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Big Cock

I thought that I had the perfect life. Everything that I had done was designed to land me in my present position as president of the University of New Orleans, which is no small feat for a woman of forty. My carefully crafted persona of the executive woman, meticulous dressed, and always in control, at first was a role that I played. More and more, I had allowed that persona, with its lack of emotion to invade my marriage.

Looking back on it, my husband, John, had begun hinting that he wanted more of my time, more of my attention, and more sex, three years ago. I was full of my career, and was of the attitude that he should be satisfied that his wife was so successful. I continued going to all the meetings, and conventions, without regard to his feelings.

It was a shock, when he had divorce papers served on me. Two days after our divorce was final, he married his secretary, a woman of thirty-one.

At first, I was angry that my image was tarnished. Them, I immersed myself in my work, telling myself, that I did not need anyone in my life. Loneliness set in. We had sold our home, so I had moved into a condo, a new lonely place.

One day walking across campus, I watched a group of male students walk by me. I was curious as to what reaction they had to me, as a woman? They looked right through me. So much for my being attractive to the young set.

More disturbing, was the fact that other then a perfunctory greeting by the male facility, they too, looked right through me.

It was time to take a careful, honest look at myself to determine what kind of woman I am, and what I wanted to be. Naked, I stood looking at my self in the full length mirror. My hair was cut short, dark brown, and had a few white hairs showing. My breasts, tummy, butt, and upper legs displayed, only too well, where the extra fifty pounds that I had put on was located.

For the last three years of my marriage to John, I had complained that I could not breath with him on me, so he was relegated to side saddle.

I needed some advice. I sent an email to my older sister, Joan.

“Hi Joan, I need a big favor. You know how you and I studied people, so that I could acquire the traits and mannerisms of the female university administrator. Well, I have decided to make some major changes in how I look, and live, so that I become attractive to men.

I have never tried to loose weight before, but come hell or high water, I am going to lose fifty pounds. I have purchased some “Ultress” hair color. The next time that you see me, I will be a blond.

Here is the “Favor” part. Ask your hubby, Tommy, to tell you what he thought of me when he first met me, what he thinks other men think of me, and what I should change to become more attractive to men?

Tell me, word for word. Don’t leave anything out, or try to spare my feelings.”

Two days later, I received her reply.

“Dear Susanne, You asked for this, kiddo. You know how Tommy likes to have a few tall ones when he is watching a baseball game. Well, he was a little snickered last night. It was a good opportunity to ask him your questions. What came out was unvarnished, but what you asked for. Here goes.

First impression of you, was of a very pretty college girl, that had used her looks and brain to open all her doors for her, without going to the trouble of developing a pleasing, caring, personality.

As you are now, he thinks men would have little interest in you. Your fat, wear granny clothes, don’t use makeup, hair has little style, but most important, is you come across as a cold fish that has not had a new idea in fifteen years, like the other dip shit professors at your school. (His words.)

What to change? Oh boy, you are going to love this list! Color your hair. Let it grow, and do something with it. Get down to one hundred and twenty-five pounds. Work out, jog, or roller blade, so you appear trim and fit. See the top fifteen movies, get to know some of the current music artists, and read some novels, so you have something to talk about.

Go to a dance studio to learn how the kids dance now. The next one is going to blow you away. Tommy says that it is by far the most important, so here it comes. Go to some of the downtown lounges. Flirt, and dance with the guys. Let yourself be picked up. Go have long hot sex, with you doing your best to please the guy. Tommy said ten different guys over the next few months would do you a world of good. Tommy said that it would make you worldly, and hopefully you would begin to think of yourself as a sexual woman. Plus, you will learn how to please a man, if you work at it.

I almost fell out of the chair when he told me that. I have told him that the only man you ever had sex with was John.

Tommy may have something there, Susanne. I had sex with twenty-five guys in college. As you know, I have always been at ease around guys because of that.

Well, Kiddo, I hope this helps. Love, Joan”

I had not flirted with a strange man for twenty years. I printed çankaya escort the email for future reference.

After buying some exercise outfits, I enrolled at “Bobby Jo’s Dance,” and a fitness club, called “All Out.” I had started my program.

Ten weeks later, I was down to one hundred and thirty-five pounds, and the dancing and workouts had changed my figure, let me tell you. No pain, no gain they say. Sweat and pain were not strangers to me now.

In the local paper, it mentioned that several conventions were in town, so the city was swarming with men my age. I actually trembled as I unwrapped the “Frederick’s of Hollywood” box containing my order of new clothes. When fully dressed in my new duds, I stood looking at myself in the mirror. No one would recognize me now.

My hair was colored blond, and styled. I had half caret diamond ear rings. The lime green velvet dress, and matching shoes, were offset by my choker of pearls, and a thin white belt. I was in full go mode until I reached for the front door. I stopped, but finally had the courage to go out into the night.

I drove to the “Jefferson Lounge.” It took a few moments for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. The lighting, such as it was, was lasers of different colors reflecting off a spinning globe, as well as slowly revolving around the room.

All but a few of the one hundred tables were occupied. Each table had a phone in the center, as well as a large number, so that people at one table could call and speak to anyone in the place.

Just as the waiter brought my “Bombay,” my phone rang. A male voice said, “Hi, I’m sitting to your left at table thirty-one. Could I come join you?” I peered his direction. A nice appearing guy, sitting with two other men, had a phone to his ear, and was waving his fingers at me. It brought back memories of a high school dance.

I wanted somebody to be with me. It was awkward sitting alone. “Yes…”

“Hi, I’m Jerry Butkis,” he drawled, as he sat down.

“Susanne Simpson. Where are you from?”

“Rancher from Bradshaw Texas, a little town, just South of Abilene. First time for me to visit, New Orleans.”

“Like it?”

“Enjoying it so far. The hunt for some excitement was going poorly, until you sauntered in,” he said with a big grin, as he looked at me a little sideways.

I could feel my face flush with embarrassment as the thought crossed my mind that the excitement he had in mind would surly include me naked, with him between my legs.

“Care to dance, Susanne?”

I stood up. He escorted me to the dance floor. The next tune was “Dance Fever.” My dance lessons paid off, as it had been one of “Bobby Jo’s practice songs. My rancher friend proved to be an excellent dancer. He had left his jacket at the table, so now I could see his broad shoulders, trim waist, and tight buns, as he moved like a big cat to the rhythm. There was no doubt that he was a working cowboy, and a lot more man then I had ever been around.

We danced for nine straight dances, without leaving the floor. My sweating was profuse from the eighty degree temperature, and the high humidity, “Jerry took out his handkerchief. After he finished dabbing the sweat off my face and neck, he kissed me lightly on the lips. I blinked, then stiffened.

“Whoa, there Filly,” he said, as he put his arms all the way around me, and gave me a long deep kiss.

“Susanne, I want to get to know you a whole lot better. Lets go up the street to my motel, so we can have some privacy.” With out waiting for me to say anything, he grabbed my hand, turned, and lead me first to the table to get our things, and then out the door.

The sea breeze was refreshing, as we walked the short distance to his place. The trembling set in. It had been a year since I had sex. I craved the idea of cuddling, necking if you will. But, this man would want all of me.

Tommy and Joan’s words; ”worldly, sexual woman, please a man,” ran through my head.

Suddenly the trembling stopped. Joan had sent me another email. She said that Tommy told her to tell me to use the words, cock, cunt, pussy, ass, and fuck, when I was with a man. I had been saying those words out loud, as I worked In my condo.

Jerry set down his coat, and then took me into his arms. “Would you like a gin and tonic?”


“Large or small?”

“Large, and strong.” I drank all of mine, as he did.

“Lady getting set for some serious bronco riding, is she?”

“Jerry,” I said, with my hand on his shoulders, and leaning away a few inches. “I have not been fucked in over a year, and I have only had one man before, so please be careful with me, won’t you?”

“Whee-haw! I got a feeling that if all y’all have ever had is one of these soft Louisiana tadpoles, that your in for some real pleasure.”

“Are all Texans as timid and modest as you, Jerry?’ I said, while smiling, and giving him a gentle slap in the face.

In return, he took my hand and led me over next to the bed. çayyolu escort I felt my zipper being lowered. The Demi platform bra was next, and then he lowered my panties to the floor. I was naked. I was also proud of my body, and appreciated the smile on Jerry face as he looked me over.

“Your prime, Susanne.”

Jerry seemed to get bigger as his clothes came off. His arms and shoulder muscles rippled as he lay his clothes down. There was no discernable fat on the man. His cock was erect and touched my leg as he lowered me onto my back.

Softly, his hand ran over my body, his fingers tracing my arms, legs, tits, and at last my pussy. When he put his finger up me, I opened my legs, and closed my eyes. “Oooohhoooo.” It felt so good. He continued to finger me. “Ooohhooo.”

Gently he kissed me on the cheek, then the eyes, forehead, and lastly my lips. I begin to undulate my hips so that his finger could roam through more of my pussy. It seemed so natural. It felt so good. Soooo good.

“What kind of cologne are you wearing?” I said, as it dawned on me that it was so nice a fragrance.

As he slid onto me, and guided his cock to my pussy, he murmured, “Armani.”

That was the last word either of us spoke for forty minutes, because I was being fucked, Texas style. We started in the missionary position. Then he raised my legs to hold them over my head with his arms. He raised them straight up, and on his knees was pounding into me faster then I thought was possible, when my orgasm came on suddenly. “Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Jerry!”

In the missionary position again, he used a long sliding motion to bring me to my second orgasm.

As he rolled off, sweating, and panting, I whispered, “Jerry, you were right. Compared to you, he was a soft Louisiana tadpole.”

“Heck, we got a long ride ahead,” he said as he slid a finger into me again.

When he was hard again, he lay on his back, and lowered me onto his cock. I had never done that before. He told me to slid my cunt back and forth like it was an eraser that was trying to remove his cock. That was a whole new feeling for me. One that I really liked. I closed my eyes, and was delighted at the serenity of controlling the speed, and pleasure that I was feeling. I could keep both he and I at the edge of orgasm.

When I tired, Jerry had me get on my hands and knees. The speed, force, and penetration in that position caught me by surprise. I must have been quite a sight with my breasts flailing and mouth open, as I panted out “Oh, Oooohhhoo, Oh, Oh, Ooooohhhhooo,” while a most wonderful orgasm made me collapse on the bed. Jerry rolled me over, to continue fucking me until he too cum.

It was five AM when he walked me back to my car. As I drove away, I said to myself, “That’s one.”

When at the University, my persona was as it always had been, with the exception of my blond hair, and more stylish clothes. At the end of four months, I had achieved my goal of one hundred and twenty-five pounds. When I passed the men students, they looked at me, not through me. The eyes of the male facility would run up and down my body. Sex and sexuality thoughts were on my mind a lot, as Tommy said they would be. It was neat, really.

Two weeks later, after a meeting broke up at 11:30 Am at the Regency Inn, I was walking towards the door, when a voice said, “Miss, may I speak to you.”

Turning, I found myself face to face with a tall gentlemen wearing a pin stripped suit, that also was at the meeting, but sat on the other side of the room.


“I’m Peter Rust. Could I talk you into joining me for lunch.”

With a smile, I said, “Gladly.” I thought to myself, “It will be nice to chat with a man.”

We both had club sandwiches, with coffee. I was about to thank him and get up to leave, when he surprised me by boldly saying, “I would love to have you join me in my room?”

Expressionlessly, I stared at him. I was opening my mouth to say something, when I felt his hand on my knee. Ever so slowly, he moved it up my leg past the top of my stockings. His fingers gently went round and round on the front of my panties. Being at a corner table with a large table cloth, I knew that no one could see what he was doing, so I made no move to stop him.

As a breath escaped my lips, and my head raised ever so slightly, I opened my legs.

“We are beginning to get moist, are we?” he said, with a slight grim on his face.

“You have a lot of nerve, you know,” I finally said.

“Oh, I don’t know. I saw how you looked over every man at that meeting. I knew that I could bed you, and I was right, wasn’t I?”

He laughed as I nodded my head up and down.

His room was a suite on the tenth floor. I went into the bathroom to go, and undress. I wanted to fold my clothes neatly. He was naked on the bed, with a nice hard on, when I appeared.

“Do you suck cock?” he inquired.

“I have never done that, and don’t know how.”

“Good time to ankara escort learn,” he said, as he grabbed my arm and brought me to a kneeling position with my head near his cock, and his arm across my fanny.

“Start licking up the underside, and spend a lot of time licking at the base of my cock’s head.”

I did that, and had just taken the end in my mouth, when he stuck a lubricated finger in my ass. I froze. The finger was in, but not moving, so I continued.

When I had a lot of him in my mouth, his finger was removed from my ass. He put an arm around my waist, preventing me from moving, and with the other hand thrust what I later found out was a butt plug, into my ass.

Rolling me onto my back, and holding both of my arms above my head he lay on me. His cock found my pussy.

“That plug in your ass will make you really enjoy this fuck.”

After the slight pain went away, the plug did, indeed, make for different sensations caused by the reduction of space within me. I made no move to withdraw it, and instead put my hands on his ass, as he pumped, and I withered in ecstasy.

“Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhaaaaaa,” I moaned, and he grunted several times, as we both cum together.

We chatted, and ran our hands over each other for several minutes. When he was hard, he surprised me again, by sliding me to the edge of the bed, and rolling me on to my stomach.

The plug was removed. He slid his cock into the now enlarged hole, with one push. I can’t say that I enjoyed it, but this fuck was for him, and he pounded into me harder then any man had ever done before. It was, of course, the first time any man had fucked me there.

When he cum, I told him, “Peter, I must get back to the office.”

As I drove away, I thought, “That’s two.”

This was the first time that I have sat in the president’s chair with toilet paper stuffed into my pussy so that I would not drip cum.

Later, at home, while running the vacuum, I sang over and over, “Cock, cunt, pussy, ass, fuck.” Without a doubt, I am the only University president singing such a tune.

Two weeks later, I was at a mall some distance East of the city. I sat on one of the benches, inside, at the entrance to Sears. One of the janitors was sweeping near by. He caught me staring at his groin. He was a hunk, about thirty years old, and well built. He walked over and put his left foot on the bench. His groin was now less then two feet from my face.

“Come here often?”


“Name? I’m Eddie.”


“I get off in twenty minutes. If you are still her then, I’ll make it worth your while to come over to my pad, which is at the corner of Rose, and Fisher streets, two blocks away.”

“I don’t know, Eddie.”

“Well, Sweet chops, that is up to you. The way you were staring at my package made me think that you might need a beef injection. I’ll stop back here in twenty.”

I watched him as he finished the rest of the sweeping. He winked at me as he walked away.

Twice, I started to get up to leave, but then I would think of how it felt to have Jerry and Peter pounding into me. Under the packages in my lap, the fingers of my right hand were rubbing up and down the front of my slacks where my twat is.

I was waiting when Eddie returned.

While walking to his car in the parking lot, he said, “Your a cool looking broad. What’s with you? Daddy not giving you enough action?”

“No Hubby. No boyfriend. No one, period.”

“So, since it is Friday afternoon, you don’t have any call on you until Monday?”

I didn’t know where he was going with that question, but I shrugged, as I said, “You could say that, yes.”

He showed me his old green Chevy. We got in. He drove to my car. I followed him to his apartment. On the way over, I noticed that he was talking on his cell phone, but didn’t think anything of it.

I had never seen an apartment as messy as his. It was clean, which surprised me, but nothing was put away. An old building; the beds rooms was huge, with high ceilings. It was the only apartment in the building. There had been a store on the first floor, but it was now closed.

I watched the TV, and sipped on a beer while Eddie took a shower, and shaved. My sister, Joan, when I had emailed her some of the details of my meetings with Jerry and Peter, had written back, that Tommy said that the gals on the internet talk, all the time, about how good it is to do young guys. “Well, Here I am with a guy at least ten years younger then I,” I thought.

Eddie caught me with my eyes closed, rubbing my twat through my slacks.

“Let’s get your clothes off,” he said as he walked over to me, his cock erect and bobbing from the motion.

As I slid my halter top over my head, he took my slacks and panties off. As I slipped out of my shoes, a wry smile crossed my lips, as I acknowledge to myself that, once again, I was naked, and about to fucked by a strange men.

Wasting no time he settled onto me with his head on the bed next to me, and his arm cradled around my head to hold me in place, as his other hand placed the head of his cock at the lips of my pussy.

He pushed it in slowly. He brought it out slowly. The pace quickened, until we were in full fucking action with my legs wrapped around his back as he pumped into me.

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