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Again…Please Again…

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Sprawled out over your vanity or dresser. Perfume and brushes and jewelry boxes tosses aside or still under me as you pound me.

Your hand wrapped up in my hair, pulling my head back as your hips drive me into the solid surface. Imploring me to fuck…fuck like the bitch i am….as you do all the fucking.

I cry out as i orgasm and you fuck me harder. Then as you near you own orgasm, you pull out of my pussy. And in one motion, you slide completely up my ass. Holding there, you breathe in my ear how you are going to bitch fuck me. Fingers gripping my face then three pushing into my mouth.

I can see and I watch you in the mirror. Behind me, so domme and proud and hot. Your need to use me consuming you, consumes me.

I feel your hips pull back, drawing your cock almost out of my ass before you pound back in swiftly and fiercely.

I beg you to fuck me.

You now have the measure and you use it. Taking my ass, fast and hard. Both our voices rising up. Mine in shouts of pleasure and pain. Yours in demands and promises of how I am your bitch and how you will use me.

My pussy, my ass, my mouth, my tits…all yours.

My asshole is burning with the fucking you’ve given me. Your grip pulls and tugs at my hair each time you fill my ass. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Your tits are shaking with your movements and I’m mesmerized by them in the mirror.

You see me watching and you drive in extra hard. Holding deep in my ass, you twist my hair, forcing my face towards you. “Open up.” Your face closes in. My mouth opens.

Face flushed and covered with a light sheen of perspiration as is the rest of your body. Your eyes bright, your features dramatic with your hair darker than normal with the jell that slicks it tightly to your scalp. Lips oh so red and full. Your teeth are visible for a moment as you open and spit into my mouth.

Your spittle flies hot and wet into my mouth with some landing on my upper lip. I swallow it and moan “Thank you mistress.” My tongue then moves out to capture the bit on my lip.

Your movements resume while you tell me that I am your cunt and that you will fuck me until my ass bleeds if necessary. I pant out another word of thanks and close my eyes as you rape my willing ass.

In and out, on the edge of violence, in and out, almost tearing the hair from my head, in and out, your grunts loud and hard.

My eyes open in time to watch the orgasm rack you. Your release so sudden güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and strong. Spasms take you and the cock jerks and pulls and pushes in my ass but not of your own choosing. I marvel at your beauty even as your face is contorted by the strength of your cumming. Pressed up against me, I feel your flow down the backs of my legs.

Relishing in your release, eyes closed, breath slows but nowhere near normal yet. A small smile starts to form, curling the corners of your lips. Then your eyes are burning back into me. The fire not yet extinguished, a need still unmet.

You pull out of my ass while at the same time your hand wrapped in my hair pulls me off the dresser, knocking the remaining items on the floor. I find myself on my hands and knees, dragged towards the bathroom. I try to keep up but, the decision made, your rush has caught me unprepared. This forces you to pull harder and my body is half dragged even though my hands and feet are moving.

On the cold tile floor, you push and turn me so that my back is supported by the front of the toilet bowl, ass down on the tile. Your cock swinging in its harness before me, I anticipate your desire and open my mouth for it.

The hand striking me is the first of several. güvenilir bahis şirketleri My cheeks blossom with a rising glow by the second one. Your voice loud and echoing, “You want that cock don’t you? Well, soon enough but not yet.”

I see the wetness glistening on your inner thighs and extending down your legs. Its only a glimpse as your hand then pushes my head backwards. My neck on the rim, facing upwards over the open bowl.

Feet stepping to each side of me, you straddle me, hands repositioning the bottom straps of the harness. There’s no need to tell me to open and I sit like a baby bird waiting to be fed. The hot, salty stream hits directly in my mouth, the flow very heavy and powerful.

You shift so that you cover me with your piss. Refilling my mouth but also soaking my face and hair and tits. A puddle forming around me on the floor. A trickle coursing down me and between my legs pushes me to orgasm with its heat and flow.

Before we leave this room, you fuck me again. The pooled cold piss under me the only separation between me and the hard floor. The urgency of your hips bruising me on this surface, with my resulting groans of pleasure/pain only adding to your ecstasy and the eroticism of the act. My arms extended up on the floor above my head, my body, mind and soul yours. My moans echoing, your lips brushing my face as your words fill my ears.

“My baby bitch is such a good fuck. Moaning like a whore under me. Covered in my cum and piss and sweat, still wanting more.”

In response, I wrap my legs around you. “More, fuck me more….”

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