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All (Almost) in the Family

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Mark heard a police siren wailing in the distance as he tiptoed to Cindy’s room. Even though he had lived in this house for all of his nineteen years, he tread lightly and carefully in the darkness, so that he wouldn’t trip or make any undo noise.

Reaching Cindy’s bedroom door, Mark tapped lightly on it, and waited for a response. He got none, so he tapped again, just a shade louder this time. Finally, the door opened, and there stood Cindy, wearing a T-shirt and a pair of white cotton bikini panties, silhouetted by a neighbor’s porch light that shone in through her bedroom window. Even in this dimly-lit room, the eighteen-year-old girl’s beauty was very apparent to him. Her curly, long dark brown hair hung loosely around her, cascading down to the small of her back. Her breasts, their nipples hardened from the nighttime coolness, strained against her shirt, exciting him in spite of his uneasiness.

Wordlessly, she motioned Mark to enter her room, and quietly closed the door. Almost as an afterthought, she pushed in the lock button on the doorknob, then turned to Mark, who had sat down on her canopied double-bed.

“What took you so long?,” she asked him reproachfully in a low voice as she padded over to sit down next to him. “I fell asleep ’cause I figured you were having second thoughts.”

Mark looked at her thoughtfully. “I needed a little more time to think about what you said,” he answered softly, taking her hand in his.

“And?” Cindy asked expectantly, “What conclusions, if any, have you come to?”

“That you’re right and I’m wrong.”

“As usual.”

“I wouldn’t go that far,” Mark said, chuckling quietly.

“I would,” Cindy retorted.

“Bottom line is, I do want you, and I have for quite a while. I just didn’t think it was right at first. But I’ve spent a long time thinking it over, and I believe that what you said made sense.”

“Finally, something I said made sense to you,” Cindy said, enjoying his awkwardness.

“No, really, it did. I’m OK with it now. I mean, like you said, you’re not really my sister, in the blood sense. You’re adopted.” Mark hesitated, then added, ” It’s not like we’d be acting like some kinda backwoods trailer-trash.”

Cindy laughed out loud, and quickly covered her mouth with her hand before she inadvertently awoke someone else in the house.

“Don’t laugh at me, Cindy.”

“I’m not, I’m laughing at what you said. Oh, Mark, we’re not like that at all. We’re two horny people who just happen to live under the same roof and have the same parents.”

“Dammit, don’t say it like that,” Mark said. “I’m just starting to get comfortable with the idea of this…”

“Mark, for God’s sake, we’re not related. Stop being such a prude.”

“I am not a prude—look, Cindy, let’s not talk about that part of it any more. I came here because I have feelings for you. Deep feelings. I have for a long time, and it’s getting to the point to where I don’t care what may or may not be right, or what anyone else thinks. I know what I want, and right now I want you.”

Cindy looked at him intently, and reached out to softly touch his cheek. “I know you do, Mark, and I want you, too.”

“I just feel so awkward, you know? I’m not really sure what to do next.”

“Do what you feel like doing, do what comes natural to you,” she breathed seductively. “Let’s just stop talking about it, and quit worrying about it, and do what we know we both want.”

Moving closer, Mark took her in his arms and kissed her softly. She returned his kiss, parting her lips slightly and moving her tongue over his lips. He opened his mouth and Cindy’s tongue darted inside, exploring his oral cavity gently and sensually. Mark held her close to him, gently stroking her hair as they kept it up. He couldn’t believe he was actually doing this, something that he had wanted for a long time, but had repressed. casino oyna Now he was finally free to act on his feelings, and he felt excited and exhilarated as his last doubts and inhibitions vanished.

Cindy felt him relaxing and opening up to her, and she gently pushed him down until he was lying on her bed, looking up at her. She leaned over him and pulled at his T-shirt, removing it with a little help from Mark, then reached down and slid his sweatpants all the way off. In the dim light that came from across the street, she could see his erection pointing up to the ceiling. She eyed it approvingly.

“Looks like you’re getting in the mood,” she whispered as she reached out and took hold of his hardened manhood and began to jack him off, softly and slowly at first, then with more vigor as Mark responded to her stimulation with soft, appreciative moans. Cindy leaned over him, and for a moment looked deeply into his eyes as she stroked his cock.

“I’ve loved you and wanted you for so long, Mark. So much that it hurt, sometimes,” she said in a low voice, hitching with emotion. “Please tell me this is what you want.”

“You know it is, baby, you know it is,” he answered, moaning with desire for her.

Wordlessly she bent over him, and as she continued to stroke him off, she put the tip of his engorged member between her lips and began to alternate between gently sucking, then licking the head of his prick. Mark let out a stifled groan as Cindy continued to pleasure him orally, working down his shaft with her tongue, then back up again, slowly and deliberately. Before long, she took him in her mouth, slowly sliding him in and out, sucking and moving her head up and down as his body bucked and rocked. She lay down on top of him and straddled one of his legs, rocking her pelvis gently as she rubbed herself against his shin and ankle, continuing her oral copulation with Mark, driving him wild and pushing him closer and closer to orgasm.

However, he wasn’t ready to come yet. He wanted to take his time, to enjoy her closeness and her incredible body, so he reached down and encouraged her to stop. Cindy looked up at him questioningly.

“What’s wrong, baby?” she asked, distress in her voice.

“I don’t want to come yet, Cin. I want to make it last. Come here, babe.”

From what she’d heard about most nineteen-year-old boys, Cindy was surprised by Mark’s response, but pleased at the same time. She, too, wanted their first time together to last. She moved back up to him, and began to French-kiss him with a new sense of passion and caring. She felt his strong, smooth hands sliding her T-shirt up her back, caressing her skin and pulling her to him. She sat up and pulled her shirt off, revealing the full beauty of her firm, well-proportioned breasts, then lay back down on top of him, pressing her erect nipples into Mark’s chest. He held her tightly, kissing her with increasing lust, wanting to feel her beneath him. As if she could read his mind, Cindy slowly rolled onto her back, as she held him tightly.

Mark moved on top of her as she spread her legs apart to accommodate him. She involuntarily gasped as she felt his hard prick pressing against her rapidly-moistening snatch, through the thin cotton fabric of her scanty briefs. She kissed him harder, her arms and legs wrapped around his body, and they began to move together, teasing each other’s sex with the heat and friction of dry-humping.

Soon, Mark sensed Cindy’s wetness seeping through her underwear as their bodies frantically ground against each other in unbridled, unstoppable desire and lust. Cindy felt his long, hardened shaft mercilessly rubbing up-and-down against her clit and pussy lips, and ached to feel Mark ease it into her hungry, quivering cunt.

Mark had not been with very many girls in his nineteen years, but one of them, a twenty-seven-year-old waitress at a local eatery, canlı casino had taught him a lot about pleasuring a woman, and he planned to use what she had taught him now. Cindy was special, and he wanted her to know how special she was to him. Slowly he began to move down her body, softly licking and kissing her moist flesh all over, but stopping to pay special attention to her breasts, gently nibbling on her nipples, then tonguing and suckling them. Cindy had never felt anything in her life as sensual and erotic as what Mark was doing to her now, with his tongue and mouth, and reacted with soft cries of delight as he moved over her.

He continued his oral exploration of her body until he reached her pubic mound. He eased his hands along her upper thighs, spreading her legs wide, then slid his arms under them and grabbed her hips. Mark buried his nose and mouth into the crotch of her panties, inhaling and savoring the scent of her juices, which had soaked through the thin material. He stuck out his tongue and licked her through her panties, flicking it over her clit and rubbing it up and down over her swollen labia. Cindy pushed herself into his face, wanting more, her pelvis gyrating to Mark’s lingual massaging. The more he teased her with his tongue, the more she wanted, and she reached down and pulled her panties to the side so that she could feel his oral caresses with nothing intervening.

Immediately, Mark sucked on her clit and ran his tongue up inside of her, and Cindy began to buck and moan, her head rolling from side-to-side, her hands caressing her breasts and kneading her nipples. He pushed his tongue into her as far as he possibly could, wiggling it around and tasting her sweet lubricating fluid as it poured out of her and bathed his face. Her clit, swollen and dripping, became the object of his attentions again, and he sucked and licked it, enjoying the way Cindy’s body jerked involuntarily each time he hit the sweet spot. She was gasping loudly, breathing rapidly, grinding her juice-soaked cunt into his face, and repeating his name over and over as he mercilessly worked her over with his mouth and tongue.

Cindy suddenly couldn’t wait any longer. She had waited for this moment for months—and if the truth be known, for years—and she had to have Mark NOW.

“Do it, Mark!,” she pleaded through clenched teeth. “Do it! I want you to, right now!”

Sitting up, Mark grabbed her panties and yanked them all the way down and off of her, tossing them into a corner of the room. He lay down on top of her, kissing her mouth, letting her taste herself on his lips, and slid his hardened, engorged penis up and down over Cindy’s throbbing, yearning cunt. She was being driven wild, and only wanted one thing.

“Dammit, Mark, PLEASE, fuck me!”

Weary of teasing her, longing to feel her surrounding him, ready for release, Mark finally complied with her desires. He stopped moving, briefly, and re-positioned himself over her. He had waited long enough, and had made Cindy wait long enough. It was time. Slowly and deliberately, he began to enter her.

The head of his cock parted her labia, and pushed against her clit. Cindy gasped and moaned, a soft but sustained “Ohhhhhhhh….,” as he gently slid his masculinity past her pussy lips and into her most sacred of places. She moved with him, encouraging him to go deeper with each thrust. Her warm, slippery wetness engulfed him as he eased his rock-hard love-muscle into her. With slow, controlled movements, he withdrew, then pushed back into her, going slightly deeper with each stroke, until he was all the way in.

Cindy was biting her lip, trying hard not to cry out in pleasure as Mark kept up his slow, deep thrusts. As he pushed into her up to the hilt, he ground his pubic bone into her clit to maximize her enjoyment before backing off for the next stroke. This was driving her crazy, and he began to increase kaçak casino the intensity and speed of his coital movement until they were both worked into an uncontrollable frenzy.

Their hot, sexually-charged bodies moved together as one, faster and faster. Mark’s lips sought out Cindy’s, and, finding them, pressed against her mouth in a deep, timeless, soul-searching kiss. Cindy was moaning into his mouth as they fucked each other, harder and faster, deeper and deeper. Her arms were wrapped tightly around him, her fingernails dug deeply into his back, her body covered with perspiration from the physical effort she was expending. Mark was sweating too, now, the heat of their passion overriding the coolness of the early-morning darkness. The ferocity of their lovemaking was causing the bedsprings to squeak in protest, the covers to fall off the bed, and the headboard to knock against the wall. Neither of them noticed any of this now, as they were totally consumed by the act of raw, animal fucking.

They slammed against each other, grinding their pelvises together, panting and gasping for breath, Cindy squealing through clenched teeth, trying unsuccessfully to stifle her cries of passion. She dug her fingernails into him deeper, drawing blood, but Mark didn’t notice or care as his orgasm approached, then overtook him with such force that he cried out before he could restrain himself.

His seed shot out of him like a cannon, his body shuddering from the explosive force of his coming. Cindy felt Mark’s pulsations against her pussy walls, felt his hot cum shooting into her innermost recesses, and heard his loud gasps and groans as he unleashed himself inside her.

Unable to restrain herself any longer, Cindy allowed her climax to overtake her, to possess her. Wave after enormous wave of orgasmic energy washed over her, forcing guttural, primal cries from her with each powerful crest. Her pussy contracted violently around Mark’s cock, urging and coaxing it for more of his love serum.

Reality had no relevance for either of them now. The other inhabitants of the house could surely hear them by now, but it no longer mattered. They continued, locked together in the timeless embrace of coital bliss, hammering their bodies together in a sweaty symphony of gasps, moans and cries. All either of them knew was that they wanted it all, everything, every last ounce of passion and pleasure that the other had to give. Being together, loving together, coming together—that was all that mattered now. Experiencing the giddy heights of a repressed, forbidden longing that was now being fulfilled was all that mattered now. Fucking each other to the limits of their senses was all that mattered now. Now as all that mattered now.

Eventually, and all too soon for them, the limits of their physical endurance were reached. Cindy and Mark wound down, her orgasmic waves receding back into the unseen sea, his seed fully spent and rock-hard erection slowly deflating. They lay in each other’s arms, trying to catch their breaths, bathed in their sweat and sexual fluids, and slowly came back to their senses. The pounding on Cindy’s bedroom door had a lot to do with their return to reality.

“CINDY! What in the blue bloody hell is going on in there?” their father yelled from the hallway. “OPEN THIS FREAKING DOOR!”

“Shit, now we’re fucked,” Mark whispered with more than a little fear in his voice.

“In more ways than one,” Cindy said, giggling at her little joke in spite of herself. “He said ‘hell’ and ‘freaking.’ For him that’s pretty radical swearing. He must be extremely pissed off.”

“I guess we better try to get decent and open the door before Dad breaks it down,” Mark said sullenly.

Cindy looked at him, smiled reassuringly as she stood up, grabbed her bathrobe off its hanger and slipped it on, and said, “Don’t worry. It’s all gonna be OK.”

Mark looked at her doubtfully as he was pulling on his sweatpants. “I hope you’re right,” was all he could say as he stood up and headed for the door, preparing to face what was sure to be very discordant music.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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