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A Family game

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A Family game
Our family have always been very close and bonded well. First and second cousins, aunts and uncles would regularly meet for parties and special occasions. My wife and I have always suspected that things on my side of the family were a little abnormal. My brother Cliff has never been married and has never really had a steady girlfriend despite his good looks and wealth. He always acts the innocent one but whenever the younger family members are around, you would often see him staring at their bodies.
This month’s family get together was held at our house given all the space and extra rooms we have. The youngest girl was Sue, a dark haired 14 year old stunner with a grown up body laid around in a skimpy top and a wispy skirt that would ride up revealing her small cotton panties followed by our daughter Petra at 15 with a size zero body. Sue’s brother Dave was a well built 16 year old and the life and soul of any party and best pals with our son Peter who was also in the same class at school.
Both Dave and Sue got on well with our kids and regularly had sleep overs. We always thought it was school stuff and the occasional half can of beer. The party got into full flow in the evening with most of the adults getting tipsy except for Cliff who never drank. The guys played cards and the women entertained each other and the kids. The hours went by and we took a break from the cards. I noticed that the kids were all missing along with Cliff. I looked around outside but could not find them. Coming back into the house I heard some laughter from upstairs. I climbed the stairs and went into Petra’s room which was very dimly lit with a couple of candles. The four kids were sat in a group playing cards whilst Cliff sat on the bed and looked on. I could see from the angle he was sitting at that he had a clear view of Sue’s panties as she was sitting crossed legged.
I heard my wife Grace calling after me and she soon appeared in the door way. She was tugging on a joint and was quite stoned. She offered it out to me and I took a few strong tugs which almost instantly rendered my mashed. canlı bahis Cliff asked for some and Grace threw a bag of grass and some papers his way. The kids were fascinated at our casual approach and soon Dave & Peter were making themselves a joint. The one that Peter was making more resembled a trumpet which he passed around the girls and finally back to me.
Petra asked us to join in the card game so we all sat crossed legged on the floor and beckoned Cliff to come down and join us. I could see from the front of his sweat pants that he had a huge hard on. This did not go unnoticed by Grace & Sue. The remainder of the family had dozed off downstairs and would of taken a dim view to the grass so Grace decided to lock the bedroom door just in case. Sue said that the current game they were playing was boring, which pleased me as they had tried to explain the rules to us four times but I hadn’t a clue. Petra said it would be fun to play “strip jack naked” but her mother protested only to agree later after she was out voted.

The first few hands went around and my wife and I were either totally useless at the game or someone was fixing the cards. Subsequently, we were down to our underwear with 15 minutes. A few hands more and the kids were almost down to the same. Cliff however was still fully clothed and still struggling with a raging hard on. I was sure that he was cheating but didn’t mention it as to not spoil the fun. I looked across at Sue who was now down to her cotton panties and small sheer bra. I was also now growing a hard on and Grace glanced over more than once to look at it. Dave finally lost the lot and had to peel of his boxers which revealed a massive 8 inch dick as hard a blue steel. He was that stoned that he was more proud of it than embarrassed. The games sped up as others were also eager to get their lot of. Even Cliff eventually ended up naked. It had been years since I last saw him naked. The piece of meat he pulled out of his pants could hardly be described as a dick because it was so out of proportion with the rest of his body. It was just huge both in length and girth. Grace bahis siteleri was practically drooling over it.

With no more clothes to loose, the girls decided on forfeits instead. Petra was first to loose and had to kiss her brother on the lips for a minute. By the way they were holding each other I knew that this was not the first time they had done it. The next loss went to Cliff who had to parade around the room with his dick in his hand. As the game went on the forfeits got more extreme. Grace was up next and had to kiss my dick for a minute. I could hardly control myself as Grace sucked and kissed my dick better than ever before. Petra was actually making up most of the forfeits so when she finally lost we came up with one for her. She had to let Dave & Peter suck her small tits at the same time. There was no time mentioned and it seemed neither of them wanted to stop. Dave was chewing on her nipple and started to run his hand over her pussy. Petra moaned and opened her legs further as Peter ran his hands down over her ass.
With the card game stalled for a while, Grace leaned over and continued the assault on my dick. Cliff came over and started sucking on Grace’s tits and rubbing his dick over her leg. I could see the pre-cum shinning on her upper leg. Sue laid back and Dave abandoned Petra and lay between her legs and ate his sister’s pussy like a pro. Grace came off my dick and took hold of Cliff’s and attempted to get it in her mouth. She forced her whole mouth down on it but only managed to get half of it in but made up for it by pulling it out occasionally and licking his balls. Cliff only lasted a few minutes before blowing his huge load all over my wife’s face. Grace sucked it all up and swallowed the lot. Sue was now racking her body as her brother brought her to orgasm and she sprayed a jet of cum out from her pussy which splashed all over Petra.
Peter came over to his mother and pulled her legs up and thrust his cock into her. Grace went wild and grabbed at my dick and pulled me into her mouth. Father and son came exactly at the same time with me covering her face and bahis şirketleri Peter filling his mother’s pussy. As soon as Peter was clear, Cliff went down on Grace and licked her out and pushed a couple of fingers up her ass which sent her into a violent orgasm. Sue crawled over and motioned cliff between her legs. Until today, I do not know how she managed to get that monster of a dick inside her but she did. Cliff banged her softly and gently to start but soon got into a harder rhythm and held her legs open wide. Sue screamed and shuddered in climax and sprayed out again. Cliff started to lose it and went into an uncontrollable orgasm and pumped a gallon of cum into her small pussy. As he pulled out some of the cum came with it. Grace leaned over and licked her pussy, fingering all the cum out of her.
Dave wanted to go one better and pulled Petra up on her hand and knees. He licked her pussy and started pushing his tongue up her ass. He opened her ass up with three fingers then lubed her with some saliva. He got his dick at her entrance and slowing inch by inch pushed inside her ass. It was so erotic watching my daughter have her ass fucked so I sucked on Sue’s pussy taking out all the remnants of cum and pushed it into her ass. Grace sucked me hard and wet and I had the best ass fuck ever. Dave and I were going at the girls like steam trains. Grace was sucking on my nipples as I banged Sue’s ass for all I was worth and Petra was having the best time of her life sucking Cliff while having her ass fucked. We both came at the same time in the noisiest possible way. As I pulled my semi-hard dick out of Sue, Grace bent down and sucked my cock clean and rimmed Sue’s ass. As Dave pulled out, Cliff pushed his monster into Petra’s well lubed ass. She went like a woman possessed and took nearly all his cock in her ass for nearly 20 minutes before Cliff blew his load. He pulled out and Petra said that it was a great fuck but her ass was now feeling sore so I laid her down and gently tongued her gaping ass out. My tongue tired after a few minutes so Grace took over and finished of the remaining cum as Petra’s ass went back to it’s normal size.
It was morning before we went back downstairs where the boys were asking for another game of cards but I was more than spent.

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