles and burning it to memory. I open my mouth as I lean in to feast upon him. His cock slides deep into my mouth and I can feel as it slides down towards my throat. I take him all the way into my mouth and begin to suck hard against his cock as I make my retreat along his shaft.

He brings his hand down and grabs hold of the hair at the base of my head. He pushes me down onto his dick as he says, “You like to suck my cock, don’t you?” I moan against him and he twitches in my mouth. I move against him, pressing my lips tightly against his hardness. yenimahalle escort I move with eagerness for all I want is to taste him as his come sprays into my mouth. I move hard and fast as his hand presses me into him.

I am sucking at him hard as my tongue works around inside my mouth, tasting all that he is. I linger at the tip as my tongue moves along the ridge there. He leans his head back a bit and increases his grip on my hair. Each downward thrust brings the tip into my throat and I moan as it strikes. I am grinding my mouth over him and soon my mouth is filled with his hot goo. I suck it and drink it down. Oh how good he tastes I think to myself, as his come slides down my throat.

I slow a bit as he starts to soften. I pull up and look him over. His eyes are closed and his breathing is beginning to regulate. I gather my things and begin heading for the door. He grabs my arm and says, “You’re coming with me.” I look at him questioningly as he pulls his pants up. We head out of the conference room and stop off to grab my panties from the copy room. I hope no one saw them, I think to myself. We continue on our way until we hit the locker room downstairs. He tells me to wait a moment and he goes in. When he returns, he grabs me and pulls me in after him.

As soon as we are inside, he begins taking my clothes off. I am standing fully naked in front of him as he looks me over. He smiles with that evil little grin again and I can feel the blush rising in me. I take off his shirt and start undoing his pants. Our clothes end up in a pile on the floor as he pulls me toward the shower. “Time to get clean,” he says with a wink. I follow him, my bare feet slapping against the tiles on the floor.

He turns the water on hot and steam begins filling the enclosure. He pulls me under the water with him and I cringe slightly as the heat hits me. As I begin to get used to it, I run my hands along his body. He is well built and touching his skin arouses me almost immediately. I move around behind him and notice the damage I have caused to his back with my nails. “Ooops,” I say as I run my fingers over them.

I ask if they hurt and he says “No, I wear them proudly.” I kiss his back, starting with the places I have wounded him. I move down to his ass and then slowly run my tongue up from the top of his ass along the center of his back. My hands are on his chest as I press my breasts into his back on my way up.

He turns to face me and already his cock is starting to get hard. He pushes his body against mine, the water falling on us as we kiss and caress. He pushes me against the wall and starts to rub my pussy with his fingers. He leans in and whispers, “I want to fuck you again and feel your juices flowing over my cock”. I moan as the words leave his lips and hit my ears. I pull at him and bring one leg up. He holds it there with one hand and inserts his cock into my pussy. Slams into me hard and I in turn slam into the wall. I am literally being smashed between his cock and the wall behind me, but I love every moment of it.

He continues to slam and grabs my hair with his free hand. He pulls hard and I give in to him. I feel like a rag doll as he uses my body to pleasure himself. He brings his teeth to my neck and bites down hard, almost drawing blood. I cry out from the mixture of pleasure and pain. He fucks me hard and fast and the water beating down on us intensifies the sensations. He pulls my ass to help slam me onto his cock as he fucks. I am moaning loudly now as the sound of the water drowns out some of my sounds. He continues to bite and suck at my neck as my insides spasm against his ramming.

I am screaming now as fucks harder. I can hear myself speaking in a way that can only be described as primal. He is grunting as he continues to fuck me. “I am going to come inside you and make you scream even louder,” he says as he moves his fingers between my ass cheeks. He is playing with my asshole as he fucks me and bites into my neck again. Then he is releasing himself into me again and I scream out as his final bite is taken and I see the small amount of blood on his lips as he pulls away.

I am on the verge of passing out from a mixture of the heat, the exhaustion and the overall strain to my body. He pulls me close to him and helps to steady me as I put my leg down. I stand there shaking, recovering from the eruption that has just taken place within me. With that, he starts to…

And then I wake up. Oh what a wonderful dream. If only I had seen the ending.

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