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A Bet Between Friends

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When Eric and I met, we hit it off right away. We became best friends first and lovers later. It became quite evident early on that we could play around with one another in ways that I’d never been able to do with anyone else. I let him do things to me that no one had ever done before, like tie my hands to the headboard while he fucked me. I never thought I would like the helpless feeling that being bound would give me, but I trusted him and that made all the difference. Things had started to really heat up between us in the past few weeks and he kept surprising me with all the things he wanted to do or try. Sometimes on the weekends we played cards, with the winner getting what ever they wanted that night. Usually Eric won and wanted to fuck me as his prize. Not that I minded because whenever I won, I wanted Eric to fuck me as my prize. It was a win win situation if you ask me.

For the past month Eric has been hinting he wanted to play strip poker one night, and I thought it might be kinda fun to do. Eric was coming over and I figured I would ask him if he wanted to play strip poker tonight. When I heard the door bell ring my stomach did a little flip at what the next few hours might hold for us. When I opened the door, I noticed two things right away. One, that he was grinning like the cat that ate the canary, and two, he had a big paper bag with him.

He came in and gave me a tight hug, nuzzling the side of my neck, sending shivers down my back as his breath tickled the side of my neck. I held him for a moment not wanting to lose the feeling he was arousing in me.

“Don’t ya wanna know what’s in the bag?” He chuckled wickedly as his extricated himself from my hold.

I let go long enough to look at the bag. He knew what I was going to do before I did it and snatched the bag out of my reach before I could make a grab for it. I laughed, knowing he knew me way too well.

“Okay, I’ll bite. What’s in the bag?” I asked, very curious to know what he brought.

Eric took the bag, held it too his body like it was a prized possession,. He took my hand and led me to the couch where we sat down. Looking at me, he smiled as he opened the bag and put his hand inside, making a huge production of trying to find something.

“Just pull it out already!” I have no patience and it showed.

He raised his eyebrow at my remark. “Well if you insist.” He grinned as he started to put the bag down and unbutton his jeans.

“Not that, you doofus!” I scolded. “Pull out whatever you have in the bag or I’m going to take it from you and you’ll never get it back!”

He sat back down, grinning at me and put his hand back in the bag pulling out some white 3×5 cards. I just starred at them, like I was forgetting to write down a recipe or something. He laughed at my confusion. Putting down the cards, he plucked two pens from the bag and sat them next to the cards on the table. Next from the bag came a new deck of playing cards. Those too got set on the table. I was shocked at the next thing to come out of the bag. He pulled out handcuffs and just sat there swinging them in front of me as he watched the confusion play over my face.

“Okay, what are you planning?” I asked, in a confused tone of voice. “I don’t get it.”

He said nothing. Again his hand went in the bag, this time pulling out a blindfold. Eric swung this in front of my face as he smiled at me. I was getting a little nervous at what might come out of the bag next.

“Honey, what are you planning?” I asked.

All he did was smile at me, putting his hand back in the bag. This time, he slowly pulled his hand out, holding an 8inch dildo. He laughed as I gasped.

“Surely you’ve seen one before?” He asked innocently. “I mean you probably have one in your night stand, right?”

I took the dildo from him and looked it over. “I can honestly say I don’t have anything that looks like this in my nightstand.” Laughing, I handed it back to him.

“You’ve never used one before? Hmmm…….and here I thought this was a girl’s best friend.”

He laughed at the look on my face and put the dildo next to the other things. Putting his hand back in the bag and rummaging around with a perplexed look on his face, he finally smiled and started to pull his hand out of the bag again. When his hand was almost out of the bag he stopped.

“Close your eyes.” He commanded me.

I trusted him but was the tiniest bit nervous. It was obvious while he sat there looking at me, that he wasn’t going to take his hand out of the bag unless I did what he said.

“Okay fine, but you better not pull something gross out of that bag.”

The mischiveous look on his face made me think of a young boy who had put snails on my desk at school when I was younger. He just giggled at me.

I heard the rustling of the bag and knew he had taken his hand out, I felt him scoot closer to me.

“Don’t open your eyes.” He bayındır escort bayan reminded me, as he traced his fingers down the side of my face, sending shivers down my neck.

“Trust me.” He whispered in my ear, his warm breath along my neck relaxing me…arousing me.

I felt his hand caress the back of my head, as he slowly threaded his hands through my hair, grabbing a handful close to my scalp at the back of my head. He pulled my hair slightly. When I didn’t object, he pulled my head back a little harder.

“I want you to open your mouth for me, but do not open your eyes.” He whispered against my ear. “Trust me and do what I ask.” As he said this, he pulled my hair slightly harder.

At first I did nothing. I was nervous. We had never played this type of game before and I had absolutely no idea what he might put in my mouth. I felt another tug on my hair and a chuckle as I gasped. I reluctantly parted my lips and felt something very small pass through. I jumped as I heard a loud noise and felt something cold and wet filling my mouth. Pulling back as quickly as I could, I opened my eyes to see Eric laughing at me. He was holding a can of whip cream in his hands. It was then that I realized that’s what was in my mouth. I swallowed the sweet tasting whip cream as he put the can down still laughing at my reaction.

“What’s the matter? Don’t you trust me?” He asked, as he squirted more of the whip cream in his hand.

He grabbed the bottom of my shirt, gently pulling it up to expose my braless breasts. After smearing whip cream on my nipple, he bent down and licked it off. I moaned as his lips softly flicked across my already erect nipple. Too soon he stopped and licked his lips, grinning at me as he settled back on the couch with the bag still in his arms.

I was getting more aroused by the minute. I wanted to know what he planned for us this night.

I scooted closer. “So, you got anything else in that bag of yours?”

He lifted the bag and shook it, I could tell there was still stuff in it.

“Yep, There are a few more goodies still left” he said, grinning. But instead of putting his hand in the bag, he sat it down next to him and picked up the blank cards and pens. He handed me one blank card and a pen and took one for himself, putting the rest of the cards down.

“I want you to write down one sexual thing that you have never tried but have always wanted to, and I’m going to do the same. It can be as outrageous or vanilla as you like, just write it down and don’t let me see it yet.”

I had to think about this for a minute. Did I really want him to know what I had always wanted to try but was too scared to do? He wrote something quickly down on his card and after a few minutes I finally wrote down my biggest fantasy on my card.

“Okay, now put the card face down on the table in front of you.” I did and watched as he picked up the playing cards and shuffled them.

“Okay, what I planned on, was we each pick one card. The person who has the highest card, picks up the others wish card and makes their fantasy come true. I brought the toys just in case I get my fantasy.” He was smiling at me like he knew something I didn’t.

I picked a card, holding it in my hands, afraid that it might not be high enough to beat what ever card he got. I was wishing I had written something else on my wish card now. Eric picked his card and slowly turned it over and his eyes lit right up. He turned the card so I could see it. It was the King of Spades. He started for my wish card and I stopped him, he looked at me confused then motioned for me to show him my card. I did…it was the 3 of hearts. I lost…

He had his hand on my wish card but my hand stopped him from picking it up.

“I don’t want you to read it.” I whispered. I knew my face must be beet red right now. I was so embarrassed. He let go of my wish card and took my hand.

“Did you write down something you’ve always wanted to do?”

I looked at him, my face burning with embarrassment. “Yes.” I whispered.

“Then let me read what you wrote. Let me make your fantasy come true.” He said, as he kissed my fingers, running his tongue along the sensitive tips before softly suckling my entire finger into his mouth. I closed my eyes and enjoyed his kissing, nipping and tongue on my fingers. I didn’t know he had moved to get my card and read it until he let go of my hand and I opened my eyes to see him reading my card with a huge smile on his face.

My card read…

I have always fantasized about being tied completely helpless, utterly vulnerable to whatever my partner wanted to do to me. I would also be blindfolded while I was fucked hard and deep while wearing a butt plug deep in my ass….

I was utterly speechless when Eric turned, putting his hand back in the bag and pulled out a small vibrating butt plug. I didn’t know escort bayındır what to say, but I knew with out a doubt he was going to make all my fantasies come true tonight.

I swiped his wish card off the table before he could stop me and read it. I just laughed.

It read…

Right now my biggest fantasy is for you to let me read your wish card and make your fantasy come true…….

“Looks like I would have won no matter who got the highest card.” I giggled.

“I’m so glad you think so.” He grabbed my head in his hands, bringing his lips to mine, catching my gasp of pleasure with his mouth. I slid my arms around his neck and he groaned as I returned the deep kiss with a hunger that equaled his. His arms tightened around me in a tight embrace, not that I minded. He held me still while he plundered my mouth with expertise until I was breathing raggedly and trembling with passion.

Before I knew what was happening, I heard the click of the handcuffs and felt the cool metal around my wrists. I tried to pull away and look at him but he pulled me closer still, holding me securely against him. Nipping my shoulders, making me jump as his teeth scraped my skin. I felt his breath on my ear, sending shivers down my neck one moment before I heard him growl and bite my earlobe. I shuddered at the sweet sensations he was giving me.

I felt him getting up. He stood before me, looking down with a lust filled look in his eyes. Eric took me by my handcuffed hands and led me to the bedroom.

“Lay in the middle of the bed and don’t move. I’ll be right back.” I lay back in the bed listening to the rustle of the bag as he picked it up and came back in the room.

Eric had picked up the blindfold and dildo and brought them back in the room with the bag. He laid them down on the nightstand next to the bed, then put his hand slowly in the bag and pulled out a small piece of rope. Smiling at me, he took my hands and secured them, handcuffs and all, above my head to the headboard. When he was done, he ran his hands down my sides, pausing at my breasts. I saw his lips part, saw his white teeth as he lowered his mouth to my still covered breasts. I felt the sweet piercing pleasure of his teeth on my nipples and he sucked them right through the fabric on my thin shirt until they were hard and throbbing for more.

I made a frustrated sound as he moved from me, to the nightstand. He put his hand in that bag once more, this time pulling out a pair of scissors. I knew at once what he planned on doing and I didn’t care. I wanted to be naked for him now!

He turned back to me with the scissors in hand and got up, walking to the end of the bed where he slid the cool scissors against my ankles, making me shiver, as he starting cutting away the material of my pants. When he got all the way to the top, he stopped and did the same thing to the other side. He slid the material out from under me. Eric then slid the scissors under the elastic of my satin panties, quickly cutting the cloth, tossing them to the floor as well. The next thing would be my blouse I knew, as he cut the material on both sides and the arms then slid it from under me. Soon I was completely naked for him.

He stood looking down at me and moved to pick up the blindfold from the nightstand. Pausing, he looked at me while he held it in his hands. I felt a small shiver move through my body at the thought of not being able to see what he was doing but I was also very much excited. He smiled as he came to sit next to me on the bed.

“Lift you head for me, sweet.” He requested.

I did as he asked and he slipped the blindfold over my head and fixed it over my eyes so I could see nothing. I lay my head back down and felt the softness of his lips on mine. I lay there waiting to see what he was going to do.

“Relax.” He whispered in my ear.

I took a deep breathe willing myself to relax, knowing he was watching everything I did. I felt his lips once more upon mine, this time I opened for him, inviting him in. He took the invitation, kissing me deeply, passionately. I tried to follow him up as his lips left mine but my tied hands wouldn’t let me move very far. I lay back down on the mattress, waiting and wondering what he would do next.

I felt him leave the bed, then felt his hands on my feet, caressing and massaging. Slowly I relaxed a bit more. Then I felt something being put around my ankles. I tensed just a little as I felt the restraints tighten down on my ankles. He must have seen how I tensed up.

“Relax for me, sweet. You know I would never hurt you.” He said, as he caressed my legs, lifting them high in the air. I could tell they were secured together by some kind of rope. If he pulled one, the other went with it. I felt him at the head board again, this time fastening my legs in the air, the end of the restraints being tied to the headboard too. When he bayındır escort was done and got up from the bed, I tried to move my legs, but there wasn’t much I could do. With my legs in the air, so completely apart, I felt so vulnerable and helpless. My ass and pussy were completely accessible to him and what ever he wanted to do, just as I had written on my wish card.

I heard the zipper on his jeans and realized he was getting undressed. I heard more rustling as the rest of his clothes came off and could just imagine him looking at me as he became naked. I heard him over by the nightstand, the bag rustling. Then nothing. Complete silence.


I waited, but he didn’t answer. I was a little concerned and a lot nervous.

“Eric? Answer me please.” I know I sounded so pathetic, but I didn’t care.

“AHHHH!” I screamed as the vibrator was turned on and slipped inside my pussy at the same moment. At least now I knew where he was.

“Your so wet. I think you like being scared.” He said, as he slipped the vibrator in and out of my wet pussy.

I moaned as I felt his tongue on my clit, the vibrator still in my pussy. The feeling was incredible. He was teasing my clit with his tongue, licking and nibbling all around my wet pussy, but knowing what I really wanted. I knew I couldn’t take his teasing much longer, and I think he knew it too because he started licking the entire length on my slit with his tongue as he worked the vibrator in and out. I was trying to thrust my hips so he would know I needed more action on my clit, but he kept pulling back. Then the vibrator came out of my pussy and the next thing I knew it was on my oh so sensitive clit.

He slowly teased my clit with the vibrator and I realized that I was about to cum. He furiously started rubbing my clit as my orgasm washed over me. I cried out, over and over again, until the little explosions stopped and he took the vibrator away from my clit. I thought he was done for now and I rested back against the pillow. I relaxed as best I could, being tied the way I was, until I felt him part my ass cheeks. I felt him softly spreading the lube on my ass and was amazed at how good it felt. I hadn’t let anyone touch me there before, having always worried about it hurting but right now it felt so wonderful.

I felt something hard against the entrance of my ass and tensed up a little.

“You need to relax, I won’t hurt you, I promise. Just relax and trust me to make this good for you.” I tried to relax, slowing my breathing down as best I could and relaxing my body for the intrusion that was about to come.

“That’s better, just concentrate on the pleasure.” He said, as he continued to rub the entrance of my well lubed ass with the vibrator. He gently pushed the toy, the tip of it going in my ass. There was a bit of pain but he stopped and gave me time to get used to it. As I was getting used to the odd intrusion, Eric began to rub my clit. I relaxed right away. Soon he was rubbing my clit and I was on the verge of another orgasm but he stopped. I made a groan of frustration as I felt him get up off the bed. He went to the night stand and I heard him getting something, I figured it was the buttplug.

I was right. It felt a little bigger as he started to push that monster into my ass.

“Oh, please stop, it hurts.”

“Relax, sweet. I’ll go very slowly.” He reassured me as he worked the butt plug in my ass slowly, letting me get used to it.

“There now just give it a minute and you won’t feel any more pain.” He told me as he started working my clit again. Just as he said the pain in my ass was soon replaced with a throbbing in my clit and pussy. I needed his big cock in me now!

“Please Eric, Fuck me!” I couldn’t believe I had just said that. But he didn’t need to be told twice.

I felt him move and he slid his huge cock into my tight wet pussy. I closed my eyes under the blindfold as he held my hips tightly and fucked me. Eric sped up his rhythm, driving his cock even harder into me, the sensations were wonderful. Then I felt the buzzing coming from the butt plug. That was more than I expected and almost made me cum right then.

I was moaning, “Oh, please…more..fuck me harder.” I begged.

Eric slid a finger onto my clit and started working it in tiny circles, setting me off, moaning and crying out as my orgasm hit me fiercely.

“Oh I’m cumming…Oh yes, don’t stop.” I cried as the orgasm washed over me.

Eric pounded my pussy as I came and I heard his cries as his own orgasm washed over him.

Eric untied my legs after he caught his breathe. My legs were so sore all I could do was lay on the bed. I couldn’t move. I was so entirely exhausted.

Eric lay down next to me, pulling the covers up over us and snuggled up close.

“So was it just like you imagined?” He asked as his head snuggled closer to mine.

“Yes, it was amazing. So amazing I might even have something else to write tomorrow.” I whispered.

“OH? We gonna play another game?”

“Yes, but this time, I think we find out one of your fantasies.” I said.

“Depends on who gets the higher card, and you know I never lose.” We both laughed as we fell asleep.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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