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Alex , Alexa Ch. 06

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Author’s Note: Couple of things to square away for the readers here, since there is a lot of feedback to take into account- first, my proofreader has been fired, so to speak, for their rather lackadaisical approach to doing a job they volunteered for and earned them free meals. I’ll take over the editing and proof-reading myself for now, until I find another vict- I mean, proofreader.

This story was indeed a request from a close friend and originally supposed to be only a few chapters, so there was a lot of wall-to-wall sex happening. If that pace threw some of you off, I won’t apologize since let’s face it, we all wish we were living that depraved a life. My friend loved the story so much that she requested I continue it. It should have a somewhat more relaxed pace now, but keep in mind that this is an erotic site and lots of sex is going to happen. I’m sure you’ll survive the trauma somehow.

The rest of you who are worried about the ‘finite’ comment in the last chapter, stop panicking. I like Alex and Alexa way too much to simply tear their hearts out. I have indeed written many of my stories ahead of time and they’re often completed before chapters are posted. But my plate is full, since I am writing three books in the real world for publication and also post non-erotic works on another site, so please be patient.

Keep your stick on the ice!

– Management

Chapter 6- An Addiction To Danger

“Alex? Alex!”

I groaned at the unwelcome intrusion of my dad’s voice. Seemingly he wanted my attention. He decided to be a pest about it and began flicking my lights on and off from the switch at the top of the stairs.

“You dead down there?” he called.

I grumbled and started moving but then froze. A sensation I should have found utterly wonderful was apparent but I was paralyzed with shock. Lying beneath me was Alexa, my aunt. We’d both fallen asleep in my bed after our intense lovemaking the night before, with me naked and her still wearing her abbreviated plaid schoolgirl skirt, stockings and Mary-Jane shoes. Alexa stirred and began to wake up but instantly went still when she heard my father’s voice. Her eyes were wide with confusion and then horror.

“Yeah, I’m waking up…” I said, trying to sound tired and annoyed. “To what do I owe this unwelcome wakeup call?”

“I figured it’s late enough for you to get a real start on your day,” dad said simply. “Mom and I are heading out, but can you do us a favour?”

“Let me guess,” I grumbled. “Spend the day carting my aunt off somewhere for you.”

“Hey, you’re getting good at this,” he said cheerfully. “That a problem?”

“I can’t begin to imagine any circumstances barring a severed limb where ‘yes’ would be an acceptable answer to that question.” I groused. “Can you please turn that stupid light off? It’s so damn dark down here that when you turn on the light like that it’s like having the freaking sun blasting in your face.”

He laughed and turned out the light. “You are definitely your mother’s son,” he quipped. “Anyhoo, when Alexa gets up, bring her out to the campus so we can go over some courses and ideas we have, okay? You come too.”

“She not up yet?” I asked, trying to sound sarcastic. “I kind of expect her to be up harvesting fields and hunting game meat for breakfast these days.”

Dad laughed again. “Yeah, she is a pretty awesome cook, isn’t she? Anyways, just bring ‘er out when she wakes up and gets ready. See you later!”

And with that he closed the door and I heard him stride out. A couple of seconds later, I heard mom’s shoes clack down the hall and the door closed. Alexa and I waited in dead silence for almost two minutes before I finally spoke.

“Ho-ly shit…” I groaned, my head slumping down onto her breasts. “That could’ve been bad.”

I felt her nod, her soft breasts jiggling ever so slightly under me. “I can’t believe we fell asleep like that,” she said quietly, as if she was not entirely certain they were gone. “Alex, I think you’re still inside me…”

I blinked and carefully reached over to the side table, warning her to cover her eyes. I switched on the lamp and looked down at her. God, she was beautiful. Even when we were a mess and tangled up like this, my aunt was completely stunning. I gently moved my body and she shivered, sighing.

“Yep, I’m still in your ass.” I remarked. “Hold still…”

I very carefully pulled myself out of her, my cock now limp. She bit her lip and gasped as my head popped through her knot, which slowly tightened itself up again. It was a tiny bit red, but nothing to worry about, I thought.

“You gonna be alright?” I asked, looking down at her. “I kinda had you stretched open all night.”

She smiled and caressed my cheek. “I’ll be fine, I’ve kept toys in there for a good day or so without discomfort. And last night was wonderful, Alex.”

I laid on top of her and we kissed again, canlı bahis just enjoying our forbidden intimacy. She hummed into my mouth, her tongue caressing my teeth.

“Mmmmm, I love how naughty you make me,” she purred. “I guess I’ve always been a naughty girl, but you really bring it out in me, Alex, like no one ever has before. Let’s get cleaned up so we can fuck again.”

I nodded and motioned for her to stay still. I threw on my boxers and a t-shirt and headed upstairs, making sure the coast was actually clear. Both vehicles were gone, so I was convinced mom and dad were well on their way to work. I headed back downstairs, stripping off my shirt and shorts and climbing back onto the bed with her, grinning.

“We’re alone?” she asked, smiling brightly.

“That we are, sweetness.” I declared, scooping her up in my arms and carrying her off the bed. She squeaked in surprise and delight as I went upstairs, holding her in my arms. She kept her arms around my neck, nuzzling against me. I walked her through the house and up the stairs to her bedroom, where I gently deposited her on the bed.

“Never been carried over a threshhold before,” she said fanning herself, a most amusing visual since all she was wearing was a schoolgirl skirt, stockings and shoes. Her amazing breasts were out and her curly pigtails from the night before were all askew. “A girl could get used to that.”

She stood and we kissed in the middle of her room for some time before heading to the shower. She smirked at me and give me a coy wink. “I’ve gotta pee. Should I take care of that now or should we wait until we’re in the shower?”

I replied by turning on the water in the shower and pulling aside the curtain, gesturing for her to get in. She stripped out of her little skirt, stockings and shoes before stepping inside, poking my nose as she went by. I clambered in after her and we began laughing and feeling one another up almost immediately. She squeezed some soap between her boobs and began massaging my body all over with them, paying special attention to my cock, which got hard very quickly. Once the water had cleaned me off, she took my length into her mouth, bobbing back and forth like she hadn’t had cock for years. I pulled her to her feet and pressed her against the wall, pinning her to it and she shivered at my forcefulness, her eyes dancing. I placed my cock under her pussy and told her to let fly.

She nodded and put her hands on my shoulders, concentrating for a moment before sighing and beginning to pee. I felt her splash on me and I began rubbing my shaft along her pussylips, making her tremble. We looked into one another’s eyes and she bit her lip again. I loved that little tell in her personality, it meant she was feeling very naughty and getting excited.

She finished and sighed, smiling. Her eyes wet wide as I slid my cock up inside her without a word and she gasped. Her fingers gripped the nape of my neck.

“Goodness,” she breathed. “Someone’s eager this morning…”

“Oh, maybe,” I mused, smiling evilly. “Or I might just be looking for a place to pee…”

Her eyes widened in shock as I pressed her harder against the wall and began peeing inside her pussy. Her gasp became a very deep, almost tortured ragged breath as I filled her with my pee. She squeezed her eyes shut and bit her lip hard, hips straining and legs trembling. I could feel my pee gushing out of her now, almost squirting from the pressure inside her.

“Jesus, Alex…” she keened, almost squirming. She made it seem like she was going to burst. I finally finished and she still held herself still, her body tense. Her eyes were still shut, as if supreme concentration was all that held her physical form together.

“Keep holding me…” she whispered, her voice almost tense. “Keep holding me up when you pull out… oh, God…”

I braced her and slowly withdrew. What followed my cock out of her pussy was almost a blast of my fluids. She practically yelped and shook as her insides emptied. Once she was done, she held herself to me, face buried in my shoulder, chest heaving.

“Holy shit…” she whispered. “Holy fucking shit… Alex…”

“You okay?” I asked, more amused than anything. She eventually nodded.

“I just… wow, you feel like you’re almost going to burst. And that rush out? Can’t really describe it.”

“Never done anything like that before?” I asked, caressing her.

“Oh, once or twice, maybe, but only with little hand-held shower jets, and that was just sticking the nozzle into my cunt and letting it blast for a moment or two. Intense, for sure, but I never filled myself up like that, for sure.”

“Is that something we want to do again?”

She looked at me and nodded. “Yes, definitely. It’ll just have to be occasional, though. Tell me first and make sure we’re in the shower or a pool or something. Pretty sure I’d just die if we did it dry. Oh, God, that was so intense. Only downside, I think, bahis siteleri is now it’s gonna be a little bit before I can actually cum.”

I nodded. “Note to self, fuck hot aunt to orgasm before peeing in her.”

Alexa began giggling almost uncontrollably, a feeling I loved since her body was squished to mine in the shower. “You are so silly and wonderful. Whatever girl lands you is going to to have her hands full.”

I shrugged. “It may be a while, now that I’ve been thoroughly spoiled by a real woman.”

She was silent for several seconds at my response before smiling and kissing me deeply and lovingly. We then cleaned one another off and stepped out of the shower. We dried ourselves and went back to her room, where she put her hair in a braid and began planning her clothes for the day, making sure to walk around naked for me. Once she had her outfit picked, she led me by the hand, both of us still naked and walked downstairs through the house and back to my cave in the basement. She looked at me quizzically as I laughed suddenly.

“We left the computer webcam and cellphones recording all night,” I remarked, pointing to them. They probably got everything from last night and then many hours of darkness, at least until the cellphones ran out of memory.”

She made a wry face and checked on her phone and computer. She shrugged finally. “Computer’s still running, so’s the phone’s camera. Good thing it was on the charger. How about yours?”

I checked my phone. “Alive but stopped recording ages ago.”

She thought about something and sighed. “I don’t want all that darkness for hours on end. It would be nice to keep your dad waking us up, though.”

I waved it off. “I’ll just edit the video later, cut out the sleeping and fade back in to the wake-up call. Easy enough. It’ll look great once I’m done and be fun.”

“Mmmm, love that idea. Let’s get you dressed before Karen and Mike start asking where we are. Any idea why they want us there?”

I shrugged. “Damned if I know why my mom does most things she does. Guess we’ll see soon enough.”

She found my outfit and dressed me, something she genuinely seemed pleased to do. She then allowed me to slip on her panties and help her into her bra before she finished dressing herself. We agreed to grab something to eat while we were driving and headed out.

We headed to the university and parked next to dad’s vehicle before heading inside the sciences building. Mom had left me a message saying that we should just head to office and wait for her there, she was going to be about half an hour later than she anticipated, being stuck in a meeting.

“A half hour…” Alexa mused as we walked through the corridors of the building. “That’s enough time to get in some trouble, wouldn’t you say?”

“I would think so,” I agreed. “Got an idea in mind?”

She turned to smile wickedly at me. “How about her office?”

My eyes widened in shock. “Are… you serious?”

She shrugged. “Why not? She told me Michael fucks her in there all the time.”

I was still stunned by her suggestion. “Yeah, but that’s them, I never even remotely thought of anything like that.”

“Oh, sounds like it’s time for someone to step out of their comfort zone…” she said teasingly.

“Strange thing to say to a guy fucking his aunt.” I pointed out.

“Okay, that’s fair,” she giggled. “But let me put it to you this way… are you, or are you not going to fuck me in your mother’s office this morning? Because at this rate, it’s there or nowhere.”

“And if they come in?” I asked, trying to sound sensible.

“You said we had a half hour.” Alexa replied. “While we could no doubt last a whole half hour, maybe a quickie is enough.”

“Dad isn’t in the meeting, what if he shows?”

“Oh, no, you didn’t answer my question,” she chided. “You tell me your answer first. Time’s running out, stud.”

I sighed. “Fuck you in mom’s office or just wish later that I had, hm? Guess that makes it pretty academic…”

She smiled naughtily. “Good. We’ll make it quick and dirty. You can even step out afterwards to get us food and make it seem like I waited alone while you filled that pit of yours.”

I got us to the office and she simply swished in and looked around. Mom’s office was spacious but didn’t seem that way because the walls were lined with old-wood bookshelves cluttered with endless books. A huge old wooden desk dominated and there were some stuffed chairs in the corner.

“Yes, I can see this being Karen’s office,” Alexa mused as she looked around. “Looks stuffy and totally professional.”

“That’s mom for you.” I muttered as I closed the door.

“I think you’d be surprised,” my aunt replied, smirking at me. “They might do a good job for the most part concealing it from you, but I’m pretty damned sure my sister has a naughty side to her. I heard her and your dad talking the other day in their room a little too bahis şirketleri loudly. I think they’d been drinking.”

I raised an eyebrow. “They’re married. Getting freaky with dad doesn’t make her a wild child.”

“True, it was the subject matter of their conversation I was referring to,” she said, examining an old plant. “I heard her talking about some sexy young student she’d had her eye on and your father suggested that perhaps they could share her.”

I froze. I admit it, my hard drive completely crashed. Did Alexa really just say what I think she said? I stared at her in disbelief. She giggled. “If I’d known they were going to talk that way, I’d have recorded it on my phone for proof.”

“Are you trying to tell me that my mom is bi and my parents fuck their students?” I asked incredulously.

She shrugged. “I leave this information to your discretion. They didn’t know I could hear them, so why would they say it if they didn’t mean it? Unless they were doing some really kinky roleplay, which makes my sister of a perv anyway.”

I leaned against the desk, trying to process what they were saying. Alexa giggled and sauntered over to me. “Aw, did I break your brain, big boy? Well maybe these will help reboot you…”

She smiled wickedly as she pulled up her shirt and revealed her breasts. That was all it took and I leaned forward instantly, putting them in my mouth and sucking on them ardently. She shivered and sighed, clasping my head. In spite of, or just perhaps because of, our location, I found myself getting a raging erection very quickly once she placed her hand on my crotch and began rubbing.

“Do you want to take me here on the desk?” she whispered as she rubbed her breasts in my face. “Or over by her window?”

I picked her up and carried her to the window, where we hastily pulled down one another’s pants and undergarments. I whirled her around and pressed her against the windowsill, which she leaned forward on and presented her ass to me, her eyes flashing with need.

“Give it to me, Alex,” she said, her voice betraying her need. “Fuck me hard and fast and give me your cum…”

I pressed the knob of my cock against her already wet pussy and slid in, neither of us willing to wait. She moaned as I entered her and arched her back. I gripped her ass cheeks as I began pumping back and forth inside her, the two of us looking to cum as quickly as possible together. Thank God the drapes to her window were closed. Our panting breath echoed around the dim office.

She pressed back against me hard, grinding her ass in circles while she gripped the ledge. She squeezed my cock with that practiced expertise I’d come to expect from her now, a shameless and thrilling devotion to mutual pleasure for both her and her partner. I slid in slow at first but then strongly at the end of my thrusts deep inside her, a technique I’d heard about and always wanted to try and Alexa seemed like the perfect lover to try it with.

Without warning, Alexa now threw open the drapes and then resumed clenching the window ledge, allowing the bright daylight in and displaying the open campus beyond. My eyes went wide at her reckless audacity, but I was too far gone to react to it either- I simply kept fucking her, needing to cum with her.

My mother’s office window faced a swathe of campus that was seemingly empty at the moment, so for now we seemed to be in no danger of being spotted, but the intense thrill remained. If anyone did look up, what would they see? I’ve no doubt they’d see Alexa, an insanely hot young blonde getting fucked in the window, but by whom? Could I be seen? If questions were asked, could Alexa simply say that she found a hot boy she liked and dragged him into my mom’s office to fuck him?

And where was I during all this insanity?

The question became moot as Alexa jammed herself back against me suddenly, grinding as hard as she could and groaning, her pussy muscles clenching me like a vise. I shuddered and pushed into her, reaching under and squeezing her breasts as I came, filling her hungry tunnel with my cream. We pumped against one another wildly for several seconds before relaxing and standing still. She leaned on the window ledge and sighed deeply several times before looking back at me and smiling.

“There, was that so bad?” she asked, winking.

“Not at all,” I replied, wiping my brow. “I hate to interrupt the moment, but I’d better go get us some drinks to cool down with. Don’t want to explain why we’re all sweaty and smell of sex.”

“Good point,” she agreed as I pulled out of her and we both pulled our underwear and pants back up. “Go find us something cold and I’ll air this place out and try to look industrious.”

I nodded and trotted out the door, leaving it open to avoid arousing any further suspicion. I bought two fruit smoothies from a cafeteria a few halls down and then returned to find Alexa had opened the drapes fully and also the window, allowing the fresh air and sunshine to pour in. She was also watering the plants with water from a cup. She smiled cheerfully and took her drink before shooing me away to sit in one of the large stuffed chairs in the corner.

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