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A Promise to Jared Ch. 01

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This is a story.

Although some of it has a little basis in truth.

I have a Jared, who I’ve known for a long time, and I promised I would visit him. This is the start of me working my way to keeping that promise, and a fantasy of what will happen when I do see him…


“So are you gay, or bi?”

It had been 2 years, or maybe even 3, since Jared has asked Matt that questions. He shrugged it off and claimed straightness, but in his mind, he began to think different.

Years later, and that thought was no longer stewing, it was a reality now, and Matt was on a train to stay at Jared’s for the night.

He had been promising Jared that he would come and visit him. Today he would live up to that promise, and with a bag of naughty surprises sat on his lap, he was nervous and shaking with it.

The train took a while to get to the right stop, but when it did, Matt wasted no time in rushing off the train and out of the station, where by the road, smiling the most beautiful smile Matt had ever seen, was Jared.

“Hello!” Beamed Matt, walking towards Jared, the nerves getting worse.

“Hello to you too!” Jared smirked.

Before Matt could ever realise what he was doing, he had kissed Jared quickly and gently on the lips.

“I thought you might do that.” Jared smiled again, taking Matt’s hand and leading him down the road. The walk to Jared house wasn’t too long, though the walk up to Jared’s bedroom seemed to take a year. Matt was seriously nervous now, shaking more than ever.

Jared gestured Matt into the bedroom. “Why you shaking?” He asked as he shut the door.

“Oh, no, nothing, just excited to see you!” Matt lied.

Jared smiled, knowing that Matt was lying. He made his way to the double bed, and from his bedside table he took the TV remote.

Matt removed his coat and his bag and placed them upon the floor. Then he joined Jared on the bed, and the shaking continued.

As Jared flicked through the channels of the TV, until he found something suitable for them to watch – a nice action movie – Matt watched him, observing Jared’s body. He was slender and tall, with brunette hair, and eyes that made Matt’s hear melt.

Jared was dressed in a tight pair of jeans, under his zip, a bulge had been growing.

He was gorgeous, with a body that Matt had fantasised about kissing all over, and a face that was strikingly handsome.

Jared clocked Matt’s eyes glancing over, and slowly placed his arm close to Matt’s side.

As they watched the film, Jared gently began to move his arm closer and closer, until his arm made contact.

The butterflies in Matt’s stomach were doing summersaults.

Without looking, Matt gently took Jared’s arm and guided it to the crotch of his trousers. Below the zip, Jared could feel the pulsing manhood that had been hard since Matt left the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri train station.

Jared’s fingers gripped tightly around the area, Matt turned gently until he was almost on top of Jared, and with both of his hands he took Jared’s face and kissed him hard. There was more passion, more lust and yearning, than any kiss Matt had ever experienced in his life. Teeth gripped tight onto lips that kissed, tongues wrestled, and without either of them realising it; their bodies had begun to grind against one another.

Matt could feel the impressiveness of Jared’s manhood rubbing across his.

Without a word between them, Jared slowly slid his hand down Matt’s thin body, through the gap between his stomach and the top of his jeans, until he had a firm grip upon Matt’s cock. He stroked it hard and slow. There was a passion in Jared that Matt had never experienced, and he loved it.

Before Matt knew it, Jared had unbuttoned the top of Matt’s jeans and undone the zip. His jeans and his underwear were down his thighs before he could react, releasing the 7 inches of throbbing penis that had been concealed under clothing.

Matt followed suit and fumbled to undo Jared’s jeans – he had no experience in undoing another guys trousers, this was his first and it was making him shake.

When he finally managed to get Jared’s jeans opens and down his legs a little, he was present with an impressive manhood – he had seen pictures of it, and had seen Jared playing with it in video calls, but none of that could have prepared him for the sheer size of it – it was larger that he expected, or imagines, at least 10 inches long and full of girth. He could have easily stripped Jared bare and jumped onto rode him, but he held back, savouring the moment. He took it in his hand, and began stroking, soon realising that this was more than just one single hand could handle.

He carried on playing with Jared’s cock in his hand, whilst Jared played with his. Then, he slid down the bed, keeping one hand on Jared massive dick and using the other to completely remove the jeans.

He was nervous about the next part, he had never done this, he was not even sure he would be any good at it, but it went for it, and ever so gently licked the underside of Jared cock.

It was not until this moment, when he was face to face with it, that he realised the sheer size of it, and it scared him a little – how the hell was this going to fit inside of him – he shrugged of the thought and continued to licked the cock; around the base, along the top, and then twirled around the very tip. He took and deep breath and slowly slid it into his mouth. Going slowly at first, trying to fit as much of the meat as he could into his mouth and throat – he felt like he was choking on it, but he ignore the feeling and carried on.

He lifted his head up and down, loving every güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri sensation that the cock gave him, and it tasted almost heavenly. The rhythm with which he pleasured Jared began to speed up. Twirling his tongue around every inch, and his lips rose and descended, turning with every thrust into his mouth. By the sound of the moans of pleasure coming from Jared, Matt was doing alright at this.

Jared quickly grabbed Matt by the waist and hoisted him upwards, so they were face to face. Jared kissed him hard, tasting his own cock on Matt’s lips.

“Are you sure about this?” Asked Jared looking sweetly into Matt’s eyes.

Matt nodded, “I’ve never been more sure of anything.” He smiled, kissing Jared lovingly on the lips.

Jared wasted no time in undressing himself and Matt, and once both of them were completely naked, Jared turned to his bedside table, and from the draw, he removed a comdom. He turned Matt on his back and positioned his legs in the air, spreading his butt cheeks and revealing Matt’s specially shaven asshole.

Jared swiftly ripped open the comdom packet, and slid the large comdom on with ease.

“Are you sure you’ll be able to take this?” Asked Jared, as he reached for the lube onto of his bedside table.

Matt nodded. “We can try!” He leaned his head back, and placed his hands upon his smooth, peaches butt cheeks, and spread them apart.

Jared took this as a signal. He lubricated the tip and the shaft of his cock, and threw the lube onto the bed. Using Matt’s legs, he pulled himself close, close enough that the tip of his cock teased Matt’s hole.

Jared took his cock into his hand, and guided it slowly and gently into Matt’s ass.

There was a moment of pain for Matt, he was expecting it, but as the cock got further and further inside of him slowly and gently.

Then he stopped for a moment, once it was in as far as it could possibly go. “Are you okay?”

Matt nodded, and decided to make the first move. He slowly began to thrust his ass into Jared’s groan. Jared got the message, and began to grind himself close into Matt, his cock thrusting in and out, and in and out.

This was the most amazing feeling that Matt had ever had in his whole entire life, nothing could ever match it.

The speed at with Jared fucked him sped up. Matt had stopped moving at this point, letting himself be taken over by the absolute pleasure Jared cock gave him. He began to stroke his own cock, though he knew he would have to be slow and gentle, otherwise he would blow his load instantly.

Jared was fast now, his hips slamming hard into Matt’s ass checks. He placed his hands upon Matt’s waist and gripped tightly, pulling Matt’s entire body close into him. His cock deeper than Matt could have imagined, and he was in ecstasy.

“Oh fuck!” Howled Jared, his eyes closed güvenilir bahis şirketleri and he thrusted deep and hard.

“Are you close?” Matt panted.

Jared nodded, and Matt grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him close. He rolled them both, so that Matt was on top, and Jared laid on his back. Jared smiled, he liked this idea.

Jared took his hands grabbed and Matt’s juicy ass, as Matt began to grinned his ass into Jared crotch. The momentum quickly picked up, and Matt was riding Jared enormous manhood, taking as much of it in his ass as he could as he bounced up and down – both of them yelling with pure passion. Matt’s butt cheeks jiggled, rippling off Jared’s hands, he grabbed each cheek tight and began to move with Matt’s rhythm.

This was better than Matt expected and he never wanted to leave Jared’s bed. Not ever.

“I’m close…” Jared panted, struggling to get the words out.

“So am I!” Matt howled. “I want you to fuck me, Jared, fuck me hard!”

With that command, Matt was on the bed, turned on his belly, and Jared’s cock inside him, fucking him from behind.

Jared, with his right hand, spanked Matt hard upon his ass, so hard that Matt let out a small yelp of pleasured pain.

“You’re gonna make me cum! Fuck!” Jared yelled, now fucking Matt harder and faster than Matt thought he could take.

“Do it for me, cum for me baby! I want to feel it!” Matt begged. “Please baby, cum inside me.

The fucking reached an all new roughness, and Jared reached the peek of ecstasy and pleasure. He dug his fingers hard into Matt’s waist, and drilled his cock deep into that no-longer-Virgin ass.

When he came, jared went ridged, and Matt was at the height of his lust. The feeling of Jared bursting his cum inside his ass, felt like nothing before, he could not even begin to explain it. It felt more amazing that he could have ever expected or imagined.

Jared collapsed onto Matt’s back, kissed his neck and his shoulders.

“It’s your turn, you’re going to come for me!” He demanded through breathless words.

Matt turned his head as best he could and kissed Jared hard on the lips. Jared slid himself out of Matt’s ass, and turned Matt over.

Kneeled upon the bed, and removed the comdom. He held it up to Matt’s mouth. “Taste this baby, taste and and I’ll taste yours!”

Matt, without hesitation, took the comdom and unraveled it until Jared’s cum filled his mouth. It tasted truly amazing, and he swallowed it in one.

Jared smiled, and took Matt’s cock in his hand, and with one quick movment, Matt’s cock was inside of his mouth, and he was really going for it.

Matt knew it would not be long until he burst, he tried to hold on for as long as he could, but the rapidness and the motion were all too much, and in a minute or two, he came hard inside Jared mouth, who carried on the rhythm until Matt was sucked dry.

Jared flopped beside Matt, wrapping his arms around Matt’s waist.

“You know, I never expect that from you!” Jared grinned, panting.

“Nor did I!” Laughed Matt, turned to Jared and kissing him gently and sweetly upon the lips.

To be continued

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