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Amanda…My Stepdaughter, My Lust

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My stepdaughter, Amanda, the object of my hidden lust for about a year now, really doesn’t care too much for me. She didn’t like the fact that her mother and I only dated a short time before marrying. She doesn’t call me dad. In fact she really doesn’t speak to me a whole lot at all!

Well, to get to the point…Amanda is a beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed, very petite 18 y/o and her breasts and ass are her most attractive features. When she started developing her 17th year, She really started to catch my eye, and many times I found myself sneaking away to the bathroom to masturbate while I thought of the things I could never do to her!

All that changed not too long ago when her mother was working late at the office. Amanda was awakened by the sound of thunder crashing, and wind blowing fiercely outside her window. She had always been afraid of bad storms, but her mother, who was gone to work, was usually the one to comfort her.

I was already in my bed, half asleep, with the television tuned to a late night showtime movie, when, through my half open eyes, saw a glimmer of light. When I opened my eyes, there stood the most beautiful sight I think I have ever seen! My stepdaughter was standing there in the doorway, with a scared look on her face.

“Dad,”she called me for the first time EVER!

“Can I lay in here with you til the storm passes? I’m scared of the thunder. I can’t sleep.”

I couldn’t refuse that pouty little face of hers. It almost looked like she wanted to cry.

“OK sweetie, but just til the storm passes over. If Mama saw you in here she would be furious.” Was my only answer to her.

“I won’t tell her, I just can’t sleep cuz of the storm.” she wimpered. “Mama usually comes in and lays with me when it storms, but she’s not here.”

I couldn’t get the image of her standing there in her wife beater, night shirt and pink shorts, that were so small they basically rode up her ass crack! I was gonna have to roll over to keep my growing erection hidden from her. As I said before, She never acted like she cared too much for me, so in my head I wouldn’t have been surprised if she had run right back to her mother to tell her a story. DIVORCE is never pretty!

“Well sweetie, come on and lay down. If you fall asleep, I’ll wake you when the storm passes.” I told her in my gentlest voice possible.

“Thanks daddy.” She yawned as she crawled in the bed, and pulled the quilt over her.

WOW! Daddy, Twice in one night! I couldn’t help but think something was up. I just kept my thoughts to myself and rolled back over to look at the television.

It wasn’t until I glanced over at her that I realized she was staring RIGHT AT the television I had forgotten to turn off before she came in there. OH SHIT, I thought. I hope she didn’t see that. Knowing very well that she had.

Not even 2 casino oyna minutes later, She rolled over and whispered. “You didn’t have to change that. It’s not like I haven’t seen people fuck before.”

“What? You shouldn’t talk like that young lady!” was all I could manage to get out my mouth. Then what happened next surprised me more than anything, as I felt her hand glide over my naked stomach and come to rest only inches from my already hard cock.

“Honey, what are you doing?” I asked her, bewildered.

“What, daddy? You don’t like me to touch you?” she asked almost devilishly.

Something told me that this girl was not quite the perfect little angel her mother had always taken her for.

“Its not that I don’t like it baby”, I stuttered,”But I don’t think Its very daughter like of you to do that.”

Before another word was said, I felt her hand slide down and into the waistband of my already untied sweatpants. Then almost without any hesitation, her hand wrapped lightly around my throbbing cock! I swear I could feel the pre cum trickling!

“Well daddy dearest,” she smirked,. “I don’t think its very father like to get a massive hard-on over your step daughter either, but you don’t hear me complaining!”

Obviously, I was busted, but I tried to defuse the situation…yet with very little effort, as I knew, This is kind of what I wanted all along.

She slowly started stroking my shaft up and down, all the while telling me, “don’t worry, I won’t say anything to Mom. I’m enjoying myself too much!”

At this point I couldn’t really say no. So all I did was lay back and start to enjoy what her petite little hand was doing to my hard cock.

“Here daddy, let me give you something to ease your mind,” she chuckled, as she sat up and pulled her shirt up over her head. Before my eyes popped out the nicest, firmest, most beautiful breasts I think I ever saw in my whole life! Not too big, and not too small.

Immediately, I reached up and started playing with her already hard nipple, while her hand went back to my hard cock.

“I wanna see what I’m playing with!” she snickered, as she pulled the quilt down to our feet. She then lifted one leg over mine to straddle me, as she grabbed the waistband of my pants and pulled them down and off my feet, in one swift motion.

“Just so you know, I am still a virgin!” she told me. ” I’ve just been fantasizing about this for so long, that I already know everything I wanna do!’

WOW! I started thinking to myself. So this wasn’t as one sided as I had previously assumed. Actually…If I didn’t know any better, I’d think this was all a setup to seduce me.

“Wow, daddy, I didn’t realize you had such a nice dick,” she giggled.

then before I knew what happened, she leaned over me, with her nice tits swinging freely for me to grope, while her tongue canlı casino started to trace the outline of my now hurting cock! Her tongue started turning little circles on the purple swollen head of my dick, as her other hand was still stroking the base of the shaft.

I reached up and grabbed both of her full, ripe breasts, and started rubbing them furiously as I heard her moan.

“Ummmmmm…..daddy, your hands feel so good on my tits!” she exclaimed as I felt my cock start to slide into her hot, wet mouth.

She started to stroke me a little faster as she started to take more and more of me into her tiny little mouth. I was in heaven!

“Baby,” I stuttered, “you have to stop or I’m gonna explode in your mouth!” Not that I would’ve minded, but I wouldn’t want to shock her like that, her first time.

I grabbed her shoulders gently and pushed her mouth off my wanting cock and roller her onto the bed on her back. I then grabbed those tight pink shorts by the waistband, and worked them down off of her, and started to kiss my way up her soft little legs. Up the insides of her thighs, before stopping short of her hot young little pussy.

“Oh damn daddy!” she squirmed. “I’ve got myself off lots of times but never thought that they ever felt this good! I haven’t even came yet!”

All this from me just kissing her legs…Imagine how she will feel when I stick my tongue in that sweet young cunt, was my first thought!

Without another word, I slid my tongue slowly up her tight young slit, and to her virgin nub.

“ahhhhhh…..daddy!” was all I heard as she raised her hips to meet my tongue with force.

Her legs drifted apart as I licked her clit and I could feel how wet and hot her tight young cunt was, with the tip of my nose. I couldn’t help but notice how sweet her pussy smelled and tasted.

“You like daddy licking your pussy baby?” I asked her, muffled by her pussy in my mouth.

“Daddy, your tongue feels so fucking good on my wet pussy!” The way she was talking, with the foul language, only served to enhance my already throbbing cock!

“Daddy? I want you…I want you to take my flower…I want you to fuck me with that nice dick! PLEEEEEZE!” She was almost screaming at me!

Without any further hesitation, I lifted myself to a pushup position and dragged my chest across her hot young cunt all the way til my mouth was just inches from hers.

She wispered….”please, I can’t take it any longer…fuck me.”

with that, I reached down and grabbed my dick, guiding it head first towards her hot cunt. I told her it would probably hurt the first time…just for a few minutes.

“Its ok…I want it!” is all she said to me.

with that, I rubbed my cock against her wet slit, back and forth, pushing only slightly, until my large purple bulb slipped in to that tight little hole. I jus held kaçak casino it there for a moment, then started to push easily, just a little at a time.

“Oh my god…”she squealed. “Your cock feels so big in my tight little pussy. I don’t think it will fit!”

I pushed in more and more, until….pop!!!its like her pussy just opened and let me right in.

“Holy Fuck!” she yelped.

I knew it hurt because I saw a single tear drip slowly down her cheek. I told her if she wanted to stop I understood.

“I don’t fucking think so!” she hollered at me. “Its starting to feel really good!” she said breathily. ” oh my fucking god…it feels REALLY good!”

after a minute of laying there with my cock buried in her tight little pussy, I slowly pulled out a couple inches then eased back in. When I did that, she reached up to my neck and pulled her lips to mine in probably the most passionate kiss I ever had in my life.

mingled in with our kiss I could hear her…”oohhhhh…..ummmmm….”

I lifted my head from hers and she told me. “Give me that cock daddy! I’ve dreamed about it, and now I have it…AND I WANT IT! Fuck your daughters pussy, daddy!” she wailed as I started pumping more and more rapidly into her.

I could feel my balls starting to swell, and I told her…baby I have to pull out…I’m gonna cum!”

“OH the fuck you do!!!” she yelled. “I want you to cum in me! I have been on the pill since I was 14. Trust me dad…Your fine!” she stated matter of factly. “Fuck me daddy…Cum in my tight little pussy!”

I steadily increased my speed and I heard her moan loudly…”OMYGODDDDDD! I’m cumming daddy…OHHH SHITTTTT!!!! It feels sooooo damn good!”

Soon I started to cry out. “Baby…Daddy’s gonna cum. tell me you want me to cum baby.” I was pumping furiously now.

“Please daddy…cum on…shoot your load in me daddy…I wanna feel it!”

Well, that was all it took to send me over the edge. I felt my balls tighten and my release sent my cock into overdrive, as I pumped string after string of my hot seed into my stepdaughter’s pussy.

After what seemed like an eternity, I collapsed on top of her, spent! I laid there for a few minutes, then looked up and saw her smiling at me.

“That was the best thing in the world daddy…I hope its not the last time?” she said almost asking for more.

I told her…”Not as long as you keep it to yourself baby.” If your mama ever found out, you would never see me again!”

“Trust me….Our little secret is safe. I want this every time mama is away! I love you daddy!

With that she kissed me, and I rushed her off to bed. I got up and showered, then changed the sheets just in time to get back into bed before the wife got home. I already planned to tell her, if she asked, that the cat pissed on the sheets so I had to wash them.


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