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Anal Awakening Ch. 02

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The morning after I fucked my husband’s golfing partners, Ray and Brian, I received a phone call from Brian’s wife, and my good friend, Sonia. This was not an unusual occurrence – Sonia and I met for coffee around once a week – but, guiltily aware that I still had traces of her husband’s semen in my womb and bowels, my conscience whispered that she knew something, and so I was stilted and nervous. My worries were assuaged when she simply asked me over the following day to sample her home-made sloe gin.

It was potent stuff and even though it was only just gone ten o’clock in the morning, I was soon fairly sozzled. When Sonia turned the conversation to sex and started quizzing me about my kinks I didn’t immediately realise where we were heading. “. . . and when did you develop a taste for anal sex?” she asked. Even in my inebriated state I did a double-take.

“What did you just ask me?” I slurred.

“Brian told me how you enjoyed being fucked in the arse by him, Ray and Rob the other night,” Sonia said. Her tone was carefully casual, but she was watching me intently over the rim of her glass.

I was speechless, opening and closing my mouth like a goldfish, wondering if I could possibly have heard her correctly. When the silence dragged on and she didn’t repeat herself, simply looking at me expectantly, a small smile playing about her lips, I knew I had.

My mind was racing.

Presumably our friendship was now over.

What would this do to her marriage?

Who else would she tell?

But Sonia confounded all my expectations. She lifted her glass in a toast. “Don’t faint, Helen. I’m not angry, I promise. I salute you for bringing the simmering sexual tension into the open! Brian’s always fancied you. Every time the four of us have spent time together he talks about you as he fucks me afterwards. He’s terribly transparent. And I’ve always fancied Rob.”

“You have?” I squeaked.

“Fuck, yes.” Her sudden fondness for the f-word was quite disconcerting. “And yesterday he showed Brian a video of the two of you kissing during your little . . . er . . . would it be correct to call it a gangbang? and told him if he didn’t let him have me he’d show it to me himself and let me decide. Of course, Brian told him that wouldn’t be necessary, that he was more than happy to swap wives.” She grinned and winked.

It took me some time after this little exchange to scrape my chin off the floor.

“Unfortunately, they had this conversation in the gents’ at the golf club and Ray walked in halfway through. He insists he won’t be excluded from the party,” she continued. “Which I can’t say I find such an appealing prospect.”

“You might be surprised,” I blurted out. “The curve of his cock is quite special.”

Sonia stared at me and began to giggle. I did too and before long all the awkwardness had vanished and we were clutching each other in peals of laughter.

“Interesting!” Sonia managed to say at last. “Anyway, that’s the deal. So you and I have to think of a way to get Amanda on-side. Any suggestions?”

I racked my brains. Ray was ten years or so younger than Robert and me – and Amanda, his trophy wife with her fake breasts and fake hair, was fifteen years younger than him. I didn’t think she much liked me and we had nothing in common. Robert had told me about the “readers’ wives” photographs of her Ray showed his friends. Without wishing to sound like a snob, I thought her the kind of woman whose teenage ambition would have been glamour modelling. I certainly was not in the habit of meeting *her* for coffee, much less for sloe gin and spilling of secrets.

“I can’t imagine sitting down and discussing the idea with her,” I mused. “We’ve never been on those sorts of terms.” [Frankly, who is?]. “I think we’re going to have to ambush her.”

. . .

The stage was set.

I had called Amanda and invited her and her husband for supper, along with Brian and Sonia. I’d told her it would be informal. Now, the pasta dish and salad were waiting in the dining room, along with a crisp white wine, on the same table on which Sonia and Amanda’s husbands had recently sodomised me.

Ray and Amanda were the last to arrive. Sonia and Robert were flirting outrageously over nibbles in the sitting room. Brian was ostensibly helping me in the kitchen, but his idea of help largely entailed pressing his erection into my arse-crack, tonguing my earlobes and cupping my breasts in his hands as I tried hard to focus on food preparation and the mechanics of Amanda’s forthcoming seduction.

I answered the doorbell and ushered Amanda and Ray into the hallway.

Amanda’s greeting was rather chilly and she wasted little time in moving past me to Brian and Robert who made a huge fuss of her. As he kissed my cheek, Ray whispered that she hadn’t wanted to come. She’d rejected all his suggestions about what to wear, saying she was sick and tired of Sonia and me looking at her like something we might scrape off the sole of our expensive shoes. I felt a stab of guilt. In fact, Amanda looked more elegant tonight canlı bahis than I had ever seen her in cream palazzo pants and a pale gold shell top, subtly made up, with her blonde hair in a neat chignon.

We went through to the dining room. As we ate and made small talk Brian and Robert sat on either side of Amanda and plied her with wine and flattery. She basked in it and, after a time, relaxed entirely, smiling and flirting. Ray was beginning to look rather annoyed until I asked him to help me clear the table. In the kitchen, I wound my arms around his neck, kissing him deeply.

“You know what tonight is,” I reminded him. “It’s all about sharing. You get to fuck me and Sonia, but in return you have to give your wife to our husbands. That’s the deal. If it no longer appeals, and if you don’t want to fuck me again, now’s your chance to back out.”

“I do want to fuck you,” he protested, nuzzling my neck.

I sank to my knees, unbuttoned his jeans and, lifting his rapidly-expanding penis in my fingers, ran my tongue from his perineum over his scrotum and up the back of his curving dick. I let it rest on my tongue where it twitched as he caught his breath.

“Be nice, then,” I admonished him, buttoning him back up with some difficulty.

. . .

I served coffee in the sitting room, where Amanda sat sandwiched between Brian and Robert on one huge sofa, beneath our new artwork.

The group of nine small canvases hung on the wall in a cluster. Together they made up an enlarged image of Amanda. This had been my big idea, to wrong-foot her and make her vulnerable. Ray owned a small chain of print shops so it had been easy for him to have one of the risqué pictures he had taken of his wife blown up, artfully re-tinted and transferred to canvas.

It had taken me a long time to select the perfect photo of her from Ray’s extensive but largely unsuitable collection. In it, Amanda wore only fishnet stockings and black ankle-strap shoes. She was sitting astride a tall ladder-backed black chair and her legs were spread wide, her thighs perpendicular to both her torso and her shapely calves, her hands on her knees. Her plump lips were parted and painted a glossy red. But your eyes were drawn to her outsize silicone breasts and then further down to her other lips – her fleshy labia, below a waxed mound. She looked glorious: wanton and desirable.

Right now, she was totally oblivious. Sonia and I sat opposite, Ray between us, our eyes flickering between the real life, increasingly animated Amanda, lapping up our husbands’ shameless flattery, and the two dimensional Amanda over her head: the archetypal sex siren – like Christine Keeler but without the tasteful concealment. It was vastly entertaining.

I cleared away the coffee cups, declining Amanda’s half-hearted offer of help, and returned with liqueur glasses. Amanda asked for a Bailey’s and I poured her a huge one. The pasta dish, containing anchovies and capers, had been salty and as quickly as she could sip, Brian and Robert topped up her glass. She patently had no idea how much she was drinking, and on top of the lashings of wine with supper was fast losing her inhibitions. Brian and Robert’s bodies were angled towards her, their palms beginning to inch up her thighs over her cream trousers.

Sonia and I exchanged glances. Without a word, Sonia leaned over and kissed Amanda’s husband full on the lips, while I simultaneously opened his jeans again and withdrew a cock already swelling at the sight of his friends’ hands on his wife.

At last came Amanda’s delayed reaction. Jumping as if she’d received an electric shock, she leapt to her feet and swung round to face the men she’d been sitting between. “What the fucking hell -?” she began to shriek in outrage – and then she saw the canvas.

She froze in utter horror.

My husband rose too and stood behind her, cocking his head to one side to inspect the canvases as if in a gallery.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” he said, coolly. “We love it. She’s delectable – just begging to be fucked. Look at those lovely breasts. I just want to bite them. And you can just see the faint glistening of excitement between her legs.”

She said nothing, still frozen to the spot.

Brian stood up and moved to stand between her and the sofa. One again, she was sandwiched between Sonia’s husband and my own. Brian put his hands on her shoulders and turned her to face Robert. Then Robert moved aside so she could see Sonia and me, now on our knees to either side of her husband. Sonia was sucking his balls one at a time (they were too hugely distended for her to fit both in her mouth together); I was running my tongue around his corona and dipping it into his pisshole. He had a hand on the back of each of our heads and his eyes were half-closed.

“Ray!” she squeaked in disbelief. “What’s going on?”

“These ladies are giving me a blow job,” he responded (having chosen the same specialist subject for this episode of “Mastermind” as Sybil Fawlty, clearly). “I’m sure if you give them a chance their husbands will have something bahis siteleri for you.”

As Amanda gaped and struggled to collect her wits, Brian pulled her shell top over her head while my husband pushed down her wide pants. I have to admit, her body was utterly flawless. The pure white lace bra and matching knickers she wore were much sexier against her golden skin than the tawdry nylon Ray would no doubt have preferred her to wear. She stood there in her underwear,

teetering a little on her high heels, until my husband took unfair advantage of her tipsy instability and pushed her back onto the sofa. He and Brian knelt on either side of her and removed her pretty lace bra before each latching on to one of her nipples.

She squirmed a little but her resistance was purely token. Ray had told Robert that, despite her breast augmentation, she had incredibly responsive nipples, and the boys’ attention to them was working a treat. She made only a minuscule murmur when Robert eased her knickers over her slim hips. Brian’s fingers stroked her plump mons and began, slowly, to circle her clitoris. I watched, fascinated, letting Amanda’s husband’s penis slip from my lips. Sonia glanced at me in surprise as I crawled across the sitting room rug on my hands and knees but Ray’s cock was proving irresistible to her and she sucked his length into her mouth. I knelt between Amanda’s silken thighs, watching the juices escape from her labia as Brian fingered her.

It was too much. I needed to be a part of it, to contribute physically to her seduction. I pulled my dress quickly over my head to reveal my braless tits, gently removed Brian’s fingers from her slit and replaced them with my tongue. I think by this point Amanda as too lost in sensation to care who was responsible as her only reaction was to spread her legs further and rock her hips, moaning. I had never eaten pussy before and she tasted both sour and sweet, and slightly soapy. I ran my tongue over and around her outer and inner labia, feeling the slight bumpiness there, and dipped it inside her pussy. Then I sucked very gently on her clitoris, flicking my tongue lightly over the tip and her body spasmed. Brian tapped my husband on the shoulder and pointed between Amanda’s legs, drawing Robert’s attention to the sight of me going down on his friend’s wife. He disengaged his mouth from Amanda’s nipple and stared in amazement.

“Please, Robert, don’t stop,” pleaded Amanda, pulling his head back down. I still don’t think she knew who was eating her out.

Meanwhile, Sonia had herself stripped and was on her hands and knees on the floor, with Ray’s curved cock ploughing into her sopping pussy from behind. And now, Sonia’s husband had removed his trousers and, still in his t shirt, had moved behind me and was preparing to reacquaint himself with my arsehole. Sonia watched in fascination as he spread his pre-cum over his corona and the entrance to my rectum and then spat indelicately into my puckered hole. He held his shaft in his hand and guided it into my arsehole. He pushed, I pushed back, and in it popped as we both groaned in satisfaction and I lifted my head from Amanda’s cunt and craned round to suck in his tongue. Brian’s hips rocked as he thrust into my anal cavity and I ground back against him, loving the thought of his penis invading my intestine almost as much as the sensation it produced. I tried to continue performing oral sex on Amanda but the need to broadcast what was happening to me was overwhelming.

“Oh yes!” I cried. “Oh God, yes! Fuck my arse, Brian. Fuck me harder.” And he did. He plunged into my rectum faster and deeper as I pushed back to draw him in.

When I opened my eyes again, the eyes of the four others were all on us. My husband had dropped his own trousers and was pulling Amanda into his lap, lifting her hips so his hard cock slid easily into her pussy, well-lubricated with her own secretions and my saliva. Then he gently slipped from the sofa, holding her hips tight so his dick remained embedded within her, until she was on all fours and he was kneeling between her legs, affording them both a good view of Brian ploughing my arse.

Knowing I was the poster girl for anal and that the other two women would certainly be fucked in the arse later tonight, I played to my audience, writhing and squirming, grunting and moaning. Brian said, indistinctly, “I won’t last much longer, Helen. Your arsehole is so hot and tight.” It didn’t matter. I was close too. I ground my hips against him again, so that his balls slapped against me and the wave of my climax swelled and then broke. I cried out in orgasm and he let go, pumping semen deep inside me and then collapsing on top of my sweat-slick body. We lay on the sitting room floor in a heap of tangled limbs, panting and gasping, as our audience stared.

Sonia regained her composure first and went all “When Harry Met Sally”. “I want what she’s having,” she said. I extricated myself from under her husband’s exhausted body to retrieve my favourite lubricant from my nightstand.

“I call it,” said Robert quickly. bahis şirketleri

He withdrew from Amanda’s pussy, slapped her arse gently and told her to wait her turn. She looked stunned, but crawled across the floor to her husband as he pulled out of Sonia. Robert sat on the floor and beckoned Sonia over. I threw him the tube and he squeezed the creamy lube into his hands and spread it over his hard shaft. He directed Sonia to squat over him and he held his cock vertically as she slowly lowered herself onto it. At first, her face contorted with effort and discomfort as his pole stretched her tight entrance and she tried to relax. “Push!” I urged her as she descended. “Push back as if you were trying to push him out.”

“What?” she managed to gasp.

“I mean it,” I said, urgently. “It really is the best way.”

She pushed, her brow furrowed, and her sphincter gave to admit him. With relief she sank into his lap as he bottomed out in her tight rectum. Her eyes closed as she concentrated on the unfamiliar sensation, trying to banish the burning sensation and feel what I had felt.

Ray was too impatient either to pay attention to his wife at his side or to give my friend time to adjust to my husband’s cock invading her bowels. He had been expelled from her pussy and wanted back in. He swiftly moved between the two pairs of legs and inserted his dick back inside her tight cunt as she struggled fruitlessly to stop him. Sonia was now being double penetrated on my sitting room floor as Amanda, deserted by her husband, watched in awe, knowing she was next.

Brian was sitting up now, somewhat recovered and anxious to watch his wife being double teamed by his friends.

“Helen!” he said urgently. “Fetch Sonia’s phone.”

Obediently, I rummaged in my friend’s handbag and began to circle the trio on the rug, snapping photo after photo of them fucking. Brian’s penis was returning to life and he straddled his wife’s panting face, feeding it between her lips. I was very grateful, watching the cock that had so recently been in my arsehole push its way into her mouth, that Robert had administered an enema to me earlier in the day.

I glanced over at Amanda. I was taken aback to see that, as she watched Sonia’s three holes filled she was touching herself. I was taking more photos of Sonia thrashing and gurgling; Amanda was masturbating furiously, knowing she would soon face the same prospect. Robert had also seen and was grinning broadly.

“Come over here, Amanda,” he said. “Get a closer look.”

Amanda crawled over on her hands and knees and tilted her head as she watched each cock in turn, as they pistoned in and out of Sonia’s body. She clearly wanted to be actively involved and finally slithered between Sonia’s legs and Robert’s and sucked my husband’s scrotum into her slutty little mouth, pressing her nose against Sonia’s perineum, as her own husband pounded away above her. It was too much sensation for Robert, who unloaded jets of semen into my friend’s arsehole.

Amanda looked a little dazed as she let my husband’s testicles fall from her lips, as if she were under chemical influence – and perhaps she was: the powerful chemicals that had been released in her own body. I felt she needed to be kept on the boil and I moved towards her, pushing her onto her back and slid between her legs, kissing her pouty, enhanced lips and pushing my tongue between them. Unexpectedly, she responded passionately, her hands on my cheeks. She really knew how to kiss and I lost myself in it, taking her breasts in my hands and twisting the swollen nipples. I drew back and looked into her eyes. They were hot and black, her dilated pupils expanded to obscure her irises. I kissed her chin and began to make my way back down her body to the other pouty lips.

I buried my face between her thighs and thought about all the things I loved most when Robert went down on me. I dipped the tip of my finger into her wet cunt and spread her natural lubricant over her labia and clit. Then I eased two fingers into her and curled them, seeking her g spot. My tongue swirled around her clit and she grasped handfuls of my sleek bobbed hair as I began gently to suck, flicking the tip of my tongue over the little nub. Amanda was whimpering and moaning, bucking her hips as if she wanted to force her whole pubic area into my mouth.

A cry split the air as Sonia reached her orgasm, swiftly followed by Ray. Amanda paid no attention, and I tried not to either, focusing on forcing the woman beneath me towards climax. It didn’t take long: she was helpless in the face of my determination, shuddering and saying my name: “Oh Helen, oh God, oh, that’s good…” Slyly, I sucked the middle finger on my other hand and insinuated the hand beneath her buttocks, seeking her little anus. I circled it as she gasped and tried to escape me, but I was determined and increased the suction on her clit. She stiffened, shuddered and came as my finger penetrated her, a gush of fluid soaking my face and running down over the wrist beneath her. I raised my head, laughing, as her body continued to quiver, and found myself looking into the avid faces of Sonia and the three men. Amanda lay splayed open on the floor, exhausted from the intensity of her climax, nipples and labia deep red and swollen.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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