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Working with Crystal

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Author retains all rights, no reproduction or other use without permission. The names have been changed because there’s just a little too much truth to this one.


We met at a workshop on collaboration, a three day affair at a resort near Lake Tahoe and it wasn’t all business, but the play was fairly limited and innocent. She was married and although I found her to be incredibly attractive, well, that was that. She was young, in her late twenties, tall, maybe 5’9″, a pierced nose, never my favorite but was kind of sexy on her. Hispanic with perfect olive toned skin and long legs, she had a smile that lit up the room and her eyes belied a spark that said I’m not as well behaved as I seem.

Of course, that was that for a time and we returned back to campus and to our jobs. Sure we saw each other once in awhile and said hi, always accompanied by a really nice hug and a little light flirting. We were completing a new building on campus that my office was going into and I was excited to find out she would be moving to the same building. Made me think that it would at least up the frequency of those hellos and hugs, and it did. We would run into each other once a week or so and I have to admit it made those days a lot better at work.

Unfortunately we hit a point where we hadn’t seen each other in almost four weeks and as I was walking across campus on a Friday afternoon I heard my name. It was Crystal yelling hello from across campus and heading my way, so of course I waited for her. We hugged as usual and being across campus from our building we took the long walk together, slowly. She mentioned she had just been thinking about me and was going to e-mail me to say hi. I said something about her being great and gave her a little hug, she returned the compliment and I told her if she wasn’t married I snatch her up in a minute.

“Yeah, me too,” she smiled and looked me right in the eye.

That was quite a shock, with the spark heading to a very expected location; akyurt escort we had made it to the building and were talking in the stairwell when she asked me if I skied. Turned out she snowboarded and finding out that I used to skateboard she offered to teach me. I joked with her that her husband might not be thrilled about her and I spending time in the mountains, she blew it off telling me he wouldn’t care.

I hadn’t given that conversation much thought when a couple of weeks later I see Crystal standing in the doorway to my office. She said she had some free passes including free rentals and wanted to know if I wanted to take her up on her offer to teach me to snowboard. I decided to and the next day I found myself gearing up at a local resort. The day was tough on my ass, as I spent a lot of time dropping on it while trying to get my feet under me. Late in the day I was ready to take a full run down the mountain and off to the top we went. I did pretty good most of the way down when I caught an edge and hooked right into Crystal at the edge of the run. We careened off into the powder and crashed out with me landing on top of her. I quickly asked if she was ok and then equally quickly found myself locked in a fairly passionate kiss. We shuffled about and finished the run and there was more than a bit of awkward silence as we made our way back to the car.

Once in the car we found ourselves kissing again, she kissed me hungrily and I returned that energy. Wondering to myself if I should touch her my thoughts were shattered by the feel of hands running up my leg and finding what her fingers were searching for, and we mauled each other. Hands flying everywhere, mouths exploring each other’s necks and then just as suddenly as it had started she pulled back and stopped. We drove the first half hour off the mountain in silence, listening to the radio and then slowly dropped into small talk. We pulled into my apartment complex as it was getting ayaş escort dark and she pulled in and parked. Like clockwork we were kissing again and this time it ended more slowly, not much being said and I got out of the car and went to my apartment.

A few days later I ventured over to Crystal’s office and said hi, I could see immediate confusion in her eyes and then we hugged like we normally do, but it lasted longer than usual. We stayed standing close together and looking at each other and I told her how much I enjoyed our trip and thanked her for the lesson.

“God you are so hot.” I leaned in and whispered in her ear and she smiled.

She sighed, her chest expanding and bringing my attention to her small but magnificently firm breasts.

“Me too,” and she took hold of my hand.

We could both feel the tension building when she scanned around quickly and realized out how public her office was, I suggested we go to my office. She shook her head no, another deep sigh floating through her chest and I gave her a goodbye hug.

As I did I said, “I know you can feel how turned I am, I wonder what all of this does to you?”

She sighed again, “yes I can feel it and, well” getting quiet she smiled.

I leaned in and whispered in her ear, “how wet are you Crystal?” Her breath caught and I asked her to come to my office. She stood there not speaking and I whispered in her ear, “say yes Crystal, just say yes.”


I took her hand and started walking toward my office, letting her hand go before we hit the hall, we walked slowly up the stairs and into my office.

As the door closed we were on each other, I pinned her against the wall and kissed her hard, my hands finding her breasts and working them as I kissed my way down her neck. I pulled her over and pushed her against the edge of my desk, pressing myself against her, my cock pressed against her as I kissed her. I told her I wanted to know how wet she was, again ankara escort she stood there silently.

“Say yes Crystal, just say yes,” I whispered.

She did and I started to unbutton her pants, then pull her zipper down and as I did she moved my hands and started unzipping me.

“I want to see you first,”

She reached in and pulled me from my pants, the heat of my cock warming her hands. I pulled her to me kissing her as she started stroking me, driving me crazy, I pulled her pants and panties down her hips. Pushing her back I moved her pants down further and slid my hand across her lips. She tightened her grip on my cock and I gasped at how incredibly wet she was, immediately she started stroking me and I slid a finger inside her, moaning lowly she leaned into me and bit my neck. I bit her back and slid a second finger inside her.

We stood there masturbating each other, me two fingers deep inside her, fucking her, finally burying my fingers deep inside her. I slid my thumb to her clit and started to rub it and she exploded. Her hands wrapped around my neck and pulled me into her as she bucked and moaned in my arms, my cock now rubbing against her naked body. As she started to come down she began kissing me again, one arm around my neck, the other hand on my ass pulling me tight against her.

The heat between us was growing as we kissed, my cock grinding against her skin, I reached down and pushed myself between her legs, thrusting, finding her slit and sliding across her wet lips. I could feel her pushing to meet my thrusts and I whispered in her ear, “say yes Crystal”.

“No, I can’t”

“Say yes Crystal, just say yes,”

Without saying it she opened her legs and leaned back, slowly reaching down and taking my cock in her hand and placing the tip just inside her lips

“Yes,” she said as she closed her eyes leaned back and moaned.

I buried myself in her completely, my balls slapping against her and she yelled out and dug her nails into my ass, exploding, I could feel her muscles tighten around my cock and I held it deep inside her while we rode out our orgasms together.

On my desk, intertwined, twitching together as are hearts pounded, beats synchronizing.

“Yes,” she whispered one last time.

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