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Who am I? Laura Brando. A third-year Psychology student at Sylar University, in the state of Massachusetts. Sylar University is the biggest university in the United States of America, with fifty three thousand students, spread over five campuses. We’ve got locations in Boston, Plymouth, Cape Cod, Weymouth, Bridgewater and Woburn. A world-class university with just about everything a person needs to better themselves through higher education. It’s the place which I call home. It’s also the place where I met Tommy Jenkins, the irresistible bisexual Bad Boy I fell in love with. He’s a freshman, a member of the all-new Men’s Rugby team.

This year, Sylar University’s Department of Athletics decided to add a few sports. Like Men’s Intercollegiate Rugby, along with Women’s Varsity Badminton. Originally, they had Men’s Intercollegiate Archery, Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Tennis, Golf, Squash, Wrestling, Swimming, Volleyball, Football, Rifle, Pistol, Gymnastics, Crew, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Fencing, Track, Nordic Skiing, Sailing, Water Polo, Rowing and Cycling. For female student-athletes, they offer Women’s Varsity Softball, Basketball, Cross Country, Tennis, Golf, Squash, Archery, Wrestling, Swimming, Volleyball, Rugby, Rifle, Field Hockey, Pistol, Gymnastics, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Fencing, Track, Nordic Skiing, Sailing, Water Polo, Rowing and Cycling. For club sports, they offer Men’s Boxing, Women’s Karate, Men’s Sumo Wrestling, Men’s Horsemanship, Women’s Equestrian, Women’s Ultimate Frisbee and Men’s and Women’s Table Tennis. All of our sports teams, collectively known as the Golden Blazers, compete in the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Division One.

Tommy enrolled at Sylar University the year the school added Men’s Rugby. They gave him a scholarship for it. He’s your proto-typical super jock, quite common in Division One Collegiate Athletics. Super jocks, both male and female, tend to walk around with a sense of entitlement. Maybe it’s because the NCAA treats them like gods and goddesses. At least that’s what I first wrote him off as. I didn’t count on him being a deeper, more interesting and decidedly unique person than that. I didn’t count on falling head over heels for him. Tommy Jenkins, a native of Atlanta, used to play High School Football. There are no walk-on tryouts for the Football team at güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Sylar University so he couldn’t join the team. He tried out for the new Men’s Intercollegiate Rugby team and made it.

He’s one of those men who’s extremely confident. I like men like that. A confident man is a sexy man. Tommy, however, is a super macho stud. And he never apologizes. He had a nasty argument with one of the feminist professors in one of our classes. He argued his point brilliantly and even won some applause from the class, though the teacher was red with anger. Tommy was arguing against disparate sentencing based on gender. He thought the court system of America had a nasty habit of letting female criminals get away with murder. In spite of myself, I was rooting for him. I actually agreed with him. I don’t like watching women get away with murder. I’m a feminist but I support equal rights for all, not special treatment for anyone. That means female criminals should receive the same punishment as men for the same crimes. Who knew the sexy black jock was so intellectually agile? The whole class was talking about him the next time he showed up in class. Yep, that’s Tommy for you. When he’s not verbally putting down collegiate authority figures, he’s storming Men’s Rugby teams across the nation.

Quite a few of the Sylar University campus women were talking about Tommy. Women can deny it all the want, but we do like a macho man. The alpha male. Just thinking about him makes our pussies get wet. And I was no exception. I wanted to know more about Tommy. Who was he? What was he? College Rugby Super Stud. Brilliant Student. Alpha Male. Okay, cool. Was he single? I asked around. None of the gals knew if he had a girlfriend. Weird, huh? If he had a girlfriend, she was definitely not on campus. No woman who’s in a relationship with a sexy superman can keep quiet about it for long. You’ve got to talk to somebody. So I approached the sexy Tommy Jenkins. This six-foot-three, 250-pound black stud was gonna be mine. Lest some other woman steal him.

I approached him one day while he was in the cafeteria, surrounded by his fellow jocks. I counted one Football stud, a burly Wrestler, a Basketball hunk and a sexy female Basketball player. The athletes are the kings and queens of the college campus. Word up. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I mean, they get to attend school for free. They live in the best dorms. Teachers are in awe of them. Other students worship and secretly envy them. Some of the young men and women playing sports at Sylar University would join the professional leagues someday. Sylar University has produced five National Football League Players, five Major League Soccer Players, eight Major League Lacrosse Players, seven National Hockey League Players, four Major League Baseball Players, eighteen National Basketball Association Players and ten Women’s National Basketball Association Players. We’re the biggest university in the country. We’ve got the best sports program in all the colleges and universities of North America. Where else are the professional sports leagues going to get their star players?

Anyhow, back on topic. I had a crush on Tommy Jenkins, and I wanted to know if he was single. So, I talked to him at lunch. Even though he was surrounded by the princes and princesses of the collegiate jock world. Tommy eyed me cooly. I knew what he saw. A tall, pretty-faced yet thick-bodied, wide-hipped and big-bottomed young black woman. I’ve always been a big woman. At the age of twenty, I stood six feet tall and weighed two hundred and fifty pounds. I can’t change that fact. Fortunately, Tommy seemed to like what he saw when he looked at me. He smiled, and asked me to join him and his friends. That’s how it all began. We became pals, and eventually, I asked him out. He told me the truth about himself. He was basically a free spirit who slept with men and women and didn’t like being tied down to anyone. I was stunned. The gorgeous Rugby star was bisexual. Who could have seen it coming? Nevertheless, I was in love with him so I agreed to his terms. We started an open relationship. I was the only female in his life, though he had men on the side. Everything with Tommy was intense, including the sex. We had passionate sex. And he always wanted more.

Oh, man. I can’t believe how much this hurts. These are the thoughts running through my head as I buck wildly against the pain in my ass. My boyfriend Tommy Jenkins laughs as he shoves his dick into my asshole. We’re humping in his dormitory. I’m on my hands and knees, naked on blanket güvenilir bahis şirketleri we threw on the carpeted floor. He pinches my pussy, fingering me. He tells me he loves the way my thick body shakes as he shoves his cock up my plump ass. I feel like I’m being split in half every time he shoves his cock deeper into my ass. He’s not very gentle. Then again, up until recently he was a virgin. It’s his first time having anal sex with a female. So I let it slide. I winced and swallow my pride, telling myself that I’m only doing this because it’s his birthday and I love him. That doesn’t make his cock in my ass hurt any less.

Tommy grabs a handful of my long black hair and yanks my head back while drilling his cock into my asshole. He smacks my ass, telling me that he likes the way it jiggles. His cock feels so frigging hot in my ass. I feel my anal cavity’s walls being stretched by the sheer girth of Tommy’s cock. Damn. I can’t believe I’m letting him do this to me. But I must endure it. I love him and I want to make him happy. And I keep whining, he tells me that he’ll just find some other chick or guy to fuck in the ass. So I grit my teeth and take it up the ass without screaming. Tommy has his fun, plowing his cock into my ass like anal sex was going out of style. It hurts. Slowly, the strangest thing happened. The pain lessened, then faded. Instead, I began to feel good. I felt wonderfully filled by the cock in my ass. I surprised myself by asking for more. Tommy smacked my ass, and told me to beg for more. And so I did. I wanted more of the deliciously hot pain in my ass. He laughed, and continued to fuck me until he finally erupted inside me. When Tommy came, I experienced a tremendous sensation unlike anything I’d ever felt. His hot cum filled my ass, every last spot and crevice. I screamed in sheer pleasure mixed with shock and pain. Hot damn!

Afterwards, tommy and I lay on the floor. I didn’t say anything. What was there to say? Thank you my beloved man for bringing me the most intense orgasm of my life? I simply smiled at Tommy, then went to sleep. We had never done anything this bold or intimate together. We had crossed into new territory. I didn’t know what this meant for us. I hoped this proved to Tommy that I loved him and was willing to do anything for him. I was willing to experiment, and try things to enhance our sexual and romantic life together. He wouldn’t get bored with me. If and when he realized that, there would be no need for him to seek pleasure from others. Or perhaps I was asking too much. I know I agreed to an open relationship but I sort of, kind of, want him to myself. Is that too much to ask?

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