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Amy Ch. 01

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This story is about incest but hopefully with a twist. Most incest stories start off reluctantly this one doesn’t. It also contains some religious or irreligious parts so if any of these subjects are not your scene please move on.


Hi my name is Amy, and I am twenty four. I am five foot eight and very slim with 34DD boobs that seem completely out of proportion to the rest of my body but they are really firm and I love them probably as much as the men do. Before we go any further I suppose it would be a good idea to give a bit of background information, so that you may understand me a little better and maybe, in some way understand what happens in the following pages and why.

My family is wealthy. No other way to put it really. My father and mother started their own business when they were in school practically and so when my brother, who is a year older than me, and I were born we were spoilt rotten. However with the both of us the novelty of parenthood soon wore off, or pressure of work as my parents. This meant that from a very early age we were put into the hands of strangers. From the start of our school age we were put into boarding schools. Just boys for Carl and just girls for me, though the teachers were mixed men and women of course.

When the holidays came around me and Carl spent most of our time with each other and without our parents who just happened to pick these times to go on their annual holiday to wherever, so while Carl and I grew up very close there was no maternal or paternal bonds. We were more like mates than brother and sister, best friends I suppose. We looked out for each other, both done self defense classes together, Carl’s idea. He said I would need it as I got older. I didn’t understand why at the time but I do now, it has done wonders for my confidence and I don’t take shit from anybody.

I lost my virginity very early, too early for these pages and it was the most wonderful thing. I set my time and I set my target and just went for it. I was so surprised when it actually happened. The chase and the moment were all I had hoped they would be. I knew it wouldn’t be more than a fling but I learned an awful lot more with him than I ever did in sex education classes. All through school and university I enjoyed a full and varied sex life but nothing ever measured up to that first time, something always seemed to be missing. The only thing that came close was when I first licked pussy. Now that was awesome and went on for a year, with the odd boy thrown in for good measure.

So I left university with a totally useless degree in psychology and came home to an empty house. I didn’t know much about my parents business but I knew enough, so had a word with my father on the phone about starting something of my own. One thing I did learn in university was information technology. Mainly because I was fucking the Professor of that particular subject and without his knowledge his daughter as well. My dad gave me the money and put me in contact with a supplier and I started an online business selling security technology. Cameras, monitors, digital recorders and stuff like that. I made contact with a guy I knew from university and he agreed to do any installations that may be required. Another guy built the web site for me and agreed to maintain it as long as I kept him informed of any changes. I was set to go. First thing I did was mail all my dads customers from which I got a few replies and really from there it just seemed to grow. It was perfect for me because I could sleep till late and play till late if I wanted to. After a couple of months I got a secretary, an elderly PA I suppose, to do the daily orders and stuff and after six months I only went to work twice a week. Stupid really as I could have gone to work for my dad but something just told me to be independent. Pride I suppose, anyway I didn’t want to start spending time with my parents at my age. They hadn’t been a part of my life this far and even getting the money off him seemed a bit of a chore but I had to start somewhere.

I got a call a few days ago. Carl was on his way home having done a stint in the Himalayas with his camera. He had a degree in media studies and had been into photography from a very young age. He was quite good really.

This is where my story really begins. Carl arrived yesterday morning in the early hours so by the time he grabbed some sleep and had a shower it was almost five in the evening. We ordered a pizza and chatted for ages about my business and his trip and then we settled on the settee to watch a movie like we used to. Drinking wine and nibbling on crisps. I lay as I usually do with my head in his lap and during one particular sexy scene in the movie I could feel Carl getting a hard on beneath my head, as my head was on my hand I had his hard on in my hand, dirty cow that I am I didn’t move my hand away until I suddenly realised I was subconsciously playing with his erection. I tried not to jump up and out of my skin at what I was doing and slowly casino siteleri stood up.

“I’m bushed. I think I am going to go to bed.” I said stretching my arms above my head.

“Oh do you have to?” He said with a cheeky smile, “I was enjoying being with you. And the movie of course.” His arms still stretched out across the back of the settee and his erection so obvious now. I tried not to look.

“Yes I am a bit tired.” I said “Night babe.” I always called him babe.

So here is my predicament. I want to fuck my brother and he wants to fuck me, or I am pretty sure he does. Anyway I want to fuck him and that’s all that matters. Oops, I think I just answered my own question. Shit now that is a turn on. For the first time in a long time I could feel that churning in my stomach that I felt the first time I had sex. Suddenly I realised what it is that I have missed all this time. It was the chase, the sense of danger or even wrongdoing. It was just so fucking hot, I was wetter than I had been for ages, not that I had been fucked lately because I hadn’t, I was too busy setting the business up really and then I had just got very lazy and not been out at all. I lay awake all last night wondering how I could work the right situation where Carl would give me a good fucking. I had an idea but I would have to play it by ear.

I got up about midday, which was quite early for me and put my bikini on with a short skirt. The weather was good and the sun was out so I would have a swim later once I had woken up. We lived in a huge house that had two wings to it. The east wing was my parents quarters and the west wing was for me and Carl. The central part was the family area with a lounge, dinning room, kitchen and a couple of other reception rooms. It was all set in the middle of a garden so big I couldn’t see the edge of it from my balcony. I think I heard my father say once that it was like three hundred acres which I guess is big. It did have some garden area with plants in it and a large deck area around the swimming pool which was just off one of the reception rooms. Seating and sun loungers and all the usual stuff you get, oh and a brick BBQ.

I grabbed some juice and toast and went and sat by the pool. I didn’t think about what I was planning, not consciously anyway, but the butterflies in my stomach told me I was aware of what I wanted to do.

“Hi hun” Carl said grabbing a slice of my toast. I noticed he too had his trunks on.

“Hey get your own you lazy bugger.” I laughed

“You want some more while I am doing mine?”

“No thanks babe.” I said, “I’ve had enough.”

The sun was high now so I took the skirt off and slipped into the pool. I floated for a while taking in the sun and Carl came back out with his toast and juice. |I swam a couple of lengths and then with a deep breath to calm my nerves got out of the pool. My bikini was white and very very small so I knew it would show off all my body. I didn’t bother drying myself I just went inside and got myself a coke. As usual Carl was messing with his camera, he took it everywhere with him. As I walked past him he started clicking away taking photos. It was only when I turned to see what he was doing that I realised it was me he was pointing it at. I instinctively posed for him. Turning this way and that, swishing my hair, hand on hip and all that silly stuff.

“You know sis.” he said, “you would make a great model.”

“I thought you were into mountains and hills.” I said laughing

He laughed, “What is the female form if not mountains and hills, or should I say valleys.”

“Cheeky fucker.” I said laughing back at him. I put my coke down and lay down on a lounger. He was still clicking away only now he was moving around me. I grabbed my sun hat and sat up. I did some poses for him then decided to move to the diving board so he could do some more. I kept the large sun hat on but slipped one of my straps off my shoulder and peeked back at him. He was clicking away merrily so I slipped the other one off and after a few clicks lay on my stomach. A few more clicks and I sat up facing him with my legs over the sides of the board. I took the hat off and put it over my boobs moving my head to one side and leaning forward so my boobs help the hat to my knees which were now bent up. I slipped my hands round my back and undid the top. I pulled it free but kept the hat in place with one hand while the other held the skimpy bikini top in the air.

Carl said nothing, he just kept clicking away. Don’t get me wrong, Carl had seen my boobs many times as I usually sunbathe topless but I think we both knew this time was different. I did more posing, arms across boobs hat on, hat covering boobs, hat tilted over face, and then I did the sun bathing pose. Hat tilted forward arms behind me for support and breasts thrust forward. I peeked out from under the hat at his crotch and was satisfied at the bulge I saw there. I grabbed the hat and spun it in his direction as I turned and dropped into the water with a huge canlı casino smile on my face. Before my head went underwater I heard his laugh. I swam to the surface and back stroked to the middle of the pool. At this point the water came up to my shoulders and I saw him following still clicking away. I sank to the bottom and then pushed myself up as hard as I could.

As I broke the surface I opened my eyes and saw the look of amazement as I flew into the air. The water cascading from my boobs and my head.

“Awesome.” he said, “Do it again.”

This was the first time either of us had spoken since the session started but I instantly did as he asked. A couple more times and then I started diving back down, both forward and backward so my breasts stood out of the water as two solid mounds.

After a while I began to tire so swam to the side and held my hand up for him to help me out. “I enjoyed that.” I said, and then looking down at his erection added, “I can see you did as well.”

“Bitch!” he laughed.

“Yes I am.” I said with a smile as I walked past him, “I’m a bitch on heat.”

“Ha ha, love it.” Carl said. Which surprised me a little but also told me that I was definitely going to fuck him sometime today without doubt. “Let me get something to drink and we can do some in the woods later.”

“You take a break I will get some wine from the fridge. Red ok?” Carl asked

“Yes great. Bring some ice though you may need it.” I laughed. He knew what I meant because he put his hand to his cock and shuffled it into a more comfortable position.

This was not exactly how I had planned it. I never expected Carl to be so honestly turned on by me or that he would joke about it so openly.

We finished the first bottle and left the other in the ice bucket. I put a thin chiffon shirt on, unbuttoned of course and we made our way to the woods about two hundred yards from the house. Carl started clicking the minute we set off so I made sure my boobs swayed as much as possible, which wasn’t much as they were just so firm, but my bum did sway a great deal. I twisted and turned and jumped and ran until we got there. I walked up to a tree and leaned against it allowing my top to slip off one shoulder thus showing off one tit. I rested my head against the tree and thrust my hips out, then turned round and with the shirt now fully open and hanging down my arms I hugged the tree. Carl was hard already and I could feel myself getting too wet to keep my pants on so I dropped the shirt and went and lay down on a fallen tree, legs either side of the huge trunk. He took a few photos then I stood up and with one foot on the trunk I pulled my pants down on one side showing my bare bum cheek. He made no effort to hide his erection which thrilled me enormously. I stood up and very slowly pulled my pants all the way down to my ankles, bending double as I did so. Carl moved closer and closer and it wasn’t my face he was clicking at. I stepped out of the pants and opened my legs, still doubled over I looked through my legs at him.

He lay down and shuffled between my legs clicking away at my pussy so I spread my legs some more. “You dirty bastard. Get those trunks off and let me see that hard on.” I laughed.

“I cant my hands are full.” he said still clicking.

I shuffled back and grabbed his waistband. He just smiled at stop as I pulled his trunks off. He didn’t stop clicking not when I went to my knees or when I took hold of his solid erection, he just moaned slightly as his cock throbbed. He kept on clicking as I took that rod into my mouth.

I cant explain the feeling that went through me as I took my brothers cock into my mouth. I just know that whenever we looked at those photos later we always got turned on. Carl set the camera on the fallen tree and I could hear it whirring away in video mode. He pulled my legs round and positioned my pussy over his face. Again I got that awesome feeling of wrong doing as his tongue pierced my wet throbbing hole. It didn’t take long for either of us to come after all the teasing we had done, and neither of us were quiet about it. I moaned so loud the vibrations caused him to come into my mouth and the thought of swallowing my brothers come made me come again. We were both thrashing about in orgasm after orgasm. My mouth was overflowing with his juice and his face was smothered in mine. He told me afterwards that I had squirted juice all over his face, something I could never remember having done before. Finally we both collapsed. The strangest thing of all was, as we flopped onto the floor, we both burst out in hysterical laughter.

After we calmed down I said, “I hope you intend giving me a good fucking before we go back.”

He laughed nervously, “You sucked me dry. I doubt I can get a hard on for at least an hour.”

“Oh now that’s a challenge.” I said standing up. I took his camera and held it out to him. “Click away at this you horny fucker.” I said. I lay back down on the log with my legs either side and started kaçak casino playing with my tits. As he started clicking away I moved on down running my hands over my stomach, my hips, my thighs until I was between my legs. As I slipped a finger inside I said, “I told you I was a bitch on heat. So when your ready to be my dog just turn me over and ram that cock in.”

I was almost at orgasm when his cock finally started to stir, which to be honest was only a few minutes as I was just so turned on. By the time my orgasm had passed he had hung the camera from a branch, in video mode again, and was standing with a huge erection. He pulled my legs so I spun round and went to my knees over the fallen tree and said, “Are you ready for this little sister?”

“I’ve been ready all my life big brother.” I replied, with emphasis on the ‘big’

“Then here it comes, bitch.”

He pushed his cock into me and I instantly orgasmed. Judging by his grunts and the way he pulled me onto him I am sure he almost came as well. He couldn’t hold out for long anyway as my thrusting hips and pulsing pussy along with my outrageous language just made him lose all control. We were literally like rutting dogs even after we both came we just kept on rutting until his, and my, knees could take not more. Exhausted we again collapsed on the soft leaf covered floor. This time we lay in each others arms, just enjoying the peace and quiet of the woods, and each other.

I must have dozed off because I woke with a start as Carl kissed me on the lips, and started my pussy throbbing again. “It’s getting a bit chilly hun I think we should make a move.” He said as he stepped into his trunks

“Ok babe.” I replied getting to my feet and grabbing my clothes. I put the shirt back on but didn’t see any point in the pants so carried them. We walked silently arm in arm, each with our own thoughts running through our heads. Once back at the house I said, “I’m going to grab a shower, then I think something to eat, and maybe we should talk before I fuck you again.”

“Oh! Ok.” Carl said, “I will do some food then and have a swim.”

I stood in the shower and just let the warm water wash over me. My head was a mess of fears and confusion. I loved what we did and wanted lots more but I was so scared that it would change our relationship. I knew what I wanted for us and could only hope he would be happy with that. If not, then I could lose my very best friend in all the world. I dried, slipped another thin top on, no pants, and went back to the pool.

Carl had made sandwiches and salad for us with a pot of coffee. The wine was nowhere in sight so I assumed he had put it back in the fridge. After a minute or so he got out of the pool and to my surprise he was naked. He rubbed himself down with the towel and laughed as he saw the shocked look on my face.

“Ok sis. Time to talk I think.” He said grabbing a sandwich and sitting on the seat opposite me which he pulled forward. “Why?” he asked

I sipped at my coffee while I sorted out my words. “Well….well….last night when we were watching the movie and I had my head in your lap….well….you had a hard on.”

“Yes I did and you played with it.” He laughed

His laughter seemed to lighten the air a little and it made me laugh as well, “I didn’t mean to. It just happened. Anyway let me finish. When I realised what I was doing, and your lack of objection to it I got really turned on. I wanted to fuck you then and there but I was also confused. I needed to think so I went to bed.”

I then told him about how I had felt that very first time I had sex and the feelings I had at the time. I also told him that it hadn’t been the same with anyone since and how the previous night I had realised that it was the forbidden that turned me on so much. “It’s wrong and such a fucking turn on, and apart from that you’re my brother and I love you. I don’t want anything from this but fun Carl. Nothing serious. Just you and me enjoying each other whenever we want to and, I hope, keeping that special bond we have always had. And anyway I want to be able to fuck others as well.”

“Thank fuck for that.” He replied with a deep sigh, “I have wanted to fuck you for years but always been afraid because you’re my sister. I don’t want to lose what we have always had. I would love it if this brought us closer if that’s possible. And I have to agree the ‘wrongness’ of it is a special turn on that I have never felt before.”

I jumped up and flopped down on his lap. “Then I suggest we cement our ‘wrongness’ by fucking in our parents bed all night. What do you think?”

Carl laughed “Love it you horny bitch. But not till later lets just chill and enjoy leering at each other, now get off my lap cos your making me hard again. Lets have a look at these photos shall we. I will go and get my laptop.”

I have to say when he put the photos on the laptop and I saw them I wondered who that woman was. I looked absolutely stunning. The ones in the pool where I was jumping out of the water looked so professional. As for the videos they were just perfect, so horny and the best porn movies I had ever seen, not that I had seen that many. I knew that there would be more even hornier ones to come.

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