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A Summer in the Country Pt. 01-03

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We used to go to a country house every summer for two or three weeks. It got us out of the city. The house was one of the few things my dad left behind after the divorce. My mother, my sister and I would go out there every year for a few weeks, maybe a month. We went when work and school wouldn’t be a problem.

I decided not to pay attention to my own safety one year when we got there. We all went out to swim at the local pool with a high diving board. I didn’t pay enough attention to sunscreen. I ended up with horrible sunburn on my neck, shoulders, feet and part of my arms. It was painful. The first thing my mom did when we got back was to make me a bath full of oatmeal. The oatmeal was supposed to relieve the pain. It did for a bit.

I always thought my mom was attractive. She kept coming in during my bath with a long shirt on over her bikini underneath. She didn’t change when we all got back. I started getting ideas because I was sitting naked in a tub full of water and oatmeal. I’m also naturally horny all the time. It hurt too much to put my shirt back on, so I just got out of the tub and sat on the couch in the living room with a towel around my waist.

My mom was seriously concerned about my sunburn. Our family was never all that close. We could go for days without ever seeing each other. My mother came out with some lotion. She said it would help to lessen the pain and heal my skin faster. I told her that sounded like a good idea. She sat down next to me on the couch, had me turn my back to her, and then started rubbing the cold lotion on my shoulders. It did feel good.

My feet and shins were burnt to hell too. My mother slid off the couch and started rubbing lotion on my feet. She worked up along my burning shins next. She shifted and started rubbing lotion on my knees. That is when I realized my mom was on her knees, on the floor, in front of me. Something started stirring in my groin. I wanted her hands on me more than ever.

“Does that feel good?” she asked.

“Oh God yes, mom” I replied.

She started rubbing the lotion on my legs above my knee. Her fingers were starting to get under the edge of the towel around my waist. I was getting hard. I realized I wanted her to notice what she was doing to me. I pushed my crotch forward, just a little. I did it in the most subtle way possible. I wanted to make sure my hard penis could be seen through the towel. It worked.

I saw my mother’s eyes flash up at my crotch. They lingered there for a little bit. I was looking at her eyes directly. She looked up at me without stopping. I smiled and she grinned back. It was a half-grin at best. My mom then stopped rubbing the lotion on my legs. She got back on the couch next to me.

My mom leaned back and looked at me from the side. I just kinda smiled at canlı bahis her. I knew she figured out I was hard. She knew her hands were making me hot. I looked into her big hazel eyes. I didn’t know what to do. She was just looking at me. I didn’t want to let the opportunity go. I let my head and body start drifting towards her. I finally just went forward and kissed her. I kissed her hard. She started kissing back a little. My cock started swelling. I could taste my mom’s lips.

She pulled back after a minute. My mom looked right into my eyes, at my lips, and then back at my eyes again. She put her hand on top of mine on my leg. We intertwined our fingers and held hands. I lifted my other hand and started to touch her long brown hair while I was still facing her. She must have forgotten I had sunburn because my mother placed her head against my chest and arm. It hurt, but I loved it.

We sat on that couch together for a long time. She squeezed my hand every so often. I was dizzy with pain from the sunburn, the feeling of a swollen cock and the love I had for my mother. We didn’t have any air conditioning in the summerhouse. We both started sweating and the places where our skin met were getting sticky. My mom seemed to love it as much as I did. The sun went down eventually and my sister never left her room, which was not unusual. My mom and I spent all that time alone.


It was no secret that everyone in our family enjoyed drinking. I liked the summerhouse because we always kept a case of booze in the basement. My normal routine was to do whatever during the day and then drink alone in the house at night while my mom and sister were in their rooms. I typically just drank and looked on the TV for the latest soft porn that is on late at night.

My mom lifted her head from my shoulder and asked, “Do you want to have a few drinks with your mother?” I turned redder than I already was right away. She didn’t like me drinking in the summerhouse. “I know you do it, but tonight it’s OK,” she said. I said sure, that sounds nice.

My mom looked up at me, stood up in her long shirt and then went into the basement. She came back up a minute later with a bottle of vodka. She went into the kitchen and got two glasses. She filled them with ice and came back in. She looked beautiful with the vodka in one hand, her long shirt covering her loosely down to her thighs and two cups in the other hand for us. She sat down on the couch and poured us both drinks.

We drank fast. She might have been feeling weird. I was too. I was also trying to cope with the pain of sunburn and the reality that I just kissed my mom. We laughed together, kept drinking and started telling stories about idiots we both knew and their stupid behavior. My mom’s deep giggling started to slow down at one point. She put her arm bahis siteleri on the back of the couch and her head on her hand. She looked me up and down in a way I never saw before.

“You’ve been a good boy lately,” she told me, “and I wanna reward you for being so good”.

I just laughed and took another drink. I noticed her eyes were becoming sharper and that she was smiling with just one side of her mouth.

“I’m going to do this just once so that we both get it out of our systems.” She said, looking at my sunburned body.

“OK, Mom”

My mom then slid off the couch like a cat. She was on her knees in a second. She refreshed her drink, took a large sip and then looked up at me. She put her hands on my legs, just below the towel. “Just once,” she said again. I nodded, “Yes mom.” Almost immediately, she spread the towel around my waist open. My hard cock was exposed to her completely. She looked at my cock for a long moment.

“Your balls are so big,” she said. That comment made my cock swell a little more. My mother then put her hand under my balls and started massaging me. I almost skipped a breath. She started kissing my legs, getting closer to my cock. My mom slid her hand up from under my balls to the base of my penis. Before I could think, she had taken my cock right into her wet mouth.

I let out a moan while my mom started taking me deeper into her mouth. All the pain of the sunburn went away in that moment. I was focused on savoring every second my cock was in my mom’s mouth. She started stroking the base of my cock with a few fingers. I watched her head move up and down as she sucked the entire length of my cock. I was more in love with my mom in that moment than ever before.

Every moment was precious. I loved the way my mother’s lips, tongue and mouth felt while she sucked me. She would stop every so often to say, ‘Good boy’ without ever looking up at me. While I was enjoying my mom’s mouth, though, I saw something. There was a hallway leading away from the living room to all our bedrooms. The house was dark, but I saw my sister’s face in the hallway watching us. She looked angry and vanished back to her room as quickly as I saw her. I heard her door close although my mom didn’t skip a beat.

My mother was making me so horny that I started thrusting into her mouth. She had an eagerness I never saw before. He mouth got tighter, her fingers got tighter and I became more swollen. I didn’t want it to end, but I knew it had to. I cried out that I was about to cum. My mom just let out a deep giggle. She kept going at the same pace. It was building and I could feel the cum moving through my cock. My mom took my cock out of her mouth and started stroking me with her whole hand.

It only took a few seconds at that point. Her expert hands had me cumming in just bahis şirketleri a few seconds. I looked down and saw her smiling like an experienced whore while cum flew out of my cock and onto my belly and her hand. My mom moaned deep as if she was satisfied. She rubbed some of the cum into my belly. “This is only happening once, sweetheart,” she said. My mother stood up and wiped the cum on her hands on her legs. “We have to get some sleep. Have nice dreams.”

She grabbed the bottle of vodka and left the room, flashing me a smile before she vanished into the dark hallway. I just sat on the couch breathing faster than normal. My mom just made me cum. I finished my drink and wandered back to my bedroom.


Cumming for my mom did nothing for my level of horniness. I woke up the next morning hard, confused and hung over. I was in some kind of sex haze where it was all I could think about. The sunburn didn’t hurt as much, but it was still painful. I put on a loose shirt and shorts and went to the bathroom. I knew something was wrong right away. There was a weird feeling in the house and some noise from the kitchen. I’m usually the first one up, so this was odd.

I came out of the bathroom and went into the living room. The kitchen is attached. I saw my sister yelling at my mother across the dining room table.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? You can’t do that! You’re his mother, my mother!” My sister was yelling. My mom was just standing there, taking it. My sister went on, “You are sick! That is disgusting!”

My sister finally realized that I was in the living room watching. She looked furious. She pointed at me, screaming, “Stay the fuck away from my mom!” I suddenly saw that my mom was still nursing the vodka bottle from last night.

My mom made a noise and looked at my sister saying, “Calm down, whatever you’re thinking, it’s wrong.”

My sister didn’t like that at all. She stormed out the room, yelling, “You’re freaks! I’m calling dad!”

My mom took another drink. She pushed the glass across the table at me. Hell, I didn’t care at that point. I wanted to be whatever my mom wanted. I took a deep drink. “Don’t worry about her, sweetie,” she said, “She’ll get over it.”

I took another drink and then heard my sister’s door open and slam shut. She appeared in the kitchen with a phone in her hand. “Dad wants to talk to you.”

I took the phone. I didn’t like my dad and I didn’t talk to him all that often. I held the phone up to my ear. He was already going off, yelling, “You cannot sleep with your mother or any other relatives. It is wrong. It’s incest. Your sister is concerned.”

I just looked over at my mom. She waved her hand and I gave her the phone. She cursed at my dad for a good minute before hanging up. She poured another drink and we split it. My sister went back into her room, which was not unusual at all since she spends days in there on the phone without ever coming out. My mom eventually just sighed and said, “We should do some chores today.”

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