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A Day in the Life

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I am Red Cleopatra. I stand 5’6″, with red hair, blue eyes, and DD breasts. The major difference between the real Cleopatra and me is that I would have required my own harem. I love men, not one in particular, but all men. I love the feel of a hard body against mine and the texture of their flesh. I love the feel of a hard dick inside me, and calloused hands pressed to my flesh. I have the daily necessities of life that I must attend to, but when that is over I want to be fucked. One man has never been able to satisfy me, if one is ever had that can, I would be tamed. I have the stamina and the drive to bring one man to the point of exhaustion quickly. I can only remember one time in my life that I was truly satisfied, and that is what I am going to share with you.

I was 21 and was working a prison. After a twelve-hour shift of yelling at inmates, I was more than ready to release some tension. I called my Captain and asked if we could talk at my place that night. He was 6’3″ and very well built, still in the prime of his life being in his mid 30’s with blond hair, blue eyes. He was a large man, the kind I love that makes me feel small and overpowered. I was wearing a black pull over dress when I answered the door and let him in. I have found that men love to comfort a damsel in distress. When he arrived we sat on my couch and talked shop for a while. I sat as close to him as I dared with my hand on his thigh. I went and got something to drink and when I came back I stood in front of him between his knees. I looked him in the eyes as I straddled his lap and kissed him.

He pulled me to him and we kissed. All I wore under my dress was a black bra and I loved the feel of his coarse jeans against my shaved pussy. As we kissed I rocked my hips over his hard cock, teasing him and myself. While he was still kissing me he had one hand cupping the back of my head and the other wandered to my pussy. He used the back of his thumb to slide over my clit and inside me, using bursa escort the ridges on the back of his thumb to tease my clit. He moved his other arm around my waist and I arched my back. He was teasing my nipples through my dress as his thumb was driving me insane, unpredictably slipping inside my pussy from time to time just to slide back over my clit again. I had my hands on his shoulders for leverage and was riding his lap while trying not to lose my mind, while he teased me with how he was going to fuck my tight pussy. When I finally reached my orgasm, he told me to keep my eyes open and the whole time he told me how wet I was and what he was going to do to me.

He slipped my dress down to my waist and hooked my bra under my breasts so he could explore them better. They were too big to fit in his hands so he cupped them while he sucked and nibbled on my nipples. My pussy was still sensitive and the feel of his jeans moving against me almost made me cum again. We stood up and he zipped his jeans, he had barely freed his cock when I went down and tried to fit it all in my mouth. Sucking his hard cock in as far as it would go while moving my tongue over it at the same time. He fell back on the couch again and moaned. I settled in next to him on the couch never relinquishing his cock and he reached between my legs and plunged his middle finger back into my cunt careful not to touch my clit again… yet. His cock was thick, I could feel my lips stretching to accommodate its size and it was long enough that I had to circle the base of it with my fingers because I couldn’t fit it all in my mouth. His jeans were around his ankles. I had his huge cock in my mouth sucking and licking with everything I had while he had his finger in my pussy; I rocked back on his hand, bringing my mouth up to the tip of his cock and then back forward again. It only took about five minutes of that and he we were both Cumming. I kept sucking the whole time, not letting any of his cum escape bursa escort bayan my mouth.

He stood up again and picked me up. He leaned me over the back of the couch and grabbed my hair as he impaled me. His cock had gone a little slack after he came, but he still had to work to get all of it inside me. As I rocked back on his cock I would tighten the muscles in my pussy to squeeze down on him. He groaned and slapped me on the ass with his free hand, telling me that this time he wasn’t going to cum so quickly. As he fucked me he reached around me again and started to play with my clit again. I came quickly as he slammed his cock into me, but he never stopped. I came again and again, him never letting up on the exquisite torture. By the time he came, I was crying. My whole body was so sensitive that it was shaking and, if it weren’t for him holding me up, I would have been in the floor. We lay down in my bed and went to sleep my body still tingling and full of his cum.

When I awoke an hour later it was to him running his finger over my clit again while he nibbled on my breasts. I came again quickly, my body bucking and him holding me down, covering my body with his as he impaled me once again. He brought my legs up to his shoulders and brought the lower half of my body up so he could enter me fully, and enter me fully he did, slamming into my cunt over and over again, while I went crazy under him. I never stopped Cumming while he pounded into my pussy. When I woke up around midnight, he had left. There was a note and a rose on the other pillow and my pussy was sore to being at the point of hypersensitive.

I knew what I had to do, I needed more cock, but to do so I had to hurry. I pulled on some jeans and a t-shirt and jumped in my car. I had been seeing a bouncer at a local bar for about 6 months and it was close to closing time. I arrived at the bar about an hour before closing. He was watching the door and most of the clientele had gone. I gave escort bursa him a hug and sat down on the stool beside him. As I have said before, men seem to love a damsel in distress so I confessed my deeds to him and told him that I couldn’t believe what I had done. How was I going to look at my Captain again at work? He closed the bar early since it was almost empty anyway, and I followed him to his place. He ran a hot shower and undressed me. Tenderly he washed my body and hair. He laid me on the bed and started kissing me. Oh, I love the way men comfort a distraught woman. I got up on my knees and took his cock in my mouth. I loved his cock. I loved his body, shaved of all hair.

He knew better than to put his hand on the back of my head while I sucked his dick, he knew I would stop, so he grabbed the headboard as I sucked him dry. I really do love the taste of cum. He knew it was going to take some time for him to recover so he started sucking on my clit while he teased it with his tongue at the same time. My cunt was still hypersensitive and my body began to buck. He finger fucked me while sucking on my clit and my body arched up off of the bed. The only contact my body had with the bed was the heels of my feet and my head and shoulders. He could sit between my legs with my cunt coming up to meet his mouth with his finger still moving in and out of my aching hole. When I came it was explosive, he had to hold me still to keep his mouth on my clit. Draining every bit of the orgasm out of my body.

He then rolled me over on my stomach and entered me. My legs together and him deep inside my pussy with the length of my body pressed into the mattress. This is one of my favorite positions because I can imagine it is another man under me pressed to me while the one above me fucks me. I love the feel of his stomach against my ass as he pounded into my pussy. Moving in and out, hitting my cervix with each thrust. By the time I made it back to my home I had been fucked by two men, had about 15 orgasms and swallowed about 4 loads of cum all in less than 12 hours.

I lay in my bed still filled with cum and touched myself, while remembering both men and Cumming one last time before I slept like a baby.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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