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Apples Fall Not Far… Ch. 03

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In the disorientating fog of his orgasm, Peter didn’t realize Asad had stood up from the sofa and walked to the edge of the bed. Trying to focus his eyes as he fought to collect his breath, Peter could see the shaft of Asad’s cock jutting from the fly of his pants, along with the way Melanie’s mouth looked nearly unhinged as she wrapped it around the upper third of the majestic, vein laced brown slab of meat.

Peter could still feel Melanie’s vaginal muscles working around his deflating, sperm drenched cock until it finally slipped free from inside her. Leaning to his right and propping himself up on his elbow to get a better look, Peter could clearly feel the tension steaming from Melanie’s body as she tried accommodating Asad’s girth. From his vantage point, it didn’t appear as if Asad’s dick was that much longer than his, but it was clear from the way just the head of it puffed out the sides of Melanie’s cheeks that it was easily twice the circumference. Watching Melanie work her obscenely overworked lips back and forth across it, Peter could also tell Asad wasn’t circumcised, and that only added to the visceral image he was witnessing.

Reaching around Melanie with his left hand, while trying his best not to disturb her efforts with Asad, Peter began gently massaging his Girlfriend’s breasts as she serviced the wealthy Saudi businessman.

For his part, Asad simply stood there beside the bed looking down at the American woman give him head. With his right hand resting lazily on his hip, Asad used his left to keep Melanie’s hair out of her eyes so he could get an unfettered look at her beautiful face stretched to such ungodly proportions as she tried to accommodate his manhood.

Pinching Melanie’s nipples from the side until they throbbed like fat grapes between his fingers, Peter spent some time trying to fathom the transformation that had taken place in the woman he’d only known for a few weeks. From his position to her right, Peter could see Melanie’s eyes bulge comically each time the massive head of Asad’s cock plowed into the back of her throat, not to mention the way the muscles in her neck and shoulders worked as her clear and slick drool oozed like a leaky faucet all over his dick.

Peter couldn’t help but notice how much Asad’s penis seemed to look just like a miniature version of his entire self. Pudgy and thick, it’s substantial girth seemed to have tripped some sort of competitive urge inside Melanie that she was clearly determined to meet. Her nostrils flaring each time she tried filling her lungs with air, Melanie clenched her left hand around the edge of the mattress and clawed her right around Asad’s waist in front of her, clutching her fingers around his belt as she forced her mouth down on his choking erection.

Scanning his gaze over to the fourth occupant of the room, Peter spent a few seconds studying Asad’s Wife, Rysa, who was still sitting on the sofa. Her right leg propped up on the spot her Husband had just been seated, Peter could see the voluptuous dark haired woman’s right hand had slipped under her dress and was working like a corkscrew in slow motion between her thick thighs as she brazenly watched Melanie struggle to give her Husband head.

The longer he watched Rysa, the more his 41 year old cock stirred back to life. By the time she’d worked the hem of her dress all the way up to her crotch, Peter’s erection was literally twitching against his right thigh as he absorbed the stark contrast of Rysa’s pink vaginal lips glistening between her dense black pubes.

As if she sensed a place for herself at the proverbial table, Peter watched as Rysa kicked her feet up and walked towards the bed in her sexy black leather high heeled boots. Rysa’s skirt tightly bunched around her waist as she strode forward, Peter swore he could smell the Arab woman’s feminine arousal mixing in the air with Melanie’s. The combined scent was nearly intoxicating for Peter as the four people assembled in the room suddenly all found themselves huddled together around that one bottom corner of the bed.

Seeing Asad flash a brief smile across to his Wife when he saw her approach, Peter stared on as the short and stocky man quickly turned his attention back to Melanie, who was now teetering on her knees in front of him, the sheets below clearly bunching with every movement as she franticly worked Asad’s cock deeper down her throat.

Keeping one hand on Melanie’s forehead as he raked his fat cock over her palate, Asad’s chest rose and his face brightened when he saw his Wife reach down and begin stroking the top of Melanie’s hair with her left hand.

All Peter could do was sit back and jack his cock up and down as he watched the middle aged Saudi couple usurp complete control of his Girlfriend’s senses.

Continuing to rub Melanie’s chest with his free hand, Peter could feel his Girlfriend’s heart racing inside her chest as she knelt there on all fours, servicing the stranger. Keeping the steady grip he had on his own casino siteleri erection, Peter eventually allowed his left hand to sweep over Melanie’s waist before letting it come to rest on her lily white rear end.

Seeing Melanie’s body shudder each time Asad shoved his fat phallic sword deeper down her gullet, an idea sparkled inside Peter’s head when he felt the wet traces of his spent semen leaking down Melanie’s thighs. Rubbing his fingertips through the still warm and sticky trail, Peter slowly swirled the now greasy digits until they’d found their way between the crack of her ass. Never having tried any anal play with her during their brief time together, Peter had no clue what to expect when he slipped the tip of his middle finger inside her rectum. Seeing how much of Melanie’s focus was committed to satisfying Asad, Peter flexed his left hand all the way open and decided to go for broke. Using the residue of his own cum as a lubricant, Peter shoved his middle finger down to the first knuckle inside his Girlfriend’s virgin ass.

The 39 year old woman instantly bucked, her waist twisting several times as her rear end lurched backwards against Peter’s invasion. Her face, although straining, never moved from its position directly in front of Asad’s crotch. Impaled now from both ends with her nostrils flaring wildly, Melanie braced her hand even tighter against Asad’s waist as the length of her Boyfriend’s finger disappeared into her ass.

As fiercely as Melanie’s anal ring squeezed at his finger, Peter guessed correctly he was probing unchartered territory. He was sorely tempted to jump behind Melanie and change all that, but considering all she had on her plate at that moment, Peter decided to save that mountain for a later date. Melanie’s plate was about to get a lot more jumbled however.

Looking over at Rysa standing beside her Husband, Peter watched as she dropped down to her knees until she was eye to eye with Melanie. Using her left hand to tenderly fold the locks of Melanie’s auburn hair over her right ear, Rysa snuck her right hand between Melanie’s outstretched arms before she greedily began groping the American woman’s tits as they flopped side to side.

Seeing what his Wife was doing, combined with the glorious sensation of Melanie’s mouth wrapped around his cock, Asad’s head suddenly slung backwards and rolled back and forth between his shoulders as wave after wave of growing euphoria pinballed down his spine.

“UUHHH…UUHH….UURRGGRRAAHHH,” his husky groans grew more intense until it was clear from the way his knees were twitching in his pants that he was about to cum.

His dick pressed far enough into Melanie’s mouth that the snarl of his pubic hair was just beginning to tickle her nose, Asad pressed both hands around the American woman’s head and increased the urgency of his pelvic thrusts. Looking down to see his Wife groping Melanie’s breasts at the same time the woman’s Boyfriend gently dug one of his fingers deeper into her raised ass, all Asad could do was take a joyous deep breath at just how beautiful the sight below was before he shot his load down Melanie’s throat.

From his reclined perch along the side of the bed, Peter could sense the inevitable onslaught. The slow and steady pace Asad had been feeding his dick to Melanie had been replaced by an ever increasing rythemic force until the Saudi man was on the tips of his toes each time he lunged his groin forward against Melanie’s face. Peter could also see the look of excitement and expectation in Rysa’s seemingly stoic gaze as she looked up at her Husband from her knees.

Holding the sides of Melanie’s head with his two meaty hands, Asad skullfucked the naked woman on the bed until a long, animalistic groan seared from his lungs.

“AAAAWWWWWWRRRGGGHHAAAHHH,” his husky roar reverberated through the room until it was clear from the milky white liquod seeping from both corners of Melanie’s lips what had happened.

Her asshole gnawing now at his embedded finger, Peter lovingly braced his free arm around Melanie’s back and held her tight as she tried swallowing the Arab man’s rich and salty seminal stream.

An incessant flow of gurgles and snorts brimmed from Melanie’s nose as several strands of Asad’s steaming ejaculate trickled down her chin. Anyone could tell she was trying to injest as much of the copious flow as she could, but there was just no way she could keep up. When Asad finally did pull back and jerk his cock free from Melanie’s lips, the blunt slab of meat looked as if it had been dipped into a jar of microwaved marshmellow fluff.

Her mouth freed, Melanie quickly inhaled a massive dose of oxygen, causing a comical bubble of sailva mixed cum to sprout between her lips when she spat out her initial few exhales.

Watching his Girlfriend collapse straight down on her chest from sheer exhaustion, Peter carefully removed the finger he’d wedged up her ass before reaching up to tenderly massage her trembling back and shoulders.

“Are canlı casino you gonna be OK Baby?” he whispered down to her.

“UH..HUH,” was all Melanie could manage, the gravely tone of her voice evidence of just how much of Asad’s semen remained on her palate.


His feet spread wide as he surveyed the sexual carnage on the bed, Asad Aziz slowly stuffed the spent girth of his cumsmeared cock back into his pants before stepping away and walking towards the sofa to sit down, the entire time with an aire of a job well done. His Wife, Rysa, remained on her knees beside the bed, her left hand still tenderly cupping the side of Melanie’s head, even after the spent woman had splashed face down on the mattress.

Much the same way the air is different after a thunderstorm passes through, Asad’s climax had done something to change the ions in the room. Continuing to trace his fingers softly across his Girlfriend’s back and shoulders, Peter assumed the festivities were over, that the two couples would make some trivial small talk as they caught their breath before finally parting ways. That assumption was quickly torpedoed however when Rysa tilted Melanie’s head to the side an instant before she gently closed her lips around the naked woman’s mouth.

Peter recoiled noticably when he saw Rysa’s face eclipse Melanie’s an instant before the Arab woman’s mouth glided through the cum her Husband had just splashed across his Girlfriend’s face. Seeing Rysa’s heavy bosom pressing against the bottom edge of the mattress as she leaned in closer to Melanie, Peter’s eyes became as big as saucers when he saw the way the dark skinned woman’s cherry red lips looked pressing delicatly against Melanie’s. In that moment of stunning calm, Peter couldn’t help but wonder if it was the first time his Girlfriend had ever been kissed by another grown woman.

His right hand creeping down to his crotch as he watched the married woman tenderly swab her tongue across Melanie’s lips and chin, Peter couldn’t help but steal a quick glance over to Asad on the sofa just to see if everything he was seeing was normal protocol.

All the Arab man did was chuckle and smile when he saw Peter’s quizzical stare. Taking a deep breath as he steadied his position on the bed, Peter turned his attention back to the two women at his feet and slowly began stroking his cock back to life. Tracing his free hand up and down Melanie’s spine as she rested face down on the now crumpled sheets, Peter’s pulse rate quickened substancially when he saw his Girlfriend begin kissing the slightly older woman back, in the process swapping Asad’s seed from her mouth to his Wife’s.

“What do you call that in America…a snowball..yes?” Asad laughed from the sofa in his his thickly accented English.

“Yeah,” Peter shook his head and nodded, now glaring at the way Rysa rubbed her fingers through Melanie’s luxurious hair as she accelerated the intensity of her kisses. An intensity, although cautious and clumsy, Melanie tried to meet.

Peter was transfixed by the two womens’ impromtu sapphic exchange. Despite the numerous fantasies he’d had over the years about watching women make love, to literally have a front row seat to witness it left Peter thunderstruck. His toes tingling as he watched Melanie and Rysa chew their soft lips against each other’s, Peter blankly worked his right palm up and down on his bobbing erection.

A stupifying gaze plastered across his face, Peter’s nearly backed into the headboard when out of nowhere Rysa reached up without looking and wrapped her fingers around his, in essense blindly helping Peter masturbate himself. Loosening his own grip slightly, Peter allowed Rysa soft, chubby fingers to slide down in place of his and for the moment he just sat back and allowed the Saudi woman to openly stroke his cock and balls as she continued to kiss his Girlfriend.

Out of the corner of his eye, Peter could see the look of approval Asad was giving his bride of over 20 years.

As if drawn by her ever increasing arousal, Peter attention was jerked back when Rysa suddenly pulled her mouth away from Melanie’s mouth and crawled her knees up on the bottom of the bed.

“Oh God,” the 41 year old salesman groaned like an incredulous schoolboy when the Arab woman immediatly lowered her face down to his crotch and took the inflamed staff of his manhood all the way into her mouth.

Goosebumps spread out across Peter’s naked flesh each time Rysa swung her head side to side, not only from the glorious sensation of her lips encassing his cock but also from the delicate way the tips of her long black hair tickled his chest as she crouched down on top of him.

Allowing his eyes to meet Melanie’s when she turned to see what Rysa had done, Peter and his Girlfriend simply stared at each other and shook their heads at the situation they’d stumbled in to.

Continuing to lather Peter’s cock, without warning Rysa reached out kaçak casino with her right hand and wedged Melanie’s thighs apart. Propping herself against Peter, Rysa used that momentum to swing the auburn haired woman around until Melanie was on her side, facing her. Once Melanie’s pussy was parallel with her eyes, like a starving patron at a buffet, Rysa quickly removed her mouth from Peter’s prick and drove it straight into the American woman’s cum-soaked vagina.

Just as she’d done transferring her Husband’s seed from Melanie’s mouth to her own, Rysa proceeded to orally dredge the remnants of the load Peter had dumped into Melanie’s womb. If it wasn’t the first time Melanie Wilder had ever been kissed by another woman, from the way her eyes shot open when Rysa’s mouth pressed down on her cunt, Peter was certain it was the first time a woman had ever put her lips down there.

Peter could see Melanie’s chest heave and her pupils flare a little wider with each passing second as Rysa wickedly slithered her tongue across her steaming vulva. Easing up on his side, Peter slide across to the far side of the bed, determined to get a closer look as he cozied up beside his stunned and speechless Girlfriend.

Looking straight down at Rysa’s caramel colored cheeks glistening with the combination of his cum and Melanie’s leaking arousal, Peter began to fondle his Girlfriend’s breasts as he turned his gaze up to study the look of awe on her pale, freckled face.

“Feel good?” he whispered into Melanie’s ear as her nipples hardened like stones between his fingertips.

“UH…HUH,” she winced and nodded her head, her body jerking now against Peter’s chest each time Rysa nibbled her front teeth around the pink pearl of her exposed clitoris.

The wet sounds of Rysa’s thick tongue lapping through Melanie’s labia sizzled in Peter’s ears as he leaned his head over his Girlfriend’s chest and began suckling her right breast.

“OHHHGODDD,” Melanie gulped, her back heaving off the mattress as she clamped her arm hard around her Boyfriend’s back.

Humping her crotch anxiously against Rysa’s face, Melanie found herself trying to cinch her thighs around the sides of the Saudi woman’s head as she skewered her tongue deeper inside her.

His cock as rigid now as a blunt spear, Peter used his right hand to pull Rysa’s long black hair away from her eyes to get a perfect view of the darkskinned woman eating Melanie out.

Synching up the swirling rythem of his tongue around Melanie’s nipple with the same speed and pace Rysa was using a foot or so below on Melanie’s quim, Peter could see Melanie’s right foot raise high into the air and start quivering and kicking uncontrollably, much the way some dogs do when you scratch their belly.

“Don’t fight it Baby..let her make you feel good?” Peter removed his mouth from her tit and urged.

Babbling and cursing incoherantly, Melanie pressed her face hard into the craddle of Peter’s collarbone as her pussy turned to liqoud fire against the Arab woman’s relentless and eager lips. Within a few seconds Peter’s entire body was vibrating from the report of Melanie’s violent release.

Peter’s adrenaline raced feeling Melanie’s fingernails claw at his back as she twisted and wailed in his arms. Looking down at Rysa’s face partially obstructed now by Melanie’s blood-filled labia clinging to her cheeks, Peter held his Girlfriend by the chest as the seismic tide of her orgasmic bliss flooded her body.

Holding his Girlfriend tight, Peter kissed her re-assuringly on the forehead and neck until she was sobbing non-stop in his arms. Patting her gently on the shoulder, Peter felt another shockwave tear through his system when Rysa raised her mouth from the trough of Melanie’s sex and he saw just how stained her rounded facial features were from the fruits of her conquest.

Nothing more than a breathless vessel of human flesh beside him, Peter kissed Melanie on her right earlobe each time another orgasmic aftershock caused her knees and elbows to involuntarily flinch. Pulling the blanket on the bed up and covering Melanie’s torso after he’d wiped away her tears, Peter and Rysa suddenly locked eyes.

There was an instant psyhic recognition between the two that the only unsatisfied entities in the room were the pulsing girth between his legs and the burning pool of need between her’s.

Everything that happened over the next two minutes sped by in a flash. Seated on the far side of the bed away from Asad on the couch, Peter was helpless when Rysa swung her left leg over his waist and dropped her crotch straight down on his cock. He immediatly realized from the warmth of her wetness splashing flush against his manhood that she wasn’t wearing any panties under her hiked up skirt. Clenching his right hand down over Rysa’s left thigh to steady her weight, Peter grazed his fingers across the upper part of the Saudi woman’s knee high, black leather boots as she forced her pussy down on his raised erection.

Casting a somewhat weary gaze over to Asad as the rim of his Wife’s snatch careened down all the way to the base of his cock, Peter’s queery was met with a friendly smile and hand gesture from the woman’s Husband.

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