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Alex’s Gifts Ch. 05

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New author here, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

This is the fifth chapter of a much longer story that will span multiple categories. The bulk of it will end up here under Incest/Taboo. This chapter, like others to come, involves a mix of encounters and not all are incestuous.

If anyone would like to assist with editing, I’m more than willing to accept help.

Thanks & Enjoy.


The Mentor

Alex heard a moan as he passed his elder sister’s room en route to his own. A light was on and the door was ajar. He leaned in for a peek and was struck dumb.

Lily and Carrie were wrapped in each other’s arms standing in the middle of the room, a mass of curly red and straight silvery blond hair. Their mouths were locked, hands running up and down. His sister’s back was to him, she was topless and wearing the string panties that prompted his earlier search. He’d never seen his sister’s bare ass before; it was far better than he imagined. She had an unimaginably narrow waist that dropped low before flaring out to remarkably wide hips. His crush’s hands slid along her smooth pale skin, touching her in places Alex could only dream of.

Carrie was curvier than Lily, and a few inches shorter. She was thick but nowhere near overweight, her proportions perfectly fit her wider frame. Alex could see her ample breasts peeking around his sister’s narrow torso, seemingly on the verge of spilling out of a white push up bra. She also wore a pair of satiny red panties that fit loosely except where they pulled tight across the impressively oversized hill of her Venus mound.

Carrie looked over his sister’s shoulder, noticing the change in the light coming through the doorway. Exactly as she’d hoped, there was her little man staring through the doorway she’d conveniently left open. Eyes wide, he looked like a deer caught in headlights, not moving a muscle. She winked at him, grabbed Lily’s ass tightly and pulled her cheeks apart forcefully. Lily moaned and buried her face into Carrie’s neck, sucking and licking the soft skin below her ear.

Alex gawked apprehensively as Carrie spread his sister’s ass, allowing the skinny string of her panties to become fully visible. She stretched her lover’s pillowy cheeks so far that he could see the darkened rim circling her pink rose, split in half by the narrow ribbon. He stared through the wide gap between her legs, one of his sister’s best features, and could see silky fabric arch out and cradle the juncture of her thighs.

Still looking at Alex, Carrie let one of her hands go and pointed at Lily’s beautiful backside and gave a thumbs up while grinning like a fox. She took her free hand and ran it from the top of the vertical string through the valley of his sister’s shapely pale cheeks. Down her finger went, pausing over her pink puckered star. Her index finger wiggled, riding the pink string back and forth across his sister’s tight ringed hole. Lily moaned and started sucking on Carrie’s earlobe as the mischievous redhead pushed harder on the string until it popped in. She let out a throaty moan while Carrie continued pushing until her finger was buried to its second knuckle.

Carrie slowly removed her hand, leaving the string in place, and shifted her grip around front. She palmed Lily’s mound and slid her fingers into the heat deep between her legs. Alex could see Carrie’s fingers stretched out between his sister’s thighs, rubbing the small patch of fabric covering her pussy, first slowly, and then with more conviction.

Alex gaped in wonder at the ribbons protruding from his sister’s cinched ring while she began thrusting her hips in rhythm with the hand between her legs. Carrie curled her fingers and pushed the pink material into Lily’s wet opening. Alex didn’t have the best view, but he could tell what was happening as he watched the panty fabric stretch and the string hanging out of Lily’s tail begin to pull free. Carrie sunk her fingers into Lily’s heat with force and the strands popped free and become one again.

Lily dropped to her knees, quivering with delight. Carrie put both hands on her platinum blonde hair and caressed the top of her head lovingly. Alex watched as his sister looked up at Carrie with lust and then pressed her face between the curvy redhead’s legs.

What Alex would do to trade places with his sister. He watched Lily reach a hand up and pull the loose panties to the side and bury her nose and chin into Carrie’s sex. The redhead gasped and then locked eyes with him and smiled, making a come hither motion with her hand.

Alex stood in shock, unable to move. His crush was being eaten out by his sister right in front of his eyes! There was no way he was going into that room, Lily would freak out. If she knew even a tenth of what he just saw she would surely make his life hell. Looking up at the enraptured redhead, he could only shake his head slowly. He mouthed the word “sorry” and backed away from the door.

Alex quietly canlı bahis crept into his room, shut the door silently, took off his clothes, and went straight to bed. Carrie definitely wanted more from him and the thought excited him beyond measure. He replayed the encounter in his mind and began gently caressing his stiffness. It went limp soon after, having nothing left to give for the day, and he soon passed into a frustrated sleep.

A vivid dream played out in Alex’s semi-lucid consciousness. He was standing in a serene grass field, the sun shining down brightly. In a line facing him were all of the girls he’d been with recently. He slowly moved his gaze over each of them, starting with Sam, pointy nipples jutting from her flat chest, red lacy shorts hugging her hips. Then Becky and her beautiful dark-tipped breasts and stained black panties. Her twin Fiona stood next with a bulging chest, invisible pale nipples, and wet white cotton panties pulled into her slit. Then came petite Megan, perky breasts on display, wearing her nude tone bikini briefs and twirling a pink vibrator in her hand. Beside her stood his equally lithe and lovely little sister Casey, strapped into her white thong leotard, small nipples visible through the sheer fabric that pulled her puffy lips into a tight little bump between her legs. Lily was next, wrapped in Carrie’s arms, wearing a pink g-string and red silky panties respectively. Carrie left his sister’s grasp and walked towards him. She looked down and licked her lips at the sight his excitement. She reached out and lightly palmed his cock, then knelt and pulled him into her mouth.

Alex woke suddenly, his dream strikingly lifelike. He smelled strawberries and instantly popped his eyes open. He felt a warmth and softness on the tip of his cock that he had never experienced. A head was bobbing up and down between his legs! The feeling was beyond description as her tongue lashed out at his tip, circling its ridges round and round.

Groggy from being woken at such an early hour, all he could do was croak the word “What?” as he fumbled for a lamp switch. He looked down his chest and saw a mop of curly red hair perched over him. Carrie lifted her head and squinted at the light. She released his cock from her mouth with a practiced pop and put a finger to her lips, gesturing for him to be quiet. He could see she was wearing a tight-fitting t-shirt, and over her back, her broad hips remained clad in the same glossy red panties he spied earlier.

Carrie grabbed his thick shaft and aimed it back into her mouth, picking up where she left off. She stroked him with one hand, fondled his balls with the other, and worked her soft lips and tongue vigorously around his sensitive tip. She broke free again with a slurp and licked his shaft up and down, pressing his length against her face as she sampled him from base to crown. Carrie dropped lower, running her probing wet tongue across his tightened sack. She circled his wrinkled purse and gently took the entire package into her mouth. She suckled lightly and extended her long tongue down the tender strip of skin between his legs.

Alex was in heaven, driven to the edge of ecstasy by the devilish redhead once again. She released his two tender orbs and slowly began climbing up his shaft with her hot mouth. He felt her breath across his damp skin and through the tangle of his curly brown hair. As she reached his tip, Alex extended an arm and lightly clutched a handful of her red hair and moved it to the side, wanting a better view of Carrie’s work. She looked up and made eye contact, passion pouring from her beautiful green eyes.

Their eyes remained locked as Alex let out a moan of pleasure. Carrie responded, humming deep in her throat, causing her lips and tongue to vibrate against his sensitive skin. The sensation ran deep into his body, he felt his balls clench even tighter. Her cheeks puckered as she increased suction on the tip of his cock, her tongue circling around the ridges of his glans. Alex arched his back, clutched his bed sheets with both hands, and erupted into her mouth. She moaned louder, rattling him to his core. Writhing in ecstasy, he poured his spunk into her sizzling mouth and down her throat.

Carrie maintained gentle contact, pulling out every last drop of his pearly seed. Her mouth finally surrendered his bright red bell but she kept a hand firmly wrapped around his shaft. Alex saw strings of saliva mixed with cum running from his knob to her lips. She looked up at him again and smiled with sloppy red lips, then bent back over and gently licked him clean with her pink tongue. It was too much for Alex to handle, his super sensitive skin couldn’t take any more of the redhead’s attention.

“What are you doing here?” he asked abruptly. He glanced at his alarm clock which read 4:26 am in a dim light.

“Not even a thanks?” she said in mock offense, her face still perched over his manhood. She certainly did enjoy pushing his buttons.

Alex bahis siteleri stuttered, “I…uh…wow…thanks. I didn’t mean to sound like that, I’m just surprised,” he said, trying his best to appear apologetic.

“It’s okay, little man,” she said, grinning and giving his softening member a squeeze. “I brought you a present.” Maintaining her grip on his cock, she changed positions to sit indian style between his legs. She reached behind her back and grabbed something. As she held it in front of her and Alex noticed pink strings looping out from between her fingers and knew immediately what it was. “I bet you liked my little show back there, and I know for sure you like these,” she said, now holding his sister’s stained g-string between her thumb and forefinger, waving them hypnotically in front of his face.

Alex looked past the pink strings at Carrie’s chest and stared at the two thimble-sized protrusions in the center of her breasts. He looked down at her front between her crossed legs and could just see the top of her prodigious mound. Alex’s eyes went wide as she tightly wrapped the flimsy garment around his package and tied it into a knot. “There,” she said, “that should keep you up for a while,” and patted his swollen tip.

“Th..th..thanks Carrie,” was all he could say as the cords of his sister’s g-string dug into his sensitive skin. He felt his newfound confidence returning and said, “You know I really like, I mean, I think you’re the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever met. I know it didn’t use to be like that, but…I feel like things are different now.”

She smiled inwardly. Her plans were working, he’s already aware of the change. “Thank you Alex, that’s very sweet. What exactly do you find attractive about me?” she asked, prodding him to continue his confessions.

Caught off guard, he summoned all the bravery he had and said, “Well, lots of stuff. Your hair, I love the color of it. And your face, it’s really nice to look at, the way you smile at me and your eyes light up. And your body, holy cow, I think about that all the time,” he said, now rambling as the floodgates opened. His mast reached full height, straining against the knotted strings as Carrie stroked it gently, coaxing him to continue. “Your breasts look so big and soft, and I love the all the freckles. Oh, and your hips and your butt drive me crazy, especially when I see you in a swimsuit.” Then he blushed and said, “And your front, between your legs, it’s so big…your…your…mound,” he said stammering and turning red, unsure if that was the right word to use. “It’s my favorite part of you.”

Carrie wasn’t surprised by any of this, she’d known for quite a while how the boy felt about her. “What else, try to focus on something other than my body,” she said, now playing idly with the head of his wrapped package.

“Well, I love how playful you are, always tricking me. I might act mad sometimes, but in the end it’s always been worth it. It just takes me a while. Like Lily’s party, I’ll never forget that. I like how you look in the morning, your face all sleepy, and your frizzy hair. And how you talk to me like you really care about me. Nobody really does that except mom and Casey. Lily just acts like a bitch most of the time,” he said, gasping as she pinched his sensitive tip when he called his sister a bad name. “What do you like about her?” he asked, trying to turn the tables on his sexy captor.

Carrie blushed at all of Alex’s complements. She was glad her tricks weren’t driving him away, her goal was quite the opposite. “Lily and I have been lovers for quite some time. She was different then, you might be too young to remember. She still drives me crazy though, but I understand what you’re saying. Her attitude has gotten worse the past year or two. I think she’s struggling to find her place in the world, outside of her friends and volleyball she doesn’t really have much. Her looks open all kinds of doors, but she never knows which to step through. Kind of like you, I’m trying to help her along a path at a certain stage of her life, and keep the bad stuff away.”

How long had they been lovers?! Alex tried his best to hide his shock at the revelation. “What bad stuff?” he asked.

“Your father’s passing was a really hard time for her. Your mom was a mess and it took everything she had just to keep herself and you kids together. You weren’t around much back then, but Lily just sort of closed up, and I don’t think she’s been right since. Plus in the past year, she’s had more than a few boyfriends who weren’t good for her, and a couple that were even abusive. Missing her dad has affected her a lot more than you and Casey. For whatever reason, she really needs a man to guide her, and she’s terrible at choosing them. I’m sure Lily doesn’t talk to you about any of this, but it’s part of what brings her and I closer together. She knows I’m a shoulder to cry on…and a tongue to satisfy her, when she needs it,” she said, as her expression shifted from muted bahis şirketleri to a sly grin.

“Oh, I didn’t know, that explains a lot. I won’t tell her I know about you two,” he said in a somber voice.

“Thanks,” she said. Pulling on the strings wrapped around his cock, she said, “So, what’s up with you and panties, is that like your thing? I need to know this stuff if I’m going to keep helping you.”

Alex, now feeling he can really open up to Carrie said, “Yes, I love them, mostly after they’ve been worn. I love the smell, and how the fabric feels. I love how they come in so many shapes and colors. I love how they fit on a girl. How they curve between your legs and bulge out in the front, well on some girls, and how when they’re tight and wet they can show every last detail,” he said. “I like swimsuits and leotards too, anything that fits snug down there,” he said, nodding towards her crotch.

“Do you masturbate with them, rub them on your dick like this?” she asked, pulling the fabric wrapped around his cock along its length and tightening the loop around his balls.

Alex flinched, “No, I mean, I haven’t. One time I put them on my face and jerked off while I smelled them,” he answered. “I don’t want to ruin them with my…stuff.”

Damn, this guy is dirty. At least he knows what he likes, she thought. She could relate, she had her fair share of crude fetishes.

“How do you get them in the first place? Do you go around sniffing and stealing girls dirty panties all day?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh, well, actually this just started, my collection I mean. I’ve always liked girls underwear, sometimes I’d sniff my mom’s or sister’s panties in the laundry hamper,” he said, blushing as he admitted one of his more shameful acts. “I only keep panties that someone gives me, or ones I take after we share something,” he said, unable to define his rules precisely. “I know it when it happens, it just feels right, like they deserve to be mine, you know?”

Carrie nodded in approval, mindlessly stroking Alex’s wrapped length. “So this collection of yours, can I see it?”

Alex thought for a moment. Realizing he’s gone this far, he might as well fess to it all. He leaned over the edge of his bed and with his long arm pulled the shoebox from its hiding spot. “Here,” he said, handing it to Carrie who accepts it with both hands. She opened the lid and smiled. Her little man had been busier than she thought.

She pulled out Sam’s red lacy boyshorts and said, “How’d you get these? I have a hard time believing Sam would give them over willingly, they are her favorite pair.”

“The morning after the party I kinda ran into her in the bathroom on accident and one thing lead to another…” he said trailing off. Stammering, he said “She did things to me, things she said she never did to anyone, stuff I didn’t think girls even do to guys. She forgot about them when she left and I figured I earned it. That was the first pair.”

“I see, you better hope she doesn’t find out you have them,” Carrie said.

“Please don’t tell her!” Alex begged.

“I will try, but I can’t promise anything. For a shy little thing, Sam can be very…persuasive.” She reached back in the box and pulled out the black and white pairs of cotton French-cut panties worn by the twins. “Now this doesn’t surprise me at all, those two girls are the horniest cock fiends I’ve ever met,” she said with a laugh. “Story time.”

Alex gulped, “Well, you saw what Becky did when we were on the couch.” Carrie nodded. “I guess she hid them in the bathroom and wanted me to find them. Then after breakfast, I was alone with her and Fiona and they were flashing me, trying to get me all worked up. Fiona and I ended up going on, uh, a treasure hunt Becky called it. Anyway, I found the black pair under the sink, and then Fiona and I fooled around and she left me her white ones.”

“Wow, you’ve been busy. What did Fiona do to you?” she asked, wanting all the details.

“She let me look at her panties up close, and then I rubbed my face into them until she came. That was so great,” he said with a wistful look and heavy sigh. “Then she got a bottle of baby oil and rubbed it all over me, and let me play with her tits. Then she made me stop and moved real close and wrapped her breasts around my dick and jerked me off. I came in her mouth at the end. It was amazing. But not as good as what you just did,” he said hurriedly, not wanting to offend her again.

“Wow, a titty fuck, nice work little man. And thanks for the compliment, I pride myself on giving good head.”

Next, she pulled out the tan pair of seamless low cut bikini briefs he took from Megan’s room. “These I do not recognize,” she said with a questioning look.

“Those are Megan’s, my friend Ben’s sister. He has a hole in his closet that looks into her room. I watched her get off with a toy and when she left I went in and grabbed them,” he said, slightly embarrassed.

“Wow, that’s pretty hot. So all this in one day? My poor, poor little man,” she said in a mocking tone. Then she sees the note from Casey and reads it. It doesn’t have her name on it, just a big red heart. “And who’s this from, lover boy?”

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